Life Changer: Un-Wedded Husband Ch. 03

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Life Changer — Un-Wedded Husband — 3 Sweet Sudha 26

A young lady’s romance with a radiologist

Next day evening my hubby left for NOIDA and again my routine had started. First thing what I did after my sweet heart’s departure, I went to a scanning centre. The doctor was an aged man; around 65 or so. After listening me he said.. “Dear so early we can’t find the gender of the baby and abortion is illegal”.

“Doctor; neither I am interested in baby’s gender nor any idea of abortion. This is my second child. From last four five days I was straining a lot.. just want to know whether my pregnancy is safe or not’.

He looked at me smilingly and said.. “you are cute lady…” and gave a small slap on my cheek and made me lie on the table. After half-an-hour, I was heading home with smile on my lips and the certificate that my pregnancy is safe.


After a month if this one evening I phoned to my husband and said “Darling Congrats, you are going to be a father again”.

“Really! Thanks dear.. I am very happy.. by the way I want a baby child this time” he said.

“How can I know whether it is a baby or boy… see my dear husband giving you a child is my work. What gender it is to be yours.” I said and smiled myself.

“My sweet heart, what are you talking…?”

“Yes dear, it is you who is responsible for the gender of the child. I don’t know what you gave me whether X or Y…” I said in the phone and giggled.

“Oh! Chandoo dear what is this X and Y I am not in a position to solve your riddles…”

“Sweet heart… pch..pch…pch…mmmm…” I kissed on the phone and said “see we ladies have only X chromosome in our body, where as you males have X and Y chromosomes. If your X fusions with my X then it is a girl. Suppose your Y fusions with my X then it is a boy… now tell me how I know what baby it is….” I giggled again.

“Oh Darling you are showing all your science knowledge on me.. I am lay man. Let me live like this, I just want a baby this time because we have a boy already… or whoever it is; it is our child.. boy or girl equal to us isn’t it?” he said and gave me a kiss on the phone and bid good bye to me.

Immediately phone rang. It is my husband again. With confusion I asked “what dear…what happened. Forgot anything?” I asked.

“When are your summer vacations are starting?” he asked.

“In another a month or so.. why…?”

“Why don’t you come down to Delhi…?

“Me Delhi; in the scorching heat of Delhi.. na baba na…” my body shuddered with the thought of Delhi’s heat.

“No dear.. listen first…. From here we go to Kulu Manali spend two weeks there and return…” my hubby said.

“What Kulu Mnali, Himachal Pradesh.. oh.. thank you dear… you are sweet .. by the way can I ask uncle to accompany us…” I asked hesitantly whether he accepts for that or not.

“Sure dear… ask him also come with you.. he too will have some change…”

“You are a darling dear.. thank you…pch..pch…” I kissed him again.”


During the third month of my pregnancy when I came from the college I saw a car which belongs to car driving school. “chandoo .. get ready quick we have to go for car driving session.” Uncle said.

“Who is learning uncle.. you already knew driving isn’t it..?”

“You are learning..”

“Me..!” I said in surprise.. “why me..?”

“I don’t want you to drive two wheeler during your pregnancy.. you learn the driving and take the car to the college…”

“… but uncle.. I don’t have a car…”

“You will take my car… no argument now..get ready..”

Even though I am saying no.. no I was forced to learn car driving and within three weeks I got driving license in my hand. For few days uncle used to come with me to the college to ensure my safe driving. I drove the car and uncle brings back the car and again he is present at the college in the evening and the same thing happens. i.e I drive the car and uncle sits at the passenger seat guiding me now and then. One month of this I was driving the car without any effort. Uncle forced me to take his car to the college.


In another week the summer holidays will start. Before that I want to confirm about the gender of the baby. If possible I want to give good news to my hubby. I went to the same doctor with whom I got confirmed about the safety of my pregnancy.

Last time when came I never bothered to look around, but this time I looked around. ‘Padmaja’s Scanning Centre’ was the name board. I entered; no patient had come so far I am the first one. Before entering the room, I looked at the name board on the wall, the name board read Dr. Padmanabhan; Radiologist.

Taking permission I entered in to the room. The moment I entered and wished him he recognized me and said “Oh! It is you welcome … welcome. How are you? And how is your health?” He enquired.

“Oh! Doctor, do you remember me, I am fine” I said in shock because every day he sees many patients and eryaman genç escort remembering me … I am not a regular patient of his and I came only once two months before.

