Logical Lust

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Erotic fantasies: This is an erotic incest fantasy for the reading pleasure of those who enjoy such things. It was created whole from the imagination of the author. As an erotic fantasy, the people involved are more beautiful, the bodies more perfect, the cocks bigger, the pussies tighter and wetter, and the orgasms more intense than for those of us in the real world. But then, I believe the purpose of an erotic fantasy is not to mimic reality, but to stimulate our libidos. I hope this story does that for you. (Note: Sex researchers, Masters and Johnson stated that their “research also indicates that for many people, transforming fantasy to fact is unsatisfactory, resulting at times in a complete loss of the erotic values of the fantasy.” [Masters and Johnson on Sex and Human Loving, Little Brown and Co., 1986, page 274.] So remember: Reality is one thing, fantasy is something else altogether.)

To come or to cum? That is the question. I use the verb come to indicate the approach to or arrival at the moment of sexual climax. For example: I’m coming! He came quickly. She was going to come soon. However, like most writers of erotic literature, I use the made up word cum, as one way to indicate semen. For example: He wanted to come in her mouth. She wanted to swallow all of his cum. There’s no reason to change the English language unless necessary, as in the need for clarity. It is clear when I write, I am coming, or I came. It is not so clear to write my come ran down her leg. I could just write semen over and over again, but that’s tends to get boring. Therefore, to use the made up word, cum as one alternative for semen seems logical to me.

One final item before we get to the story. I have always tried to approach the subject of what is right and wrong sexual behavior from a logical and objective viewpoint. After much pondering over the years, I have found that there are only three objective reasons why not to have sex. Simply put, they are: 1) unwanted pregnancies, 2) sexually transmissible diseases, and 3) non-consensual sex, which would include sex with minors. If you take care of those three, then you are, logically, free to fuck anyone you want. There are quite a few more subjective reasons why not to have sex, most of which are based on personal moral or religious beliefs (basically, the same thing), and the emotional reactions due to the teaching of those personal moral and religious beliefs. I prefer objectivity and logic over subjectivity and emotion. Logic is action. Emotion is reaction. The following story addresses the pregnancy and consenting adult issues, but not the disease issue. Having unprotected, promiscuous sex with strangers could and, most likely would, lead to one or more of the sexually transmissible diseases. But since this is a sexual fantasy, that issue is not an issue here.


Chapter One

“Hey Mom!” Tom yelled as he came in the front door. “You home?” It was Friday afternoon and school was over for him, and his mother, for the weekend.

“Yes dear. I’m in the office. And you don’t have to yell.”

“Okay. Sorry,” he said as he moved over to the doorway and looked in to see his mother, Karen Hendricks, sitting behind her desk, obviously busy with student papers.

At age 39, Karen was a professor at the State University in town. She taught mathematics and logic. Tom, her only child was enrolled there. But, he was focused on history, his first love, and English literature.

Karen was also a totally fit and trim woman with a killer body and a cover girl face. She stood 5’7″ without her shoes and weighed 118 pounds, stripped. She had startling blue eyes and natural platinum blonde hair. Well, it had been, until she was in her late twenties, when it had started to turn darker. Now she used a rinse. Her breasts were full, but not too big. She definitely turned heads when wearing a tight sweater or jersey.

She knew that many of the young men, and probably some of the young women, who took her classes were there to see her, not to learn math or logic. She was always very professional with them, no matter how dreamy-eyed and poetic or direct and macho they were. She had a good life and a job that she loved and wasn’t about to risk that for any wet-behind-the-ears student, most of whom she found to be less than what she would have looked for in a partner, if she had been looking for a partner, which she wasn’t.

“So, uh, I’ve got another proposition,” Tom said quietly.

Karen sighed, then looked up. Tom, with arms folded across his chest, leaning against the door jamb, gave his mother a winning smile.

He’s so handsome, Karen thought to herself. Her son was 6’3″ tall and 195 pounds of well-sculpted muscle, besides being intelligent. He had been an A student in high school and, now, in his second year of college, he was upholding that standard. He was also making a name for himself on the school’s rowing team. Needless to say, he could have his pick of any girl on campus, but he preferred not get serious with any one escort şişli girl. He said he wanted to get through school and get established as a teacher in a good college or university before he thought about settling on one girl.

