Libertine Adventures Ch. 05

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All people are over the age of 18.

Please vote at the end, using the stars. Any comments are welcome as well. Thanks and enjoy.


Lisa & Stephanie

I nodded off after fucking Lisa and resting my head on her tits. Hell I would do it again. Each titty was about as big as my head and oh so soft. Best pillows ever.

She gave me a quirky smile and said, “Sir, I believe you have one more virginal opening to claim tonight.”

I latched onto her right nipple, sucking as much of her tit into my mouth as I could, which on a percentage basis was negligible. My tongue flicked across the top of her nipple with a varied pace. After a couple minutes I let go and said, “Yes I do. And after we have stuff to talk about.”

She nodded, “Yes sir, I understand.”

I sat back on my haunches and ordered, “Without getting off the bed, kneel for the whip.”

She got into position, and checking I slapped her legs, not perpendicular to the bed, and she shifted quickly.

Once in position I took a photo of her her cunt, weeping my cum, and her ass. “Fuuuuck, this is going to be amazing.”

I ran my hands over her ass, not nearly as tight as Amy’s, but tighter than Donna’s. Leaning over I kissed, nibbled, and bit along the crease between her ass and leg, first on the left side then the right. Never having done it before I opened my mouth wide and placed it right over her asshole.

My tongue explored her wrinkled star, feeling the texture of the skin, slightly off-putting taste. Mentally shrugging I jammed my tongue into her asshole and was rewarded with a yelp and moan.

My hands reached under and cupped her tits. I squeezed her nipples between my fingers, mauling her. My tongue continued fucking her ass and the taste actually was nice. Strong but nice.

Fuck I could enjoy this.

I drooled spittle onto her crack and used my right forefinger to massage it into her opening. Despite my ineptness, Lisa apparently was enjoying what I was doing, a nearly non-stop moan rumbled from her throat.

One thing I realized, not having thought about it, an ass doesn’t lubricate itself. As I was drooling, pumping and mashing, I tried to think of what I could use to moisten her ass up.

Experimentally, I pulled my finger from her ass, and shoved both the fore and middle finger up her sopping pussy. I rammed them back and forth a couple times and they were quickly coated in our commingled cum.

Removing them I placed my two fingers at her back door and wiggled them in to the first knuckle.

Lisa’s moan changed pitch and she muttered, “Fuck.”

Slowly I split her ass open with my fingers past the second knuckle. I began drooling again as I worked the two fingers in and out of that tight hole. “So full,” she moaned.

I swatted her plump tit and replied, “Wait until my cock is up there.”

“It’s not!”

I fluttered my fingers inside Lisa’s shit chute and her head whipped back to look.

I spread my fingers a little, getting an “ow” from her, and began stroking her again. This time Lisa began to push back as my fingers slid into her. It didn’t take long before her breathing changed, a little more shallow, a little faster.

I pulled her flat by her ankles and said, “Spread those beautiful cheeks wide for me. It’s time.”

As she was complying I waddled up on my knees and jammed my cock into her cunt and my moan harmonized with hers as I sank balls deep. I pumped her a couple times making sure my dick was as lubed up as I could make it.

Then I pressed the massive red and purple head against her winking star. Pressing my hips forward, I heard Lisa gasp for air as I stretched her opening wider and wider until the head popped in.

“Sir, pretty please wait a minute. It hurts.”

I replied, “Of course.”. I leaned more to my left and rubbed her ass cheek with my right hand, making sure my fingers traveled everywhere accessible to me. I could feel her relax as I rubbed her.

Once I felt her get as relaxed as possible, having a portion of a cock up her ass, I pushed in a little farther. Not hearing any protests, and not feeling her tense up, I continued pressing.

Her ass as one may imagine was tighter than her pussy had been, but felt completely different. Dryer, more resistant, not until I bottomed out in her, my balls against her pussy, did I realize it was better.

I wasn’t hitting anything at the far end.

As I pulled out I drooled spittle on the top of my cock and slowly pressed back in. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” I moaned.

The next stroke was a little faster, still no power behind it. “Sir?”

I paused and replied, “Yes?”

“Sir, please fuck me like earlier.”

“Oh, fuck yeah.”

I swung my hips back and fired them forward, full of power and vigor. A moan escaped her throat.

As I hammered her asshole with each stroke necessary I ordered, “Play with your pussy. Cum with my cock in your tight fucking ass.”

