Jenny Goes To Town

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Chapter 1

The promise of things to come

Jenny had been looking forward to this trip all the winter and now, here she was, on a luxury train for a four day journey across the wastes of northern Europe. She had booked a first class compartment all to herself on the Trans Siberian Railway Express to end up in Paris where she would spend the rest of her holiday.

The smart liveried attendant had shown her, before being called away, her private compartment that had all the trappings of the luxury one would imagine of an earlier era. Velvet curtains, soft cushions, polished brass fittings an engraved mirror and most of all a double bed with a thick quilted covering there was even a pair of luxurious reclining chairs, all in a beautiful co-ordinated colour scheme .Unpacking her smart new cases she took out her new silk designer underwear and gently rubbed it against her cheek just to enjoy the feeling of it’s softness then laying it all in one of the drawers fitted at the bottom of the bed she took out her selection shirts and blouses which she knew were tight enough to show off her 34C figure which all coordinated with her not too tight slacks and her above the knee fashionable skirts.

Jenny had had a look in the small shower cubicle and not seeing any sort of notice that said that it wasn’t to be used in the station

She reached in and turning the tap in the direction of the arrow a jet very warm water poured over her hand. She instinctively pulled her hand back and switched it off.

She had been travelling on public transport for the past twenty four hours and the draw of the shower was too much. Stripping off her clothes she left them in a pile on the floor and turning the jets on again she stepped in exhilarated by the feel of the hot jets thundering down on her bare flesh. Jenny had packed one of her favourite sudsy perfumed soaps and as she rubbed it into a rich foamy lather she felt her hands slide over her body cupping her breasts one in each hand, massaging and gently squeezing and pulling at her nipples. She closed her eyes and lost herself to the experience as she massaged her breasts then one hand moved down gently caressing her body, feeling the slight swelling of her stomach then down along that slight crease leading her fingers to edge of her neatly trimmed bush of soft auburn hair. With one hand still caressing her breast she let her other hand wander down until she felt the rising of her mount of Venus then starting to stroke her swelling lips her fingers rubbing against her awakening clit before one finger slid inside her pussy to start her favourite gyrating motion. She could feel the beginnings of an orgasm and she thought of her little glass friend who she had christened Harry after an old stalwart lover who had never failed to satisfy her, who was still laying in its silk scarf snug in her undies drawer,

“A pity to let it go to waste”. She thought

Then giving her fanny a little extra squeeze she turned to step over the sill back onto the carpet in her room to get it when there was a tap tap at the door.

“Wait, wait”. She called out.

Quickly wrapping herself in one of the giant white towels around herself tucking one end under her arm and the other stuffed into her ample cleavage she leant forward and opened the door at arms length and peered around the edge. Jenny saw that it was the same hunky young steward who had shown her to her compartment. She had noticed how his short white jacket fitted tightly around what looked like a well developed chest tapering down to a very trim waist. neither had she missed that wicked glint in his eye when he had helped her with her luggage and because of her short skirt had a her arm again. Jenny gave a little inward silent gasp at his touch and involuntarily squeezed her arm down to trap his hand.. She only held it there for a few seconds but it was long enough for him to look into her slightly misty emerald green eyes to ask if he could get her anything as the bar was just opening.

“No,no no.” Then starting to think straight again. She put her hand to her forehead. “Oh yes yes. I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking, please, perhaps you could me a half bottle of a decent red wine?”

“Of course madam. Shall we say fifteen minutes?.”

“Yes, thank you.”

After he had gone she lent back on the door and let the towel slip to the floor. Yes she thought he would do very nicely and she visualised him without the constraints of that tight jacket and dark blue trousers which she noticed did little to conceal what looked like a very generous package. Going back in the shower she picked up a hand towel and bunching her long auburn hair she wrapped it turban style around her head then still naked she went to her knickers drawer and unwrapped her glass friend from its silk handkerchief then just teasingly rubbing against her lips and just touching her clit closed her eyes and thought about the steward.