Tom was now leering at his mother. “Well . . .?” he asked.

“Tom, why do we have to go through this nearly every day,” Karen asked, but with the hint of a smile.

“Hey, it’s not my fault that you are the hottie professor that all my male friends, actually some of my female friends, too, are lusting after. Besides, I could use the money.”

Karen was about to comment on Tom’s use of the phrase “hottie professor” when she caught what he had said at the end. “What? What money? You don’t need any money?”

When Tom had been a toddler, he and his dad were playing in the back yard of the first house that Karen and Jim, her husband, had owned. It was also right under the flight path of a major airport. A large chunk of “blue ice” had fallen from a major air carrier and killed Jim. From the time of when it happened and the log of landing flights, it was discovered which airplane from which airline had flown over the house. Further investigation confirmed that the “blue ice” had been cause by a faulty valve and cap on the airplane’s waste disposal system.

Karen had gotten a huge settlement that had allowed her to buy the house she and Tom were now living in. It was a large comfortable house on a tree-lined street. Karen was also able to continue school to get a masters in mathematics and a Ph.D. in logic. A trust fund had been set up to pay for Tom’s schooling, including an adequate monthly stipend while he was going to school, converting to modest yearly income when he graduated.

“Well?” Karen asked.

“I’ve been offered one thousand bucks if I can set up a date between you and . . . well, I’m not at liberty to tell you his name unless you agree to go on the date. Actually, I wasn’t supposed to tell you I had been offered any money, either.” Tom was grinning openly.

“A thousand dollars. Like you need it.” Karen replied.

“Hey, I know I have free room and board . . . except for yard work and household chores . . . but it’s not like I’m swimming in cash, you know? I could use a bit of walking around money.” He was still grinning.

“So what did you tell this mystery man?”

“Duh! I told him no way. First, that there was no way you would ever agree to going out with a student. Second, there was no way that I would ever ask you to do that. And third, if I did agree and got you to agree, that would mean that I would be trying to pimp out my own mother.” Tom was trying hard not to laugh out loud, considering how that last statement shocked his mother.

” What? You didn’t say that, did you?”

His mother’s reaction was pretty much as he had expected. “Gotcha!” Tom said then burst out laughing.

Karen tried to scowl at her son, but couldn’t, so she started laughing too. “Oh, Tom, what am I going to do with you?”

“Feed me! Feed me! Before I die of starvation.

“Can’t, dear. You’re on your own tonight. After I finish here,” she indicated the files on her desk, “I promised to meet the Johnsons for drinks and dinner.” Karen paused briefly. “Didn’t I tell you a couple of days ago that I had dinner plans for tonight.”

“Yeah, I believe so.” Tom agreed. “I just forgot. But that’s alright, I am going to meet Becky later. She has some kind of special night planned for us.”

“Becky? Your old high school sweetheart?”

“Actually, Mom, she was more my f…friend, uh, as in just a friend, more than a sweetheart.” He had started to say “fuck-buddy,” which is what Becky had insisted they call each other. His mother gave him a look, but didn’t say anything.

“Anyway, Mom, I am starving and you need to get back to work before you go out. Have a good night, if I don’t see you before you leave.”

“Okay, sweetie, thanks,” Karen said, but her attention was already on the paperwork in front of her.

* * * Tom watched from his upstairs bedroom window as his mother came into view at the end of the sidewalk leading to the driveway. She had finished her work and had showered and changed. She was wearing a black, form-fitting, silk jersey dress that stopped mid-thigh, as well as stiletto heels, something she seldom wore. The dress accentuated the fullness of her breasts, as well as her slim waist and womanly hips. He watched as she slid behind the wheel of her 350Z, then back out of the driveway and head off down the street.

“I have to agree with all my friends,” Tom whispered, as though he was afraid that his mother would hear him. “For an old broad, she one hot babe.”

If she wasn’t my mother . . . , he started to think. Then forcibly banished that thought from his mind and where it was going. He turned away from the window and started to undress. It was time for him to take a shower himself and get ready to meet Becky. He wondered what she had in store for them He hadn’t seen much nişantaşı escort of her since shortly after graduating from high school. She had moved into the city to go to a different university.

* * * “Where to m’lady,” Tom said jokingly. He had picked Becky up at her dad’s house and they were now sitting in his car.

