Kath Goes to London Ch. 02

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COPYRIGHT 1 December 2005

No part of the following story may be copied or transmitted without written authorisation of the author.

This is fiction. Any resemblance of characters dead or alive and historic or current organisations to the real world are completely co-incidental.

WARNING: This is for adult reading. If you are a minor or you are offended by consensual sex between two women and a man, do not read this story.

This is part 2 of the story. It leads to part 3 which is the climax of the story. Part 2 develops the characters, the storyline and sets up the thrills to follow in Part 3. Thanks to Susan K for her advice, and Jen B who wrote a nice comment and will appear in Part 3! I appreciate and respond to all comments. Please, ladies as well as gentlemen, do comment and tell me what the story did for you.


An hour after her first diagnosis and treatment of her problem, Kath had showered and dressed and regained her composure. Her treatment had been thrilling to say the least, and she remembered vividly how she had orgasmed so strongly under the ministrations of her consultant Andrew Maxim and his nurse, Jayne.

Kath and Jayne sat in the waiting room together. Jayne was still flustered by her part in Kath’s treatment. She was flushed with embarrassment, and her labia were still swollen following Jayne’s solo masturbation that led to her own orgasm. But she knew that as a professional, she should not be feeling this way. There had been an obvious chemistry between the two women since Kath had first walked into Jayne’s reception. There were a million differences between them… age, marital status, sexual experience, physical attributes; but none of these mattered one iota because there was an indefinable spark that linked them. This concerned her greatly. To have physical relations with a patient was absolutely forbidden, even in these enlightened times. Simply, it was against every directive and every ethical code in the book. But she quieted her thoughts as it was obvious that when someone masturbated someone else to orgasm, even as a prescribed medical procedure, that they too would be turned on.

Jayne sensed that Kath was still turned on, and could not shake the idea of touching herself discreetly under her desk. As she watched Kath sitting in the waiting room, flicking through Cosmo, she imagined Kath reading about sex and becoming horny herself. Occasionally, the two women made eye contact. Surely Kath could tell what Jayne was doing, especially as Kath kept crossing her legs and squeezing her muscles to rub her pussy lips together.

Meanwhile, Andrew Maxim was cleaning himself up, and the treatment couch that was sodden with Kath’s juices, (even a consultant recognises his housekeeping duties) and wiped away the spunk that had flown from his cock only a few minutes before. Again, just like Jayne he questioned the morality of wanking himself whilst bringing a patient to orgasm. But a stiff prick has no conscience, and a horn needs to be dealt with. As he thought of both Kath and Jayne, his penis began to harden.

The medical sector watchdogs had provided little guidance on this. As Andrew Maxim was a well-respected physician, he had studied hard and risen to the top of his profession. He had appeared at countless ethics council meetings and was challenged about his professional conduct. Now, as a pioneer of new therapy for women, he had almost re-written the rules for good conduct. Namely, that any physical intimate sexual contact between physician and patient was acceptable, provided that a consent form had been signed, and that the procedures were explained in detail before any drugs had been administered and when the patient was fully clothed, and able to leave the surgery without hindrance. Andrew Maxim had obeyed these rules without exception. But, in all fairness, becoming sexually aroused was an occupational hazard that he found difficult to control. However, he did draw the line at full sex with his patients, especially as they would be at his mercy when drugged. He always remembered his professional position and was true to his Hippocratic oath.

Kath could now sense görükle escort the smell of Jayne’s juices as they leaked into her panties and covered her fingers. It moved Kath to surreptitiously squeeze her breasts with one hand whilst the other held up the magazine that shielded her from view. As small gasp escaped her lips, and it coincided with the gentle sigh produced by Jayne. Both women needed satisfaction but neither had the bravery to share their needs vocally. Jayne excused herself and almost ran to the loo where she immediately locked herself into a stall and rubbed her desperately needy pussy to orgasm. With two fingers of one hand plunging deeply inside her throbbing liquid sex, and her forefinger and thumb of the other hand tweaking her hard clitoris, Jayne bit her lip to mask the cries of joy as she came, visualising Kath as her new lover.

Kath was pleased that she was now alone in the waiting room, and she quickly slid her right hand into her panties and caressed the bare flesh beneath. Her moisture flowed and soon her fingers were coated with her nectar. She had never felt like this before. How could another woman turn her on like this? She was scared of labelling herself a lesbian, but thrilled at the way she was feeling. She squeezed her fingers as they pushed inside her and she felt her walls ripple as she climaxed. She hurriedly tidied herself up as she heard the loo flush only a few feet away. Kath wondered what Jayne had been up to in there all alone for the past minutes, and guessed that they had shared another orgasm together as Jayne sheepishly grinned at her as she returned to her desk.

