Light the Night on Fire

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With 5000 miles between us, when our friendship turned romantic, we had to get “physical” with steamy conversations and exaggerated breathing. Needless to say, when you moved nearby again, I was thrilled. Our first night together is not one that I would soon forget.

It started with a relaxing dinner in downtown Dallas. As we caught up over dinner, I couldn’t help slipping my shoe off and running my pedicured toes up and down your calf, occasionally venturing up your thigh. I could tell you were having trouble keeping yourself in check. I ran my hand through my blond hair and then fiddled with the pendant on my necklace as you spoke, drawing your eyes down to my perfectly shaped DDs. When you paused, our eyes met and I whispered, “What’s your fantasy? If you could do one thing with me tonight, what would it be?”

You looked a tad shocked, sat back in the chair, and thought. After a moment you put your elbows on the table and leaned into me. “I want to see what you do when you masturbate to the thought of me,” you said, “During all our hot phone time, what were you doing? I want to see those tits bounce as you fuck yourself and scream my name.”

“What if I told you I was soaking wet and would love to put on a show?” I asked, still playing footsey.

Without any hesitation he asked for the check.

About five minutes into the drive home, you look at me with some doubt and ask me if I’m really going to do this. I put my hand on your sturdy forearm and firmly sqeeze. “God, it will be so hot. You have to obey my one rule. While I’m playing with myself, all you can do is watch. No touching yourself and no touching me. Deal?”


We smoked a blunt as we drove the rest of the way home. Before getting out of the car, you leaned over the gearshift and wrapped your hands around my head, pulling me in for a kiss. I put my hands on your face and kissed you back with all I had. I had cut the kiss short because my pussy ached and all I could think of was getting you in the bedroom.

It was a chilly night so we walked quickly up the stairs to my apartment hand in hand. In a flash the door was open and we had our shoes and coats off. You pulled my dress over my head and then took your own off. Your hands reached out and gently cupped my tits before reaching to undo my black lacey bra. As the breeze blew over me, my nipples hardened. You noticed and took one in your mouth; I pulled away and said, “I have to fuck myself. That’s cheating.”

I had used my vibrator so often that I knew it would need batteries before the night was done. I went to the freezer and grabbed four and told you to go into my room and wait. My chest swayed as I trotted back to the bedroom in nothing but my black thong. I was stoned, feeling bold, and so ready to grant your wish.

With the cold batteries in hand, I slowly climbed on the bed. I stacked two pillows and got comfortable before slipping my thong off. One of the cold batteries brushed my nipple, sending a jolt down my spine. I had an idea, It was time to give my man a show he won’t soon forget. I sighed and rested a battery on my nipple. The battery did figure 8s until coming to rest on my well-trimmed pussy. Your eyes opened wide and you had to resist stroking your now rock hard cock.

I ran the ice cold battery Şirinevler escort in between my hot lips. It was an amazing feeling. I closed my legs around the icy batteries and squeezed. The contrast between my steamy crotch and the frozen batteries hurt so good. My breathing became more rapid and shallow. Was I going to cum that easily? I couldn’t risk the show being over so quickly so I brought the batteries up to my lips and licked one seductively. I could taste my juices and loved it. I don’t know what got into me, but I was stoned and on a roll.

The batteries were set aside and I went back to work. I sucked two of my fingers, arched my back, and moaned softly. The noises intended for your benefit were driving me crazy. God I was wet. I grabbed my dildo and ran it up and down my slit, soaking it. I used to tip to tease my clit. I spread my legs wider to give you a better view as I flicked my button with the toy. When I felt myself about to cum, I would freeze. Your gaze never left my body.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have the thick cock in me. First, I just poked the head in before pulling out. Every time I got more and more in my virgin pussy. The feeling was incredible. Knowing you were watching heightened all my senses. Every move I made sent shivers up my spine and made my toes curl. Soon I had all 8 inches ramming in and out of my dripping hole. I couldn’t help but grab the sheets and shout, “Oh fuck me!”

My back arched, pushing my breasts up and into the light. Just before I exploded into an amazing orgasm, I used all my self-control to stop and begin playing with my nipples.

“God, you are a tease! I want to see you cum.”

In response, I took a nipple into my mouth and then softly blew on it. I couldn’t take much more of this, my pussy was on fire and I knew I needed to cum. I ran my hand over my mounds before getting the dildo. Because I was soaking, it was easy to slide the toy up, down, and in circles on my button and then push it in until the balls hit my ass. My breathing was labored and my hips were coming up to meet the dick as I drew clower to climax. With my free hand I reached back and held fast to a pillow as I rode out the most earth-moving orgasm of my life. I bit my bottom lip, as I pushed my pussy up to meet my own movements. The first wave of pleasure hit me like a truck. I shouted your name and roughly grasped my left tit, all the while frantically thrusting my hips up and fucking myself.

The next wave was more impressive than the first. My eyes rolled back in my head and I began to moan louder.

“Oh God! I’m cumming!”

Wave after wave washes over me. My whole body shuddered. I can’t control myself as I ride out the storm.

“Don’t stop! Harder! Faster! Oh fuck! I’ve waited so long!”

As the orgasm subsides, my pussy continues to contract and I go limp and try to come back down to earth.

You came to the bed and leaned over me, looking into my eyes as I basked in the afterglow. I came up and our lips met.

“I need to fuck you.”

“On the phone, one was never enough, buthow about you help me this time.”

