Jae-Sun: A-Mei-Zing

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Sarkopheros Says:

Okay, so, technically, it’s 20 past midnight here as I’m writing this. But it’s still April 9th in other parts of the US, so we’re still going to count this as April 9th! Except the site won’t say so. Anyway, I said I’d get it done today and I did, dammit.

This one’s fucking huge. It’s 15,158 words, making it the biggest story by almost 3,000 words. I’m not saying quantity is quality. But I am pretty pleased with myself for doing something of this scale. Be forewarned—this story has a slow buildup, and that’s part of the reason it’s so long. If you want to skip to the sex, just ctrl+f “try it on”.

In this story, I bring back Tabby from Jae-Sun: Inspiration. This is basically a sequel to that story, but you don’t have to read Inspiration to understand this one. I hope you guys enjoy her!

If you’ve read one of my stories, you know what to expect. If not, everything operates on hentai physics. Expect low-hyper sizes (16″) hyper balls, cum inflation, interracial, thick girl with a big ass, throat-fucking, 69ing, oral, cock and body worship. Also they go on a date.

One last thing. I decided to write this story in third-person omniscient. It’s not something I do often, so I’d love your feedback on it.

Enough from me. Enjoy!


Slorsch-click-slorsch-click. Tabby groaned. Her Mary Janes clicked unevenly and entirely too widely across the sidewalk.

She could still feel it. The dull, delicious ache between her thighs. The raw, red areas where his balls had spanked her thighs and ass. Tabby figured it was her imagination, but it felt as if her pussy was still gaping open. As if she could feel air flowing inside it.

The dress fluttered around her legs in the breeze. Her belly still felt stretched and swollen. This wasn’t like a stomach ache—this was a bizarre sensation that came from below her stomach, deeper in her body. It was in her most private part, her deepest sanctum. A womb-ache. Though her womb had retracted to a smaller size, she only had to look down to see that her belly was still unusually large. And she only had to move to feel that there was still semen sloshing inside.

Every step had her plump thighs grinding agonizingly together; her raw, still-red pussy rubbing against them. She’d elected to go commando because even silky panties exacerbated it.

As she approached, Tilda could see that her friend’s usual gait was … off. That much was obvious, even at several paces. Perhaps more obvious from several paces. She sidled up next to Tabby and said, “Hey!”

Tabitha looked to the side when she heard her friend’s voice. Tilda was a tall girl with wild, platinum-blonde hair that hung down to the small of her back. With her naturally-slender build, that hair looked more like a mane. She wore skinny grey jeans, sneakers, and a flannel shirt. In her hand was a paper bag from Chick-Fil-A. Tabitha grunted and managed a smile. “Hey, Tilda.”

Tilda watched her friend’s odd walk for an`ppother moment. Did she sprain her ankle or something? “Hey yourself. So!” she tossed her hair. “Did you read what Stander assigned?”

Tabitha groaned.

I guess that’s a no, thought Tilda. She shook her head. “Me neither. Damn.”

Tabitha chuckled. She says that like it’s a surprise. “You never do the reading, anyway. You’re going to have to learn to read at some point.”

“Why learn to read when I can just bother you?” Tilda pushed her shoulder. “I’m surprised that you didn’t do your reading. You love history.”

Tabitha nodded. “Uh … something … I was … incapacitated…?” She smiled lamely.

Incapacitated? Tilda narrowed her eyes and squinted at Tabby for a long moment. “What happened to you? You’re walking like a duck,” she observed.

“Uh … well … I was uh … I was in class….” Well, what the hell am I supposed to tell her? They rounded a corner and walked between two red-brick class buildings.

Tilda looked back at Tabby. She was looking down at the sidewalk and … was that a blush? Wait a minute. Tilda’s face scrunched into a mischievous grin. She wrinkled her nose. “Who waaaas heeee?!” she sang.

