Learning to Play With Toys

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I walked into the club and headed toward the back dressing room. Man, I couldn’t believe how late I was tonight. Everything had been going wrong from the moment I had opened my eyes in the morning. The fact that I woke up that early after working well into the night should have let me know what kind of day I was in for, but it did not occur to me until I was sitting in my car waiting for the cop to write me a ticket.

I rushed into the dressing room, already taking my clothes off. I threw my shirt on the back of my chair and open my locker to pull out an outfit. I turned and sat down to put my makeup on when my boss walked in. I looked up and noticed he had a new girl with him. “Just great, a new girl on a Friday night!” I thought to myself as I checked her out.

I looked her up and down and, being the bitch I can sometimes be, dismissed her as not being any competition to me. She was pretty but in a different category to myself. With her long blonde hair and baby blue eyes, she would do really good, but would not interfere with my money at all. I was one of the only girls that worked here that was a brunette, and I liked that because I had the market cornered on the men who like dark hair on their women.

“Raven, the next time you are going to be late could you please call?” I looked up at Roger, my boss, and just smiled. He knew that I would listen to everything he said then ignore everything – it drove him crazy – but like he had said many times in the past, I was his specialty item. No one moved like me or could bring the men back like I could. I guess that is the good thing about being built like I was and having the face of a fallen angel.

“Sure thing Rog, just as soon as I get around to getting that cell phone.” I gave him a spunky grin, then went back to putting my makeup on. I could feel his eyes on me and decided to play with him a little. “If you want I could go home as a punishment.” I tilted my head up at him with my green eyes looking innocent.

Roger called me a few choice names before he turned and stormed out of the dressing room. I started laughing and went back to my makeup. All the girls sitting in the room were joking with me and laughing about how I handled Roger when he was trying to show off for some new girl. I glanced in the mirror and noticed that the new girl was still standing there watching me.

“Come on Hun, have a seat and start getting ready. I promise we don’t bite – unless you like us too.” I grinned at her, standing up to walk to my locker and retrieve my thongs that went with the outfit I had chosen for the first part of the night.

“Have you been here long?” At the shy question, I turned to look at her. She had taken the chair beside mine and was putting on her lipstick while watching me in the mirror. I could feel her eyes moving over my body as I stood there. I felt a shiver work through my body and turned away before I answered her.

“Yeah, I’ve been at this club for about two years now. I like it best of all the ones in town.” I reached in my locker and found my black suede boots, turning to lean against the lockers, pull them up my legs and adjusted them on my thighs. Before I straightened up again, I caught her eye in the mirror. She had been watching my every move.

I stood there for a second and just let her look. I felt like I needed to say something, so I picked a safe subject – work. “Have you been dancing long?” I asked as I pulled on my white string thongs and started to put on a shirt that matched.

“I’ve been dancing for a couple of years now,” she replied. “I used to dance at one of the other clubs here in town, but wasn’t making that much money. I wanted to come here and try my luck. Do you think I’ll do okay here?” She stood up and started taking her clothes off. By the time she was done I was breathing faster and felt really hot.

I looked up and down her body, not missing a thing. She had high, firm breasts and perky little nipples. Her waist was tiny and her hips flared nicely from it. But the thing that caught my attention was the hair between her legs. Her pussy lips were shaved and the hair above was trimmed. But what was intriguing about it was that the light blonde hair was cut in the shape of a heart.

I raised my eyes and looked straight at her before answering her. “I think you will do great here. You’re really very pretty.” I started to say more, but heard my name being announced for the next set Escort Bayan Gaziantep on stage. “Shit, I thought I had more time.” I grabbed my garter and ran for the door.

I made it to stage just as the music started up, moving up the stairs and slowly to the pole. I felt the music move over me and into my blood. I started moving to the beat, it was a slow bump and grind song. I danced to the middle of the stage and started to move my hip in time with the tune. I bent over and placed my hands on my knees and worked my tight little ass in one guy’s face. He slid his dollar on my leg and I turn and gave him a sassy little smile before I moved on to the next one.

I stepped down on the runner around the stage and grabbed the front of the hat of the guy in front of me. I started to move my hip, bringing my pussy within an inch of his nose, then away again. I looked up and saw the new girl walk out of the dressing room and move to the bar where she took a seat and turned to watch me dance. Realizing I still had the guy’s hat in my hand I pulled it off his head and stepped back on stage. I turned around and bent over and looked at him before I went into the splits. I placed his hat on my butt as I moved and ground against the stage.

