Bottoms Up

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Arthur’s head was immersed between Sandy’s thighs, his nose softly nuzzling the warm wet lips of her open, seeping pussy. “Oh!” Sandy exclaimed as she bucked in the after shocks of another orgasm, writhing in the binds that tied her wrists to the bedposts. He ran his tongue up her crack, dodging the sensitized clit exposed at the top. Instead he circled his mouth around it, exhaled warm air, and then broke the seal and inhaled, the breeze racing past her tingling nubbin.

“AHH!” Bam! Bam! Bam! as she snapped her body in an uncontrollable seizure and locked her thighs without warning around his head. Arthur sucked at her cunt’s juices as his tongue whipped her clit around and around, his powerful hands clenching her bucking buttocks.

“What do you want? I’ll do anything. Name it.” Sandy offered herself as they lay side by side and she stroked his face.

“I want your ass, Princess, but it’s going to hurt,” he said.

“I stand by my offer. My body is at your command, for your pleasure.” “As you like it. We’re going places we haven’t visited yet, but you’ll enjoy the journey–parts of it, anyway. Get on your hands and knees, my sweaty slut.”

She rolled over and did as he said. Knees parted, bottom in the air, she knew she was the figure of luscious submissiveness. Head turned on the mattress, she smiled at him. Her firm thighs rose up to full, creamy cheeks; the lines of her profile curved forward, a small dip from her lower back to her shoulders; a fuller curve as her belly dipped before the line continued up to her hanging breasts, a pair of creamy inverted pears, stems replaced by soft, full, pink nipples.

Arthur had gotten off the bed to rummage through the bottom drawer of his bureau. He took out a plastic bottle, a blindfold, and several lengths of silky green bell ropes.

“Oh, bondage again? I like that.” “This is going to be a little different,” replied Arthur as he tied one of Sandy’s wrists, wound the rope around several of the poles in the headboard and brought it back to a loop around the other wrist. He took another length and tied it below one knee to the outside post and did the same on the opposite side, which had the effect pulling her knees forward and out. Another pair of ropes looped around her ankles to the footposts and left her hindquarters completely defenseless.

“Princess, tonight we’re going to mix pleasure with pain in such a way that you won’t know which is which. And when we get there, I’m going to complete the trifecta we started with your mouth and pussy.”

Sandy had had anal sex before and not enjoyed it much. Nonetheless, a promise made is a promise kept, and Arthur had done well by her so far.

“Do you what want, not that I could stop you now anyway.” Arthur bent over and kissed her. “That’s adana escort right, my beauty, now, lights out.” He slipped the blindfold over her head, stuck some pillows under her belly, and moved behind her. His hands began to glide over her posterior, caressing the soft skin of her buttocks and thighs. Sandy purred.

“Mmmm, olive oil?” “That’s right, extra virgin and cold-pressed, but we’ll change that up in a minute.”

Sandy relaxed as one of his hands slid down the crack between her cheeks and the other slid up around her pussy, adding to its wetness with the new lubricant. Her clit began tingling again as his hands slithered around when one pulled away and

Slap! Arthur struck one cheek hard with his open hand.

“Ow! Arthur, that stung!” “That’s right, slut, now count them off.” Slap! on the other cheek, leaving both with brief oily impressions of his hands. Sandy cried out again.

“Two! Damn, Arthur!” “You forgot one and you complained. We’ll start over.” He wound up and smacked her ass again.

“Ow! One. Oh, Two. . . ” “That’s better, sweetness,” and he continued to strike her firmly. With the surprise gone, Sandy cried out less, but she’d never done this before and didn’t know when he’d stop. All she knew was that her bottom was tingling painfully.

With the twelfth blow to her now reddened cheeks, Arthur stopped. Sandy was breathing heavily when she felt his hands running over her again, full of more oil. It had the effect of immediate cooling before sealing her skin and raising the temperature of her buttocks. Now one hand again ran down between her cheeks and this time stopped over the pucker of her anus, pausing and pushing. This was almost as stimulating as the feeling around the curve of her perineum, for Arthur’s other hand had returned to her pussy. As he slid it up and down, Sandy murmured, her mind trying to assimilate the familiar pleasure with the tingling aftereffects of the spanking. She began to wriggle and murmur as his fingers wriggled, one around her clit, another against the oiled pucker.

“Can’t have that,” and Slap! Slap! Slap! with the same force but past fifteen, sixteen, seventeen when he stopped as suddenly as he’d started. Sandy tried to wriggle her bottom to dodge his hand but found herself straining against ropes in all directions. She felt the tears soaking her blindfold.

“Arthur . . .” “Here, here, beautiful,” and he kneeled down behind her and began lapping at her cunt with long strokes of his tongue. Sandy’s body shivered with the conflict within. His hands again lightly stroked her flaming bottom, caressing ever so lightly while his tongue worked its magic and his nose bobbed against her anal pucker.

