Karen Ch. 03

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….picking up from the last few paragraphs of “Karen—Part 2; Chloe’s chapter…” we begin

Karen—Part 3; Karen’s chapter


It was a Friday night. I wasn’t really tired, but I didn’t feel like going out either. The bars would be packed, and all the players would be on the hunt. I decided to relax and spend the evening in front of the TV.

The phone was ringing as I entered the house. Glancing at the caller ID I was a bit shocked; it read Karen O’Connell. Up to then Karen and Bill were simply fond memories. I perked up knowing I was going to talk to an old friend.

“Well, hello stranger,” I answered smiling. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

I could feel Karen’s smile through her voice, “It has been too damn long since we’ve seen each other. Boy have I missed you Mr. Tim Miller. Do you realize you haven’t called me once in nearly three years?”

Although her voice was friendly, she was wasting no time in moving our relationship to the top of her list. I went into evading tactics. As much as I wanted her before, I knew things were different now as my sexual habits had changed considerably!

“Like wise” came my reply in a friendly tone, “so how are you and Bill getting along?”

I needed to know their status before I would even consider her opening remarks. I also felt a little sheepish as I really didn’t know their situation, and after all the time we spent together I should have known.

“I’ve been divorced for nearly two years. Bill and I ended things quickly; not as quick as you and Mary, but still, it was quick.”

All of a sudden I was the one feeling foolish and neglected. First, I should have known she was divorced because the caller ID displayed her maiden name. But then, I couldn’t really say anything since I hadn’t called her, but I was surprised Karen did not call me sooner since she seemed to be very desirous of me back when. Egos are interesting critters.

“So what have you been up too?” was my small talk reply. It seemed so trite; however it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

“Tim, I am not sure if how we felt towards each other when we were married was real, or just a pleasant diversion to our screwed up marriages. I will say I haven’t met anyone with whom I connected as I did with you. That’s why I am calling.”

Karen was getting right to the point. I always liked this quality about her. One never had to guess where they stood, and right now I felt like I was on the hot seat with it being turned to high.

“Listen,” she continued, “why don’t you come over for dinner and let’s catch up, face to face.”

“Sounds good to me,” I responded, “lets pick a date. What works for you?”

“Tonight,” was Karen’s simple reply.

The hands on the clock told me 6:30 pm wasn’t late enough to be an excuse. My hesitation did not go undetected.

“Hey, if you’re seeing someone I’ll back off.” was her next statement.

My response of “No” was drawn out a bit too much.

“Look, its dinner. We can catch up on our lives without any agenda. We’ll know if there’s any chemistry within the first half hour. If there isn’t we will have caught up with a nice meal and some good wine; which you are bringing by the way. And if there is, I’m sure we’ll know exactly what to do.”

I started chuckling. There was something about Karen which I couldn’t resist.

“Okay, tonight it is. What time should I be there?” was my smiling response.

“Twenty minutes ago!” came her laughter filled answer. Karen gave me her new address. It was a town house in a nice section of town. Her settlement with Bill must have been very much in her favor.

“All righty then; let me shave, take a quick shower, stop by the wine shop and I should be there by eight.”

Karen’s response was quick, “Looking forward to seeing you.”

When Karen answered the door she looked ten years younger. Her hair was shorter in a page boy cut. She wore a very chic black sleeveless blouse. As always she presented her breasts well. I could see the lace of her black bra as it formed her cleavage. A string of pearls hung seductively close and the heady scent of her perfume toyed with my senses.

A tapered, knee length, tan linen skirt hugged her waist and thighs. A thin black belt accented her outfit. Adorning her legs were black stockings which flowed into a pair of sexy, six inch, strapless heels. Her lips and nails were coordinated with a very erotic shade of rose.

It took less than ten seconds to know the chemistry was still there. I wanted to take her into my arms and kiss and hug her like I’ve never done with any woman before. It was a POW type of feeling. Although she looked great, it was her smile and eyes which instantly captured me.

We gave each other a nice hug and lingered just a bit before we looked at each other.

Karen smiled and said, “Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes?”

Her rose lips found my mouth and her kiss said more than just hello.

Smiling I said, “It is good to see you too.”

I demetevler escort meant every word.

