Loving with Mother

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Bdsm Bondage

This is a true story. In order to appreciate it in full, you, dear reader, need to remember back to the early 1960’s when we were not as sexually liberated or knowledgeable as we are today.

My mother was born in Holland and came to England shortly before the war, and she subsequently met and married my father. I was born by Caesarean section when my mother was 35 and I was her only child. My father died when I was 10 and my mother didn’t remarry until many years after the time of this story. I was sent away to a boarding school run by a charity that educated boys who had lost their fathers. Because of the boarding school system we boys had little contact with girls of our own age, and we rather put them up on pedestals, worshiping them from afar. We had no idea that women had strong sex urges as well, and of course our own sex urges were dealt with by solitary masturbation, or mutual masturbation if another boy willing.

Shortly before my nineteenth birthday, in the summer of 1963 my mother and I went to stay with my grandparents in Holland to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

My grandparents by then were living in old people’s housing which consisted of a lovely old 18th century building in an L shape, and divided into about 12 separate dwellings. Each house had a large cellar, a kitchen, bedroom, toilet and living room on the ground floor while the upstairs space was one large attic room. In this attic there was a double bed where my mother slept, a single bed in which I slept, and a very small child’s bed.

On the day of the diamond wedding celebrations, my grand parents house was full of visitors all day long. It started with morning coffee, when well-wishers came bringing pastries, and they sat where they could eating cakes, drinking coffee and having drinks. The whole event was repeated during the afternoon tea drinking ceremony – The Dutch certainly knew how to party!

The evening was reserved for family celebrations, and what a lot of family there were. The women sat round drinking Advocaat, although drinking is the wrong description. Because of its texture, the only way to deal with Advocaat is by using a teaspoon. The men were consuming vast quantities of Genever, and I do seem to remember there was also a fairly lethal fruit punch. Anyway, everybody was fairly tipsy, and my mother was flirting like mad with all the men.

My mother’s sister and her family lived some 40 miles away by bus and train, so they were staying the night; my aunt and her husband spending the night at my great-aunts in the town, while their two children were already in bed in the attic room, Hans in my bed and little Marian in the child’s bed. I was going to sleep in the double bed with my mother. So fairly late at night we made our way upstairs to bed. I got an unusually juicy goodnight kiss from my mother and surprised but not thinking any more about it I was soon asleep.

The next thing I knew I was waking up, and ejaculating all over the bedclothes. A wet dream, and God I was in my mother’s bed! If she found out she would kill me! I lay there rigid with fright, my back to my mother, not daring to move, and into my subconscious crept the idea that I’d felt a hand on my cock, and that hand had brushed across my body as my mother turned in the bed. It must have been part of the dream. I lay still, breathing deeply as if I was asleep, hoping that if mother were awake she would not suspect anything, and if I made the bed in the morning she wouldn’t see the stains on the sheets. I became aware that the bed was very slightly moving and there was a rhythmical light rustling of the bedclothes. My mother was breathing hard, almost panting, and the movement became faster, and she was moving in the bed before a sigh escaped from her and all became quiet. I hadn’t got a clue what was going on, and I thought that perhaps it was because she’d had a bit to drink – I’d heard of DT’s but not about female orgasm! Shortly after that she turned over again and put her arm round me and was soon snoring.

In the morning we both awoke when the children came to life, and looking at me she said cautiously, “Good morning darling, did you sleep well?” I said that I hadn’t stirred all night. This seemed to make her brighter and she said, “I thought I might have disturbed you last night because I was very restless.” I assured her that I had slept solidly all night. She cuddled me and gave me a kiss saying, “I do love you darling. We had a lovely day yesterday, with lots of food and drink, but on these occasions, sometimes Mummy’s do things that they shouldn’t.” I assured her that she hadn’t been any tiddlier than anyone else, and she kissed me again and said, “Thank you for that my darling. Now get out of bed and take the sheets off for me. We were very hot in bed last night so I’m going to wash them.”

