Fellatio , White Women Pt. 04

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Big Tits

Review of Part 3: Vaughn sexed Janet and Erica, simultaneously. Melinda found out her boyfriend, Tony, had cheated on her. Melinda then fucked Peter for revenge. Tony came to Melinda’s job to whoop her ass. Vaughn saved the day by flooring his ass…and the final chapter concludes…

Friday evening

Janet arrived home to find that her soon to be ex-husband had ransacked the apartment. He hadn’t taken anything of real value because they didn’t own shit. He took enough of her belongings to sell quickly so that he could go get high, once again. Janet pulled the overturned couch to an upright position and sat down. She began to weep, softly. Her husband, Steve, had turned out to be a total fucking disappointment! Her father had been right all along. Steve was in love with heroin, not her! He had used her to continue getting high. She felt cheap and worn. As she sat on the couch looking at the floor, she made a decision.

Janet decided that she was going to dedicate the post-Steve era of her life to fulfilling her needs instead of others. After what she had went through over the last few months with this dickhead, she deserved to spend time attending to her own needs…physical, emotional and spiritual. She needed to feel like a woman, again. She needed to be told she was attractive. She needed to be held, caressed…cared for.

Janet got up off the couch and began to clean her apartment. As she cleaned, it was if she was finally washing Steve from her life. It took her approximately two hours to finish. She packed all of Steve’s meager belongings and placed them outside of her door. She decided that if he didn’t come and pick his shit up, she was going to drop them off at his dysfunctional parent’s doorstep. She showered, changed and called Erica.

Erica had made her way to a local shopping mall after work. She always ended up at the mall on payday Friday. She had shopped exclusively for shoes and lingerie. Vaughn had mentioned to her that he liked women who wore it. The last week had been liberating for her! She had developed feelings towards Vaughn, but understood that falling in love wasn’t a viable option, realistically. She knew that her ‘feelings’ were directly attributed to the dick he had been whipping on her over the course of the last week. If anything, she decided, she was definitely in love with his dick! That big, Black dick! Vaughn was a nice man to boot. He wasn’t egotistical and domineering considering the position he was in…fucking her and her best friend. She enjoyed sharing him with Janet. She had initially thought the typical woman thoughts about the ‘other woman’, but realized that she loved Janet and that Vaughn was making the both of them very happy, so why fuck it up with juvenile emotional attachments. Get fucked very well on a consistent basis by a true gentleman with an enormously large and well-skilled black dick and enjoy yourself!

As she walked into her apartment, the phone was ringing. She checked the caller id and saw that it was Melinda’s cell phone that was calling. She answered and found out what had occurred with Melinda, Vaughn and Tony in their employee parking lot, earlier. Melinda was currently over Vaughn’s house. Erica, having turned into a greedy dick-hound immediately began to fret that she wouldn’t be able to see Vaughn and get the dick that had been a constant on her mind all day long! She asked to speak with Vaughn. Melinda handed the phone to Vaughn. Erica informed him that she wanted to see him, tonight. What should she do? Vaughn told her to do whatever she wanted. It was his house, after all. He then hung up.

After putting away the clothes that she bought, Erica took a shower. Upon exiting the shower, her phone began to ring, again. She checked the caller i.d. before answering and saw that it was Janet. She answered the phone and proceeded to tell Janet what had happened to Melinda and how Vaughn had involved himself and that Melinda was currently over Vaughn’s because that was the only place she knew Tony wasn’t familiar with.

Janet wondered if they should stop by Vaughn’s under the pretense of visiting Melinda. Erica stated that she asked Vaughn that exact thing and he had told her to do whatever she wanted. He didn’t seem to mind if Melinda found out about the three of them.

Janet suggested that they go out for drinks first before venturing over to Vaughn’s. Erica readily agreed, as she hadn’t been out dancing in a while. They agreed to meet at 9p.m. at a local bar that played pop and r&b on Fridays.

After arriving at Vaughn’s townhouse at about 6p.m. and calling Erica, Melinda took a look around at her surroundings. Vaughn had excused himself to go to the bathroom. She was expecting a typical man’s apartment but found herself gazing at the well-appointed townhouse. Vaughn had very good, refined tastes. There was African artwork hanging on the walls, along with various statues and antiques. She could tell that he was a cultured man. Funny, when she thought of a cultured urfa escort man, an image of a white man seemed appropriate, not a black man.