The stage floor was cold and I could feel my nipples becoming hard. I rubbed them against the floor before I rolled onto my side. I brought the hat in front of me and lifted my leg for the man in front of me to put his dollar in my garter. Seeing the way he was stroking the dollar made me smile and want to tease him a little bit more. Right as he started to place the money on my leg, I pulled away and came up on my knees. I place his hat between my legs and lowered myself so I was almost touching it. I rotated my hips back and forth over the hat barely rubbing my pussy on it. I looked straight into the guy’s eyes and saw his lust, I gave him a shy little smile and looked back down at his hat. . He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out another dollar.

I glanced back at the bar after I had given the poor guy back his hat. The new girl still sat there watching me. As my first song ended I was still looking straight at her. My second song began and I started to move in time with the new beat. I crawled back to the pole and stood up. I turned my back to everyone as I began to climb. I got to the top and dropped back against it. I arched my back and slid my top off to let it fall to the floor below me. I ran my hands over my body, almost touching my nipples then running my hand up my neck and over my face.

I had my eyes closed, but could sense someone standing at the edge of the stage. I locked one ankle around the pole and let go with the other until I could swirl around the pole all the way to the floor. As I slid to the floor I opened my eyes to look at who was standing there waiting on me. I felt the shock all through my system when my eyes locked with a pair of baby blues.

She stood there waiting on me to make my way to her on my knees. I dropped my head so my hair hid my face as I made my way to her. “What does she think she’s doing?” I wondered. I came to a stop in front of her and began to move. She smiled and slid a dollar bill up my leg, barely touching me with the tips of her fingers as they moved to my garter.

I looked her deep in her eyes as I felt my body becoming damp. My whole body was tingling from her light touch. “Thank you,” I whispered. I didn’t know what else to say, I knew she could tell what her light touch had done to me and there was no reason to lie about it. She had really turned me on. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and moved on to the next person. I finished out my song thinking about her the whole time I was up there dancing.

I picked up my top as the song ended and walked to the steps off the stage. I stood with my back against the wall and let the next girl pass me as she moved up to do her set. I pulled my top on while I watched the room from the mirror on the wall behind the stage. I knew I had to go thank everyone who had tipped me but there was one problem, I could not remember who had after she had touched me. I took a deep breath and tried to decide the best course of action.

I moved out into the club and thanked everyone I could remember. Just as I had hoped, one of the guys asked me to dance for him on the next song. I was saved, I couldn’t very well thank someone for tipping me if I had to dance for someone else. I smiled at the guy and sat down to wait for the next song to come on.

I made it a point not to look around as I waited. As I sat talking to the guy, I could feel someone watching me. As the new song started, I stood up and started to dance just for him. I looked around: she was sitting at the bar, watching me. She smiled at me and I smiled back but then transferred my attention back to the guy paying for the dance. I put everything I was feeling into my dancing. By the end of the dance he had broken out in a sweat and had a definite bulge in his jeans.

After that first dance, my night improved. I danced non-stop for over an hour before I needed a break. With a smile for my last customer I headed toward the back where I could relax and change outfits.

I walked into the dressing room to find it empty. I moved to my locker and took out a red one-piece sling shot outfit. I stripped off the one I had on and sat down at the dressing table to touch up my makeup. My body was just starting to cool off when she walked in. I looked at her in the mirror, then turned toward her. I could feel her eyes on my nude body almost as if she was running her hands over me.

“So what do I call you?” I asked as she moved to stand behind me. Looking down at me she ran her hands over my shoulders and up my neck under my hair. She began to rub the sore muscles and I could feel the tension leaving my body. She had very talented hands and I couldn’t help but wonder what they would feel like running all over my body.

“I dance by the name ‘Toy’. Stupid name, I know, but I like it.” She held my eyes in the mirror as she bent forward to whisper in my ear. “Would you like to play with this toy?” She ran her hand down my chest to fondle my breast. She pinched my nipples then rubbed the sting away. “You are so beautiful. I love watching you dance, watching your body move is so erotic.”

She took hold of my shoulders and turned me so I was sitting sideways in the seat. She moved in front of me and lowered herself to the seat beside me. She leaned forward and lightly kissed me, almost like she was afraid I would push her away. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over the seam of her lips until she open up for me, and then I thrust my tongue in and started to stroke hers.

She moaned softly, raising her hands to my face and cupping my cheeks as the kiss took on a life of its own. Our bodies were straining toward each other and our hands were running all over our bodies. I moved my hand up to cup her breast and ran the tip of my finger over her nipple inside of her top. It became hard at my touch and I wanted to taste her. I broke the kiss and reached around her to undo the ties to her top. As it fell away I leaned back and feasted on the sight before me. I ran my finger over her nipples again and she whimpered.

I glanced back up at her face and caught her eyes before I lowered my mouth to her and sucked her tight bud into my mouth. Without breaking eye contact, I suckled her then lightly bit the tip of her nipple before licking the hurt away. She smiled at me before she raised her hand to my hair and brought my mouth more firmly against her breast. I greedily sucked her back into my mouth as I ran my hand down her flat tummy.

