Kim: Mile High , Then Some Ch. 1

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Take Off: G-Spot In The Sky

The evening flight from New York to Tel Aviv was full as usual. My lover Kim and I had feigned a business trip from our spouses and were on our way, 6500 miles away, from peering eyes. Well, the ten plus hour flight would have lots of peering eyes, but we were determined to begin our journey by joining and rejoining the Mile High Club several times that very night.

We had planned our up in the air liaison with care and in great detail. Kim wore a long light denim cotton dress that she had tailored with zipper slits up its sides. She wore her usual silk lace tong underneath, but no bra. Upon boarding the plane, we both asked for blankets and pillows. We had purchased 3 seats for the 2 of us so that we had a private row.

While the flight crew and other passengers prepared for take off, Kim and I were preparing for jack off. That is, we had plans for me to masturbate her during take off.

We pulled the armrests between the seats up. Now we had one wide seat. I belted myself in the seat next to the window and she in the center seat. Our legs were under the blankets, and as the plane pulled away from the gate, I unzipped the left side of Kim’s dress and she draped her left leg over my right.

The lights were drawn low for takeoff and we kissed long, deep, soulfully as the plane rolled onto the runway. My fingers were rolling Kim’s pert nipples, pinching them hard to heighten Uşak Escort her coming sensations. Now the plane was in position to take off and as it sped down the runway, I moved the back of her tong out of the way and slid my fingers past her asshole and into her steaming wet sloppy pussy from behind. As usual, just the thought of sex, in any form, made my lover flow. From this angle, assisted by the upward pointing of the plane, I was able to go right for her g-spot.

Kim’s g-spot is classic. It is the easiest to find that I’ve experienced, and responds to rough rubbing and pressure. As I pushed on it with my index and middle fingers, I reached around and placed my other hand on the flatness of her tummy so I could sandwich her g-spot between the fingers on her inside and my hand on her outside. All of this was happening while I muffled her moans, cries and screams with my lips on hers and my tongue filling her mouth.

In the glare of the soft lights, I could see that, as is our way, Kim’s eyes were open while we loved each other. And with each orgasm, her legs pushed against the floor and squeezed my hand hard. For a time I paused to tease my sexy lover, telling her not to expect much sleep on this flight. While Kim squirmed around my fingers inside her, literally humping my hand, I took her nearest diamond studded ear lobe into my mouth. And, I whispered my plans to her.

“Babe, by the time this Uşak Escort Bayan flight is over, I’m going to cum inside each and every fuck hole in your body”.

And with these words, Kim came so hard that she soaked my wrist and entire hand with her sweet juices. What I didn’t tell her was that although my cock was the only one she would have in her pussy, others would be involved in our mile high antics all night, and she was, in reality, an air born sex slave.

Down Kim’s Throat

As the plane began to level off seven miles over the Atlantic, Kim snuggled close to me, unzipped my pants and slid her head under the blankets. I was pushed against the plane’s window, and she was all over me. No one sucks cock like Kim. She must have been pretty hard on her mother’s nipples, or torn up dozens of feeding nipples, because she licks, sucks and plays with my cock as if it were a cherished ice cream cone. She deep throats on her first thrust down, and loves to have her beautiful face fucked while I hold her head from its back.

Just as my lover had lost herself in satisfying me, a sweet dark haired attorney in her mid-twenties slid into our aisle seat and covered herself with our blanket. “Rachel” had approached me in the departure lounge, asking if I was traveling alone. I told Rachel about Kim and what we were planning. She asked, “How can I help?”

Rachel helped by slithering to the floor Escort Uşak under the blanket and attaching her sexy tongue and teeth to Kim’s clit. I knew that Rachel was in position because I heard and felt Kim gasp with my cock in her mouth. Kim picked up speed as Rachel ate her out, and I could feel the moans and groans around my cock. I was on the cusp of cumming when I peered under the blanket and saw the faces of two incredibly gorgeous women in full oral sex stride. I could tell by Kim’s look that she was as close to cumming as me, and her look shot me over the top. While I was pumping the mouth I love full of cum, Rachel had sent Kim so far over the top that I was afraid that screaming would be heard from under our blankets. Kim’s mouth turned cold as her blood rushed to her pussy, and this varying temperature caused my cock to spasm and release a final shot of cum.

Kim came up from her hiding place a bit disheveled but sexy as all hell. Her face was the kind of red that comes from cold wind and over the top orgasms. Our faces met for what I thought would be a tender kiss, but Kim let a dollop of my cum slide off her tongue into my waiting mouth…nothing like a “snowball” from a hot lover.

Rachel smelled like Kim’s pussy, a scent that makes me hard every time. Having that scent on a woman as beautiful as Rachel sent a bolt of lightening to my cock, raising it to full mast. Rachel knew the effect it was having on me and had no intention of washing.

Drinks and dinner were about to be served, and there I sat between two sex-charged women who love to play and love to fuck. While I ate I contemplated how to fuck only one and still satisfy the other.

To be continued…

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