Love of Another Kind

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I’m sitting here thinking about what it is at this time you are doing. I have been reading stories on a site that we regularly review. You had told me of one that reminded me of you and I and the way you felt when we were together. I had also read another story, and as a result my desire to be with you right now is unbearable.

There is so much about the relationship that we share that keeps us going when we are apart – worlds from each other at times it seems, but small fleeting simple thoughts quickly remind me of the things that make us so wonderful and so amazing. At this point in time I have envisioned you having a wonderful day with your niece and then helping a friend’s daughter. My day has been a combination of relaxing and spending time with the kids.

From this point, I am left reflecting on the many special times that we have shared together as one and I try so very hard to pick one that tends to stand out amongst the rest. My mood is very much heated and shivers race all over my body at the thought of being anywhere near you. My nipples are hard. My mind filled with thoughts of how I could possibly seduce you so sensually so as to pleasure with love and passion.

When we are together, nothing else corrupts the times that we share – absolute bliss is ours and all thoughts of reality left behind. On this particular occasion, I am reminded on how we had spent one evening in particular. You had taken me to experience the second of two stage musicals at different theatres. Being someone who had not been exposed to such treats thoroughly enjoyed the evening, especially the bit where I had to sit closer to you thanks Escort Bayan Gaziantep to the drunken stench of a man beside me. After the show we made our way to find something to eat – we hadn’t had dinner at this point and it was almost midnight!

After some considerable time and on the spur of the moment you had decided to drive some 40 minutes or so away to this quaint little pancake parlour and we sat and ordered a meal – similar I believe if not the same. We shared sweets. My whole world was complete. There was a log fire and you – I sat across from you at the table and became overwhelmingly intoxicated by your beauty – the sparkle in your beautiful eyes, that smile that so easily becomes mine. The scent of your perfume wafting gently toward me, exciting me with thoughts of what would follow later.

We arrived home to our own private little world – a world that revolves around just two – finding ourselves in each others arms again I am mesmerised at your sheer beauty. Those eyes have me in a trance yet again, leaving me with no option other than wanting to kiss your tender lips. Slowly, as I feel the warmth of your breath drift across my face as I begin to kiss you. Sweet, light butterfly kisses that leave you enthralled with the anticipation of the tenderness we are about to share. I can feel you begin to lose your composure with each kiss that finds its way across your face and over your neck. There are moments of sheer intensity and then moments complimented of such sweet tenderness. Light groans that escape your lips without your consent.

I know the effect that my touch is having on your beautiful body once again – and like a moth to a flame I know the trap that I have set is one that you so desire. My kiss begins to lengthen and gradually I find my way down your neck and across your breast. Such lightness of touch leaves you breathless, and you begin to yearn for more. You know just as the effect that this moment in time has on you – so too it has on me. Knowing that you are turned on and so captivating the moment, leads me to the very same place with such ease.

You also begin to touch and respond to the way your body is feeling – your hands begin to wander over my body helping me to want you more and more. My tongue is eagerly enjoying the tenderness of your sweet breasts. Lavishing each nipple in the only way I know how. You begin to get more and more excited as I work my way down your body with my tongue – you know where I am going. I tease you by flicking your soft pussy with my tongue – a major groan escapes – I am so tempted to devour you there and then but I want this my way. I want to complete the night in the wonderful way it was started.

I move back up to kiss you slowly, my tongue penetrating deep inside your mouth – my eagerness begins to tell and I kiss you with an intensity that you know only too well. You respond as only you can.

Again, I move down toward your pussy, teasing your breasts as I go, and kissing you all the way down your right leg. Your skin is sooooo smooth and soooo soft. Never before have I felt such tenderness. I take your toe into my mouth and kiss it with feelings like I so want to be where I am – in the throws of passion with the woman I love so deeply. I begin to work my way up the other side of your leg, planting the soft kisses that to date have had you wanting me more and more. In the meanwhile my hands have been left to wander over your body, carefully avoiding the one place that I know you want me the most.

Finally, I reach the place where we both want me – I plant tiny soft kisses at the top of your tempting pussy. Without delay, my tongue begins to sink in you and I taste you for the first time tonight – a light but strong groan escapes from me, and you know that I have just enjoyed your tantalising taste. A little further I probe and you begin to writhe in sheer pleasure. My finger begins to join the slow dance my tongue does with such ease. Again you groan, wanting more of the pleasures and the passion about to unfold.

My movements begin to gain pace, my fingers begin to work their way into the depths of your wet pussy while my tongue enjoys the swollen clit you offer me with no resistance. You are now groaning ceaselessly, I’m beginning to realise that you are so wanting to let this pleasure become more intense until you can no longer handle the build up of passion from within your body. More and more I take you in my mouth and enjoy the sweet taste your pussy offers time and time again. You are now squirming, and losing all sense of control, begging me to keep going, wanting more and more…..

The time arrives …. after I have continued to lavish you with my tongue and fingers you finally have no choice other than to let your body give in to the pleasures you yearn for….you call my name and it eggs me on even more to keep going…..I do.

Slowly, you motion for me to come back to you, I kiss you gently as I move toward you and we lay motionless in the arms of the one we love………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32