Vaughn came back into the room and offered her something to drink. She asked him if he had any liquor. He replied that he did and asked what she would like. She requested white wine. Normally, Melinda didn’t drink, but after the events of the day, she felt as if she deserved a drink. Melinda watched as Vaughn walked toward her confidently and handed her a drink.

“Vaughn, if you have plans for this evening, I can go. I don’t want to spoil anything,” Melinda said.

“Naw, I don’t have anything planned. I do want to make sure that you’re okay, though. I may go out later. If I do decide to go, you’re welcome to stay,” Vaughn answered.

“I’m okay. You don’t have to worry about me,” Melinda said as her heart thudded. He was genuinely concerned for her well-being.

“Well, I don’t have a lot of knick-knacks to keep you busy. I have a collection of movies and music, though. If you’d like to look through them, there over they’re on the entertainment stand,” Vaughn said.

“Okay. I could watch a movie,” Melinda said as she rose from the couch and walked towards his entertainment center. She could feel his eyes on her shapely ass. As she reached for a tape, she went up on her toes. This view made her ass look like a perfectly shaped heart. Vaughn shook his head slowly from side to side as he watched one of the most well-put together asses he had EVER seen, black or white!

‘Italy got it like that?!’ he thought to himself.

Melinda grabbed a tape labeled “Jungle Fever”. On the cover of the box was a picture with Wesley Snipes, Spike Lee, and Annabella Sciorra. She had never seen the movie or heard of the title. She showed the box to Vaughn and asked if it was a good movie.

“Yeah, you might enjoy it,” he answered, smiling to himself and thinking the Gods must be looking down on him this evening.

Melinda popped the cover off the tape and placed it into the VCR. She sashayed her sexy ass back to the couch Vaughn was sitting on, grabbed her drink, and sat down on the couch toward the middle. Vaughn grabbed his remote, which not only controlled the stereo but the TV, lights, and ceiling fan. He lowered the lights to their dimmest setting. Melinda acknowledged silently that he had not chosen to ask her if it was okay to dim the lights. He wanted things his way and she liked that! It helped that it was his crib, though.

As the movie started, the first scene showed Wesley Snipes and Lonette Mckee making intense love as the sun came up in the morning. The scene surprised Melinda at first! She wasn’t expecting it. After a few moments, she realized that she was starting to get turned on watching the Black body of Wesley Snipes whip it on his wife while sitting next to a Black man in his home! She slyly glanced at Vaughn to catch him watching her. She smiled at him, slightly, before returning her attention to the movie.

The racial overtones of the movie became apparent. Somehow, Melinda found herself identifying strongly with the character played by Annabella Sciorra. She related to her because she was Italian, her father’s behavior, the over-protectiveness of the Annabella’s Sciorra’s brothers, the confused feelings of the woman, etc… The scene on the television showed Wesley Snipes fucking Annabella on her desk at work! The scene was highly charged, sexually! Melinda thought that it seemed that Wesley was TAKING Annabella’s pussy, which she liked very much! Melinda leaned herself back on the couch and imperceptibly moved closer toward Vaughn. She looked up at him briefly, slightly raised her arched eyebrows as if asking if it was okay. He moved his arm across the back of the couch and adjusted his body so that she could slide closer to him. She sat about a few inches from him. Melinda didn’t know why she had decided to make this move, only that it felt like the right thing to do in this situation. Back on the television, Wesley was STILL taking the pussy!

Melinda’s mind raced with thoughts of societal taboos, uncertainty, fear of rejection, her father’s voice, and the faces of her college fraternity sisters. This was a totally new experience for her! The nearness of Vaughn excited her! She could feel the familiar tingle of blood racing to her nipples, causing them to elongate noticeably…and Vaughn did notice! Sitting from the side, he couldn’t help to notice the eraser-sized protrusions that seemed to ‘pop’ out of nowhere. He was starting to get hot. He reached for the remote and turned the ceiling fan on low.

“Mmmm…that feels good,” Melinda said as she turned her eyes toward the fan.

“Very much so,” Vaughn replied while looking directly into her mesmerizing brown eyes.

