Losing My Virginity

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The events described in this story took place nearly fifty years ago during my final year at secondary school. In February that year, just after my eighteenth birthday, new people moved into the house next door. He was in his mid forties, but she was much younger, probably in her early thirties. They had a terrier which she took for long walks every day in the nearby woods, and I often bumped in to her when I was out with our dog. We struck up a conversation, and found that we had similar interests in music and the arts, but most of all the kind of fiction we liked. We compared notes on the various authors we had read, and this progressed to recommending books that the other might like.

Jill suggested that we might like to walk together, and would occasionally invite me back for a cup of coffee. We struck up quite a close friendship, so when I started to revise for my A levels and was at home all day on my own, she suggested I join her for coffee and a break at around eleven thirty, before returning to my studies.

Jill was around five foot seven, with a slim boyish figure, pretty face, and short curly sandy coloured hair, not unlike her dog. She had a good complexion, but used very little make up, preferring the natural look, and always smelled fresh and clean. Most of the time she wore a

shirt and slacks, often with a pullover. As the weather got warmer, however, she started wearing mid-thigh length skirts, but without stockings or tights.

This innocent relationship changed dramatically one morning in late May, a week or so before my exams were due to start. I had gone round as usual to find Jill looking particularly attractive, and wearing a white cotton blouse and blue gingham skirt. After she had prepared coffee, and I was sitting at the kitchen table, she hitched herself up onto the work surface with one foot on the table in front of me, causing her skirt to slide up her thighs, giving me a view of her white cotton panties. I tried not to stare, but as we talked, she parted her legs wider, so Şirinevler escort that now I was looking straight at the gusset of her panties.

You can imagine the effect this had on me, and I was forced to readjust my shorts to accommodate my growing erection, which I thought, was hidden from her sight by the table. However, Jill looked me straight in the eye and smiled, and said, “Seems like someone has seen something rather exciting, I wonder what it could be?”

I must have blushed, because she laughed and said, “Why don’t you come closer, and I will see if I can make you more comfortable? Don’t be shy, I won’t eat you – not yet anyway.”

I did as I was told, and stood up and walked round the table, my arousal clear from the prominent bulge in my shorts. Jill hitched her skirt up around her waist, and started to unbutton her blouse, revealing a lacy bra, enfolding smallish, but well shaped breasts. When I was directly in front of her, standing between her parted thighs, she put one hand around my neck and pulled me to her for a very sultry kiss. Fortunately I had a lot of experience of kissing, though not of much else; in truth just a few inexperienced fumblings.

After a few very enjoyable minutes, Jill pulled away, and rather breathlessly suggested that I might like to play with her breasts. She slipped off her blouse, and undid her bra straps, just holding her bra in place with one hand. With the other she undid the top few buttons of my flies, and slipped her hand inside the waist band of my underpants to fondle my cock. Nobody had ever done that before to me, and it felt absolutely wonderful. She then started kissing me again, allowing her bra to fall off, giving me unrestricted access to her breast which felt rather like ripe peaches.

Coming up for air after a few more minutes, she said, “Would you like to take my panties off, I’m sure you would like to have a good look and feel.”

“What, are you sure?” I stuttered, almost speechless with excitement. This was Şirinevler escort bayan so naughty.

“Of course,” she replied, “you are young and so pretty, and your cock feels lovely – hard and yet silky. I am so looking forward to feeling it inside me.”

She skipped down from the work surface, and led me by the hand into the sitting room, where she sat down on the settee, legs wide apart, giving me a most fantastic view of her wet pussy, beautifully framed by soft curly hair. Her labia were swollen and pink, and the entrance to her cunt was slowly opening and closing.

“This is the first pussy you’ve seen Will, isn’t it,” she purred. I nodded. “Well, I think you should get to know it better before I let you enter the gates of paradise. Start with your fingers, but be very gentle, a pussy is delicate animal.”

Jill took my hand and pressed my palm very softly against her pussy, my fingers on her mound pointing towards her heart. “Feel how plump my outer lips and mound are, doesn’t that feel nice?” I just nodded again – I had completely lost my voice. “Now explore the folds of my inner lips, spread them out and gently squeeze and stroke them, enjoy their silky softness. Oh that’s good, it feels really nice.”

Jill started to buck her hips as I continued my exploration, moaning quietly, her mouth slightly open, and a look of utter concentration on her face. “Run your fingers up to my clitoris, feel how the head is just poking out of its hood. Touch it very gently, it is very sensitive.” she said. “Ooooh, you are a very good boy, I am getting so aroused. Put two fingers into my cunt; now curl them up so they are touching the front wall, and thrust them in and out.”

Jill was by now on the verge of ecstasy, and a flush of pink had spread up her chest and across her face. Her body was writhing and her back arched as her climax grew close. “Now lean forward and suck my clitoris, I am going to come very soon,” she said, between her moans. As I did so, tasting the distinctive escort şirinevler flavour of pussy for the first time, she wrapped her legs around my head, pulling my face hard into her pussy. After a few moments her body went rigid and she screamed out in delight, “Yes, yes, yes, oh yes.”

As she came down to earth, she said, “It’s your turn now, I think you have earned your reward.” With that, she leaned forward and took the tip of my cock in her mouth, whilst stroking the shaft in one hand, and fondling my balls with the other.

That was almost enough to send me over the top, but as she felt my cock stiffen even more, and my scrotum start to contract, she stopped and quickly turned over until she was on all fours, and holding my cock in her hand, positioned me at the mouth of her cunt.

“Fuck me now, you lovely boy,” she murmured, “Fuck me hard, I want to feel you inside me, plundering my cunt. Thrust your lovely young cock deep into me. That’s right, go on, harder, harder, ooooh…”

Being young and inexperienced, and very very excited, I came after only a few thrusts. The feeling was amazing, like a fiery spear thrusting up through my cock deep into Jill’s cunt with every thrust, whilst waves of indescribable sweetness radiated in waves throughout my body, my legs rigid and shaking with the power of my orgasm.

When we were done, we lay on the settee face to face for the next half an hour or so, kissing passionately. The feel of Jill’s naked body next to mine was so wonderful, her soft breasts pressed against my chest, and her wet pussy against my upper thigh. As I recovered from my climax, my cock started to stiffen again, and when I was really hard, Jill rolled me onto my back, and straddling me, proceeded to fuck me. I lasted much longer this time, and we came in mutual orgasms of overwhelming intensity.

I only spoke to Jill on a couple more times before I went to university, but I will always remember the beautiful way she took my virginity that May morning. When I came home at Christmas, the house next door was up for sale. My mother told me that Roy’s job was taking them back north, and they were looking for a house near to her parents, which was nice because she was expecting a baby in February – apparently they had been trying for some time, and were overjoyed at her pregnancy.

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