Longing for Chelsea Pt. 04

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Big Tits

Author’s note: Apologies for the long delay in delivering this instalment. This story works best if you’ve read the preceding chapters. Thanks for the encouragement I’ve received so far. As always comments and detailed feedback is very welcome.


Mary and Chelsea lay quietly for a few moments, each enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms. For Mary it had been a mild climax, spontaneously generated by the excitement she was imparting to her beautiful young step-daughter-in-law. Then she heard a stifled sob from Chelsea and she raised herself on one elbow, puzzled.

She saw that tears were trickling down Chelsea’s cheeks and soon the lovely young woman couldn’t suppress her anguished sobs. Mary was alarmed and hugged Chelsea’s tight naked body to her own motherly flesh.

“My darling, whatever’s the matter? Did I hurt you?”

Chelsea shook her head emphatically and when she could get her breathing under control she said: “Oh no Mary – not at all. You didn’t hurt me. In fact, that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. I … I didn’t know that I could ever feel anything like that … it was… well, it was indescribable…” she trailed off in more sobs.

“Oh sweetheart,” comforted Mary. “Whatever is the matter then?”

“Oh Mary. It’s just that … well, how can I ever stay with David now. Now that I’ve done … this! Surely it’s a sin and I would never ever want to deceive him – but when I tell him …oh my lord … it will break his heart and … oh God, the scandal!”

“Whoa, whoa there!” said Mary in alarm. “You most certainly will NOT tell David anything about this!”

“But – how can I not?”

“Very easily!” chided Mary. “Oh Chelsea this sort of – well – mutual pleasuring between women is far more common than you think. It’s certainly not a sin to find pleasure with a consenting woman. Now listen carefully to me: David is a good man who does good work here in this community – and furthermore I’m sure you do love him. So you will carry on living with the man you love – helping him in his work and supporting him – and you will not be so selfish as to ruin his peace of mind!”

Chelsea considered this, sobbing occasionally and sniffing. “I hadn’t thought of it like that,” she eventually said. “But Mary, soon you’ll be gone and then I won’t be able to …” she paused and blushed a deep red. “…well, I won’t be able to enjoy these new pleasures.”

Mary smiled and leaned in to kiss away Chelsea’s tears.

“Don’t you worry about that, my darling. I’ll be here for a couple of weeks yet – and I know someone special who will be more than pleased to keep you company after that!”

Chelsea’s eyes widened and she swallowed: “Really, who?”

“Later my darling. But now I think you’d better be getting David’s lunch ready. Look at the time.”

Chelsea glanced at the bedside clock and squealed in alarm. “Oh my god he’ll be here any minute!” She made to leap from the bed but not before Mary pulled her back for a last kiss of her delicate lips and a tender squeeze of each of her petite breasts.

“So,” said Mary firmly. “Not a word of this to anyone – and I can promise lots more lovely lessons before I have to head back to Sydney.” Chelsea blushed again and smiled then leapt from the bed to gather her silk robe and flee the room.

Mary chuckled to herself and picked up the phone. The message from Janet Deane was short but promising. It read: “Call me soon – and keep tomorrow morning free.”


If Mary’s lovemaking with Chelsea had been sweet and tender – her experience at Janet’s house the next morning was anything but. Janet had not told her much on the phone – except that she should leave her inhibitions behind and come “dressed for fun”. Mary wasn’t sure what that meant but her intimate encounter with Chelsea had left her craving a much deeper sexual fulfilment and her body buzzed with expectation as she prepared herself the next morning.

She showered, washed and dried her hair, trimmed the dark bush around her pussy, made up her face, applied her favourite perfume and then was about to get dressed when she stopped and raised a quizzical eyebrow to herself in the mirror. “Hmm,” she mused aloud. “I suppose I should be ready for any eventuality!” And with a wicked gleam in her eye she poured some strawberry-flavoured body oil into her palm, spread her legs, bent forward and used two fingers of her other hand to anoint her anus, savouring the sensation as she smeared the fragrant oil around the sensitive pucker and used one finger to lubricate the inside of her tight ring. This stimulation aroused her entire body but she fought down the urge to go further and got dressed. She chose matching bra and panties in a deep burgundy colour and a colourful, figure-hugging wrap-around dress that was cool to wear and – critically – quick to remove. She stepped into her shoes and with a last appraising look in the wardrobe mirror set off for Janet’s house.

Her new friend lived a few kilometres out of town on a five-acre block. The house was new but was built Bayan Eskort to look old with tasteful Georgian dimensions and manicured gardens. Mary approved.