After he gathered his notes and returned to his office, Andrew asked Jayne to ask Kath to join him for further consultation. She stood up slightly shakily and joined Mr Maxim in his office.

Andrew sat behind his desk and re-read his clinical notes. Kath sat demurely on the other side of the desk. She wondered about the physical boundary that was now between them and contrasted it with the extreme intimacy of their last contact. She felt a new little pulse of blood rush to her vagina and it began a slow tingle of anticipation. He looked directly at her and began to speak. Andrew knew that he had to remain as professionally detached as possible, despite the beginnings of another erection.

“O.K. that was a start. You already know what the physical problem is, and I have a couple of ideas to try to solve it. But I think that there are some psychological issues there as well that are stopping you having the complete freedom of orgasmic bliss. I’d like to suggest a holistic long-term health-care plan. It’s quite detailed and will need a series of carefully considered decisions before we do anything more.

Kath thought about her options and asked, “Do I have to decide now?”

“No, of course not. Take all the time you need. Discuss your options with anyone you like. Look on the Internet, certainly chat with your GP, talk with your best friend, and of course you should involve your husband. That point leads me to the psychological bit. I think that you both need some couple counselling. It really can help as part of your overall treatment. You grew your pubic hair to hide your most intimate problem from your most intimate partner. That can’t be right. You need to feel good about all of your body and hide nothing, even if you’re embarrassed about something.”

Kath nodded in understanding and agreement. She didn’t know when would be a good time to discuss her fears and options with her husband, but she knew the time would have to be soon. No doubt Ken would have questions of his own. After all, they had been married long enough for a deep caring to grow into solid love. But she had to know everything before she discussed it.

So Kath asked about what lay ahead. Who would do what? Where? What was the cost? Is it safe? What would be the outcome? So many questions, so many issues, so much pressure. Kath looked down at her clasped hands and tears welled up in her eyes.

The doctor discretely summoned his nurse to attend. Jayne entered the consulting room and sat quietly next to Kath, bursa sınırsız escort offered her a hand to hold and a tissue with which to dry her eyes. Andrew Maxim had seen this so often before. It was a reaction to the huge release of orgasm, and the confusion and fear of the future. Jayne was well trained in this support role. But this time, Andrew could see an unusual connection between Jayne and her patient. He wondered what was going on between these two women.

After a few moments, Kath composed herself and apologised for her distress. Andrew had heard apologies for tears countless times and never understood why people felt the need to apologise for a very natural human reaction. He told Kath that there was no need at all for apologies, it was very understandable for her to feel apprehensive and full of emotions that should be released. He was not patronising or condescending, he was being a decent human being, trying to empathise as well as sympathise with his patient’s very real problems. Kath looked into Jayne’s eyes, and Jayne returned the look that spoke volumes.

He asked Kath whether she wanted to continue the discussion, or leave to consider her options before a second meeting. She replied that she did not yet have enough information to consult friends and family, and asked Andrew to explain more about the treatments and options.

He began to explain. “Firstly, as you may know, your clitoral hood is quite thick and this prevents your clitoris receiving the stimulation it needs to help you to orgasm. We can resolve this either by the old method of minor surgery, or with my new technique that has many, many great advantages.”

Kath nodded as her consultant continued. He took the time and care to explain the details that Kath needed to make an informed decision. It was important for both specialist and patient to understand the bond of trust between them, especially as Andrew went on to explain his new technique.

“The new and painless alternative to going under my knife is my own technique which is still in development and is not yet an officially approved medical procedure. That doesn’t mean you’re a guinea pig, it just means that we are still refining the methods. Approval only comes after a peer panel examines the procedures and effects. This will probably happen within the next 2 years, but I can tell you that so far over 300 women have chosen this treatment and the success has been excellent.”

“We have worked hard for many years putting the process together. The treatment starts with about a week’s worth of preparation involving massage and ointments, then we use an electronic muscle pulse device to exercise the tiny muscles around the clitoral hood to gently pull it back and at the same time reduce its mass.” The room fell silent as Kath tried to take in the information. Ointments and massage? That sounded vague and quacky, but distinctly pleasurable. She again recalled the feelings from the skilled fingers of Jayne and Andrew again and her pulse rate increased.