“You wouldn’t believe it,” sighed Tabitha. “Hnkh!” She suppressed a moan as a particularly-pleasurable spasm seized her womb. The little aftershocks had become less frequent, but they were real good at interrupting her train of thought. “This guy in my life-drawing class. He … I’m not making this up, Tilda. He fucked everyone. Everyone! Me, the other students. Dozens of us. I’ve never seen anything like it! And he had this—” Tabby stopped. Another student passed too close. When she spoke again, her voice was hushed. “His cock was bigger than my forearm!” She held her hands apart, approximating Jae’s absurd sixteen-inch length. “That long.” Then she pantomimed holding a soda bottle. “And it was that thick! tire escort Oh my god, and his muscles…. His chest….”

Well I can only think of one guy that meets that description. “So you fucked Jae Kyoung?” asked Tilda.

Tabitha stopped in her tracks. “Wait. You know him?!”

Tilda nodded. “Yeah? I think everyone does. He’s a badly-kept secret.”

Tabitha shook her head. “Wait, but you didn’t fuck him? You don’t even like dicks.”

Tilda rolled her eyes. “Of course not. But being a lesbo doesn’t mean I don’t know who guys are. No, my ex fucked him after we broke up. She was bi. She couldn’t even walk the next day, so congratulations. You’re managing that much.”

I can’t say I blame her. “It hurts,” grunted Tabby. “But like, a good way.”

Judging by that walk…. “I bet! Shit, I wish I could pull dozens of girls all the time like that Asian bastard. Lick me raw!”

“Mmmmh….” Tabby could remember how it had felt. The rough hands grabbing her pudgy body. His porn-star muscles looming over her. His— “Hnkh!” Another aftershock squeezed her womb. “Hhahhh!” Tabby gasped, stopped, and pressed her knees together. Schplat! Tabby looked down. There was broad, pearly trail rolling down each leg. A dinner-plate-sized puddle of jizz was at her feet. Her shoes had been splattered with white. “Oh, fuck!” she screeched before clapping her hands over her mouth.

Tilda shook her head. Yup, looks about right. “You know, my ex squatted and filled like three milk jugs the next day, that’s not so bad.”

A short goth passing by overheard them. She looked at the puddle before laughing. “Haha! I filled a bucket and both sinks in the kitchen the day after. You’re doing great. It takes days to empty out! You’ll be fine by the weekend. Next time he fucks you, pack paper towels in your purse.” Then she was on her way.

Tilda nodded. “See? Poorly-kept secret.”

Tabby groaned. “Do you have … uh … anything?”

“Oh, yeah.” Tilda opened her Chick-Fil-A bag. The hot scent of fresh chicken blasted Tabby in the face. Her friend pulled out a few wadded-up napkins before reaching up between Tabby’s legs and wiping the jizz off.

Tabby jumped, caught off-guard. More spunk squirted out. “What are you doing?!”

Tilda glanced up. “Helping.”

Tabby looked from side to side. “J-just hurry up. I don’t want someone to see.”

Semen had soaked into her stockings, leaving dark trails. But dark trails were far preferable to rivers of jizz dripping down her thighs.

As Tilda swept her hand up Tabby’s thigh, jizz gathered in her palm, filling it up. “Wow, there’s a lot.” It rolled over her hand like hot yogurt. While most of it ended up on the napkin, some did end up on her skin. “Ugh.”

“You should have seen how much came out after I got home,” groaned Tabby. “I was in the shower for an hour just trying to squeeze it all out! Gushing, gushing. It was up around my ankles. And after. Every so often, if I get up after sitting for a while or laying down, more squorsches out! It’s awful,” she complained.

“Why didn’t you put in a tampon or something?” Tilda grimaced as she cleaned her friend up. She flicked her hand, tossing a jizz-soaked napkin into the bushes.

Oh. “I … I guess I could have done that if I had thought about it?” Tabitha shrugged. “It wouldn’tve been fun, but I guess it would have … stopped the mess.”

Tilda stood up and pulled off a very good Thizz face. “I think I got most of it.” She flicked her hands to the sides. Spunk splattered the wall, the bushes, and some bro’s backpack.