I saw your eyes light up as you sat next to me and watched closely as I grabbed my vibrator. I gave the batteries one more seductive lick Şirinevler escort bayan before putting them in the hummer. I reached over and rested my hand on your chest. When I turned the vibrator on and gently pressed it to me, my fingertips dug into you. I put it on my clit for a moment before easing the shaft in to the hilt. You read my mind and reached down and turned on the rotating beads. First slowly, the beads rythmically hit my G-spot before speeding up. Then they would switch direction, always keeping me guessing. I put a hand around your neck and pulled you in for another kiss as the vibrator hummed between my smooth thighs.

With the beads still on, I started to slowly fuck myself with short strokes. The beads, the vibrations, and the fucking was almost too much to bear. I got a handful of my hair and groaned. My pelvis started moving in circles and trying to get as much in me as possible. I moaned your name again and licked my lips in an exaggerated way, inviting your fingers in. Sucking your fingers set me a blaze. I turned off the beads and began fucking myself. I couldn’t handle it for very long, I needed to cum again.

I rammed my vibrator in and held it in place.

“Babe, can I?” he asked.

I was so aroused that my response was nothing more than a loud moan and me pulling my hand off the toy and giving up control. Your fingers were still in my mouth as you took control of the Beaver. You pushed it in as far as it would go, driving me wild. I held your wrist with one hand and clutched my pillow with the other. You turned the beads on full speed and turned the vibration up, and just held it in place. This sent me into a sexual frenzy. My moans of pleasure became louder and louder.

“Ahhh, ah, ah, ah, unnnnhhh, oh, oh, oh fuck!”

“You like that, baby?” you ask with a gleam in your eye.

Then you stop.

“No, no, keep going, I need it,” I beg,”Fuck me. I’m so wet, this so good, let me cum.”

“I’m going to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I want to make love to you.”

“Oh god. Do it to me. Put it in me. I’ve always wanted you to be my first.”

This is all the approval you needed. In no time at all you were poised at the entrance of my hot, wet slit. I could feel the warmth of your throbbing member and wanted nothing more than to finally feel a man inside me.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” you ask gently, showing me again why I love you.

“I’m positive,” I tell you, “just be gentle.”

You ease the first inch in me. You’re bigger than my dildo and I wince. You pause and let me adjust to your girth.

“I’m ready. Just do it. I have to have it,” I exclaim.

You lick your thumb and then begin rubbing my button gently. I started pushing my hips up to meet your thumb. I’m so consumed with the feeling of you playing with my clit that I am not thinking about your half-in dick. In one swift, forceful motion, you push the rest of your cock into my waiting hole. I rake my fingers down your back and scream your name. I felt like I could have orgasmed right then.

“God, you’re tight,” you say before drawing almost all the way out before gradually leaning in to me, pinning me to the bed.

I feel your cock hit the back of my pussy and with every thrust your escort şirinevler pelvis hits my love button. You begin fucking me faster and going deeper with every push. I’m meeting your rhythm. Our breath is hot and heavy. You kiss my forehead before taking my ankles and resting them on your shoulders. We’re both moaning.


“Oh God! You’re so hot!” you exclaim as you reach around and grab my tits.

“Fuck me like you’ve always wanted.”

“Mmmm, uhhh, ohhhh, God!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I yell.

“I’m going to cum!” you warn.

“Cum in my pussy!”

You squeeze my tits hard, ram your whole length in me, and begin to shoot wad after wad in my waiting pussy. I thrust and squirm under you as you moan my name. This sends me over the edge and the waves of pleasure being to flow. I wrap my legs around you and arch into you. We both freeze and soak up the feeling.

In a few moments, after we have caught our breath, you pull your cock out and kiss me between my breasts. Then you kiss a trail down to my pussy. You put your mouth on my clit and gently suck. I am overcome. My hands go down onto your head and I push you into me. You tell me it’s your turn to tease me and pull away.

Holding your face just a few inches away from my hole you breathe steamy air onto me, driving me crazy. I try again to bring you down onto my pussy, but you resist. With deliberate slowness, you lick your middle finger and curl it up into me. You use it to massage my G-spot. I am moaning uncontrollably. In my blazed boldness, I get raunchy.

“Finger fuck me! I’m your whore! I need another finger! Push them in me harder! Suck it baby! Make me cum and I’ll suck your big cock until you shoot down my throat!”

You begin to get hard, but, much to my dismay, maintain your agonizingly slow, steady pace.

“Slow and steady bitch. We’re going to do it my way or no way,” you said, getting into the idea of talking dirty.

I glide my hands up and down my flat stomach. My tits bounce as I try to fuck your fingers faster. As your ease three fingers in and out, you watch my face. I’m biting my bottom lip in frustration, eyes fixed on yours, begging you to make me cum. You tease me for a bit longer. Whenever I get close to the point of no return, you stop and just breathe on me.

“I can’t take it anymore!” I scream.

I am right where you want me. You come up and start to kiss me. I can taste myself on you and it makes me even hotter.

“Don’t stop. Eat it. This is so fucking good.”

We maintain eye contact as you suck hard on each of my hard nipples. Then, without warning, you drive your finger back into me and flick my clit with your tongue. Finally. I throw my head back and can’t make it stop thrashing back and forth. You send shivers up my spine and I can feel myself reaching another high.

“Yes! There! Uhnnn….FUCK!”

When you feel my pussy contract around your fingers, you start to suck hard on my clit. I hold your face into me. I keep cumming and you keep driving your fingers in me and sucking, never slowing.

“Dont’s stop! Suck it!” I cry, “I am…ahhhhHHH!

The orgasm leaves me drained and sensitive, but eager to return the favor.

You stop pounding me, but keep your fingers in. While you’re no longer sucking me, you are inches from my crotch and breathing me in.

“That was amazing baby,” I sigh, pulling you up. “I’ve never cum that hard and now it’s your turn.”

I have you get on your back, and as my mouth wraps around your now stiff cock, I hear you say, “I’m so glad I moved here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32