Love Overdue Ch. 02

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I have been asked to tell a little bit more of our story by a few readers. It’s pretty tangled after 10 years but here goes.

To say we lived completely happily ever after would be an overstatement. We did and are still doing pretty well. Like any relationship we have our rows and disagreements. We have the added burden of keeping what we do pretty quiet. Our relationship has remained a closely guarded secret. We have taken third parties to our bed sometime male and sometime female. None of these know about our past history and none are friends, they are people we either met the way you meet anyone for sex, pubs, bars, holidays and so forth or people we hired to please us. If Mary is having an affair with a woman or man then she and I remain a secret from them. I haven’t felt the need for variety in that sense. I’m happy to fuck the occasional visitors to our bed. My primary relationship is with Mary and hers with me, she’s younger and has needs I don’t.

Of our family, one person knows and she won’t be talking because she’s in bed with us. Mary has a sister a couple of years younger which puts her at 32 now. She has two kids and until about 5 years ago had a husband. A messy divorce which saw custody split as is the increasing fashion meant that for a month at a time Kirsty was on her own. This turned out to be a recipe for disaster and she hit the bottle in a big way missing her kids while they were with their father. Bills got forgotten, jobs got lost and her life unraveled to an alarming point. Men would not stay more than one night because she got drunk and morose. We were becoming increasingly alarmed. Mary called acıbadem escort around on her one day and had to use her key to get in. Kirsty was half naked in a pool of vomit, not breathing very well and stinking of booze. An ambulance was called and Kirsty was wheeled off to hospital.

There was a big mess to clean up and with no job and her rent behind we suggested she move out to the country and stay with us. Mary and I maintained a fiction of separate dwellings on the farm so when Kirsty arrived after a day or two drying out in hospital we put her up in Mary’s little place and Mary said she’d ‘sleep on my sofa”. Our life continued uninterrupted but for us being a little bit careful about showing too much affection.

We worked out a bit of a timetable for action. Kirsty would get back on her feet and be home in three weeks for her kids. The next time they went away she would come straight out to us. This obviously begged the question of how long the charade of separate beds would hold up.

We did pretty well. Kirsty was out again in a month and did pretty well with her drinking. There were a few drinks and tears the first night and then things settled down until the evening and early morning of the third weekend. We all had dinner in “my” house and then as usual had a few drinks. Kirsty had been managing very well and we had no concerns.

About 11pm we all made for bed and Mary made her way into our big bed about 30 minutes later. I was tired and had had a fair bit to drink so we were doing what we often do. Mary was sitting on my face braced against the anadolu yakası escort bed head while I sucked on her clit.

We had slowly raised her level of confidence to the point where she could enjoy and achieve orgasm from oral sex. We had a set routine. Mary would shower or bathe to make sure for herself that she was absolutely clean. I longed for the day when I could simply pull her panties down and tongue her, but nevertheless this was progress. Mary always needed to start with her panties, always fresh, on and only slowly allow them to be pulled aside.

Obviously we didn’t want to get caught. Mary knowing that I was tired and had had a lot to drink had had a shower and put on my favourite panties and a little pink T-shirt. As usual she had kissed me awake and asked me to love her with my mouth. The procedure is that I scoot down the bed a little she straddles my face and I start out eating her softly through her panties. As she begins to turn on and relax she pulls them aside and I suck on her clit with increasing pressure until she comes. Usually my fingers or a small vibrator are inside her. She is braced leaning forward her arms outstretched on the bed head. The fact that she doesn’t pull her panties aside until she is really turned on helps overcome her fear about having an unattractive pussy. The fact is she doesn’t, it’s very normal and a huge turn on but try convincing any woman her undercarriage is beautiful…!

I love this and usually masturbate while I eat her. If I don’t come as well I pull her panties down we fuck slowly through her afterglow and I leave ataşehir escort my sperm in her. Everybody is happy and we fall asleep with me whispering in her ear that nobody could love her more than me, how nice she tastes and how pretty her little cunt is. Sometimes she masturbates again, pulls her panties up and sleeps on my chest. It is purposely intense, designed to cope with our disparate ages and Mary’s need to feel loved and beautiful, we get pretty lost in it. The booze slows us down and that is great because it also lowers inhibitions, a very potent combination for her. She now comes from oral sex and that is very important for her.

As you can understand we were not paying any attention to anything or anyone but us. I don’t think Kirsty was suspicious, she was having trouble sleeping and her demons were gnawing at her so she came back inside to get a bottle and drink herself unconscious. We think she didn’t even notice that Mary wasn’t on the sofa and went back out to her little house to drink the wine. The problem was it wasn’t enough. She came back in for another bottle.

Mary can sit on my face for an hour or more, moving in and out of an orgasmic state. This night She had been on my tongue for about half and hour and then we fucked for a while but I hadn’t come. We were still awake and so Mary sat over my face again and fingered her clit while I licked her opening. This takes concentration Mary is balanced holding the bed head with one hand as she flicks herself to a frenzy and I’m totally focused on her little pink lips and soft insides. Mary comes quietly, maybe a heavy sigh and a swear word or two. In this position though she’s a groaner and that night she let go a little. We hadn’t heard Kirsty and she still hadn’t noticed anything wrong in a semi dark house.

We saw nothing in our position and Kirsty must have been too shocked to say anything about what she saw when she came to our door. It was the next day that all hell broke loose.

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