“Oh Harry I don’t think that I’ll be needing you she thought, at least not to-day.” Even so escort bursa she couldn’t resist pushing it in and swirling around lust a little, just to get the juices flowing and then sucking it clean before retuning Harry to his silk wrapper and laying him on the bed

Jenny dried herself off and then dressed in one of her tight shirts with buttons right down the front, it was of thin cotton and her half cup lace bra could just be made out through the material with just a suspicion of nipple pushing through. She had left the two top buttons undone to show some cleavage, but not too much and a pure silk emerald green scarf tied around her neck to match her eyes and to show off her long glistening auburn tresses. She chose a diaphanous billowing short black skirt and just to make more interesting she was barefoot with bare legs and although you couldn’t see wore no pants.

She was just applying the last of her minimal makeup when there was a tap at the door.

“Just a minute.”

Then having finished the last dab of lipstick she turned to open the door and standing back allowed the steward to enter carrying a tray with a half bottle wine and one glass.

“Thank you. If you could just put it down there?”

He did so and poured a sample measure. As he poured she sat down directly in front of him and lent ever so slightly forward and lifting her face up to look at him so that he could not but help looking down the front of her shirt where she knew that her breast were trying hard to burst over her bra. She gave a little smile as she noticed his eyes close tightly and then open again, but she didn’t move although she did notice a very slight movement in those tight trousers of his.

“Oh I’m sure that it will be fine, but will you not join for a glass. I see that you have only brought one glass.”

“I’m sorry but it is not allowed while I am on duty, but…. and he let it hang in air a while, I do finish at ten this evening so perhaps….” He gave her a enquiring glance, before wiping the neck of the bottle and placing it on the tray.

“Yes.” She said. “Perhaps later.”

After he had gone Jenny leaned back in her chair and sipped her drink, with her head back she thought what could have been that afternoon and it would have been just a prelude to this evening. As her thoughts wandered so did her free hand it smoothed over the folds of her dress quietly gathering it up until she reached the hem and slowly pulled it high up her leg until her fingers felt the softness of her mound, she let her fingers stroke the short hairs of her bush then run up and down her slit until she felt her outer lips start to swell up then creeping up to her hood she started to massage her clit, her finger circling round and round until it was standing like a miniature penis. Putting her glass down her other hand reached out for Harry who was still lying on the bed and popping the round head into her mouth she sucked on it imagining that it was the steward before sliding into her now wet fanny. Leaving Harry in place she closed her legs and quickly unbuttoned her shirt as she rubbed her thighs together as she unclipped her bra and lifted her breasts so that she could suck on her nipples but the feeling in her cunt made her take Harry in hand and push him deeper inside then she didn’t have enough hands so she let her nipples go from between her teeth and started to furiously work her clit. If only my tongue were long enough she thought. Her body was tensing up and she strained back against the chair as she felt her orgasm starting to build she pumped Harry faster and faster then and as her bottom lifted off the chair she pulled Harry out for the last time and took him in her mouth, then with a last convulsive jerk she felt her sticky cum start to ooze from her lips and start to run down through the crack of her arse before she gathered it up on her fingers so that she could suck them clean.

Jenny slowly relaxed but she still felt a little horny and knowing that she would need another shower she stood up and undoing her skirt let it fall to the floor. Looking down at her fanny she could see that though it was a little red from Hurry’s movements her lips were still swollen and her clit was still there hiding under her hood ready to come out to play so kicking away her shirt she took Harry and went back into the shower grabbing a bottle of baby oil on the way. There was a small stool in the shower and sitting on this with her legs splayed and warm water running over her body and valleying down between her tanned breasts then channelling itself to run between her thighs to stream past her pussy as she let Harry slid in and up to his full length. She found that she could lay back against the cabinet wall so that she could use both hands to massage her lubricated breasts and stimulate her swollen clit at the same time as letting Harry whirl and pump within her but even as she exploded with her second and then third orgasm it wasn’t the same as having a man thrusting his cock inside her, to feel bursa evi olan escort his balls banging against her bottom and his lips around her nipples and the explosion of cock as his hot sperm gushed inside her.