I began drooling again trying to keep my cock wet as I plundered her pooper. Lisa’s moan changed pitch küçükçekmece escort again and I felt her begin to orgasm.

I picked up the pace but eased up on how hard I was fucking her. Kind of like a rabbit I suppose. I could feel her wetness a cool slick feeling all over my legs, and had to guess that my sheets were soaked through below her.

That gave me an idea, let gravity help.

I pulled out of that amazing sheath and ordered, “On your back, grab your legs and pull up some.”

Once she complied I could see her ass, pussy, tits and face. I wiped my cock down her slit and pushed it back into her ass. Seeing her face as I did was dumbfounding and I nearly came.

I put a thumb on her clit and began fucking her in an easy measured pace. Her tits flew everywhere and nowhere and her mouth made a most inviting “O”.

I changed my position so I was more over her and from her I could fuck her with force. If I thought her massive tits were flying around before, the show below me now was mesmerizing and I got even harder somehow.

She noticed with a gasp.

Sweat was streaming down my back and torso. Lisa’s body had a sheen of perspiration as well. I paused a moment to ask, “Are you okay?”

She smiled broadly and replied with gusto, “Yes, sir.”

In the new position enough fluid was leaking from her to keep my dick moistened and frankly the feeling was amazing. I leaned forward more, my face just above hers and I began to slam down on her. Lisa’s nipples were dragging all over my chest in response to the pounding I was administering to her.

I wrapped my hands around her throat again, the temptation too great to resist. As soon as I did, she shuddered and I felt her vagina exploding again, her orgasm ripping through her body.

Her asshole clamped down on my cock unexpectedly and I began cumming with her. I shoved my dick as deep into as I could firing my cum straight into her bowels.

I released her neck and looked down into her eyes. The warmth and affection I saw almost stiffened my cock, which wasn’t quite soft yet but soon would be.

I kissed her. I put my heart and soul into that kiss, giving her every part of me that I could. Her arms and legs wrapped around me as Lisa kissed me back, with every bit of emotion that I gave her.

After the kiss I rolled off her then lifted her up off the bed with a squeal coming from her. I carried her through dad’s room and into the shower. I figured a new shower should be broken in with a fuck buddy.

I cranked the shower on high and hot after I set her down. “I want to watch you clean yourself, then I want you to clean me.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied.

What a show. She removed the detachable head of the shower and blasted her cunt and ass, knocking off a lot of the remnants of our fuck sessions. Then the show really started.

I didn’t know before then that a shower could be so damn sexy, but Lisa put a show on for me. From shampooing her hair to running a washcloth over, around, and under her tits, I was awestruck.

And hard again.

When Lisa noticed she assumed the Nadu position with a smile. I stepped up and grabbed her hair, yanking her face toward me. Her eyes held the same emotions as earlier but added excitement.

I growled with more anger than I really felt, “You disobedient slut. What did I tell you to do?”

Her face turned to a fearful shock as she stammered out, “C-c-clean myself then you.”

I lowered my fave just above hers and asked, “And who did you fucking forget to clean?”


I stood upright and ordered, “Lick my fucking cock clean, slut.”

To give Lisa credit, she said nothing, and got right to it. Her tongue felt divine as she lapped away any trace of our previous encounters. We stared into each other’s eyes and I began to slowly pump my hips back and forth as she lavished my cock with her mouth and tongue.

I stepped back and instructed, “Now, clean the rest of me using the wash cloth.”

Her touch was so feather light that at times I wouldn’t have been able to tell if she was moving other than the feel of her tits against my back and their ponderous movement.

After she was done, I handed her a towel, “Dry me, then yourself.”

Lisa was more mechanical about drying me than cleaning me, and once she was done with me I left the bathroom to give her a moment alone.

She found me in the living room. I was on the couch drinking a glass of water and I had one on the table for her. She drank it quickly, quaffed really, and assumed Nadu before me.

I leaned back and kicked her hands aside so I could put my feet on her thighs. “Put your hands behind your back, palms up, right hand over the left hand, and as high as you can.”

She did so, and her tits fucking jutted out at me. My cock, which had settled down some after I left her before, now started stirring again.

“What’s this about being my high priestess and evangelizing the gospel of my cock?”

Lisa şişli escort bit her lip and smirked a little. “I had kind of hoped that either I didn’t say that out loud or you didn’t hear me.”