“Come take your seat” he said and continued “Are you a person to be forgotten…?” his statement made me more wonder.

“Why? What is so special in me…?” I smilingly asked and sat in front of him and looked at him. Dr. Pdmanabhan may be around 65 or 66. Tall, lean figure with good health, clean shaved has thinning grey hair neatly combed back. There is an aura in his face.

“Don’t you know what your specialty is…?” his question still confused as well as embarrassed me.

The conversation is turning into something queer. I too got interested and asked in enthusiasm. “Doctor, please tell me what my specialty is… I am curious” I looked at him.

“What is your name dear…?”

“Chandana, Chandana Bhargav…”

“Very wrong name…” he looking at me deeply said.

“What…?” I almost screamed.

“Yes, your name should have to be ‘Sunetra’ or ‘Kamala Nayini’ that suits you.”

I was turning more curious and asked “Why do you think so…”

“Because of your eyes, your eyes are like lotus petals, ‘kamal’ means lotus and akshi means eyes ‘Kamala Nayini’ nayini means eyes. Your eyes are so cute the name ‘Sunetra’ suits you. Sunetra means good or charming eyes. Kamalakshi or Kamala Nayani means a lady with lotus eyes and what is your age?”

His revelation is so good that though I look at myself every day I never felt so, even my husband also, why up to that Radheshyam uncle who never tires to praise my eyes never said this to me.

“Recently, I mean three months back, I celebrated my 32nd birth day” I said to his query.

“Incredible….” Though he mumbled slowly but I could hear clearly.

“Why incredible…?”

“You are 33 dear and your face is a baby face still; like a small girl of 8 or 10 years” he still gazing at my face said.

I was embarrassed, at the same felt proud that a male of over 65 is praising me. Of course every woman feels proud who is praised. After all I am a common woman.

“By the way what is your problem now..?” now he came to direct to business. I told him what I wanted. He made me sleep on my back on the examining bed. “Now will you raise your kurtha up…”

I raised my kurtha up to reveal my stomach. “Some more please” Dr. Padmaabhan asked. Don’t know what naughty thought I had I suddenly I turned my kurtha fully up so that my face is covered. Not only that I don’t know why but I had done it. I just loosened my salwar waist band a little, slightly pulled it down so that a part of my pelvis can be visible.

For fifteen minutes Doctor examined me and asked me to get up. When he said that I was a bit disappointed. Actually I was expecting him to push his hand under the salwar over my pelvis. I was sitting in front of him with tension. Though any child is Ok for us still my husband wished it must be female, I too wished the same as uncle also wanted a girl. I just recollected what happened on that day.

As usual I went to down to uncles room at nine in the night after my son had slept. From the time uncle came to know that I am going to give him a child I became his pet. We were kissing each other. Uncle is chewing my lips and his one hand is playing with my breasts while the other is on my fleshy BUM.

“Uncle to what child you wanted to be a dad?” I pressing my choochis to his chest asked. “Now-a-days both are equal my dear, still I prefer a girl” Radheshyam uncle said.

“Why so…” I pulling his chest hair asked.

“Girl is considered as Goddess of the home”.

“Oooooh…” I said.

Sitting in front of the doctor I am recollecting those things. “So what baby you are wishing…?” I heard the question and came to the present.

“I already told you that my first child is a boy, so if it is girl… we will be happy, even if it is a boy we are fine” I said.

Doctor looked at me intently for sometimes at my face and sometimes at the computer in front of him. After four or five minutes of suspense, tension he slowly uttered “it is a female baby..”

“Oh thank you doctor.. thank you very much you have relieved our tension” I said.

He got up from his seat and came behind me said “you received good news, what gift are you going to give me?”

“Anything doctor.. anything; you ask..” I said in excitement.

“Are you sure…?”

“Yes damn sure…”

“I am asking…”

“Yes ask….”

“Let me kiss you on your soft baby cheek…” he said…

I was stunned… what is this..? What is he asking…? He is looking at me waiting for my answer. Whether to or not to… I was in dilemma.. I said so confidently to him that he can ask any thing… and now when he asked… no… no… I can’t deny him.

Finally I stood and extending my cheek to him said “Here is your baby cheek, kiss..”

Dr. Padmanabhan bending forward stamped a warm, but short kiss on my both cheeks. When he kissed on my right cheek I felt ankara escort bayan the warm, wet touch of his tongue which tingled my body.