Melinda looked away, quickly, as her heart began to trip-hammer inside of her rising and falling chest. She admitted to herself that balıkesir escort she enjoyed the way he had gazed at her with his suggestive eyes. But she was torn about the way she was feeling. On one hand, she was extremely attracted to her handsome, muscular co-worker. On the other hand, the theme of the movie they were watching was fucking with her mind and body! As she saw the trials and tribulations of the character’s on the screen as it related to their interracial relationship, she thought of her own current predicament. Sitting in a black man’s house and horny as hell!

The movie ended and they began to talk about the characters, storyline, etc… Melinda found that discussing the movie with Vaughn was causing her to become hornier! The scene of Wesley Snipes taking the pussy was all that clouded her mind! As Vaughn talked, he unconsciously licked his lips, which caused Melinda’s pussy to twitch as she imagined what his lips would feel like on her tender pussylips.

“In my opinion, the character that Annabella Sciorra played was somebody that didn’t have her own identity as a mature adult. The fact that her family had such a profound influence on her emotions shows that clearly,” Vaughn said as he smiled to himself wondering if she was going to take the bait.

“I disagree, Vaughn. I think her character played the part as it is in real life. Families do exert a strong influence on their members. We are the product of our families, for the most part” Melinda answered.

“Yeah, but each person has a responsibility to live their lives and test out the beliefs their families have preached to them. If everything our families told us was true, there would be no reason to go out and experience life for ourselves… no reason to go out in the world and found out if the information your family has given is true for you,” Vaughn said as looked directly into her eyes, challenging her and her beliefs.

“I-I guess I never thought of it exactly that way,” Melinda said. She felt like a child after being admonished by a parent. She often acted as if she knew everything, but this conversation had punched holes in her previously bulletproof beliefs. She realized that she still had some maturing to do… in her thinking…and in her actions.

“Can I ask you a question, Melinda?” Vaughn said, breaking through her swirling thoughts.

“Yes, go ahead” Melinda answered as she looked up at him.

“How in the hell did you end up with a jerk like that?” Vaughn said.

“Well, to be truthful, after all that’s happened this week, I’ve been asking myself the same question. I guess, I chose to be with him was because I thought he was successful and kind of exciting to be with. At first, anyway. As the weeks went by, I knew that there wasn’t much holding us to each other besides sex and the fact that we both made each other look good,” Melinda said, honestly.

“Sitting here looking at you, I find it hard to believe that you couldn’t see right through that clown’s lame act. I mean, look at you! You’re fine as hell and I know you’re not some ditsy blonde type. I’ve talked with you and I see the way the kids relate to you at work. It just seems to me that you deserve so much more in your life. Why have you been cheating yourself?” Vaughn said, straightforwardly.

Reviewing her relationship with Tony, his actions towards her, her plan of revenge against him and their confrontation in the parking lot, today, caused emotions that she thought she had control over to come rushing forth. Her eyes became moist, her lips began to tremble, and the tears began to flow, silently.

“I-I’m sorry, Melinda. I shouldn’t be here interrogating you about the guy. I was out of line,” Vaughn said as he quickly rose from the couch and reached for the box of tissues he had on the coffee table. He offered the box to Melinda as she reached out and took a few. She began to dab at her eyes and wipe the tear tracks on her face.

Seeing that she had missed a tear track on her face, Vaughn took a tissue out of the box and slowly raised his hand towards her face. Melinda didn’t move her face away as his hand approached her. Vaughn dabbed at the side of her cheek, gently. As he finished, their eyes locked upon each other. Slowly, Vaughn moved his face towards her. Still, Melinda didn’t move. Instead, she quickly rubbed her lips together, wetting them.

As Vaughn’s lips touched hers, she moaned in appreciation of their softness and pliability! He reached up and brushed her hair back from her neck with his hands. He barely brushed her lips with his until he felt her relax. He then darted his tongue out to trace the crease of her lips, lightly. Without a moment’s hesitation, she opened her mouth to him and his tongue slowly entered her mouth. He explored her mouth in a slow French kiss and it wasn’t long before she was kissing him back, completely. His mouth left hers, suddenly, and he kissed his way across her jaw, trabzon escort around to her ear, down the smooth line of her neck, and then across her collarbone. She shivered and moaned under his skilled touch!