Becky was Tom age. And they had gone together, kind of, in high school. She would never get serious. She said that they should just be fuck-buddies. She and Tom got along famously, but she just wanted the appearance of a serious relationship. She wanted to fuck, and fuck a lot, with whoever took her fancy. After awhile, he stopped trying to get her to be serious about a relationship with him and accepted being her fuck-buddy, which, all things considered, worked out pretty well for him. It allowed him, from time to time, to date and sometimes fuck other girls. Not only did Becky not hassle him about it, she encouraged it, just as long as they remained committed fuck-buddies.

Becky looked like a fashion model, but a really great-looking fashion model. She was tall, 5’11” and slim, but not skinny, and had a knock out figure. She had full, sensual lips, deep green eyes, and thick auburn hair, stylishly cut and coifed. Her breasts were not large but they were well-shaped, nicely rounded with upturned nipples that were so sensitive she could be brought to orgasm merely by caressing, licking, sucking, biting, pinching and tugging on them, which Becky had Tom do nearly every time they got together for sex.

But then, Becky liked all things sexual. She liked giving head as much as receiving it and she had no qualms about swallowing a load of fresh, hot cum. She like being fucked in her pussy and she liked it just as much in her ass. And she liked girls too, liked them just as much as she liked boys

Twice Becky had gotten her and Tom into group sex action. The first time was with his best friends, Curt and Ethan. There were two other girls besides Becky, girls from another high school that Becky knew and, evidently, had had sex with previously. It happened right after graduation from high school. Curt was going into the marines and Ethan was leaving for Europe for the summer, then going away to an ivy-league college in the fall.

It had been a raunchy, hard-core fuck-a-thon. Tom, personally, had come six times and assumed that Curt and Ethan had too. The girls took it anyway the boys wanted to give it to them. Except when it came to Tom. He was endowed with a cock that, when it was fully erect, was nine inches long, as well as being thicker than average. Becky had measured its circumference once. It was six inches around, which, had it been perfectly circular in cross-section, would be just over one and nine-tenths inches in diameter. It was definitely a pussy-stretcher, in length and width.

Of course, Becky had taught Tom how to go slowly when fucking a woman, how to get her hot and ready, how to enter her slowly to let her pussy get adjusted and stretched to accommodate his length. The thickness was the real pleasure. But the length could hurt a girl if he just plowed ahead like a bull in a china shop.

So, while Curt and Ethan both got anal action from Becky’s friends, they wouldn’t let Tom near their assholes with his hard cock. Although, toward the end of the night, after Becky had been ass-fucked by both of Tom’s friend, and after a fair amount of purloined champagne, she had lubed up Tom’s hard cock, then lubed up her ass some more. She had Tom lie on his back then she had straddled him and, holding his cock in her hand, had ever so carefully pressed her anal sphincter down onto the head of his dick. She paused, then started to let her weight press down on his big tool until it was slowly sliding into the tightest place it had ever been. If Tom hadn’t come five times already, he would have come right then.

“Oh fuck me!” Becky had yelled. “This is the biggest cock I’ve ever had in my asshole. I hope I don’t have to wear diapers after this.” And they had all laughed.

Then Tom realized that nearly half of his cock was stuffed up in Becky’s tight little asshole. She was breathing heavy but he could tell that she was still game. She let out a big groan as she sat down the rest of the way on his thick, hard cock.

The other four were watching with slack-jawed amazement at what Becky had done. “How does it feel?” asked one of the other girls.

“Unbelievable!” Becky said, taking a big breath. It’s right on the border of pain, but it’s strangely pleasurable too. I’ve never felt so full of cock!”

“Okay, here we go” she said. Then Becky began to move her ass up and down on Tom’s cock. A little at first, in and out maybe an inch at most. Then a bit more. Then a bit more. Until she was rising up nearly the full length of it and slamming down all the way, over and over again. And then she was screaming and writhing as a huge orgasm took her. Tom shot his last load of the night deep inside Becky’s ass right then and there. fatih escort It had been great!