Janet greeted her at the door wearing a sleeveless linen shirt and a shortish navy blue skirt that showed off her tanned legs. She gave Mary a hug and a warm wet kiss and said with an enigmatic smile: “Come in and meet the women’s auxiliary.”

There were three other women sitting at a round table in the conservatory at the back of the house. Spread before them were official looking notes and papers.

“Ladies,” Janet announced. “This is the special new friend I was telling you about. Mary, meet the Executive Committee of the Church’s Women’s Auxiliary.” To say Mary was disappointed would be an understatement. She’d come expecting at least some level of debauchery but was confronted with this staid religious women’s committee. As Janet made the introductions, each woman rose to exchange a somewhat formal handshake, allowing Mary a brief appraisal of each.

Deidre: an attractive, slightly-built, woman, aged about 40, with strawberry-blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes – Dana Scully from the X Files, thought Mary.

Chloe: a younger, buxom woman, maybe 35, with an hourglass figure, shoulder-length blonde hair, and a cupid-bow mouth that Mary immediately wanted to kiss.

And Regina: older, at least 60, with iron-grey hair cut in a severe page-boy style, an elegant patrician face, and a tall, slender physique. This woman positively radiated class in a tailored charcoal shift and black court shoes, with a single strand of pearls around her slender neck.

And as Mary appraised each woman she felt herself being judged just as frankly.

“Please take a seat Mary,” said Janet. “We’re almost done here.” Then turning to the other women she asked: “Any other general business? No – fine then. Let’s say meeting closed at…” she consulted her wristwatch “…10.05. Next meeting scheduled for a fortnight from today at Regina’s house.” Deidre, who appeared to be keeping minutes, made a note of these pronouncements and then slapped her minute book closed with a satisfied smile.

“Coffee-time!” Janet pronounced – and for some reason Mary didn’t understand – the other women all chuckled. As Janet hurried off to the kitchen the remaining committee members shepherded Mary out of the conservatory and into an adjoining lounge area. Plush two-seater sofas were arranged on three sides of a large deep-pile rug. Chloe and Deirdre sat side by side on one sofa and Mary found herself sharing another with Regina. They made small talk and presently when Janet returned Mary was surprised to see her bearing a silver tray, loaded with champagne on ice and five flute glasses. She set the tray down on a side table and then poured and passed around a glass of the bubbly to each woman. “Cappucino for you Chloe?” she said with a laugh. “Regina, here’s your espresso; a double shot latte for Deidre; Mary you definitely look like a mocha girl; and the usual flat white for me!” Mary joined the women in laughing at what was clearly a running joke.

Janet stood between the two occupied sofas and raised a toast to another successful committee meeting, then, in a deliberately throaty voice she said: “Now let the real order of business begin.” With that she leaned over to give Chloe a lingering kiss on the lips and slipped her free hand into the top of the blonde woman’s dress to squeeze an obviously generous breast. Chloe moaned in pleasure and Mary almost choked on her champagne, surprised at the sudden turn of events.

Beside her, Regina laughed and squeezed Mary’s right knee. “Oh Mary dear, I hope you’re not too shocked? Janet led us to believe that you would be a – shall we say – enthusiastic visitor to our little group.”

Mary recovered quickly and with a slight laugh said: “Well, no. Certainly not shocked – just a bit surprised I suppose.” Regina squeezed Mary’s leg again – this time slightly higher up her thigh. The other three women quickly drained their glasses and Deidre set them aside as Janet knelt to continue kissing Chloe. When the blonde woman sat forward, Deidre eased the zipper down at the back of the her dress and unsnapped her bra – allowing Chloe to shrug out of her garments and let her large pillowy breasts fall free. Then Janet and Deidre lifted a lush breast each and applied their mouths to the large, prominent nipples.

Mary felt her own arousal levels rising rapidly and she glanced at Regina to see the older woman lick her lips as she gazed on the tableau unfolding before them.

As Mary watched and sipped her champagne, Regina explained that this small group had been carefully selected over time because of their bi-sexual proclivities. All were married to prominent men in the district – only Regina herself was childless – and the Church committee work provided the perfect cover for their regular meetings. Regina explained that it was she and Janet who had “recruited” the other two, carefully nurturing their sexual development and commitment to the group. Chloe was the youngest, most recent, inductee and she had added a new exciting element to the sex play.

“How so?” asked Mary.

