Lazy Sunday

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For Women

It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon and we’re cuddling on the couch. I’d just wanted to get some hugs and snuggles with maybe a few kisses and gentle strokes while watching our show on TV, but it wasn’t to be. For one episode we laid intertwined and paying half attention to the show while we kissed and touched each other. Even though I’d lain down with the sincerest intentions of falling asleep and taking a nap in your arms, my hands strayed almost instantly. As I often do in those comfortable moments, my right hand went straight to my mound to gently cup and apply pressure in that way you find so stimulating and I find so relaxing. It’s not a sexual touch in any way, merely a reflexive behavior of mine that I indulge in whenever I’m close to sleep or feeling very relaxed while I’m laying down, but you often respond subconsciously when you feel my hand migrate and come to rest. Of course, as I often do when relaxed and laying with you, I take my other hand and immediately find you and begin to gently knead and squeeze traveling between your shaft and your balls. It too, for me, is oddly comforting and at times it is for you as well, but it was apparent right from the start that comfort was the furthest thing from your mind in that moment.

Still, I was able to hold you off for an entire episode, but when I went to start the next in the series you seemed a bit upset so I put down the remote and just snuggled into you. I was somewhat reluctant because I really did just want to get a good nap in before having to return to the urgency of the outside world and responsibility, but I also knew that you had a need that would have to be cared for in the small amount of time we had left together. I half assed played with you for a bit, not really tandoğan escort feeling too into things, but then I shifted my weight on top of you and when saw the look on your face I felt a surge of desire and longing for something we rarely did.

I shyly leaned into you and whispered softly “I’m going to take your ass today,” then leaned upwards a bit to see your reaction. The anticipation was immediate and the shock instant. You know that I’m not overly fond of this sort of play most of the time, actually damn near all of the time, because of how our dynamic adjusts in ways that make me slightly uncomfortable. For us to engage in this activity I have to move out of a submissive role and momentarily take a somewhat dominant role; I have to switch. I despise flipping that inner switch in my mind because I’m so scared that one day I won’t be able to turn it back off and go back into my submissive side. I already flirt dangerously in regards to my submission, but being such a dominant personality in my normal life almost makes my submission feel like a vacation from obligations and responsibilities that have been forced upon me. My submission is not only a gift I give to you, but in some ways it is also a gift to myself.

I couldn’t resist though, and when I felt that urge come upon me I knew what a treat it would be for you. To see your eyes light up like that made it worth all effort on my part and the alterations of my mindset it required didn’t even register as a blip on my radar.

I didn’t just jump up and run straight for the toy drawers though, no, I straddled your body and slowly began to kiss and suck on your neck with very gentle nibbles, but quickly stopped nibbling. I was rapidly moving into a dominant türbanlı escort mindset and when I feel dominant I bite, hard. You asked why I stopped nibbling, probably because you do enjoy it so, and I said “I’m just really trying to keep from going overboard and losing control on you. I feel VERY toppy right now and I don’t want to hurt you.” You just chuckled a bit as you pulled me against you tightly and said “bite, I’ll let you know if it hurts,” and so I did. I reveled in feeling my teeth sink into your flesh, the resistance that gives slowly and then suddenly. As I bit down I felt a surge in my body and my hands began to stroke you, grabbing hard and squeezing tightly. You responded instantly, arching against me and gasping as I slowly worked over your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, and thighs with my tongue and mouth playing over you with gentle kisses and suction and well placed hard, deep bites that were slow and sustaining.

I began to suck your cock that was almost pouring precum. I felt that deep inner thrill I always get when I see you so visibly aroused and softly let out an “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as I tasted that tangy clear fluid. In that moment I flipped my switch back to submissive as I immersed myself into you and your cock. I leisurely sucked the head into my mouth and circled my tongue around, then ever so slowly moved my mouth downward until you hit the back of my throat. I gently pressed you a bit deeper to stretch me and then pulled upwards, just as slowly as I’d gone down while pressing the tip of my tongue upwards onto the underside of your shaft and circling slightly. Your sharp inhalation of pleasure made me want to hear it again so I redoubled my efforts in order to bring you even more. I sucked and licked and took you deeper and deeper into my throat until finally I could take your entire length into my mouth and throat. Once you were buried fully I began to rock my head slightly up and down, massaging the tip of your cock with the back of my throat, and you gasped while your hands tightened in my hair and frantically pulled me against you and yourself deeper into me. I couldn’t hold it as long as I wanted, as always, and shortly after feeling the beginnings of my gag reflex refusing suppression I rapidly pulled you out of my mouth and then just as quickly sucked you back into my mouth and ran my tongue in a circle until you were too deep in my mouth to maneuver that way.

Hearing your moans and feeling your responses made me realize that I was most certainly In The Mood so I moved up from your cock and ran a trail of light kisses up your body until I reached your lips with my own. As I gave you a deep kiss and transferred the taste of you I positioned myself over you and pressed you into me, welcoming you completely. You groaned into my mouth as I gasped into yours and then we began kissing until we could no longer maintain the focus necessary to keep our tongues and lips dancing. I felt that building sensation grow, buried my face into your shoulder, and bit you HARD and released the bite only to bite that same spot again and again, harder each time. You finally had to stop me and while I felt a moment of guilt, I rapidly shifted to a sitting position and rode you for a while, but the urge to bite never diminished. I arched my back sharply so I could maintain my position while still being able to bite you and sank my teeth into the flesh above your left nipple. As I felt a slight pop, I began to release the pressure as I slowed my thrusting and then quickly moved to above your right nipple and increased the pace of my thrusts as I once again took your flesh between my teeth and applied hard pressure.

to be continued…

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