Tom also remembered, from earlier in the orgy, fucking one of the other girls from behind. Becky was under her licking her clit at the same time. He had come hard, probably the second time that night. When he had pulled his cock out of the girls pussy, Becky grabbed it and sucked it deep into her mouth, cleaning off all of his cum and the other girls pussy juice. Then, shockingly to Tom at the time, Becky continue licking the girls’ pussy. He watched in amazed eroticism as the girl used her vaginal muscles to push his come out of her pussy and onto Becky’s waiting tongue. Becky licked and sucked all of his cum out of that girls’ pussy and then swallowed it.

When she was done, Becky had tilted her head back, grinning at him, “You like that, Tom, me licking your cum out of her fuck hole?”

“Fuck yes! He grinned back. He was fully erect again. That night lasted a long time.

The only other group sex he had participated in, again with Becky, was a threesome with a girl, a women actually, named Sonia. She was much older than either Tom or Becky. This incident happened during Christmas break of their first year in college. Sonia had short black hair, dark eyes, high cheek bones, an aristocratic nose, and full, sensual lips. She might have been several years older than Tom or Becky, but she kept her body in great shape.

At first, they wouldn’t let Tom in on the fun. He had to sit in a chair near the bed and watch as the Becky and Sonia made slow, delicious love to each other; long, deep kisses and licking and sucking on each others breasts and nipples. Sonia then began rubbing and fingering Becky’s pussy while biting, sucking and tugging on her nipples which, of course, brought Becky arching up off the bed in an orgasm. After a short pause to relax and gently caress each other, Becky moved down Sonia’s body and began licking her pussy.

Tom was fascinated, sitting there, watching a beautiful lesbian sex show performed right in front of him. His cock was fully erect and he was ready to participate, which the women allowed him to do shortly after Sonia had her first orgasm from Becky’s mouth.

Both of them sucked his cock, taking turns going up and down on it until he started spewing thick ropes of semen, just as Becky’s mouth came off and Sonia’s went on. She stayed with him, swallowing every drop of cum he shot into her mouth. The first shot of ejaculate had landed on Sonia’s lower cheek and chin. When she pulled her mouth off of Tom’s cock, Becky licked his cum off of Sonia’s face, then they kissed lovingly. The three of them fucked long into the night.

* * *

Becky gave Tom one of her beautiful smiles. “I think you’re really going to like this,” she said. “Have you ever hear of The Farm?”

The Farm was a local legend. Tom thought it was just a myth. He had never met anyone who would admit to having been there. Of course, he only knew, intimately, other young people like himself. Supposedly, it was an old farmstead on the outskirts of Pleasant Hill, where a barn had been converted into a big, multi-room orgy palace. It was by invitation only. Evidently, you had to know someone and be recommended. It was also nearly 50 miles in the direction of the city.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of it, but . . . .”

“That’s where we’re going tonight. I was able to get invited. Of course, as a single, young women, I could have gone alone. But I plan on fucking so much that I will need a reliable driver to get me home. That’s where you come in.”

“Gee thanks. You only think of me as a ‘reliable driver?’ Tom was just teasing, but Becky leaned over and gave him a quick kiss.

“Oh Tommy, baby, you know that you are more to me than just a driver . . . . Except when you’re driving that huge cock of yours up my poor little pussy. In fact,” she continued, “when I got the invitation, I though of you immediately. I wanted to be with someone I knew and liked, at least to begin with. I mean, I don’t expect that we will be together the whole night. I want to go off and explore and fuck as many men, and women, as I possibly can. Know what I mean, Tom?”

“Yeah. That shouldn’t be a problem, Becky,” he said unconvincingly.

“Tommy, you will have so much fun. I just know you will. You’re so handsome, with a fantastic body, and once those women see the size of your schlong, they will be on you like groupies on a rock star.”

Tom was grinning as he started the car. Becky was probably right. It would be good to walk in with someone you knew and were comfortable with. But after the first fuck . . . . Well, he was sure there would be plenty of women to choose from.

* * *

It was just a little after sundown when Tom and Becky arrived at the farm. There was a gated entrance, with two guards. Tom showed one of them the invitation that Becky had handed to him. The guards opened the gate and told them to follow the drive to the barn, they would see where to park when they got there.. It was nearly a half mile to the big rambling farmhouse. The barn was 100 yards beyond that. There was a paved parking area with at least sixty cars already parked beside the barn. Tom had noticed two other cars pulling up to the gate as he had driven away.

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