Letters to My Virtual Lover Pt. 01

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Ours is a simple, yet complicated relationship. We have known each other for 20 years, but we had an 18 years absence in the middle. With Social media, you found me and we have been reconnecting for 2 years now. I am the lady who has only had sex twice in her life, not since 1996. And you are a bit of a sex addict. It would be difficult to find two people who are more opposite. And yet we seem to enjoy each other’s virtual company. We are on different ends of the world with no plans to ever see each other in the flesh again. And we are ok with that.

My work as a recovery room nurse has its challenges. Hours are often long; especially when I work evenings, as evenings can sometimes keep me there until the sun comes up in the morning. There is lots of overtime to be had. You have kept me company many times during those long nights. Your work also has you working strange hours sometimes, so we are often there to listen to each other’s frustrations when nobody else is around.

It all started innocent enough. You sent me photos of your favorite beach which happened to have your penis in the shot. I tried to act cool and said it looked like a nice beach, not mentioning the accessory you added to the photo. You like showing me photos of you appendage. Photos of a relaxed penis have progressed to photos of your buddy standing tall, and then of your buddy spewing his juice. Photos have progressed to videos and sometimes even live feeds. It has been exciting for a woman like me who, let’s face it, doesn’t get noticed around here.

I started as just an observer, for more than a year. But my insides have flipped more than once over your antics, and I have progressed to showing a boob every once in a while. Then photos of other parts started to surface. I am really letting loose. I am living a virtual life that I have little chance of ever having in real life. It is safe. And I am enjoying it.

We have been teasing each other lately. There have been lots of sexual innuendos, and references to oral sex. You even emailed me a photo of someone giving oral sex with a caption, “Why am I thinking of this?” Our talk lately has referenced it a lot, so I am not surprised. I have a very vivid imagination, so I decide to use it to blow your mind. It is not because a woman can make it 48 years and only have sex twice that she should be assumed as having no desires. She has had many, many thoughts. Every time she is expecting a Korkuteli Escort repair man of any kind, she wonders what he will look like, will he notice her. Most of the time, the repairman ends up with a beer gut and offers less than intelligent conversation, so the fantasy quickly disappears.

But now I have a willing recipient and I can let my ideas flow. Now, we know that in reality, I would be too shy to do half of the stuff I write, but in my mind, I am a wild woman, ready for anything. So I decide to start writing you stories of us, the stories that are in my mind. This is my first letter to you…

Here are my instructions to you: First, I need you to read slowly. Take in every line at the same pace I am giving it to you, which is slow. Savor it! And I may ask you to do stuff every once in a while. Close your eyes for a second and see yourself doing it.

Now for a little prep work. My lips are dry. I wouldn’t want that to spoil anything. A little sugar scrub can go a long way.

And I need a few supplies. A little whipped cream and chocolate sauce can go a long way.

Ok, so now let’s begin…

First, you are standing in front of me, naked. No surprise there. I have a long, soft shirt on, nothing else. I can’t just jump in. You are not hard yet. I stand in front of you. You lean in for a kiss. Your moustache tickles. My right hand finds your penis.

It seems to spring up a little bit. I stroke it slowly, but with a fair amount of pressure. I find your testicles. They feel funny, so easy to play with. It is almost like having dice in my hands.

I go back to the penis. It is getting harder. I continue to stroke it. You take in a couple of deep breaths. So do I. It feels amazing to sense something come to life like that, just because I am touching it. My left hand joins the party. It plays with your testicles as my right hand goes up and down. I can really see the definition of the head of your penis now. It looks like a little helmet. There are some veins starting to pop up on the side. Truly amazing! It might be time!

I go down on my knees. Time to put the chocolate sauce, just a dribble, on your tip. The whipped cream is for me. I take a little bit with my finger and bring it to my mouth. This will help my lips stay a little bit slippery.