Dinner was great. We fell so comfortably back into our friendship. It was as if the years never passed. Eventually the conversation turned to relationships, and I did my best to steer it into generic waters. Karen sensed I was nervous about the topic, but she didn’t realize why I was nervous.

I knew deep within my soul, Karen was the woman I desired as a partner, friend and significant other. I also knew I needed a certain level of sexual intensity and Karen was an unknown in this equation. She would probably be a good lover, but what I needed was someone who lusted for deeper, kinkier sex.

Typical of Karen, she asked point blank if I was ‘fucking’ anyone.

Smiling, I stared into my glass of wine and spoke softly.

“Karen, I haven’t fucked anyone since Mary became pregnant with Patrick (our second).”

She looked surprised, but there was definitely disbelief in her eyes.

“That doesn’t mean I haven’t been with anyone.” I continued, now looking into her eyes. “Karen, I have needs far greater than fucking. Animals fuck. I explore.”

My response stirred Karen. I could see her thinking and formulating a response.

“Tim,” she said in a very soft voice. “What type of kink are you into?”

Her choice of words struck me as being odd. I didn’t say kink, I said explore.

“What makes you say kink?” I asked in a non-threatening way.

Karen sat back in her chair and studied me for a moment before speaking.

“About six months ago, I was on a date and saw you with another woman at D’Angelo’s. I was seated at a little table tucked away in the corner and you were out in the open. I wasn’t sure whether to say hi or to stay back. Your date’s explosion made it crystal clear what to do.”

My face started burning beet red. Karen saw this and gave me a comforting look and went on.

“Tim, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. She behaved like an ass. Even my date was impressed with your composure. You handled things perfectly.”

When I smiled guiltily, Karen continued.

“She did say some things which stuck in my mind. She said you were into kinky sex. She said you wanted her to fuck you in the ass. You wanted her to piss and shit on you.”

Karen let these words linger awhile before she asked, “Tim, is this true?”

I couldn’t read Karen at this point as I was too stunned by her directness. I stared back into the glass avoiding her gaze. I was paralyzed.

Karen got up and moved her chair next to mine. She gently stroked my face. Again Karen asked, “Tim, is it true?”

My mind was whirling. The tenderness of Karen’s hands was in stark contrast to her question. I knew I had to tell her the truth. I didn’t expect her to freak as Kathy did, but I did not know what would happen. The voice in my head said she had to know if we were ever going to get together.

“Karen,” I started, “there is a deep intensity inside me which craves things society calls taboo. It’s beyond sex. It’s spiritual.”

Taking both hands Karen turned my face towards her and kissed me gently. She then dropped her hands and took both of mine in hers, caressing them softly. I could see her thinking as her hands stroked mine.

Looking into my eyes, Karen said softly, “I too have a deep intensity for things taboo. Over the past two years I learned so much about what I want and need. You were always in my thoughts, but I was afraid to call. When I heard those words your date spoke, I was hopeful but still afraid.”

Karen continued, “Tim, it is now my turn to be truthful. Have you ever heard of BDSM?”

My cock started to come to life. I nodded my head in the affirmative.

With a deep breath she went on. “Well, I crave the art. Have you ever experienced it?”

It was if the gates holding back years of yearnings had been torn open. There was no longer any hesitation or barriers. I knew I could talk freely without any negative judgments.

“Yes I have,” came my simple reply. Karen looked relieved and I continued.

“I have always craved the power and control of a woman. There is nothing more important to me than to please and fulfill a woman’s needs. For women are the true power and spiritual center of all. They are the Supreme Goddesses.”

The look in Karen’s eyes told me she was pleased. I could see her change before me; it was a metamorphosis. At that moment, we went from dinner partners to intimate partners. She was going to become my Goddess and I her devoted attendee.

Karen stood purposefully. She slowly circled behind my chair allowing her hand to trace up my arm as she moved. When she was standing behind me, she lowered her mouth to my ear, her hands or should I say finger nails gently raking down my chest. Her voice became seductively lower and huskier as she started to whisper.

“Let me see if I understand you correctly,” Karen’s nails dikmen escort began grazing and circling my nipples. “Are you telling me you wish to serve me? Are you saying your pleasure is through my pleasure?”