I cupped her pussy in my hand and felt her heat and moisture through her thongs. I remember her looking at her smooth lips earlier and wanted to taste her now. I pushed her back and made her lay down across the chairs as I slid to floor and grabbed the side of her panties and pulled them over her hips and down her long sexy legs.

I sat back on my heels and just looked at her as I ran my hands up the inside of her legs. Her hips bucked off the chair as my fingers lightly brushed against her. I leaned forward and ran my tongue over her lips and then kissed the inside of her thighs. She moaned softly and reached for me, but I pushed her hands away and bit her thigh. I kissed the sting away and ran my hand over her before I once again cupped her in my hand.

I glanced up at her face and watched the emotions race across her face. I smiled as I slid a finger inside of her and watched in fascination as her eyes rolled back in her head and she arched her back and pushed her hips against my hand.

I lowered my mouth to her then. Using my other hand I opened her outer lips so I could see her clit. I flicked it with my tongue over and over again, loving the sounds she was making. I lowered my mouth onto her and began to suck hard on her as I pushed another finger deep inside her.

I felt her body tightening on my fingers and could tell she was about to come. I pulled my fingers from inside of her and thrust my tongue into her as far as I could go. That was all it took. Her body flooded and her sweet juices flowed into my waiting mouth. She tasted so good, like spicy honey. I couldn’t get enough of her. Her body was shaking all over as she held the back of my head, grinding her pussy into my face as I slid my tongue in and out of her tight hole.

As her body began to relax I placed one last kiss on her sweet little heart before starting to kiss my way back up her body. When I finally kissed her lips she opened for me immediately and sucked my tongue into her mouth, moaning the entire time. When she broke the kiss, she smiled up at me before pushing me back.

” Now it’s my turn,” she said as she moved over me. “Do you know how sexy it is when you wear nothing but those black thigh high boots?”

She leaned over me and kissed me gently, before kissing her way to my neck, biting me lightly before moving on to my shoulders. She ran her hands down my body then back up where she cupped my breast in her hands. She gently squeezed them before releasing them to run her hands down to my hips.

I moaned quietly when her lips settled over my nipple and she sucked in into her mouth. Sensations shot from my breast to my pussy making it convulse and dampen even more. As she sucked on one nipple followed by the other, her hand slid down my body to my waiting pussy, where she began to slide a finger in and out of me.

After a few minutes, she withdrew her finger from inside me, making me whimper from the loss. She looked up at me and smiled as she brought her moist finger to my mouth. She rubbed it over my lips making them wet. Before I could suck it into my mouth, she pulled it away and knelt down in between my spread knees.

She placed her mouth against me and kissed my lower lips before spreading them with her fingers and licking my clit. Pleasure swept through me taking away what air I had been able to draw into my lungs. I felt like I was on fire and freezing at the same time. I grabbed her head and crushed her against me. I never wanted this feeling to end but the need for release was eating me alive and I knew if I did not come soon I would go crazy.

Sensing how I felt, she began to finger me faster and harder as she worked her tongue on my clit. I could feel my release rushing at me. I began to thrash my head back and forth and cried out as it finally hit me. I saw stars bursting behind my closed eyelids and bit my lip to keep from screaming as my orgasm tore through my body.

As my breathing began to slow, she laid her head on my stomach and looked up at me. Neither of us wanted to say anything to break the spell we were under. We smiled at each other and I pulled her up for another kiss. Just as our lips meet we heard a voice from the doorway. I looked over her shoulder to see Roger standing there.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the look on his face. He looked like a cross between a kid in a candy store and as if he was in major pain at the same time. He gave me a dry look “If you two are done there are a bunch of men out here asking about the two of you.”

We both laughed and stood up to start pulling our clothes on. Roger stood watching the two of us as if when he turned his back we would be back on the chairs again. He was probably right.

I glanced at him as I pulled my thongs up my legs. “Come on Rog, you’re the one who always tells me to play nice with all the new girls.” I gave him my trademark sassy smile.

He grunted and looked away mumbling under his breath. I laughed and smiled at Toy as we moved to the door. When we got to Roger we both stopped and smiled up at him before we leaned in and gave each other another deep hungry kiss.

“All right you two break it up. Can’t either of you wait until later to do this? What kind of business do you think I run here?” Roger demanded.

I laughed at him as I made my way out onto the bar floor. I smiled as I watched Toy head toward a table of young college guys. They all smiled at her and started asking for dances. I laughed silently to myself as I headed toward one of my customers.

“Having her work here would definitely have its perks. I wonder what she has planned for after work?” I thought to myself as I sat down at the table and started talking.

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