I look at your penis. It is like it is begging to be licked. And strangely enough, I am happy Korkuteli Escort Bayan to oblige. Just a little lick, on the tip. Your legs buckle a little bit. You tell me to keep going. I lick the side gently, just one stroke. You moan a little. I grab a little more whipped cream and put it where the chocolate use to be. I look at your penis. It is so close. My mouth opens. Head on, I encircle the head of your penis with my lips. I suck the whipped cream gently. Your penis glides out of my mouth effortlessly, nice and slick. That was easy. I go again. Then I go to its side and I nibble a bit with my lips.

Look at those balls, so cute, just dangling there. I can’t help myself. I kiss the sac. But then I suck a little bit and your right testicle is suddenly in my mouth. Well now that was fun. I just slurp it up and then it sort of pops out of my mouth. Your knees buckle again. You tell me to keep going. I can’t ignore the left testicle. Slurp! And Pop!

I kiss the sac again while my right hand goes to the shaft. I stroke up and down, twisting right to left in the same motion. I see that clear drop at the end of your penis: Pre-cum. It makes me smile. You are squirming a bit. I think you have been standing long enough. Time to lie on the bed.

You help me off the floor. Your hands stroke my breasts. I sigh! I push you on the bed playfully. Your legs are spread to give me room in between. My hands joins together to give one long stroke up your penis and then they continue on to your belly. Meanwhile, I kiss the sac one more time and give one lick from sac to tip. You are really hard now. Your penis is so inviting. My right hand grabs a hold of the base of your penis. And my mouth takes you in. My hand moves around, not sure if it should be going up, down or sideways. All I know is it is moving but stabilizing the penis at the same time. My head goes up and down. Every once in a while, my mouth lets you out while sucking the tip.

I hear your breathing. It is deeper and slightly faster than before, and every once in a while, you seem to hold your breath. I don’t want to think about it too much, but I think my breathing is the same. Up and down, nice and slippery because of the whipped cream.

Your pelvis seems to be tightening up. Something is about to happen. I am sorry. I know you want to go in my mouth, but I can’t right now. I need you inside me. I stop you before Escort Korkuteli you blow. I remove my shirt. You look amazed as you look at me, and I don’t know why.

I lie beside you and quickly grab a little more whipped cream. I apply it to my left breast. You smile. You suck on my left breast while twisting the right nipple with your fingers. God! I feel like someone is doing flip flops in my belly. Your erection rubs the side of my leg. I tell you it is time. You look like a child on Christmas morning.

You spread my legs and put a pillow under my butt. You stroke your penis once or twice and you line it up with my vagina. I ask you to be gentle. You slowly enter. It hurts a little. I ask you to stop for a second. (At this point, you can grasp your penis tightly and feel how tight it would be). You are surprised at how tight it is. I concentrate, breath in, then breath out, trying to relax my muscles. You are being patient.

Ok, I think it is better. Go in slowly. I am so wet right now. There is a lot of lubrication for you. It is just so very tight. You start going in and out, slowly. It hurts a bit, but is getting better. I node my head to tell you it is ok to go a bit faster. You grab my hands and hold them over my head. That stretch seems to help open me up a bit down there. You lean in to kiss my breasts. I lean my head to one side, eyes closed, trying to concentrate on all the different feelings I am experiencing. It feels so good to have someone inside me.

Your rhythm quickens. Your breathing has changed again. Something is different inside as well. It is about to happen. You tighten up, hold your breath and give one last thrust forward. I feel a pulsation inside of me. Warm fluid flows out of my pussy, dripping down my inner thigh. My vagina is contracting, over and over again like it is trying to get every last drop out of you. You exhale. Your head ends up on my chest. I stroke your hair. Once my vagina eases its grip, You slowly slide out of me, still dripping, still partially hard.

You gaze into my eyes, realizing this is what you have been waiting 20 years to experience. It was amazing, so much more exciting than I could have imagined. My body tingles all over. You kiss me passionately on the lips and ask me if I am ok. Yes, I am ok. I am more than ok. I am sad that I waited 20 years to live this. I have to make up for lost time.

Your penis is wet with our juices. I look at it, and then I look at you and grin. Let me clean that up, I tell you, licking my lips. And I go down to lick you clean, hoping for a second round. Initial response indicates that I may get a repeat performance. Until then, I will savor our combined juices and relish in the joy of my new found sexual hunger.

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