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I, Jason, and, my wife Catherine, have been married for five years. The thing we’ve learned the most about each other is we both like sex, a lot! Since well before we got married, until the present day, we’ve had sex every day we’re together and often several times a day. We love sex, having it and watching it. Almost anytime, anywhere and in any position and we encourage each other to seek other sexual partners and bring them home for both of us to enjoy. Some would consider us swingers, but they’d be wrong in one sense. We don’t belong to any swingers group. We’re selective and prefer well-chosen partners over indiscriminate sex with strangers.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Catherine and I both have high-income jobs that allow us considerable free time to pursue other interests. We can both work from either home or our offices. The idea that we could work from home, together, was initially very appealing. We tried it and it didn’t work well. We spent so much time fucking that we were neglecting both our jobs. That was unacceptable, so we bit the bullet and worked out a reasonable schedule.

I work from home Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Cate works from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When we’re not working from home, we work from the office. This has worked out well for over two years. It gives us the isolated work time we need and time in the office so we don’t fall behind on the office politics, discussions and scandals. We tried alternating the schedule for a while to equalize the number of home days for each of us but Cate prefers the extra day in the office so we’ve settled on a permanent schedule.

Since one of us is home every day, we’ve adopted a small dog. It’s a Lhasa Apso and we each get to walk it on our day home and together on the weekends. The dog is exceptionally intelligent and taking care of it is a breeze. It was also easy to train so it knows to leave the room, whatever room, when we have sex. It’s also a warm partner when we curl up on the sofa to watch TV or listen to music but it sleeps in its own bed, in a corner of the kitchen.

Whoever is at home has the responsibility to create an evening meal and to greet the partner appropriately when they arrive home in the evening. That usually means sex within minutes of coming in the door and dinner in the buff. Dessert might be the ejaculate of either of us.

Several months ago, on a pleasant Wednesday around noon, I was walking the dog in the nearby dog park. Our city has many dog parks where the dogs can run free or remain on the leash with their owners. The dog and I were strolling along one of the many paths near Constitution Avenue when I noticed an attractive red head sitting on a bench with her miniature poodle. The dog was not groomed in the typical style. It was just a little white ball of hair with a stubby tail. Since both our dogs were approximately the same size, and white, I casually walked near her and sat down on the opposite end of the bench. Not too near to be intimidating and not so far as to make conversation difficult. My pet immediately began to sniff around the poodle’s backside and show some interest in what he found. I shortened his leash, inhibiting his advances and preventing a potential embarrassing dog on dog scene.

She looked in my direction as I sat and I could see her emerald green eyes. I offered a small wave and said, “Hi. I’m Jason.”

“Hi,” she responded. “Cute dog.”

“He’s a Lhaso Apso. I’m here nearly every day and I’ve not seen you here before. New to the neighborhood?”

“Yes. We moved in about three weeks ago. What’s his name?”


“Pussy? Really? How did you come up with that?

“Actually, it was my wife’s idea. It has several, somewhat humorous, connotations. First, he’s not a cat so Pussy is somewhat a species misidentification. Second, he’s a he so he doesn’t have one.”

“I do.”

I guess my face gave away my reaction.

“Oh my! Did I say that out loud? I’m so embarrassed. I’ve got to go.” She began to rise from the bench.

“No, no. Hang around. I wasn’t the least offended.”

“Nono. I can’t stay. It’s too embarrassing. I’ve got to go.”

She stood and began walking away, pulling the little poodle with her.

“Stay. Actually it was quite funny.”

I don’t know if she heard me. She was walking away, taking the short quick steps women take when they don’t want to run but walking isn’t fast enough. The little hair ball was struggling to keep up. About halfway up the block, she stopped and picked up the dog. She crossed Constitution Avenue, walked a short distance further and turned into Mesilla Street, where I lost sight of her.

That evening, after dessert, Cate and I were settled on the sofa. Cate was playfully fondling my flaccid cock with one hand and petting Pussy with the other.

“I met the strangest woman today while walking Pussy,” I said.

“How’s that?” Cate asked.

“She was resting on a bench in the dog park with a tiny poodle on a leash. I sat next to her, and introduced myself. Trabzon Escort Pussy was more than interested in her poodle.”