A couple of weeks later we were back in England. It had been a lovely September day and we’d been hard at work in the garden all day. We’d had a good day, really getting on well and enjoying each other’s company. Once we’d cleared up my mother suggested that we have some cider, so I got out a flagon of Woodpecker – the old 2 pint bottle with the stone stopper, and quite strong. We sisli escort sat in the garden and drank the whole bottle and then my mother went indoors to get the supper. Calling out of the window she cried, “Open another bottle and put a record on; We’ll have a little party!” I went in and put on my favourite Chris Barber LP, then taking the glasses into the kitchen, poured some more cider for both of us while my mother busied herself with the food. After a while Chris got to my favourite track, his arrangement of ‘Mood Indigo’ and my mother turned to me and with bright eyes she said, “Darling, I’ve had a lovely day, will you dance with me.” Going into the sitting room I took her in my arms and we danced together. I say danced, but ‘Mood Indigo’ as played by Chris Barber is a really slow smoochy number, and very quickly my mother was really close to me with her head against my shoulder and her arms right round me and we were hardly moving at all. I felt myself getting an erection and I tried to move away, but she held me close to her, so I just hoped she wouldn’t notice my condition. The number ended and she slowly raised her head and looking at me she asked me to put it on again. We went into another clinch and I was really enjoying myself – I’d never thought of my mother as a woman, and the sensuality of the occasion was getting to me. When the music ended again she put her hands either side of my face, and saying, “Darling I really enjoyed that, but we must go and eat,” she gave me a long kiss full on the mouth before returning to the kitchen.

After we had cleared up the supper and finished the second bottle of cider, my mother went off to get a bath, and said she’d call me when she’d finished so that I could have the water. Some 20 minutes later she called me from the bathroom so I went in to find her just getting out of the bath. In confusion I said, “But you haven’t finished yet.” She replied, “Leave your clothes on the floor and I’ll wash them tomorrow. I want you to have the water while it’s still hot, darling. Besides we’ve seen each other naked before.” True, but many years before! Awkwardly I undressed with my back to my mother and slid into the bath, trying not to show her anything. My mother was standing not six feet in front of me stark naked, drying herself with a big towel. I couldn’t help but notice that she had a really big thick dark bush. She’d put on a bit of weight and had a spare tyre, and her tits which were big had drooped a bit, but still were quite firm. She busied herself drying herself really well between the legs, almost flaunting her sex, before applying talcum powder to her bush, then she went off to her bedroom remarking, “It’s warm tonight, I don’t think I’ll bother with my nightie. I know you don’t wear your pyjamas when it’s warm.”

I lay back in the bath with a great big hard on, thinking about what I’d just seen, and taking my cock in my hand I began to masturbate slowly and luxuriously, seeing in my mind’s eye that lovely thick bush. I was really enjoying myself when with a guilty start I realised that mother had quietly come back into the bathroom with her towel, and could see what I was doing! Nothing was said and she went back to her bedroom. Eventually I finished bathing, dried myself and awkwardly crept off to my room. My mother’s door was open as normal, and her bedside light was on.

“Darling, come in here, I want to talk to you.”

Oh shit, and I know about what! And I slunk into her room with the towel round my waist. She was lying in her double bed with a smile on your face, and she said, ” Take that damp towel off and come and get in with me. We’ve had a really lovely time today and I just want to give you a cuddle and say thank you.”

What could I do? I slipped in beside her nervously as she turned on her side saying, “Come and give me a kiss.” I gave her a peck and taking my hand she said, “Darling, I saw you in the bathroom.” Oh fuck, here it comes!

“Darling, you mustn’t worry about it, it’s quite normal, nearly everybody does it when they haven’t got anyone. Even Mummies do it sometimes when they are lonely.”

What? Shit! How? I was really covered in confusion, and seeing this she took hold of me saying, ” Oh look, now I’ve embarrassed you. I’m sorry, give me a cuddle. Anyway you should be proud that you are such a big boy,” and she giggled. We lay close and she murmured, “I really enjoyed our dance didn’t you? Did you like the kiss?” I did.

“Would you like another kiss like that?” I would.

Her lips came down on my mouth again, but this time they were parted and it lasted longer.

“Mmmm, naughty but nice! Again?”

So we did it again. She stared at me long and hard then she whispered, “This is so wrong but I haven’t had a man around the house since your father died, and I’m so lonely, and you are a young man and I love you. Women need loving you know. Do you mind me saying that?” I said that I loved her too, and I didn’t mind what she said. “Do you mind cuddling me like this? ” she demanded.

“No of course not, it’s rather nice.” She laid really close to me and kissed me again, her lips parted even more, and I nervously did the same, She pushed her groin so close to me that I could şişli esc feel her bush, Christ she must know I’ve got a great big erection! Obviously she did because her hand slid down and held it. Bloody Hell! “Oh darling”, she giggled, “Did I stop you finishing yourself off in the bath? How wicked of me! Lie on you back and let me do it for you.”

