L , C School Ch. 02

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Well it has been 2 months since I started my new job as receptionist at the L&C School of Writing it has been quite the experience for me to work for 2 mistress’s who look after my every need…and I mean every need.

I have been told to wear the clothes for work which I must no deviate from, it consists of a crisp white shirt which only buttons up as far as my cleavage underneath the shirt I must wear a black push up bra with a pink lace edge on the top of the cups. A short black skirt which is mid-thigh and when I’m told to bend over and do some filing my ass can be clearly seen I am not permitted to wear nickers, to cap the uniform off black stay up stockings and 4″ black peep toes make my legs look amazing if I do say so myself…

As part of my job I have to go regularly to Clair’s office and Lesley’s office as they are very busy so I try and make their jobs easier by doing as much as I can, which on occasion has not been enough or I have done something incorrectly it was one of these occasions that led to my introduction to. A fucking machine…

I was told to report to Lesley’s office and when I entered she was holding some papers in her hand and waiving them at me as she said…Debbie these where supposed to have been sent last week…I did a quick mental check and ..yes they were “I had forgotten” as Lesley stood up and moved to the front of her desk she grabbed my pony tail and pulled it back so my neck was stretched and she said through her half smile that a lesson in timing was needed.

I was then pulled by my pony tail through the door that leads to a room between the 2 offices Lesley threw me forward and I landed on the carpeted floor on my hands and knees which caused my skirt to flip up over my lower back and with no nickers on my pussy and ass was totally exposed. I was ordered to strip so I stood up and undid the buttons of my shirt and let it slip to the floor, next my skirt was on top of it.

As Lesley walked around me and came up behind me she reached around and grabbed my nipples and pinched them pulling them away from chest stretching them…I screamed as she did this and hopped from one foot to the other then to my relief she let them go. I watched as she stood back from me and started to take her shirt off button by button I watched intently as they were undone and more flesh exposed I loved every painfully slow second as she was deliberately teasing me.

My pussy was wet I could feel the juices starting to run down my thigh my nipples were hard and poking a further 3/4″ out from each breast. Once Lesley’s shirt was off her black bra encased tits were 2 full round mounds of flesh that had my mouth watering and my hands craving to cup them and squeeze them.

Lesley walked to the desk drawer and opened it and selected a plastic ruler, and as she moved towards me she swished it through the air. Which had the desired effect of putting fear into me…she stood in front of me and placed the ruler between my knees hitting each knee to indicate that I should spread my legs which I did my feet were about 4′ apart which had my pussy and ass totally exposed.

Lesley walked around behind me swishing the ruler through the air as she went then it happened. A lightning bolt flashed across my eyes as the ruler came down on my ass causing me to scream I was apologising and pleading with her to stop and that I wouldn’t make the mistake again. To no avail…Lesley went to the cabinet and came back with a red ball gag and black straps the ball was forced into my mouth my teeth sitting on the top and bottom of the ball the straps were then tied behind my head.

I was then moved to the end of the room and shackles placed on my wrists and ankles which were then attached to the floor and my wrists connected to 2 ropes hanging from the ceiling my pussy was positively dripping at this stage then a spreader bar was placed between my ankles to hold my legs spread eagled as I hung from the ropes.

Lesley then moved around my body hitting me in various places with the ruler causing me to scream and yell into the ball in my mouth which was causing my mouth to drool and drip onto my tits covering them in my spit.

With red welts appearing on my ass and inner thighs the pain was clouding my vision and I could only see shadows through the tears. bursa bayan eskort As she moved to the front of me she lifted the ruler in front of my face smiled and bent it back almost snapping it then lowered it to my pussy and let it go, the ruler hit the top of my pussy and it felt like I was being electrocuted my ass jumped up and down I tried to close my legs but they were spread so wide I couldn’t. The top of my pussy was burning from the sting and I could see a red welt as I looked down to survey the damage.

Lesley leaned in closer to me and as she placed her hand over my pussy feeling the heat and the juices that were coming from it asked if I had learned my lesson I nodded that I had and she said good and through the ruler away and walked to the cupboard and dragged a heavy looking machine towards me, I had never seen anything like it. She then stopped it when it got between my legs and I started to wonder what this thing was going to do to me…she turned it on and it made a very quiet whirring sound and I thought well that can’t be too bad.

Lesley then pulled out from the side of the machine a pole which was clicked into the top of the machine then she held 2 didoes in front of me both seemed really big and she asked which I would prefer I nodded to the smaller one and she said…nu uh…you get this one it looked to be 10″ long and about 6″ round there was no way that was going to fit inside me.