I waited for her to continue. “You see there are nine of us that grew up together from kindergarten on; Amy, me, Stephanie, Ruby, Barb, Nicole, Catherine, Tina, and Anne.”

I looked at her quizzically and asked, “What does that have to evangelizing?”

She looked up at me and said, “Sir, I will personally bring you each of the seven of us you haven’t bedded yet, and by graduation you will.”

“What!? Why?”

Lisa blushed and shrugged, “Which part?”

I laughed and replied, “Fair. Let’s start with why are you going to hook me up with your friends?”

“We have shared so much in the past, the only thing we haven’t shared is a guy. That will be you. Amy, Stephanie and I agree on that point. Once you hit the 1/3rd mark two more have to try and then with five votes it carries.”

I shook my head in disbelief or confusion, and asked, “Why not share one… never mind, jealousy. Okay, but do I get a vote in this?”

Lisa smiled, “Of course, sir, but the surest method to avoid that is to become the boyfriend of one of us, again. And I want to share you so badly I will tell you no, and leave.”

I looked stern, “Was the whole frumpy thing an act?”

She blushed again, “Not entirely, but once Amy proposed you as our mutual partner we decided I should go over the top. Amy said you wouldn’t be able to resist at least reaching out to me.”

I muttered, “Fucking heroes.” I looked at Lisa who was still holding the position and asked, “This whole slave thing, that an act?”

Her voice shot up ten decibels as she vehemently shouted, “NO! Fuck I couldn’t have imagined that any man could have done this for me, but you did.”

I was shaken. I didn’t know what to think or believe at the moment. “Why me?”

Lisa’s face shot up, the shock evident. “Master, have you seen you? You are every bit as hot as you said I am tonight. Maybe more so.”

Her eyes traveled over my body before resting on the tip of my cock, “Besides, you have that monster. Amy said it was enormous and she’s right. The girls are going to be killing each other to get split open by that anaconda.”

I hung my head as I replied, “King cobra, not an anaconda.”

Lisa giggled, “Why a king cobra?”

I looked at her and replied, “I have been told that it is the largest venomous snake in the world.”

She smiled widely and said, “So I am the high priestess of the cult of cobra!”

I groaned and shook my head. “Show me the pictures of the girls in my burgeoning cult.”

Lisa shook her head and said, “No can do master. You get to meet us one at a time.”I nodded, it figured.

“What are the limits on my usage of your ass?”

Lisa looked as happy as any person I had ever seen. “Master, this slave will come running for you at any time and any place. Our relationship is for you to dictate so long as we are not formally dating.”

“You do realize I meant that literally. I am probably not going to fuck your cunt again, it is somewhat painful.”

Lisa leaned forward and kissed my knee, “Master, who am I to tell you how to use me?”

That did it. My cock was full blown hard, pointing straight up. “Any of the others as submissive as you?”

Lisa nodded her head. “Yes master. There are four of us who have appetites like mine, equally unfulfilled.”

Curiosity got the better of me and I asked, “How many of you are bisexual?”

She full on fucking smirked, “Master, we have all enjoyed each other. Some of us like it more than others do.”

“Fuuuuck,” maybe I could have a threesome. Or with nine of them, if I could get them all at once, just die fucking, and happy.

She asked, “Master, may I come closer to you?”

I nodded and she scooted forward until her knees were against the couch. I lifted my legs and draped them over her shoulders. Lisa looked up questioningly and I nodded. Immediately she kissed the inside of my thigh and rested her head against my knee.

I looked at her, caressed her face and asked, “Why have you started calling me master.”

She gave me a smile that could best be described as amused, “Master, you yourself pointed out the whole slave thing. I NEED my master to know that his high priestess is also his most devoted slave, to be used as my master sees fit.”

Her answer was shocking to me. To give oneself so easily, quickly, and thoroughly? I couldn’t fathom it. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to exploit and enjoy it. I would.

“So, if I am fucking, errr, converting, one of your friends, you would join us?”

She thought for a moment, I think, before answering. “I would want to Master, but four of them would want their experience the first time to be alone with you. However, Anne will be easier to seduce if I am involved.”

“Wait, am I seducing them or are you delivering them?”

“Both Master. şirinevler escort Some all it will take is a phone call to have them come.over. some will require a little seduction. Anne will require us both.”

“Is Anne a lesbian?”

Lisa shook her head, her golden locks waving like wheat in Kansas, “No Master, I do not think so. I think Master will understand better when you meet her.”