Perhaps to-night, she thought.

Chapter 2

Hugo proves his worth

Dinner that first night was a fairly formal occasion in the dinning coach and Jenny, sitting alone at a table, waited to be served. The same steward asked what she would like and put his hand on the table to reach across for the menu.

“I have already decided what I want thank you.”

Giving him her order she put her hand on his and said

“Perhaps you could bring me a bottle of champagne to my compartment just before you go off duty. There is no hurry, I ‘ll not want it until then.”

“Certainly madam. Er glasses?”

“I think two will do very nicely. Thank you.”

After dinner Jenny went into the long cocktail bar and sat with a large gin and tonic just gazing out of the window when she saw a reflection in the glass and a tall man in a dinner jacket was standing just behind her. She turned to meet his gaze.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“No,no. It’s just that I saw you sitting alone at dinner and as I also am travelling by myself I thought that you might like some company. Let me refill your glass. G and T I believe you ordered.” He laughed. “Sorry, my names Simon I hope I’m not being too forward, but well seeing you sitting all alone I thought, well you know…”

He left the sentence hanging.

Jenny looked at him as he ordered the drinks at the bar and was beginning to wonder about her fantasy with the steward. This one had the physique of an all England rugby forward with a mass of unruly blond curly hair to set off his deep blue eyes all of which was accentuated by a wicked smile that made an attractive face even more so. Oh well, she thought I suppose I could be greedy and have them both, but not on the same night or at least not until the last night, then who knows.

“Of course not I’m only too delighted to meet someone to talk to. I’m Jenny by the way.

It was about nine thirty when Simon, for that was his name, suggested another drink and he looked suitable dismayed when Jenny said.

“I’m sorry but not to-night. I’m pretty shattered after all my travelling to-day maybe to-morrow if you still want to.”

“To-morrow it is. Maybe see you at breakfast”

She laughed

“That depends. Good night.”

Back in her room she looked at the clock again, plenty of time she thought so slipping out of her dress Jenny went into the shower using her favourite soap started her preparations. As she dried herself she looked into the long mirror and yes she was pleased with her shape, she lifted her breasts high enough for her to just lick the ends of her nipples to bring them up. She turned and ran her hand down over her nicely proportioned hips and guided her fingers to explore the crease of her bottom and just touch ever so slightly enter her little hole before coming back to run her fingers through her auburn triangle to just tease and gently part her outer lips to let just one finger start to enter while her thumb softly rubbed at her clit. Jenny knew that she hadn’t got time for this otherwise Harry would have been out of his silk bed. Having dried herself she very lightly sprayed her legs and body with her favourite and most expensive perfume then brushing her long hair until it shone she applied the last of her scanty makeup then searching in her drawer she pulled out a pair of short legged pure silk apple green panties with white lace edging and a delicate open lace design which did nothing to hide her auburn bush and generous mount. Even though she discarding the matching bra her firm breasts were still and enticing as she wrapped herself in a darker green Chinese Kimono robe and pulled it in with a wide tie sash. The robe was seductively decorated with large dragons embroidered on the back and had big loose sleeves which she knew would let the robe fall easily to the floor when the time came.

At precisely ten o’clock there was a light tap on the door, and like all women she had a last look around and another in the mirror before opening the door. Then opening the door wide she met him with a smiling look of anticipation on her face. She knew that she looked dazzling and it reflected in his face as he offered up the tray of champagne with the two glasses. He was wearing a white shirt open to the waist tucked into tight light fawn slacks. Jenny looked at him and approved all that she saw and showed in her face and her glittering eyes as they travelled up and down his body just letting her gaze stop momentarily at the bulge straining in those tight trousers. She said nothing as she stood back to let him in.

He stopped as he was moving past her.

“I hope I have everything madam requires.”

He said it with a wicked smile that showed off his perfect white teeth.

“Oh bursa türbanlı escort I think that you probably have all that I require.”