Vaughn’s hands suddenly appeared at her rib cage as his large hands cupped the underside of one of her near-perfect breasts and cupped it softly yet determinedly through her shirt and bra. It warbled in his hand. He worked the palm of his hand over her breast. Melinda felt a delicious tingling in the breast he held. He worked his thumb up and over and across her covered nipple, which brought a visible shudder and an audible gasp from her. It felt like a sudden surge of erotic electricity had shot from her nipple to her entire body! She closed her thighs as her pussy began to dribble cunny cream, overtime. If he continued to rub her nipple in this manner, she knew she would orgasm, soon!

Suddenly, and without warning, the phone rang. They both stopped their movements, both of them not wanting to break the spell they were under, Vaughn slowly slid his hands off of Melinda’s titty, but just before his hand slid off, he tweaked her nipple once more, eliciting a deep moan and another shudder from her body. As he stood to retrieve the phone, Melinda gasped audibly at the size of the bulge going down the inside of his left thigh!

‘Good God, that cannot be real. It absolutely can’t be real!’ her mind shrieked as Vaughn turned away and went to the kitchen to retrieve the cordless phone that was on the kitchen island. Before he answered, he checked the caller id. It was Erica’s cell phone number.


“Hey, Vaughn! Just calling to see if you wanted to join Janet and myself over at Harvey’s?” Erica asked quickly and eagerly.

“Uh, Erica, to be honest, I’m kind of tired. I was thinking of grabbing a shower and heading off to bed,” Vaughn said, as he glanced into the living room to see Melinda adjusting her bra strap under her shirt. Even from this distance, he still noticed the distinct warble of her wonderfully soft and supple C-cup breasts. ‘That is one sexy bitch sitting in my living room’, he thought.

“Umm, would you like some company?” Erica asked with a deliberately seductive tone.

“I’d like nothing better, but your girl is still here,” Vaughn said as he walked out of Melinda’s line of sight and hearing.

“Really? I guess she’s really shaken up, huh? Did she call her parents?” Erica asked, suddenly remembering her friend’s recent predicament. When she had dick on the brain, she tended to forget things.

“Yeah, I’d say she’s going through it. I don’t think she called her parents. I think she wants to handle this on her own and keep them out of it,” Vaughn answered as the swelling in his pants started to recede.

“You think we should come over and talk with her?” Erica asked.

“Umm, actually, she’s laying down, right now? Do you want me to wake her?” Vaughn said, lying his ass off. He wanted her all to himself!

“No, no, that’s alright. I did want to see you tonight. Janet, too. We were going to give you a nice surprise, but I guess it will have to be another night,” Erica said while sighing.

“Well, I don’t know. If you want to come over, just call me to see if I’m up or not. Okay?” Vaughn said, leaving his options open.

“Alright. Hey, take care of our girlfriend. She’s in a bad spot, right now,” Erica said.

“Will do,” Vaughn said, feeling guilty all of a sudden.

They hung up and Vaughn stood in the kitchen for a minute thinking about what to do with the fine ass Italian woman sitting in his living room. He wanted her bad as a motherfucker, but he didn’t get down with taking advantage of women when their defenses were down, no matter how fine they were. When a woman gave him pussy, he always believed she should have a clear head when making the decision. That was because later, they couldn’t claim he took advantage of them in some way.

As Vaughn walked back into the living room, Melinda looked up from the couch, expectantly. Her eyes glanced to his dick and then back to his eyes. ‘Fuck, I can’t believe I’m actually about to do this!’ he thought.

“Melinda, uh, I think we should probably get something to eat and then get some sleep. I enjoyed what happened between us, but with everything that’s happened to you this week, I think we should probably hold off on doing anything with each other until you get your head together. Okay? I hope I’m not hurting you in any way, but I do think this is the adult thing to do,” Vaughn said.

Melinda was slightly shocked by what Vaughn had said. NO MAN had ever given up a chance to get into her panties! At first, she couldn’t even speak, but as she considered what he said, she concluded that he was right. She was vulnerable and he was man enough not to take advantage of her. She had to admit that she admired him in this moment, even though he was rejecting her.

“Vaughn, I have to agree, I probably should take some time to myself and get my head together. With everything I’ve been through this week, sleeping with you would probably just make things more confusing for me. Thank you for being such a gentleman,” Melinda said while looking up at him. She didn’t tell him that she had been more than ready to take on her first black cock!

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