I nodded as if I had any fucking idea of what was going on.

I stretched and yawned. “What else should I know?”

She smiled apologetically, “Master will figure it out as he goes.”

“Think any of your friends can swallow me whole?”

Lisa looked and replied, “Doubtful Master, but in time I am going to.”

I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to my stuff cock, “Practice, slut.”

For the next half hour Lisa happily forced her mouth further and further down my pole, not quit taking it all but impressive nonetheless. Her enthusiasm was infectious and I found myself mauling her tits again while slapping her ass.

I pulled her off my cock and said, “Crawl to my bed slave, I have not paid enough attention to those massive fucking titties yet. It is time to.”

I followed behind her, reaching down to sway her ass every couple of steps or so. As I entered the bedroom I ordered, “Kneel for the whip on the bed.”

After she clambered onto the bed, I inspected her form, and did not find it incorrect in any way.

“Very good,” I praised as I ran my hand from her ankle all the way up her body, over her sweet ass and under her heavy, sagging tit. I squeezed it tenderly and murmured, “I am going to fuck you up the ass again.”

Lisa cooed, “Please be gentle at least to start Master. I am pretty sore back there.”

I nodded and climbed into the bed behind her. I began fingering her pussy, which was surprisingly wet already. Once I got two fingers wet I pressed them against her back door. It took a while, but I sank them up to the third knuckle.

Then I pressed my cock head against her pussy and felt that fleshy vice squeeze my length as I forced my way into her. By the time I was buried in her, we both rested a couple of minutes.

Wiggling my cock within her pussy I made sure it was nice and wet. With great anticipation, I raised up and pressed my cock head against her starry opening.

I sank into her much more easily. Staying buried in her, I had Lisa roll over onto her back. A quick back and forth up her ass, I paused to watch her tits sluice around until they stopped. I looked at her and said, “I will love the sight of your tits until I die.”

Lisa began to coo happily which I cut off by sliding back until just the head was in her, and slamming forward until my balls bounced off her ass, which of course sent her tits flying. I whispered, in awe, “Fuck, what a sight.”

Lisa began crying, tears leaking out of her eyes and down into her earlobes. I stopped, “Am I hurt…”

Lisa smiled, “No Master, you are not hurting me.”

I must have looked as confused as I felt. She reached up and caressed my stomach, “Master, I am so very happy I found you and can be myself without judgment.”

I admit it. My eyes welled a little. I leaned forward kissed her and began to make love to her ass, thoughts of pounding her into submission taking flight.

It was a long slow fuck, we kissed caressed and gently moved with each other. The entire time we stared into each other’s eyes not talking.

The feel of her ass was intense. It was massaging my cock, kind of like tongues wrapped around it, squeezing caressing me. I don’t know, despite the number of women, that any ass felt as good as Lisa’s did that night.

We fell asleep after our last orgasm of the night, with my slowly withering cock still embedded in her ass.

I’m the morning I woke up first, my cock revived and pressed against Lisa’s stomach. I slid out of the bed, pulled on a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen.

I was in the middle of cooking breakfast when Lisa padded into the kitchen and lowered herself into Nadu. I smiled and complimented, “Good girl,” and tossed her half a piece of bacon.

She leaned over and ate the bacon off the floor. I cocked my head off to the side and watched. Before she finished, my cock was tenting my shorts.

Lisa raised herself back up to Nadu and smiled shyly. “How do you feel?”

She responded, “I am incredibly happy, Master.”

I smiled, “Not what I meant. How’s your asshole?”

Her smile wavered some, “I am pretty sore, Master.”

I had figured she would be. I mean after all I had pounded her ass violently and then made love to it last night.

Looking at her, I was struck by how beautiful she looked. Her hair was a mess but hung loosely around her neck. Her massive tits hung heavily from her chest, the soda can sized areola and nipple sloped downward toward the floor. Her legs spread far enough that the downy bush was easily visible.

As I finished breakfast, I asked, “How do you wish to be fed?”

She glanced up and replied, “My Master should feed me however he thinks a slave should be fed.”

I laughed and dumped scrambled eggs and bacon on the floor saying, “Eat slut.”

Lisa lowered her head and began to scoop food toward her face and I yelled, “STOP!”

She abruptly stopped and looked up, a touch of fear in her eyes. “No hands slut, eat like the animal you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32