Here again I don’t know why I too stood on my toes kissed him on his lips lightly and said “Thank you for the good news” and asked him what I have to pay as his fee.

“No.. no.. no fee..”


“I have already collected…’


“Just now… in the form of kiss.. of my dream girl”

“As you wish, thank you Doctor… bye…” I said and turned.

“Please don’t call me Doctor” by hearing this I turned and saw him.


“Call me Paddu…by name…”

“Oh! No.. you are so elder.. I am half your age… ok.. I’ll call you uncle.. by the way what is your age Doctor?”

He was silent for a while and said “three months back I celebrated my 65th birth day”

“Three months back…?” I looked at him and asked “what is your birth date?”

“Fifteenth November…”

“What? 15th November, that is my birth date also…” I said in wonder.

“Oh! You are a scorpion then…”

“Yes” I said. Scorpion is a zodiac sign.

“You are double my age, can’t call you by name, what I have to call you?”

“OK you can call me uncle, but will be happy if you call Paddu…by the way what should I have to call you?” he asked me.

“Call me Chandoo…”

“I think your husband calls you by this…”

“Yes.. and…”

“…and who else…?”

I controlled myself to slip the word ‘my uncle’ and said “…and many of my acquaintances”.

“Then I can’t call you chandoo… can I call you Chandi…”

OH! No… am I as ferocious as Chandi…”

For me all this is so funny.. really I am enjoying this conversation.

“Mmmm… is Cahamundi ok… shortly Chamu…”

“Chamundi is other name of Chandi only, but accept because of Chamu…”

I smiled myself.. “As you wish…” I said with shy and said “I am getting late; my son will come from the school, thank you again…”

“Thank you for what…?”

“For everything…” I gave a smile to him, came out of the scanning centre. When I looked at the board I found his mobile number on it and I noted it.


With a lot of happiness I came home to share my happiness to uncle, but he was not at home, instead I found a slip inserted to the door. It said that he is going to attend his friend’s daughter’s marriage which is at 3 am; and will be back next day only.

That evening I was busy cleaning the house.

At eight in the evening I phoned to my hubby “Pch… darling good news for you the child I am carrying is female baby…” controlling my excitement I said.

“Really… thank you dear.. so we have a son and will have a daughter… good.. we have to take good care of them…” and after that for 15 – 20 minutes we spoke on many matters and he cut off the phone.

I lied down on the bed. My son is already in deep slumber. I just recollected what happened at the scanning centre. What did he said… dream girl.. from when did I became his dream girl… I smiled myself.. and what did he said.. Kamala Nayani and Sunetra … lotus eyes.. and baby face… hummm … and why did I say thank you for everything… what is that everything… is it his praise.., his kiss… or his tongue touch…. and why did I kiss him… that too on the lips… though brief… off… am I willing him.. or is it just a formality… or a courtesy … I don’t know.

There was a sudden thrill in my body with the thought of Dr. Padmanabhan. There was a smile on my lips. Suddenly I had a thought to tease him more.. yes I know it is a naughty thing.. but.. will be funny… I looked at the watch.. showing 9.30 night can I or not I was in dilemma, then finally decided to call ad I took my phone and dialed him.

“Hello, who is it.. the scanning centre is closed..” I heard his voice.

“……………….” I didn’t give any answer. In a fix to talk or not.

“Hello.. hello…” voice from the other side. “Who is it…?”

“Hello… this is Chandana…” I said slowly.

“Which Chandana… why are you disturbing me at his hour…? Voice was a bit harsh.

“Doctor uncle.. it is me.. chamu.. your dream girl..”

“Oh Chamu… what a pleasant surprise, from where did you got my phone number?” there was excitement in his voice.

“Am I disturbing you…?” Remembering his words asked.

“No.. No.. not at all… tell me why did you phoned?”

Though thought to tease him, make fun of him, I became mum… “I …I…” mumbling said “… just want to ask do you suggest a gynecologist… I want to be under the supervision of the gynecologist” I said…

“Yah.. Dr. Padmaja.. good doctor, note the address” and he told the address. ‘Dr. Padmaja, may be his wife I thought, scanning centre is in Padmaja’s name’

“Any more…” he asked.

“No, nothing… I just want to ask why you said me as dream girl, from the time you said that I was curious.”

“Because you are beautiful, sincan escort as I said baby faced… and always coming in my dreams…” he said. Hearing that, my whole body thrilled. I felt my boobs turned robust.