Lesley then screwed the dildoe to the machine and she knelt in front of my and kissed my pussy mound nipping it with her teeth making me wetter and wetter my hips trying to move closer to her mouth so I could cum. Lesley brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them then slowly pushed them inside me all the way to the knuckle I could feel them hit bottom as she fucked me I was soooo close to cumming and she sensed this and pulled her fingers out of me and stood in front of me and sucked my juices off them watching that caused me to moan as I wanted more.

Lesley then positioned the dildoe on the machine and put 2″ of it inside me then stood back and with a smile turned the knob and then I felt it … it started to push into me my pussy stretching to accommodate it but it would only stretch so far I felt like my pussy would tear I was screaming into the gag and my hips flailing to try and get it out of me then I felt it push against my cervix… it was in all the way I don’t know how much was sticking out of me but there was no room left inside me.

Lesley let it sit there so I could get used to it my head was rolling around as I moaned and groaned she then stood in front of me and said now comes your lesson in timing and she turned the knob I felt it move out of me about half way then push back I grunted as it did, it moved so slowly my pussy was on fire then as it went in something inside me clicked and my body started to fuck back at the invader as it started to feel good I could hear the squelching it made as it fucked me in and out now as Lesley turned the knob up it just kept going and going fucking my pussy in a steady in and out motion.

My body was alive with the feelings the machine was giving me it fucked me slow and steady and oh so deep I have never had anything so big inside me and never as deep as this machine was. The fucking was intense but my body was betraying my brain I found the strength in my arms to lift myself up and as the machine came up I let go and forced my cunt down onto it as it entered me I was seeing stars the pleasure I was getting from this mixed with the pain was euphoric.

My arms were burning but I kept at it and my hips were fucking back and forth trying to force more of the machine inside me. I was close to cumming all I wanted was to be fucked hard and deep by this monster and for it never to end. Lesley stood in front of me a wicked smile on her beautiful lips as she reached forward and squeezed my tits on her hands mashing them and pinching my nipples that was all that was need my back arched against my restraints and drool was running from my mouth as I came hard my body tensing and loud moaning from behind the ball gag was all that could be heard.

After the most explosive orgasm of my young life I was left weak and hanging but there was no letup Lesley bursa evi olan escort turned the machine up higher and it pumped me fucking me as I looked at the dial it showed 100 strokes per minute my body was being shocked and pushed up and down my cunt grabbing the machine on the way out and it slicing into me on the way in…I came again and again my mind was a fog my thighs wet from my juices as Lesley finally turned it off.

Lesley untied me and I slumped to the ground my hands going between my legs to cup my pussy and to feel if there was any damage I checked the inside of my pussy with 2 fingers and everything seemed ok but when I pulled my fingers out I couldn’t help it they went straight to my clit rubbing and squeezing the little button until I came again.

Lesley called my name and as I looked up she was getting dressed she ordered me to go and take a shower and to get back to work I had 15 minutes, I walked on shaky legs to the unsuited behind the offices and got into the shower the water was refreshing as it cascaded over my face down to my tits and then off my pussy and it tickled as it dripped off my clit.

I was tempted to masturbate again but I knew time was short, as I stepped out of the shower the door opened and there stood Claire she was gorgeous and I was naked and my nipples instantly hardened as she moved towards me and kissed me her hands reaching down and squeezing my ass her nails digging into the flesh. Her tongue danced with mine and she reached up and grabbed my hair pulling my head back exposing my neck as she bit down on the sensitive skin nipping my neck and sucking the skin into her mouth.

Shocked at the sudden assault my body started to respond my pussy got wetter and wetter as her hand moved around to cup it and squeeze it forcing 2 of her fingers inside me making me moan as my excitement grew. My legs involuntarily spread to allow Claire more access to my pussy as she fucked her fingers in and out of me her mouth moving to my nipples sucking and biting them pulling them with her teeth to make them red and swollen.

My hands reached under her shirt and squeezed her tits twisting her nipples making them grow harder and harder in my hand, hurriedly I undressed her I needed to have her, in no time she was naked and smiling at my urgency making me blush as soon as she was bare her hands went to my shoulders pushing me to my knees.

My mouth found her pussy and my tongue delved inside finding a warmth and wetness that soon covered my mouth and nose I licked her as deep as I could pushing my nose onto her clit her hands had fistfuls of my hair grinding her pussy onto my mouth.

Claire’s legs started to shake and her moans got louder as she started to cum I found her clit and moved my tongue in tight circles and as she came we heard a loud bang as the door was forcibly opened and then “what the fuck is going on here” it was Lesley we had been sprung. Although Claire was more Dom than me she was no match for Lesley who grabbed a hand full of our hair in each hand and dragged us back into the “play” room.

