Lust Is Fun

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This is a direct continuation of a previous writing. For background read, “Where Lust Leads.”

This is the second of a few connected stories. They aren’t stories so much as true life experiences I’m just trying to get out on paper… err computer screen. I figured I may as well share my thoughts with some random strangers while I’m at it. Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn something from this process. In the mean time, feel free to comment however you like. Let me know what you think, relay some of your true life experiences back to me, or just give me some positive criticism. All negative comments will be happily ignored. =) So, here it is:

Finally, I graduated and headed off to college half way across the state, about 3 hours away. Ash decided to come and help me and my parents move my stuff into my dorm. We were, of course, still as horny as ever. The entire 3 hour drive she laid across the bench seat in my truck to position herself in my lap to suck my cock while I finger fucked her to several orgasms — all while following closely behind my parents.

Moving to college had both its advantages and disadvantages. Since we were so far away, we didn’t get to see each other throughout the week. That sucked. However, we alternated driving to see each other on the weekends. This proved highly advantageous when she would come see me. Even though her parents wouldn’t let her stay the night, she would drive up early Saturday morning and leave late that night, giving us all day long to further explore our sexuality. See, I had full scholarship to the honors college at the university. Lucky for me, they had several perks. One of the biggest of those perks, and a big reason for me choosing this arrangement, was a private dorm room. Between every other room was a bathroom that the students on either side would share. This meant I had no roommate to schedule our alone time around.

One week, Ash called me and asked if I had many classes that day. I only had two classes that morning that wrapped up at 11. She said that was good because she was going to fly in to see me at about that time. It really caught me off guard — mainly because it wasn’t that far. I don’t know many people who fly that short of a distance. She said our youth pastor’s wife was flying to my town to meet with some restaurant executives. She was helping to start a franchise in our home town and the headquarters were in the town where I went to school. Our youth pastor’s wife didn’t want to be the only woman on the small private jet and since she knew I went to school there, she invited Ash to tag along and hang out with me while she was in her meetings all day. Since Ash went to our church’s private school where our youth pastor was also the principle, it was a breeze to just skip out at the spur of the moment.

So, when my last class let out, I drove to pick up Ash and headed back to the dorm room. We had about 5 or 6 hours until she needed to be back. We started out trying to be “good” by watching a movie, sitting on my futon. During the movie, as per usual, we started cuddling. And as cuddling often does, it lead to wondering hands that caressed sensitive areas. At first she took my arm in hers as she snuggled up to me. This placed my hand on her thigh close to her knee and her hand “naturally” fell into my lap. When Ash had sat down it pushed her loose uniform skirt up just above her knee where my hand lay. Her exposed skin under my hand meant that of course I had to caress it lightly.

Slowly, as the movie progressed, my hand wondered further up her thigh, pushing her skirt up with it. When I reached her mid thigh, her once closed legs began to slowly open. As I reached in to stroke her inner thigh, she moved her hand against my crotch as if to be unwittingly scratching an itch. The futon kept my hand closest to her from reaching any further up her leg, so she began pushing herself down, edging my hand closer to its goal. At this point we turned to each other and started kissing. This allowed us to reach our hands that were furthest away from each other across and give us better maneuvering. Our hands closest each other, now against the futon back moved from their original positions and began holding each other’s heads as our kissing became more passionate and rub up and down each other’s bodies. Her other hand was against my chest and I placed mine back to her thigh where I had left off. Slowly I worked my way up her inner thigh as she widened her legs to give me access.

As my one hand found its way between her legs, they other was on her side discretely rubbing the side of her large breast. The tension was building as we wanted so badly to go further. It’s funny now that I look back, but the main reason we were trying so hard to be good was that we thought our youth pastor’s wife would somehow know what we’d been doing once I took Ash back to her. So once my hand reached her panties, I rubbed next them where her leg joined her pelvis and all around her now soaking pussy without actually touching Şirinevler escort it. As she rubbed her hands all over my body, I continued to tease her pussy making her want me more and more. As we continued it became more and more difficult to withhold. My hand near her breast moved around to her tight stomach, then upward to caress the underside of her large mounds strapped tightly in her form fitting shirt. As I became more and more anxious, I began to cup the underside of her boob and lightly pass my fingers over her warm pussy. Finally we couldn’t hold back any longer. She grabbed my crotch and started rubbing my cock through my pants. I firmly grasped her breast and slid my fingers along her fabric covered slit. The moment my hand touched her pussy she let out a long moan, releasing the pent up sexual energy that had been building up for so long.