Christ, is this real? A woman, no my own mother, is going to wank me off! Lightly grasping my shaft in her hand she slowly rubbed her hand up and down the length of me, and then with her other hand she cupped my balls.

“God you are big, you’re going to make some woman very happy indeed!”

Inbuilt natural instincts were surfacing – I wanted to touch her so I moved a bit. Sensing this she asked, “What is it darling? What do you want? You mustn’t be afraid to ask. It’s good to talk when you’re making love.”

We’re making love? Fuck me, is this what it’s like. God I feel so horny – I’ve never felt quite like this before.

“Can I touch you?”

“Of course you can darling, I so want you to if you want to.”

Taking my hand she put it on her breast, and guiding me, she showed me how to stimulate her nipple, and within seconds it was standing up firm, like an organ stop. “You can kiss it if you want.”

I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it gently and flicked it with my tongue – she didn’t tell me what to do, I just did what seemed to come naturally. She mewed with pleasure and caressed my head, still playing with my erection then said, “Now kiss me please”. Moving up, our lips met, but this time her lips were really parted, and the tip of her tongue flicked into my mouth, and as I responded, we were soon into a really deep snog, my hand still fondling her breast. She murmured, “Tell me what you’re feeling darling, is it good? I want to know what you are feeling. I feel so good; you’re getting me really excited. We shouldn’t be doing this; stop if you want to. I love you.”

” I love you too, and it feels fantastic, but you had better stop because you won’t like it if I come all over your bed.”

Her green eyes shone and she exclaimed excitedly, ” Oh darling, am I really going to make you come? I won’t let you come all over the bed, really I won’t. Come close to me, and tell me when you’re going to come.” I turned on my side, and we kissed again while she gently stroked my cock.

“Are you getting close?” she whispered.


With that she slipped my cock between her legs and I felt that wonderful bush envelop my cock and she thrust slowly against me as I exploded against the lips of her cunt. Christ, what had I done?

“Oh darling, I felt that, I really felt it and it was lovely and you have got me so excited now! Touch me there, do it for me, make me happy.”

She rolled halfway onto her back, parting her legs and taking my hand guided me to her sticky cunt, and placing my palm firmly on her mound she slid my finger down her crack and into the hole. God it was wet, that was a surprise to me, but it felt wonderful, so warm, soft and wet. She thrust her pelvis slowly and sensuously up and down to my hand, sighing and moaning softly. I seemed to know what to do by instinct because she murmured, “Oh yes, yes my darling” before drawing me into another kiss. The kissing got deeper and deeper until she was nearly eating me, and she took hold of my hard again cock and wanked me tenderly, while she began to thrust harder and faster against me. She panted, ” My darling, you’re going to make me come in a minute, please don’t stop. I love you. Kiss me. Oh Yes, yes. Now! Ooh, I’m coming. I love you. Aaaaah I love you my darling. Aaaaaaahh!!!”

Slowly she uncoiled.

“Oh my darling that was wonderful. Thank you. I really needed that, but we shouldn’t have done it – You won’t tell anyone will you?”

Now I understood what had happened in Holland. I smiled and replied, “I love you and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t know that women could do that, is that what you were doing in bed in Holland?”

She stared at me. “You knew? Well yes. I couldn’t sleep because I was so sexually frustrated. I wanted to feel a man close to me, and there were you my darling, so beautiful, so I touched you and you got hard. I couldn’t resist the hardness of you, I so wanted to feel a man inside me, then I felt your cock stiffen and jerk and I felt your warm spunk, and I was so excited I had to bring myself off, even if I woke you up. Then today, looking at you with no shirt on in the garden, all bronzed I wanted you again, but this time I wanted you to be inside of me, but you know we can’t do that, in fact we must never do this again. You’d better go to bed now, and darling, I’m sorry.”

“Please don’t be sorry, I’m not because I love you and I’d like to stay with you tonight.”

There was, however, no moving her. She was adamant and regretfully I went off to my own bed. I dozed for a while but so much had happened that I was awake for much of the time thinking about it all. I certainly didn’t feel guilty but I now knew I loved my mother and I wanted to break the final barrier, and I wondered if she’d ever agree.

Some hours later her light went on and she came out of escort sisli her room to go to the bathroom. I heard her pee, then run water in the basin, so I guessed she was washing my spunk off her bush. Naturally my cock stood up at the thought, and as she passed my room I said, “I can’t sleep.” She moved into the doorway and by the dim light coming from her room I could see she was still naked, and I could see that lovely bush, and I could smell fresh talc.