With no vision, and nothing to focus on eskişehir escort but his touch and the related smells and sounds, Sandy moaned. She could feel her cunt filling with juices from all the sensations. From what she wasn’t certain, and when he resumed the spanking with one hand his other circled around the top of her thigh to continue massaging her bloated pussy. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she half cried, half moaned as the blows rained down, only on her right buttock. He stopped, moved to her other side and reversed hands to even up the count.

Sandy was not the only one turned on. Arthur watched the sweat beading on her lower back, her head shake back and forth on the mattress, her hands and wrists pull taut against the ropes, her swelling pink, glistening bottom rising up to meet his hand. His cock swung thickly between his legs, gorged with blood, as he slapped her–it was so tempting to stop now and just run its power between her legs doggy style. But no, he had to maintain control, thrill to Sandy’s increasing enjoyment of this routine, and pour some more oil into his palm.

For Sandy was coming to the verge of an explosion when Arthur stopped.

“Not now!” she gasped. “Finish me!” “That I will, baby girl,” said Arthur as he moved between her legs and dribbled the oil down his cock and greased it with one hand. With the other, its middle finger equally lubed, he began pressing against the puckered center of her anus. “Take a deep breath and relax, Sandy, think about how hot you are and let me in.”

And in his finger went, slowly past her initial contractions and then up to the knuckle. He pushed down on the rectum toward the parallel passage of her vagina, where his other hand had thoughtfully moved in. It was a decided change of sensations, and Sandy rotated her hindquarters to increase the friction. “Mm, mm, a little more. . . “

Arthur rotated his finger in her ass as if in response but pulled out of her cunt and spanked her twice more.

“How many is that? Or do I have to start over?” “Oh God, eighteen, nineteen. . .” Where was twenty? Arthur was twitching her clit again. “Ohhh,” Sandy groaned.

Then he struck again, immediately slipping his enraged cock between the lips of her pussy. Arthur pumped her ruthlessly as she screamed and came, pulled out, lathered some more oil around its dripping tip and began nudging it against her asshole. Sandy collapsed on the bed, her rim relaxing in the aftermath of her orgasm. His knob was not so wide but it felt like pins and needles as he forced it past the pucker. She felt him fill her anus and sighed as one arm curled around her waist below her belly and his other hand grasped her pussy. Arthur slid back and forth, occasionally popping the head of sakarya escort his cock out past the ring of muscles before forcing his way in again. It was tight, unlike anything he’d ever felt in Sandy’s cunt, and deliciously so.

“Yesss . . . ” he murmured, kissing her shoulders and neck. Sandy groaned in response as Arthur’s other fingers joined the first in her cunt. It began to feel like his whole hand was inside while his cock made its slow but steady progress up the other passage. To her surprise, his entire hand was inside, sometimes a fist, sometimes loose, wriggling fingers drumming a soft tattoo on her vaginal walls and behind her clit as he hunched and thrust upon her body.

Strapped to the bed, blind but to the filling of her lower body, Sandy began rocking to another orgasm. She cried and shivered as her man rotated his hand in her cunt and his tool up her ass. As she subsided, he began a slow in-out, indulging himself in the tightness clutching his cock. He pulled his hand out of Sandy’s cunt, straightened up behind her and grasped her sweat-streaked hips with his slippery hands.

“This is what you want, this is what you deserve, my cum slut.” Words escaped him as he continued to slide slowly back and forth. Sandy stopping thinking, feeling only Arthur’s rod filling her bottom, the slow rhythm and full pressure against her rectal walls and anus as he ground against her, the pull of the ropes…

(He was the tenth man to take her ass in this position, strapped down in stocks in the town square, sperm from the others dripping down her legs from both holes. This one was thicker and longer than the others, and he took his time pumping back and forth along her well-lubricated passage. The crowd hooted and cheered, and she stretched her buttocks outward to take more of his massive cock, reveling in the sensation of complete exposure, utter humiliation, and public pleasure)

Arthur began to feel his balls tighten and boil toward climax. He tried to keep the pace steady but began pounding against his woman, slamming up against her cheeks.

“Take my cock, my slave bitch,” bam bam bam, his balls brought up hard by her pussy.

“Yes Arthur I love it, take me, fuck me, again and again and again–Fuck my ass, fuck it deep and hard and hot and deep yes, fill me, fuck me, fuck me your fuckslave!”

Up his sperm came, long jets ejecting from his exploding tip as Arthur howled from the contractions of his testicles. Sandy opened her bottom and then clenched her anus, making him gasp from the pressure around the root of his spurting erection. He was trapped inside a hot, wet, finger trap, the nerve endings in the head of his cock sparkling in pain from the release. He gave a final thrust and collapsed upon her back.

“Arthur? Arthur?” Sandy whispered in her blind crouch at the slim, slowly breathing man above her.

“I’m sorry, Princess, that was as exquisite as it was exhausting.” He roused himself to remove her blindfold and undo her bonds. They held each other’s heads and kissed with a deep gentleness. “You can offer anything anytime. Shall we shower?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32