I didn’t matter how many we are sorries we cried to her she kept on slapping our asses and our tits as she swore at us… you fucking sluts how dare you…I am going to teach you bitches a lesson you will not forget. Lesley pulled us up by our hair so Claire and I were facing each other she said don’t you dare fuckin move …there was no way we would we were too scared to budge…Lesley returned with some rope and tied out waist’s together so our hips were pressing into each other’s next out hair was put into a pony tail each and tied tightly..

Claire was the first to feel something …we were facing each other and all of a sudden I felt her rise on her tip toes and her eyes opened in shock as she gave a scream nooooooo Lesley had slipped an ass hook into her ass and tied it to her hair forcing her neck back so she couldn’t move. I knew what was coming and then I felt her hands on my ass spreading my cheeks as she rubbed lube on my tiny hole then the hook started to penetrate me spreading my delicate hole wider as it went it hurt and I moaned as she did it, then felt my head being pulled back as the hook was tied to my hair. We were done we could not move.

Next bursa rus escort thing we had ankle cuffs put on each ankle and a spreader bar put between us and our legs were forced wider and wider apart. Our nipples were rubbing against each other and I was finding the whole thing very stimulating my pussy was wet very wet my thighs shiny from the dripping juices for the 3rd time that day.

Lesley was stalking around us saying how we were going to be punished and would not ever fuck without her permission.

Now you young lady as looked into my eyes were told to do something and disobeyed so you get these first as she squeezed a peg onto my left nipple causing me to scream a little bit and pull back almost toppling us over, the other nipple was pegged with my head pulled back it heightened the feeling as I couldn’t see but I could certainly feel my nipples swelling under the pressure. Then Claire’s were done I could feel her pegs digging into my tit flesh as she moved.

Lesley was having her fun spanking our bare asses with her hand I could feel the heat on my ass as spank after spank was laid into the cheeks. Both Claire and I had tears running down our faces as we were spanked and the pegs flicked by Lesley. As she got behind each of us she would pull the rope on the hooks making the hook fuck our ass with each pull.

We couldn’t see Lesley to well but we felt her presence as her nails were scraped over our skin as she knelt beside us and her hands moved up our thighs to find our pussies…so you want to be fucked like sluts well that’s exactly what you will get and then I felt her fingers enter me I could feel them expand inside me as she was stretching me..Then I heard Claire gasp closely followed by my own gasp as a dildoe was thrust inside me fucking me deep and slow making sure I felt every inch of it inside me.

In our spread eagled position we were very vulnerable and just as I thought it was over I felt Lesley grab my hips and I thought I was going to be untied then I felt it her strapon pushing into my pussy as she hung off the hook rope making it fuck my ass as she fucked my pussy. My body was shaking and it felt like I was having on continuous orgasm. Lesley then stopped fucking me and pulled out of my pussy … I felt empty … and I groaned as the strap on was removed.

Next I felt my hair being untied and my neck relaxed stretching it and moving it around was feeling good…then the hook was pushed into my ass further causing me to moan Lesley then fucked my ass with the hook i was trying to push back onto it with each inward thrust trying to cum again and then i did my ass seemed to be attached to my clit and i orgasmed again.

Slowly the hook was removed and the ropes undone and I fell to my knees with Claire beside me, I was breathing hard and my pussy and ass felt like they were convulsing, sweat dripped off my hair onto my neck and down to my tits. Claire was then thrown forward her hands breaking her fall as she was now on her knees with her head on the floor. Lesley ordered me to lay in front of Claire to hold my legs open as I lay on my back I moved so my pussy was under Claire’s chin then brought my feet up and back behind my neck so my pussy and ass were on display my feet locked behind my head.

When I reached this position I heard Lesley moan in appreciation as she looked at me and bit her lip, Claire was staring straight into my pussy and ass and she lowered her head and licked me the full length her tongue spreading me open and delving inside making me moan and supply her with more and more juice that she eagerly lapped up.

I was watching Claire lick me when her eyes opened and her tongue was forced deeper inside me as Lesley invaded her ass with the strapon each time Lesley drove into her ass her tongue was forced deeper inside me. The position I was in I had a fantastic view of the fucking and licking and this just bought me to orgasm quickly and I shuddered and screamed as I came Claire followed closely moaning into my pussy then we heard Lesley cum as she fucked Clair’s ass.

Slowly she eased out of Clair’s ass and Claire visibly shook as it was removed with my feet behind my head my mouth was within inches of my own my pussy but just out of reach, so Claire stuck her tongue inside me deep and in one movement she licked me then moved an kissed so I could taste myself on her lips.

RIGHT YOU TWO shouted Lesley get showered and dressed and get back to work we have to get ready for a visiting girls school representatives we are having a competition with them everything from writing essays to a water polo match. They will be here in a weeks’ time.

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