After a minute we realized that if we were going to do this, we might as well do it right. So I started to undress her when she told me to hold on. She had a surprise for me. She then went into the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out in very skimpy and sexy lingerie that tied on the sides. It was so hot! She came in and seductively crawled up on my lap… making sure to lick at my cock and pull my shirt off on the way up. She playfully bit then licked my bottom lip. I ran my hands up her legs and around to her butt as we locked lips. She probed my mouth with her tongue as I slid my hands up her back and then back down. I grasped her ass and pulled her to me with both hands causing her to raise, putting my face at her chest just below her neck and above her supple breasts.

I broke our kiss and moved down her neck to nibble on it. She loved it when I did the same to her ears so I sucked and nibbled on them as well. I worked my way down and around her neck, licking and sucking as I fondled and squeezed her barely covered breasts with my hands. I gradually kissed lower and lower to her chest. I reached around and pulled the string holding her top together as I kissed and licked her deep cleavage and the top of her mounds. When I pulled the draw string, her perfect teenage D cup breasts were finally released from their imprisonment. Her top fell, revealing her nipples on quarter sized areolas centered perfectly on her firm mounds. I messaged her right breast as I cupped the left breast and kissed her nipple causing her to arch her back and take in a deep breath. I sucked at it making sure to give equal attention to the other nipple. The more I lapped at it, the more she would arch her back, raising her self to my mouth, rubbing her barely covered pussy along my abs.

I grabbed her ass and worked my kisses back up to her mouth. She moved back down to my lap, keeping up her humping motions. She worked her kissing down my chest and stomach to my lap. She unfastened my belt and pants, pulling them off. She glazed her teeth over the head of my now fully erect penis and licked at the pre-cum that had already started leaking out through my boxers. She looped her hands in the waist band and pulled my shorts down. My cock sprung out to both her and my delight. Once she had me completely necked, she lunged back for my cock. Now on her knees in front of me as I sat back on the futon, she took the base of my cock in her hand and licked at the head teasingly… driving me crazy. She continued to kiss and lick up and down the shaft. Finally she once again grabbed the base firmly and shoved it hungrily into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around it as she sucked it in and out, jacking me off at the same time. After a few minutes of this she told me she wanted me to fuck her boobs.

She squatted on the floor, leaned back against the futon and raised her ass in the air, making her close to parallel to the floor. I then straddled her and placed my cock between her breast as she squeezed them together. As I stroked back and forth between her breasts, she would lick and lap at my cock when it approached her mouth. After a few minutes, I helped her up and worked my way down her firm body, kissing deeply. As I did, I brought my hand slowly up her inner thigh. As I reached higher, she widened her stance to allow me access. I took the drawstring that tied her panties together on the side in my mouth and began to pull it. Her panties fell revealing the real surprise she had in store for me. She had shaved her pussy completely bald. She asked if I liked it and I told her I liked it more than she knew. She looked so hot. Her bald labia were glistening with juices that were now running down her leg.

I kissed at the mound above her lips and worked my way down to her slit. As I knelt before her, I raised one of her legs in order to taste her sweet virgin pussy. She placed her leg on the futon and I leaned in licking up her leg toward her treasure box. When I reached it, I licked all around without touching it to tease her. Finally I could tell she couldn’t stand it any longer. And I thrust my tongue into her hot hole and licked up Şirinevler escort bayan her slit, flicking her little bud. She shivered as I lapped up her juices, covering my face.