“These creams are based on blood and other samples that will show me which nutrients your whole body needs, we will be able to stimulate blood flow and toxin drainage from the area around your vulva. If you wish, I will ask Jayne to take some small samples of your blood. I already have small test swabs from your examination today. All of these will be analysed to profile your body chemistry. Of course, the mild sedative will show up in your blood, but as we know its chemistry, and by now there will be so little in your bloodstream, we can ignore it. In any case, it’s always worthwhile having these tests done once in a while, just so we can check your general health.”

“The deep tissue massage prepares you perfectly. That’s what makes it so easy for the pulse contractions to be pain-free and efficient. In fact, most women enjoy the stimulation and come to orgasm very quickly.”

But the electronic muscle pulse device still worried her. It sounded frightening and sci-fi. Kath’s vividly inaccurate imagination created visions of an evil doctor clad in his theatre scrubs pulling on latex gloves bursa otele gelen escort with a snap, and she being strapped down on a machine to accept some terrible sexual device. As a film buff, her sub-conscious remembered that famous scene in Barbarella and triggered new warmth that spread through her sex. Why was she feeling so horny today? Was it because she could sense Jayne’s arousal that matched her own?

She looked at Andrew quizzically and again he read her thoughts and continued, “And before you ask, no, we don’t want to electrocute you or your pussy! We’re not into pain. No, my gadget is a bit like a tummy-trimming device. You know, the sort that stimulates muscles gently and makes them move and trim. You can buy them in the high street. It’s not a new idea, and mine works in a similar way but in miniature.”

“This is all about restoring your ability to have unlimited pleasure, where and when you want it. As I said, all the 300 women made the same choice, and for those it helped, there have been no side effects and only increased sexual activity and joy. There’s no risk of infection, no long healing process, no risk of problems with anaesthetic. However, as with all procedures, it’s not for everyone, but I think you’ll find it the perfect answer.”

He continued, “Jayne has helped develop the therapy, and she can tell you how it feels.” Jayne nodded enthusiastically and spoke.

“The massage is wonderful; soft, dreamy and very sensual. The idea is that you apply this cream every day for an hour for about a week. You may prefer to do a little-and-often regime, or just one large dose per day. It’s whatever suits you. The best way to tackle it is to make it part of your playtime. You can do it yourself, have your husband do it for you, or anyone else you like. I had a lover help me and we had a great time.” Jayne smiled knowingly at Kath. She was dying to be asked to help!

Andrew continued. “Over the week, as your pussy becomes more and more sensitive, due to increased blood flow and general good health, you may find that your labia are slightly more engorged and as you rub the cream in, your actions may lead to full masturbation. You may even surprise yourself and cum a couple of times. But don’t push yourself too far. And at this stage, must not use any toys to bring yourself to orgasm. You will naturally learn to rely on your fingers to re-educate yourself to a natural climax.”

Kath was already feeling horny, and her freshly shaved pussy began to leak precious fluid into her panties. Jayne could feel increased moisture in Kath’s palm as she held her. Jayne guessed what Kath was feeling and began to gently lubricate in sympathy. Andrew who kept speaking did not notice the girls’ reaction. The women winked at each other and understood their combined secret.

“Then, after a week, you’ll come back here for another examination so I can check your progress and advise you on the second stage. I think it’s too early to go into details here and now. Let’s take it one step at a time. But to save another journey, why not let us take your blood samples so that I can send them to the lab for analysis?”

Kath nodded in agreement and while Jayne prepared her arm for the test and drew some blood, Kath thought of whom she could tell about this, and ask for advice. She thought of her sister… too judgmental. She thought of her best pal Jen… far too prim and proper. She thought of her husband… not until she’d got her head together a bit more. She looked up at Andrew and told him that she had no one to help her, so she would do it herself. They all sniggered at her joke and Jayne suggested that if Kath needed any advice, she could always call her. Andrew wondered about the ethic of the nurse/patient professional relationship. But when he saw the body language of the two women, he nodded approvingly and Jayne wrote her home telephone number on a card and gave it to Kath.

Kath’s head was spinning with all that had been done to her, and the life-changing information she had received. She told her consultant that she had heard enough for the time being and clutching the card with Jayne’s number on it, rose to leave. Andrew and Jayne stood up in harmony and as they said their goodbyes, Jayne accompanied Kath to the door. Andrew sealed the blood samples and instructions for the laboratory in a bag and asked Jayne to deliver them immediately.

End of part 2

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