“Don’t bluff I am not so beautiful to disturb in the dreams” I slowly giggling said. I was feeling funny and excited to talk like this to a man who is double my age.

“Now what can I say…” the voice from the other side.

“haha..ha..ha… what did I do in your dreams..?”

“Many things…”

“Like….” To be frank I am eager to listen what he says.

“Chamu tell me one thing.. did your husband comes in your dreams..?” He asked.

“Many times… I always dream about him, as he is in NOIDA”

“What does he do in your dreams?” with his question I turned red with shy… “Oh.. you are very naughty..uncle.. go sleep… sweet dreams…”

“Will you come in my dreams…?”

“… to do what…?” I asked with a giggle.

“Whatever you like.. for me anything is ok…”

“Chi… what a shameless person you are… I thought you are good boy…”

“You say I am a boy.. boys are always mischievous and naughty…”

“offo.. enough if it.. ab bus bhi karo…”

“Ok.. good night to my dream girl…” and he cut off the phone.

I smiled myself and suddenly felt wet stickiness to my finger. I don’t know during our conversation when my fingers have reached to my pussy, rubbing my labia over the nighty. That stickiness is on my fingers. I smiling myself took the finger to my nose and sniffed it, then put that finger in my mouth. With a smile I closed my eyes.


Next day I woke up at 7 am. Being a Sunday no college to me and no school to Upi, my son. I woke him also, took him to the bath room. We both stripped naked and sitting on the low stool I am giving him bath. When I touched him between his thighs to wash there he giggled and said…”Oh mom don’t touch there it tickles. It is a regular complaint of his.

I too giggling said without touch how to wash there” I pinched his cheek. When I am giving a bath he keenly looked between my thighs and asked “Mama, why yours is like that and mine is different from you”. I was shocked for his question. It was my fault that I am sitting in front of him naked. At least I should have covered myself with a towel. What answer I have to give I couldn’t understand. Slowly convincing him I said “it is nature my dear son, all girls born like me and boys like you… you will know when you grow big”

He intently looks at my jiggling boobs. I just acted as unnoticed. Then he slowly asked “What are these mama, these are so beautiful…”

I thought for a while and said these are milk jugs beta, milk is produced here to feed the babies”.

“When I was young did I also fed on these mama…?”

Don’t know today he is asking too many questions. His inquisitiveness has to be satisfied or else…

“Yes son, you were also fed like many other children… you used to suckle them…”

“He looked at them for some more time and asked “will you get milk now also mama.. can I suckle them?”

The thought of my 5 year boy wanting to suckle, gave a tickle in my body. “No my son, there is no milk now, if you want you can suckle them” and I raised my one boob, gave it to his mouth.

Like a greedy boy he suckled my nipple hardly “AAaahhhh..” a moan escaped from my mouth. I felt as if a 440 W current passed through his mouth to my nipple and from there to my Choot. Then he suckled the second one also. To be frank I enjoyed his suckling.

I gave him bath, sending him out said, “go and play, mama will have bath and prepare breakfast for you”

After that while having bath; the thoughts of yesterday evening and night conversation with Dr.Padmanabhan reeled in my mind. ‘My god where my life is leading me’ I thought.

There was a flashback of all the events that took since last eight nine months reeled in my mind. Before I met Radheshaym uncle I was an ordinary house wife, contended with whatever is available to me. I was even satisfied in the bed, though my hubby stayed in remote. But after I met Radheshyam uncle everything changed. I don’t know why I craved for him. My main aim of shifting my house from apartment to his tenant portion is to be nearer to him.

After that what are the efforts I put on to seduce him, showing my cleavage, swell of my boobs, curves of my bum and thighs wearing tight leggings and short kurthis, so that he can take initiate, but when in vain, I offered him myself on my B day. Then pace at which things took place was not in my control.

After I becoming pregnant with his seed, I am his pet now, he asking me to learn to drive car… all these things.. and yesterday the incidents at scanning centre and conversation with Dr.Padmanabhan, offfooo… where my life is leading? Why am I craving for older men?

I became more sex craved after the affair with uncle, previously I was satisfied even with five or six days of love game with my life partner but now I am craving for it very day. Which is available to me in the form of uncle at hand’s stretch.

Am I really turning in to a slut, a sex maniac? Otherwise, how is it that I accepted uncle to peep inside while I am getting fucked by my husband?

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