“Nor can I darling. I’ll make some tea in a minute. Come into my room and we’ll drink it in bed.”

Hoarsely I muttered, “Would you come close to me, I want to kiss you there.” She laughed as she replied, “There’s a time and a place for that, but not now. Come with me and we’ll have a talk.”

I slid into her bed again, and it smelt of sex – I hadn’t realised until then that lovemaking could be such an aromatic matter.

“So why couldn’t you sleep,” she demanded.

“Because I was thinking of you,” I replied. She smiled saying “I was the same – You turned the lights back on again for me. I know it’s wrong, we shouldn’t be doing it, but you have inherited a powerful sex drive from me, and we both need a lot of sex, which we can’t get anywhere else. I think if we are discreet we could carry on for a while. What do you want to do? After all there will lots of young girls wanting that big cock of yours.”

I blushed to hear my mother talking so openly, but I replied, “Of course I want to do it again; I want to do more; I want to go all the way, if you know what I mean.” Kissing me she said, “Darling, you shouldn’t be coy when you’re making love to a woman. Tell her what you really feel; it excites me. If you want to fuck me, then say so.”

I was startled and stuttered a reply, “Yes I do, you know, want to, er, fuck you. I love you.”

She smiled like a contented cat and said, “Oh yes my darling, and I want you to fuck me, and soon, but there’s something else first,” and with that she took me into a passionate embrace.

“Touch me again darling, there’s something I want to show you.” She threw the sheets back and laid on her back with her legs parted and I did as requested, and found her really soft and wet again. I slipped a finger in and she squirmed and bucked gently against me before saying, “I came when you fingered me because I was so sexed up, but I can’t normally come just with that, so I’m going to show you my joy button,” and taking my hand she guided my finger up the slit to what felt like a little button.

“Mmmm, that’s my clitoris: its like a little penis and it’s very sensitive, especially when you do this,” and guiding my finger she showed me what to do.

“Now, sometimes I can do that for ages before I come, but if I’m feeling really sexy I can come in under a minute, and I’m very lucky because I can keep coming again – that’s called multi-orgasmic, and not every women is so lucky. What about you, how much do you play with yourself?”

I mumbled that I was embarrassed but she said that it was alright to talk about sex, and it excited her to know what I did and felt, so I said, “Well I usually, er, have a wank every night, sometimes 3 or 4 times when I feel, you know, er, randy, and it’s usually a couple of minutes, but if I’m really slow it’s longer, but I thought only boys could do it. Er, um, how often do you, you know..?”

“Sometimes, especially when I’m busy or tired I can go several weeks,” she told me, “but then when I’m feeling sexy…well in the couple of weeks since we’ve been home, it’s been every night. You know that Pifco vibrator I bought to ease my aches, well it’s not really for that, it’s for doing what you’re doing so beautifully now, but it’s nowhere so good: I can’t believe that you are so good at it; You have got a lovely touch, but before you make me come, there’s something you wanted to do. Now off you go, and just do with your tongue what you have been doing with your finger.”

Christ, I nearly came there and then, but I slithered down her body, stopping for a while to play with her tits, which she enjoyed, before heading for heaven. Oh the feel of her hairy bush on my face was incredible, and the smell of her sex was unbelievable. Peering through the thick dark hair I could just see a pair of neat pink lips slightly parted and glistening. I moved closer and instinctively slid my tongue down the crack until I found her cunt hole. Oh Wow! It tasted beautiful. She squirmed and whispered, “Oh my darling that’s the spot, lick my cunt for me, lick mummy’s cunt please.” I flicked my tongue round the entrance to her cunt for a while, and then as she bucked and heaved and moaned I pushed my tongue in as far as I could go. My nose was full of the smell of her, my face wet with her juice, and buried deep, deep into that fantastic thick bush. After a while of pushing my tongue up her, I moved a bit and flicked round her button, which got her really excited, before putting it between my lips and sucking gently. She had her hands on my head holding me, and her legs were against my cheeks and her feet somewhere on my back. All of a sudden she arched her back against me and cried out, and then grabbing me by the shoulders, she heaved me up crying, “Quickly my darling, quickly, I want your cock, oh quickly!” and seizing my shaft she guided me in. God, straight in, full length, warm, wet. My balls tightened and my cock jerked hard 3 or 4 times shooting deep into her as she pulled me tight into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32