“Using the dog to get into her pants?” Cate offered.

“No. That’s getting way ahead of the game. I’d barely got my name out before she asked Pussy’s name. I gave her our usual spiel about the cat and the male dog’s missing organ. She quickly made the connection and, before she could censor herself, she confessed that she had what the dog didn’t.”

Cate sat up a little straighter. “That’s quite a come on.”

“Nothing like that. She was immediately embarrassed and left quickly. I never even got her name. The only thing I know about her is she’s new in the area and has a small white dog. And she lives somewhere down Messila Street.”

“Do you want to fuck her?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t get a reading from her.”

“Is she cute?”

“Yeah. She’s got red hair and green eyes. Her hair was up in a high ponytail but I think it would hang below her shoulders if she let it down. When she stood, I guess she was about five six or seven. I couldn’t get a good look at her body since she was walking away, but her ass moved nicely in her yoga pants.”

“Sounds like you need to track her down.”


“Why don’t you fantasize about her while I see if I can get little Jason interested in fucking me.”

The next day, Thursday, was Cate’s day at home. She took Pussy for a walk around noontime hoping she might see Wednesday’s redhead. She struck out and Friday was no luckier for me.

We walked the dog together on Saturday and Sunday without meeting the redhead or her poodle.

Monday, I walked the dog to the dog park around noon again. I’d pretty much put the redhead out of my mind as a one-time encounter. I thought she was probably avoiding meeting me again after her embarrassment on Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised as I turned a corner to see her sitting on the same bench as before.

Her hair was down and gathered low in the back. I was right. It hung below her shoulders. She was wearing yoga pants again but her top was a scoop neck affair that dipped low enough to show some cleavage.

I waved as I approached her and she waved back. I sat on the bench next to her, closer than before, and said, “Welcome back. I hoped you weren’t frightened away permanently.”

“Thanks. I owe you an apology. Last time I was mortified by what I said but the more I thought about it, it was actually funny. I was acting like a schoolgirl, embarrassed at the slightest hint of sexuality. I decided I needed to grow up. So I came back hoping to meet you again and set things right.”

“Apology accepted, but unnecessary. So let’s start over. Hi, I’m Jason, and you are?”

“Kathy. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice indeed,” I said as we shook hands.

While we were talking, Pussy and the poodle had reached an agreement of sorts and were engaged in a triple x demonstration of their own.

“Should we let this continue?” I asked as I motioned in the dogs’ direction.

“I think I can handle it now.”

“Don’t worry. He’s shooting blanks.”

We watched the dogs for a few moments and I asked, “What’s her name?”

“I’m afraid we’re not as original as your wife. We call her Spike.”

“That’s pretty original, given her size.”

“Well, she thinks she’s a watchdog, so Spike seemed appropriate if not very descriptive.”

We talked for a while. Neither of us was anxious to leave. I learned that her husband’s name was Bill, they had been married for seven years and he traveled internationally for his job. That meant he was away for long periods, frequently including some weekends. I shared some personal information with her including Cate’s name and our working arrangements.

Before we parted, and while watching the dogs, her hand rested on my thigh and I pretended not to notice. I took the opportunity to explain further another dimension of Pussy’s name. I mentioned casually that “Cate loved pussy.”

I left the possibility of Kathy taking the comment literally about Cate’s relationship with the dog, but hoped she would eventually get the broader meaning.

As we parted, Kathy asked, “See you tomorrow?

“No. Tuesday is Cate’s day at home. She’ll probably walk the dog tomorrow. I tell her to come around noon and maybe you’ll get to meet her. I’ll be here Wednesday.”

“Sounds good to me. See ya.”

That afternoon, when Cate got home, we had formal sex in the bedroom.

“You seem distant today. Are you thinking about the sexy redhead?” asked Cate as we lay in bed gently licking the juices off each other’s faces.

“Yea, I guess so. I saw her again in the park today. She had her hair down and she was wearing a loose top with a deep scoop neck. I could see a lot of her assets that I couldn’t see last week.”

“So you spent a long time talking to her.”

“You know me too well.”

“You want to fuck her too.”

“You really know me too well. You’re right though. Her name’s Kathy Trabzon Escort Bayan and she’s prime. I think you’ll like her too. Her husband, Bill, travels overseas a lot and she’s home alone, with her poodle, including some weekends.”