My cock was beginning to strain against my pants. Karen could see this as her nails worked my nipples. She started pinching them gently through my shirt. She was waiting for a reply.

“Yes I am. You are my Goddess and I desire to serve and please you.”

Releasing my nipples, Karen started slowly moving back in front of me, saying, “Very good. This pleases me.” Her hand retraced its path down my arm, sending shivers through my body. Karen moved her chair about two or three feet away from mine and sat down gracefully.

Crossing her legs, her skirt rose high on her thigh exposing the top of her nylon. She was wearing self stays and she did nothing to cover it. She knew I saw and smiled knowingly.

“I believe we both know where this is going.” Karen spoke in her new voice. “I further believe we both very much desire what is about to happen. Am I not correct?”

With a single, bowing, affirmative nod I replied, “Yes my Goddess, we both know and desire what we are about to.”

A slight purr came from Karen in response to my submissiveness.

“Before we begin I want you to know a few things. First, I am never derogatory and I will always treat you with respect. What we are about to do is called sharing. You are giving me control of your mind and body. I understand your pleasures and your needs; as you will understand my needs and my pleasures.

We know each others qualities, and our desire for each other was sealed with our first kiss tonight. We are about to enter into a union; a very deep and spiritual union. The bonds of which will make us one. Am I not correct?”

Again I bowed my head in the affirmative. At this point I was beyond arousal. I have never been so mentally turned on in my life. This was spirit driven and its intensity was intoxicating. Karen’s words were releasing emotions I never knew existed.

Continuing, Karen said, “We are equals; both taking on our rightful roles. We both need to be overwhelmed with lust. We both crave pleasure and the many ways to experience it. I feel this in you. It is in your core. I crave you. I want you. I desire you. I lust for you.

Tonight we need to lose ourselves in passion and lust. We need to taste and experience every part of each other. Our souls need to become one.”

Karen stood and moved to me. Her lips found mine and we melted into a kiss which made my head spin. Karen’s hands unbuttoned my shirt as our mouths entwined with passion. Her long painted nails found a nipple. Instinctively Karen pinched her nails sharply upon it. The moan I released came from a place unknown.

With a lust filled voice, she whispered: “I’ve only started. I have years of nasty, filthy thoughts to fulfill.” Her nails pinched my nipples again releasing another, deeper moan.

Without speaking Karen turned and walked toward to the stairs to her bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse as she went. By the time she reached the first step, it dropped from her shoulders onto the floor. Removing my shoes and socks I followed, dropping my shirt on top of hers while I gazed at the back of her lacy black bra. Her hands went to work on her skirt as she moved up the stairs.

At the top, it too fell to the floor. Nothing was covering her ass. Her stay up stockings rode about two inches below each cheek. She turned her head slightly over her shoulder and gave me a sly, knowing smile. My pants fell to the floor and Karen licked her lips as my stiff hairless cock quivered as I made my way to her.

She entered her lair. Soft lights and fragrant candles gave the room a sexual, spiritual glow. A ritualistic drum beat was playing softly in the background. Karen had dildos, creams, lubes, dusters, cuffs, floggers, and other implements of pleasures positioned on all her dresser tops and end tables.

Turning slowly towards me, she unfastened the front clasps of her bra. Karen’s breasts fell only slightly. She held out her bra in front of her and let it drop. My eyes drifted from her breasts to her mound. It was bare. She was indeed a Goddess.

In a wanton voice, Karen spoke as her hand gestured around the room. “I’ve taken the liberty of preparing a few of my favorite things. I’m sure there will be many items of mutual interest.”

She moved rhythmically towards me. Her eyes were filled with thoughts impure. Her lips found mine again but this time she consumed me. Her tongue, snake like, explored my mouth. Her nails were raking down the front of my body. My body was shuddering from the sensations.

Karen broke from me and slowly walked towards her dresser. Picking up a black dildo, she caressed it as her eyes penetrated mine.

“I nearly came on the spot when I heard you wanted to be fucked in the ass. I find it to be so intense and erotic having something in elvankent escort my derriere.”

Placing the dildo purposefully back onto the dresser she slowly picked up a pair of rubber coated clothes pins. Still speaking she opened the first one and clipped it onto her left nipple.

“Nipples bring so many pleasures. One of those pleasures can be found in pain.”