She stopped me after only a few minutes though, telling me she wanted us to take our time. She had me sit back on the futon as she climbed onto my lap, hovering her dripping pussy above my raging hard-on. She kissed my lips and licked her cum from my face. She moaned and said she thought that was hot and didn’t taste too bad either… neither of which did she have to tell me. I was so turned on I could hardly contain myself. We kissed passionately and she slowly lowered herself to my rod. I reached down and took hold of my cock, rubbing its head through her moist slit, teasing her clit. The sexual tension was overwhelming. We both wanted to have sex so badly but knew we shouldn’t.

At that point we pulled the futon out into its bed form. She was obviously needing a release as she was about to explode. So, as we made out, I reached my hand down to her pussy and easily slid my two fingers into her wet cunt. Though, she was still tight, all of our “practice” fingering had helped stretched her pussy so that we could more easily fit more fingers in her than that first night. I finger fucked her, rubbing that wonderful g-spot until she shook with orgasm, moaning with ecstasy and cumming all over my hand. She was worn out by that point and promised to take care of me after some rest. Though I had pretty much given up on her making me cum, I figured if we kept at it, it would happen one day. With that, we grabbed a nearby blanked and fell asleep with our naked bodies snuggled together.

I slept for about 20 or 30 minutes, getting a little power nap. When I awoke, Ash was still sleeping on her back. I started lightly kissing her all over her face, neck and chest. She woke up to me nibbling on her neck. I kept up my adoration for a few minutes. I kissed all over her randomly, gradually becoming more intense and passionate. Her breathing was getting heavy from just my kisses. We look deep into each other’s eyes and embraced. As we kissed passionately, I moved between her spread legs. She raised her knees around me and we probed each other’s mouths, kissing deeply with our tongues exploring far past each other. As we shifted, we rubbed our loins together and somehow, without trying or even meaning to, my ridged cock slipped right into her well lubricated pussy!

At first we were so surprised at what happened, we didn’t know what was going on. We couldn’t believe I was actually inside her virgin pussy for the first time without any pain or effort. I looked at Ash in shock and said, “Am I…?” She responded in as much shock, “Yeah, I think you are.” I asked her if it hurt and she said it actually didn’t at all. We couldn’t believe it. I must have popped her cherry through all the fingering we’d done over the past several months and not even realized it.

I asked what we should do now. I knew we shouldn’t have sex, but since I was already in her, I didn’t want to pull out. She suggested that I should just leave it in there for a little while since we thought that we weren’t technically having sex because we weren’t fucking. We were just making the most of an accident. When Ash moved a little I felt her pussy tense and grip my cock. Startled, I said, wow, what was that? She asked what I was talking about and I told her. She said, “Oh, this?” She then squeezed my cock with her pussy again. I said, “Yeah, that was cool.” She got a kick out of this and started squeezed me repeatedly a few times. I responded by twitching my cock inside her. She liked that as well. So we lay there for the next few minutes making-out and playing this little twitching game, driving each other wild. Finally, we looked at each other and knew that if we were going to stop this, we would have to do it now. So we decided that I would pull out.

We decided that since I was already inside her and we may not get the chance, I may as well take a few strokes in and out before I pulled out for good. So I pulled out for the first time and stopped just shy of bringing the head of my dick out. I then proceeded to gently plunge back in. Ash took in a deep breath as I pulled out, and then moaned loudly as I pushed back it. It was actually something between a moan and a scream. It felt wonderful. Her hot cunt milked my cock as I pushed it in and out. We decided to do it a total of ten times and then just end it cold turkey. It was the only way. So I began to stroke in and out trying various techniques with each stroke, taking as much advantage of this short opportunity as I could. I would raise myself forward on one stroke, angle myself from one side on the next and the other side on the next. It felt so good and Ash just kept moaning like she never had before as if involuntarily.

When we approached ten, Ash told me that we should do just a few more. I whole heartedly agreed. So I kept pumping in and out of my beautiful escort şirinevler teenage girlfriend. I gradually built up more speed with her encouragement. Sliding in and out of her slippery little hole was the best experience of my life. The entire time I was thinking how wrong it was in the back of my mind. But overwhelming that thought was one of complete pleasure as her tight little pussy engulfed my turgid cock over and over again. Though I didn’t realize this at the time, I now believe that the fact that this deed was forbidden and considered wrong by all my friends and family made me enjoy it all the more.