“Tell me more. There is more, isn’t there?”

“While we were talking, Pussy made his own move on Spike, her bitch. She seemed fascinated watching them fornicate on the walk in front of us. She put her hand on my thigh while she was watching. I didn’t react or encourage her and I didn’t reciprocate in any way. I feel that we need to go slow with her. I think you should take Pussy for a walk tomorrow around noon and see if you can meet her yourself. I’d love your impression. Meanwhile, bring that pretty little ass of yours over here. I want to bury myself in it.”

Later, after dinner, I was sitting on the sofa with Cate lying on her back with her ass in my lap. I was stroking her labia with my fingers and gently moving her clitoris around with my thumb. My other hand would occasionally wander up to her breast for a quick squeeze and nipple rub.

“God, that feels wonderful. I wonder if I could get Kathy to lie in my lap while I helped myself to her girl parts.”

“I bet you can. Meet her tomorrow and I bet you’ll agree with me.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

We watched a short porno flick and went to bed to work off the tension.

The next morning, Cate could hardly concentrate on her work thinking about meeting Kathy at noon. If Jason’s perception was right, today could be the beginning of something wonderful. By eleven-thirty, she could wait no more. She put Pussy on his leash and walked the half-mile to the dog park.

She sat on the bench where Jason said he had met Kathy twice and waited, impatiently.

Eventually, a cute red head, with a tiny poodle walked up to the bench.

“May I?” she asked.

“Please. Make yourself comfortable.”

“Hi. I’m Cate,” said Cate as she extended her hand to shake.

“Kathy,” Kathy responded as she shook Cate’s hand and sat beside her.

Meanwhile, the dogs were renewing their friendship. They watched for a while until Pussy mounted Spike for the second time in two days and began pumping into her.

“They seem to like each other,” said Cate.

“They do. It’s the second time in two days. I was here yesterday talking with your husband Jason, when they went at it for the first time.”

“Jason told me. He said you were alright with it.”

“So was Jason, I think. He’s a really nice guy but I don’t think he’s as smooth as he thinks he is.”

“Really! Elaborate.”

“Well, he was more than just alright watching the dogs mate. I had the feeling he was thinking similar things about me.”

“That obvious?”

“No. Just a feeling. He was really cool when I put my hand on his leg but I think he was holding back something. He even made a sly comment about how much you enjoy other women.”

“I’ll have to straighten him out.”

“Don’t do that. Let him live his fantasy. I don’t think I could do anything anyway. I’ve never considered it until yesterday and, after thinking about it all morning, I realize I don’t have the courage or the desire to violate my marriage vows.”

“End of discussion then.”

They spent the next twenty minutes talking about where they got their clothes and shoes what a nice area they lived in but how the neighbors seemed to keep to themselves.

As they were getting ready to leave, Cate offered, “Why don’t you and your husband come over for a light dinner and some wine some evening, say Friday, and we can get to know each other better. I promise Jason will be on good behavior. He’s more bark than bite anyway.”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, think about it.” Cate took a small pad from her purse and wrote something on the top sheet. She tore it off and handed it to Kathy. “Here’s my number. Call me if you change your mind.”

I got home early. Cate still had her pants on but was enticingly bare above. I was anxious to hear about Cate’s meeting Kathy. Cate filled me in while she slowly slipped off her slacks and underwear.

“Jason, you’re not a subtle as you think you are. Kathy had your number immediately. She didn’t miss a single aside from you. She knows exactly where you’re going and what you want. Watching the dogs fuck and putting her hand on your leg were moves to draw you out and she knows you held back. She even got your off-hand comment about my love. The only problem is she’s nervous and a little frightened. She’s never gone there before and the first time is intimidating. I offered to host her and her husband here on Friday night. She didn’t accept immediately but I gave her my number to call when she’s ready.”

The before dinner sex was over the top as we both fantasized about a future encounter with Kathy and her husband. We cleaned up after dinner together and had a quick recap in the kitchen, a room we hadn’t screwed in for over a year.

The after dinner sex was slow and deliberate. Escort Trabzon We were exceptionally receptive to each other’s needs and wants. I think we wanted to confirm our solid commitment to each other even as we prepared to add additional people to our sex lives.