Her body gave a slight tremble as the clothes pin clamped shut. She placed the other on her right nipple.

“I was so pleased to see your reaction when I pinched your nipples. I have a pair for you also.”

Karen took two from the pile on her dresser and motioned me forward. My cock was jumping uncontrollably as I approached. Placing clothes pins on each of my nipples, Karen commented on the exquisite feeling they produced as she flicked them with her fingers. My knees buckled slightly from the pain, but my cock spoke the truth with its rigidness.

Raking her nails across my torso as she circled my body, Karen told me how bad we were for having thoughts about each while we were married to others. She picked up a rubber flogger from another dresser and said how we need to be punished for those thoughts. While she spoke, Karen allowed the flogger’s straps to graze my body.

The calm intensity of her voice told me Karen was about to take me on a journey from which I would never return.

Stopping in front of me with her legs parted, Karen brought the handle of the flogger to my lips. It was phallic and she brushed it across them as she spoke.

“Surely someone who loves to be fucked in the ass, also has dreams of sucking cock? Do you agree Tim?”

With that Karen pushed the phallic head into my mouth. I let my tongue glide across it. Karen gave a knowing purr when I did so.

“I thought so; because I love things in my ass, and I also love to suck cock. Let me show you.”

Removing the handle from my lips, Karen started sucking it in a most exotic manner. I thought I was going to lose my load simply by watching her. Stopping for a moment, she told me she was going to do more than simply suck my cock. However, we both still needed to pay for our past filthiness.

Walking behind me, Karen told me to lean over and to put my hands on the dresser. She was going to give me my punishment first; then I would need to punish her in return. As she spoke the straps were being softly slapped against my testicles from behind.

When she finished speaking the slapping stopped. I heard the straps whooshing through the air and then felt their tips grazing my body. Karen covered every inch of my back, ass and upper thighs with the flogger. Slowly the stinging heated my skin.

After I was thoroughly prepared, Karen told me the real punishment was about to begin. Without warning, the flogger snapped on my back. “This is for making me masturbate to filthy thoughts of you while I was married to another.” Karen’s tone was harsh.

Another lash fell upon me; this time across my ass. “That was for making me fill my holes with objects unholy, dreaming they were your cock.”

My knees were shaking as Karen rained blow after blow across me. Each strike released another piece of her impurity. I was blamed for making her seek pleasure through another woman’s pussy; for the cocks she sucked; for being fucked in her ass; for the piss she drank; for the shit she smeared onto her tits; for the way she returned each act in kind; for becoming a slut; and for making her do it all alone.

On the last statement, the blows stopped. I could feel my blood pulsing where the straps landed. For some ironic reason I felt good; I felt whole.

Karen’s voice returned to lust saying, “And this is for being with me tonight.”

Kneeling between my legs, Karen’s hands caressed my buttocks and inner thighs. Her nails left erotic trails on my skin. Placing her palms on each of my cheeks, she spread them apart pushing her face between them. The warmth of her mouth covered my anus and her tongue began rimming the hole. It was pure pleasure.

While her tongue danced into my ass, her hands fondled my balls and shaft. Not wanting to bring me to orgasm, she only used her nails to keep me stimulated. I wanted to cum so bad, but I knew Karen would define the time.

I lost track of everything until Karen pulled back and rose to her feet. She told me to stand up and face her. As I did, Karen’s mouth engulfed mine, pushing her tongue deep inside. I could smell and taste the muskiness of my ass. It was pure heady lust.

The clothes pins were removed quickly from my nipples. Pain seared through them for an instant before Karen’s fingers pushed and massaged them to relieve the sensation. I simply melted, wrapping my arms around her.

We kissed a bit longer before Karen broke from me.

“Now it is my turn.”

Karen spoke as if in a trance. Moving to the dresser she turned her back to it and placed her hands upon it to brace herself. Her legs were spread; her back was arched. She wanted me to flog her front.

“Purify me,” was her next command.

Picking up the flogger, I sensed her excitement. Juices were leaking from her leaving wet streaks on her hose. Slowly I assumed my role. I stood before Karen staring into her lust filled eyes. She wanted this very much and I was going to grant her wish. But I was going to drive her wild in the process.

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