As my dick continuously probed her beautiful bald cunt, she spread her legs further and wrapped them around my back to hold me tightly to her. Her breathing and moaning became shorter and heavier by the minute. She tried to stifle her screams so my church friend neighbor who I shared the bathroom wouldn’t hear. However, it was obviously becoming more and more difficult as she let out one long final scream, shook and fell limp. After a couple more pumps I wasn’t sure if I should continue and asked her if she was ok. She said it was starting to hurt now. Being the caring, giving boyfriend I am, I finally pulled out — my cock still raging a hard on. (note: it is unfortunate that she would have pains after each orgasm for pretty much the rest of our time together, resulting in my hardly ever cumming and extreme blue balls. Latter she admitted that she never actually hurt. She just had an intense feeling of wrong doing immediately following orgasm because of our upbringing, which I actually understood. It did upset me a little knowing that we could have kept going to my release each time. But like I said, I’m a giver and I loved the sex anyway)

After some more making out, Ash told me she wants me to cum. She wanted to see what sperm is like and what it’s like when I shoot my load, but she feels bad for not making me cum yet. She tells me she wanted to see me jack off and blow my load. Not exactly the exhibitionist, I wasn’t too keen on jerking off in front of her. However, I told her it would be worth it to see her fingering herself. So she agreed, leans back and plunged two fingers in her bald cunt. It was so hot! So, since I desperately needed to blow my ever growing load, I took hold of my member and start stroking it. I could tell she enjoyed seeing me do that, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed seeing her finger herself. At one point she pulled her fingers out and put them in her mouth sucking the juices off. She wetted three fingers and continued to try to stuff them all in her hungry pussy. She barely managed. Even though we just had sex, she was still really tight. She feeds her pussy as much of her three fingers as she can, but eventually resorts back to two fingers since they reach deeper and have more maneuverability. Her right hand, probing her pussy, caused her down stretched arm to compress her boob in toward the other creating deep cleavage. Her breasts looked fantastic slightly jiggling as she rhythmically plundered her deepest depths. She had been wet all day, never drying out between sessions. She was building up more cum, adding to what had gushed out during sex just a few minutes prior. As she sat on her knees, legs spread, her thighs now glistened from the cum that was running down them. She leaned back on one hand while continuing to assault her bare pussy with the other. This perked her big round breast straight out into the air – her small nipples hard on her quarter sized areolas.

The sight was too much for me to handle and I told her I was about to cum. She sat up straight eager to see my explosion. I asked if I could cum on her and she said yes. She lay down and told me to cum on her boobs. It was just in time because several hours of sexual activity had caused me to build up quite a load of cum. The first shot made a sticky white rope across her chest, starting at her collarbone, going down her chest right between her boobs and ending a few inches above her bellybutton. It was a lot to say the least. I’m surprised It even made it to her. I was still on my way to her when I started cumming and it shot quite a way. The second shot hit right across her left nipple. The rest was just spread out across both her boobs. I thought I was never going to stop. There was a lot built up. When I was finished, there were hot, white globes all over her firm tanned breasts. It was definitely a sight to behold. I think it kind of shocked her because when the first shot hit her she jumped a bit. She said it was really warm as she started to rub her fingers in it and message her breasts with it. I went to the bathroom and got a rag to clean it up.

After we cleaned it up we looked at the clock and noticed it was almost time to go. We had been at it all morning. As we reluctantly started getting ready to leave, our youth pastor’s wife called and said the meetings were taking longer than expected and we could wait another couple of hours before we came back. With that, Ash told me that was good because she hadn’t gotten to cum when I did just a few minutes ago. But she did get worked up and needed to cum one more time before she left. Of course I was all about that. So we instantly stopped getting dressed and stripped off what we’d managed to get on.

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