As she closed the door she lent back against it with her chest pushed out and just spent a few seconds admiring his tight arse as he bent down to place the tray and pour the drinks from the already open bottle. Already she could feel a sensation beginning in her loins as she involuntarily squeezed her breast and tweaked at her nipple. Jenny pushed herself off the door and moved towards him as she closed with him her hand very softly ran over the curve of one cheek and then the other until she had an arm right round him. As he turned towards her she pulled his head closer and then she kissed him with a fiery passion. Then as he opened his mouth her tongue forced its way inside and lashed about entwining with his tongue and trying to reach as far into his mouth as possible. She felt his arms around her and steely fingers squeezing her sides. Jenny, in her fever dragged his shirt out and running her hand over his bare chest pinching his nipples and sucking them before licking his body. In their frenzy her sash had come undone and with a shrug of her shoulder she let her robe fall to the floor. In a matter of seconds his hard fingers had become soft as they squeezed and played with her breasts. She felt her nipples hardening as he nibbled at them with gentle bites as he massaged one and then the other. She knew that she was getting very wet and her lips were starting to open. Jenny knew that she couldn’t wait any longer to have his cock in her hand and mouth. Sliding down his body until she was level with his waist she pulled open his belt and then his zip. She could feel her engorged lips start to drip as she dragged his trousers to the floor, she saw he wore no pants as his rampant prick sprang out at her. Taking it in both hands she pumped it up and down before licking its big swollen helmet poking her tongue into the little slit then holding her lips tightly round his solid shaft slowly sucked him in, just a little at first then deeper and deeper, faster and faster until you hear the slurping of his cock as he held her head while he fucked her face. She could hear him groaning with the pleasure as he arched his back as he tried to thrust even deeper. After a few moments Jenny pulled his cock from her mouth and gently massaged his balls letting his hot wet cock rub up against her face, before sucking them one at a time. She looked up at him and smiled then as he tried to put it back into her mouth she pulled back and putting a finger over the end of his knob said

“Not yet my dear, you’re not going to cum yet.”

As she spoke she stood up sliding her near naked body up against him pressing her hard breast into his chest and pulling him against her so that she could feel his hot throbbing cock sliding down between her breasts and pressing into her stomach as it came down as far as her crotch he tried to pull her panties to one side to let it slip in between her legs but she gently pushed him back before pulling him back towards the bed then sitting just on the edge she lay back and looking up at him she raised her legs and bottom for him to slide off her pants then she spread her legs and for the first time he saw her mount of Venus with the neatly trimmed auburn bush and her swollen inviting labia already wet and excited. Kneeling between her legs he buried his nose in her slit then moved up to nibble at her clit and at the same time thrust his tongue as far in as he could get it, licking and lapping and sucking at her hole taking deep breaths of her musk and the shear raw smell of sex, with his hands tight under the cheeks of her arse he could make sure that he could stay sucking at her juices. As he sucked her fanny he reached up to squeeze a pummel her breasts rolling her hard rampant nipples between his finger and thumb; he heard her cry out almost, it seemed, in another world as she scrunched up the covers in her hands and thrust her pelvis further into his face, she could feel him sucking up the flood that followed. Then grabbing him by his head she pulled him off then he heard her gasp through her clenched teeth.

“Now,now, I want you inside me, I want it now.?”

Pulling her a little more forward he half stood and rubbed the end of his cock against her gaping fanny but before he could start to push it in she took it in both hands and guided it just into the opening before her muscles took over and sucked him in the rest of the way. Slowly sliding the end in and out to begin with then deeper and deeper going faster and faster he could hear her groaning and as she rubbed at her clit and thrashed about. He could feel and hear his now wet balls slapping against her arse.

“Harder, harder.” She cried. “Come on fuck me harder, faster, I want to cum again damn you.”

She reached up and grabbed him by the shoulders he could feel her nails as they bit into his flesh, with his hands firmly holding her arse he pulled her backwards and forwards thrusting his eight inches of solid cock as deep as he could slamming it in and out with his balls slapping against her arse until he felt his balls tighten and the feeling in the pit of his stomach told him that he was going to cum any second at just that moment he heard her cry out.

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