Regina merely smiled and nodded at the other three. “Look!” she said with a gleam of excitement in her eye. Mary returned her attention to the others and noticed that Janet and Deidre were not just sucking Chloe’s nipples, they were actually suckling at her generous boobs. Both had trickles of breast milk running down their chins and Chloe had her head thrown back, her eyes closed and was moaning in pleasure.

“Oh my God!” breathed Mary, and felt her own excitement ratchet up.

“Chloe’s our resident yummy-mummy,” chuckled Regina. “Her second child is just over a year old but we’re not letting her wean him just yet!” Mary was stunned at the level of duplicity these otherwise respectable women were displaying. She had to squeeze her legs together to relieve the quivering need in her pussy. Regina seemed to notice this and slid her hand higher up Mary’s thigh, pushing up the hem of her dress. Mary responded by parting her legs – inviting the intrusion. Regina drained her champagne flute – Mary did likewise – and they set their glasses aside. Regina then swivelled on the sofa, slid her hand swiftly up Mary’s thigh and pressed her fingers against the damp panties covering Mary’s vulva. With her right hand she held Mary’s chin and leaned in for a soft but passionate kiss. Mary loved the feel of the older woman’s lips – the taste of her lipstick – the scent of her expensive perfume – and she returned the kiss with equal ardour. Regina’s fingers slipped under the leg of Mary’s panties to slide along the larger woman’s slick cunt lips and both moaned through their kisses. Regina fingered Mary delicately but expertly, bringing her close to orgasm but then easing off, using lighter strokes to keep Mary’s erotic motor humming as they watched the other three.

By this time, Janet and Deirdre had stripped Chloe of her dress and panties, and the voluptuous young woman was lying back with her legs unashamedly spread and her gleaming pink pussy on full show. She was bald down there and used her own fingers on her clit while Janet and Deirdre both stood to disrobe. Mary had seen Janet naked, so she hungrily watched Deidre as her athletic body was revealed. Her waist was slim and her bottom firm, but it was her breasts that really grabbed Mary’s attention. They were set high on her chest with small, pale pink nipples barely discernible against her alabaster skin. Mary licked her lips hoping she would be able to sample those lovely tits before the morning was over.

This time when Janet and Deidre knelt in front of the lactating Chloe, the blonde woman sat forward on the edge of the sofa and used her own hands to massage her engorged nipples and spray her breast milk onto the naked women before her. They giggled in appreciation and rubbed the trickling liquid across their own breasts. Then, while Janet pushed Chloe back against the sofa and resumed her feeding, Deidre crawled between Chloe’s legs and dipped her head to lap at the blonde woman’s moist, swollen pussy. The reaction from Chloe was immediate. She gasped and moaned aloud at the twin assaults on her body, and as Mary and Regina watched, Janet slipped one hand down to tease Chloe’s clit. This extra stimulus quickly had the young mother bucking her hips and the expert manipulations pushed her excitement higher and higher till she was crying aloud: “Ooohhhh fuck – yess – right there! Right there! Aaaggghhhh!” Her orgasm was long-lasting and loud. As her body gradually calmed, the other two women sat back on their heels with broad satisfied grins on their faces.

Mary was again almost at a peak of excitement when Regina, breathing heavily, withdrew her fingers from Mary’s panties, raised them to her lips and delicately licked them clean of Mary’s nectar. She smiled at Mary and said: “We always take it in turns for first orgasms and today was Chloe’s turn.” Then she clapped her hands sharply and addressed the whole assembly. “Now ladies, I fear we have been sadly neglecting our visitor.”

All three naked women chuckled and stood to reach for Mary and guide her off the sofa and into the middle of the deep-pile carpet. They surrounded her and she felt random hands stroking her body through her dress, caressing and squeezing, with her enormous breasts and ample bottom receiving special attention.

Mary’s body responded with urgent need when they turned her face this way and that to kiss her lips, but she felt a special frisson of lust when Deidre kissed her and she tasted the lingering tang of Chloe’s cunt. They had Mary step out of her shoes then slowly stripped her, peeling away the wrap-around dress and her satin lingerie. She was now panting for release and glowed with satisfaction at the appreciative comments about her ripe, matronly body. They eased her down onto the soft rug and the three naked women knelt around her, while the still fully clothed Regina stood at her feet and peered down imperiously at her naked body. Janet took command of Mary’s mouth kissing her deeply and sucking on her tongue, while on either side, Chloe and Deidre captured a lush breast in their hands and began to kiss, like and suck on the bountiful flesh.