Wednesday I walked Pussy in the park but Kathy didn’t appear. That afternoon I got a text message from Cate. “Kathy called,” was all it said. All attempts to get further information from Cate failed. She didn’t respond to any of my texts and refused to answer any of my attempts to reach her by phone. By the time she got home, a little later than usual, I was crazy to know what Kathy had said.

Cate wouldn’t tell me anything until we had sex and dinner. I was a little distracted through both but Cate has a way of focusing me, especially during sex.

After dinner, we settled on the sofa. Neither of us had bothered to dress after sex or during dinner. Cate curled up close to me and was slowly stroking my cock as she began to relate her conversation with Kathy.

“Kathy is planning to come to dinner Friday night. We agreed on six pm. You have the responsibility to make the meal and choose the perfect wine. I think three bottles should be enough. She’s not bringing her husband. He’s traveling again and won’t be home until sometime next week. She’d like to have a serious conversation with both of us about her personal situation and feelings. Before you ask, I don’t have a clue what she going to say. I just know its personal and she hasn’t been able to share it with anyone. I also don’t know her feelings about your obscure suggestions. So, don’t plan anything except a nice dinner and conversation. Anything else would probably be premature.

“Now, just what is little Jason up for?”

By the time she got her mouth around my cock it was already at half-mast. She took her time and carefully backed off every time she sensed I was close to losing my load but not before I lost my mind. When I finally exploded, I left everything I had in her mouth and she swallowed it all. With a huge smile, she lay back on the sofa, lifted her right leg up on the back and invited me to return the favor.

I took twenty minutes to tease her with my tongue, lips, nose and fingers, repeatedly bringing her up and letting her down. Each time I brought her up, I went a little closer to her orgasm before I backed off. Finally, she screamed at me, “Damn it. Stop that.”

I brought her back up and just as she reached the edge, I quickly slipped up her body and entered her quickly. She climaxed before I was completely inside her. I waited until she settled down a little before I began to move swiftly inside her. I think she had three or four orgasms. It was hard to tell if she had multiple orgasms or one long, continuous one, before I came for the second time in the last thirty minutes.

We hobbled to the bedroom and collapsed on the king sized bed wrapped in each other’s arms. Twice during the night, Cate woke me, the first time, with a blow job and quick screw, and, the second time riding me cowgirl style.

I had to go to work in the morning while Cate stayed home. Thursday was definitely not my most productive day of the week.

Friday, I walked Pussy in the park, probably hoping to see Kathy. That didn’t happen.

I wanted to make dinner special for Kathy but I didn’t have a clue what she liked. I prepared chicken piccata, roasted potatoes and broccoli. I also picked up four bottles of Sauvignon Blanc. By the time Cate got home, I had the dining room table set for three with our best holiday dinnerware set on a freshly ironed tablecloth. I had carefully shined the wine glasses and silverware. The napkins were perfectly folded and the wine was on ice. A soft musical background featuring Italian crooners from the sixties and seventies was playing on the stereo and the lights were set low.

When Cate got home, she turned up the lights somewhat. “Let’s not go too far with the mood. We don’t know where tonight is going and I don’t want to spook her. I need to take a shower and get dressed before she gets here.”

I followed Cate into the bedroom and into the shower. She giggled as I washed her boobs and wiggled as I entered her from behind.

“Hurry up. Just a quickie. I want to be ready before she gets here.”

I left her in the shower and got dressed in slacks and nice shirt. I even put on underwear. In the kitchen, I poured two glasses of Baileys on the rocks for us. We waited in the living room, sipping the smooth Irish cream until the doorbell rang.

By agreement, Cate went to the door to greet Kathy, while I took our glasses into the kitchen. I stayed in the kitchen while Cate greeted her and made her comfortable with small talk. I made myself busy until Cate and Kathy came into the kitchen. I greeted Kathy, holding back on my urge to hug her. She surprised me by initiating the hug herself. I still had to fight the urge to pat her ass during the hug and managed to keep my hands high on her back.

“Dinner’s almost ready. Let me open a bottle of wine and you two can go into the living room to wait. I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

I put everything into serving bowls and put them on the table. I poured myself some wine and placed it next to my plate on the table. Then I called the girls for dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32