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I haven’t written any erotic stories lately, so I might as well take a pad and pencil down to the laundry room with me, in case I have any good thoughts to jot down. Better go get the clothes out of the dryer…I’m thinking as I slide the Thick Tool into my asshole. The little vibrating dick is in my pussy, and I’ve got an extra vibe and lube packet in my pocket. All set!

As I start emptying the clothes from the dryer, I turn on the little dick vibe just slightly. I start folding the clothes. I pause a moment to tell you what I’m doing. I sure can feel that slow, low, vibe humming away. Better get to folding clothes…I’m thinking Kadıköy Escort about sliding the extra 4″ plastic vibe down the front of my thong panties, while folding a shirt. Why not make this fun??

I slide the vibe down in front. The little 4″ inch plastic vibe, with the tip right on the clit area. I rub the front of my pants real often, between jotting down what’s happening and folding clothes. As I turn up the control on the little dick vibe in my pussy, I’m kind of squirming around, feeling all the different sensations happening down there. Ooohhh. I’m having little orgasms one after the other. Kadıköy Escort Bayan I’ve got my hips squirming around, making the dildos’ shift around each other, and the vibes feel wonderful…get to folding!

I finish the folding and start a new load, all the while the vibes keep shifting around. My ass is so full! That Thick Tool is really staying put, as my pussy is creaming all over the little dick vibe in my pussy.

As I’m writing this, I’m holding the tip of the 4″ plastic vibe against my clit – pulsing PC muscles have pushed the little dick vibe out of my wet pussy, so I shove it back Escort Kadıköy in. Man! That hole is so tight, it’s hard to push it in. I can’t get my PC muscles to stop spasming!

The tip of the 4″ vibe feels great on my clit! Aahhhh! Oh, Wow! I’m having a major cum! My juices are running down my thigh!

By the way, I never turned the 4″ vibe on; I’m just rubbing the tip over my swollen clit. I’m cuming long and continuously, while standing in the laundry room at the dryer, and writing this down for you. Talk about multiple orgasms! My whole body’s trembling big time! My legs are crossed; my gyrating hips keep the other toys moving against each other, through the wall of my pussy! All they while I’m telling you what I’m doing! Another major high!

Can you visualize it? Does it make a nice picture? If so, you ought to be cumming yourself by now! Ha, Ha! Gotcha! Feels great doesn’t it?

Hey, I was always taught to share!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32