It was a totally new experience for Mary. Never before had she been idolised by multiple female worshippers and it made her whole body vibrate with pleasure. She looked up through hooded lids to see Regina smiling down at her. Then the 60 year-old reached behind to slide down the zipper at the back of her shift and shrugged her shoulders to send the dark dress slithering down her body to pool at her feet. Mary gasped in surprise when she saw that Regina had been completely naked under the dress – and she now stood, hands on hips, with a look of hunger in her grey eyes, her small breasts rising and falling, their dark nipples sharp and pointed, and with her legs slightly parted to reveal gleaming cunt-lips beneath a neatly-trimmed thatch of grey-black hair.

The older woman ran her tongue suggestively around her deep red lips, then knelt on the rug, and slid her hands under Mary’s knees to lift them and spread them wide apart. Mary’s swollen cunt lips flowered open and the other women raised their heads to watch as Regina licked her way down the inside of Mary’s left thigh to the junction of her spread legs. She breathed deeply, inhaling Mary’s fragrant odour.

“Mmmm,” she breathed. “Smells like strawberries! Pass me a cushion!” Deidre obediently passed a plump cushion from the nearest sofa, then Regina simply instructed: “Lift.” The other women took Mary’s legs in their hands and pulled them back towards her shoulders, lifting her rear and allowing Regina to slide the cushion under her bottom. Mary’s heart was pounding with rampant expectation and small mewling sounds escaped her lips as she watched Regina settle closer. The older woman’s eyes were hooded with lust when she fixed her gaze on Mary and asked: “Will it taste like strawberries too?”

Mary knew it was a rhetorical question – and Regina quickly answered it for herself when her iron-grey bob dipped and Mary felt the woman’s tongue drill into her winking asshole.

“Oooooohhhhhh!” Mary exhaled as waves of pleasure washed through her. Regina’s tongue licked and flicked at Mary’s most sensitive hole sending exquisite darts of pleasure to her swollen clit and nipples. But it was the knowledge that it was this older, respected peer of the community lapping at her

ass that gave Mary the biggest thrill and sent her excitement soaring. Meanwhile the other women were again applying their eager mouths to Mary’s body. Mary wasn’t sure whose it was, but someone’s hand snaked down her belly to dip into her streaming quim then slide up to roll and pinch her clit. Mary felt a fresh flood of pussy juice trickle down to her ass crack where Regina sucked and lapped it up with an appreciative moan. Then she licked upwards to Mary’s cunt to lave the molten lips, and press her mouth hard into the sopping gash to tongue fuck Mary.

All the while Mary’s excitement had been rising. She felt the tremors of an approaching orgasm deep in her belly and cried out, encouraging her lovers. They responded, sucking harder on her nipples and pinching her clit. And when Regina simultaneously sucked on Mary’s inner lips and slid a long finger deep into her ass, Mary’s body convulsed and she screamed as a tumultuous orgasm ripped through her body. Her thighs clamped on Regina’s head and her cunt spasmed over and over as she road the crest of the wave and eventually crashed back to earth, lying spent and quivering, with her loins still suspended on the plump but damp cushion.

When her heartbeat had slowed sufficiently she opened her eyes to see the four women smiling down at her.

“You like?” asked Janet.

“Oh my God!” breathed Mary. “Yes I like!” They all laughed and Mary drew Regina up and over her body to kiss her smeared mouth. The older woman returned her kiss, sharing the lingering traces of strawberry unguent.

The next hour was a dizzying blur of fleeting impressions for Mary – she enjoyed each of the women in different ways and they all enjoyed each other. She sampled the sweet taste of Chloe’s breast milk and the salty-sweet tang of her throbbing pussy. At one point Janet had produced a bag of toys and used a sizeable strap-on to fuck the petite Deidre. Mary took the opportunity to suck on the younger woman’s pert breasts. She teased the tiny nipples, licking, sucking and biting – stretching out the delicate nubs till Deidre squealed and Mary let them snap back. Then she helped Janet drive the redhead to a gut-clenching orgasm by sliding her mouth down to suck on Deidre’s prominent clit.

Regina meanwhile was half lying on the sofa as Chloe alternated between licking her clit, her pussy and her tight anus. She had one hand pressing on the back of Chloe’s head and the other teasing her own nipples, pinching them and rolling them, striving for a climax. The other women crawled over to watch but Regina seemed unable to reach the longed-for summit. Eventually she pulled Chloe up to kiss her glistening face, licking her own cunt juice off the blonde’s cupid-bow lips, and then winked at Janet: “You know what I need darling!”

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