“Thanks. A lot,” said Tabby.

She shrugged. “I’ve cleaned up after an incontinent dog, this isn’t quite on that level.”

Tabby wrinkled her nose. “Ew! Are you talking about Choo-Choo?”

Tilda shook her head. “No, it was Pumpkin.”


After finding a restroom where Tilda could wash her hands several times, they entered the auditorium. Professor Stander was at his desk on his laptop organizing today’s PowerPoint. The class consisted of about 150 students, about a third of whom had already arrived. Several of them even noticed that Tabby was walking funny. Several of those several knew why she was walking funny.

Tabby sighed. “I hope he’s not in class today.”

“Why not?” asked Tilda. She grinned. “Don’t you liiike him? Maybe you should go on a date.”

They walked down one of the aisles. Tabby was silent for a moment. “…Well … he’s actually a lot nicer than you’d think. I’d like that a lot! And. Mmph. He looks like such a badass.”

“He fought like five guys trying to mug one of the Spanish professors,” offered Tilda.

Tabby looked at Tilda. “R-really? Is that true?”

Tilda nodded and grinned. “It was in the school newspaper.” She knew her friend well enough to recognize that tone torbalı escort of voice. Tabs was turned on!

A flush rolled over Tabby. “So he actually is a badass? Mmph….” Tabby shook her head. “But asking him on a date? I don’t know. It would be awkward.” Would he even be interested?

Tilda grinned. Tabby found herself unconsciously squeezing her thighs together, which made her walk even more bizarre. Tilda spoke again. “You should ask him out! I mean you did kind of ride his pork-rocket.”

Tabby glared at her. “Ask him— No!”

Tilda shrugged. “Well, he must have liked you if he fucked you. You already had sex, what’s wrong with some dinner?” Seems fair to me.

Tabby shook her head. “Look at him, he looks like he’s in a biker gang or like … a rock star or something.” Someone like Jae wouldn’t be interested in her like that. “He just fucked me because I was in that room. I doubt he’d go out with a girl like me. I was another pussy.” But if he was interested in going out … wow, I wonder what my friends would say?

Tilda elbowed her. “Please. Ask him! It can’t hurt. Didn’t you just say he was nice?”

Yes, but why would a porn-star-looking stud like that want to date me? He probably just wanted to add some notches to his bedpost or whatever. “Yeaaaah! No. Come on, no, I can’t do—”

The gleam of chrome spikes caught her eye. Tabby looked over. The broad shoulders. The long hair. It was him! “He’s here!” she hissed.

Of course, Jae already knew they were there. He’d heard their conversation starting at “I’d like that a lot.” The girls were not being very stealthy, and Jae had very sharp senses.

The blonde shot her friend a mischievous smirk before walking down the row. She put her hand on Jae’s spiked shoulder and said, “Hi there!”

Jae looked up at the blonde. She was pretty cute, but he already knew she wasn’t interested in dicks. “Sup, Tilda?”

His hair blocked most of his face, but Tabby could still see his nose and the sculpted jaw. Oh, that jaw! Of course, after gawking, Tabitha realized what was going on and the color drained from her face. Oh my god, she’s really doing it! What is he going to think?! “Tilda!” she hissed.

Tilda grinned at Jae. “Hi! Want to date my friend?”

Jae played dumb, partially out of habit, partially to let the girls play their game out. “Who is your friend?”

Tilda pointed at her. “You know her already!”

Tabitha was tempted to dive down behind the seats, and Jae could tell. He looked at her and said, “Oh, Tabby? Sure, we can go out.”

Tilda looked at Tabitha and winked.


Oh my God! I can’t believe I’m doing this! Tabby shuffled from foot to foot in front of her dorm. She’d spent a good hour just staring at her closet, wondering what to wear.

Her rational part, of course, told her this was all silly—she’d had sex with him already, and Jae didn’t seem like someone who cared about fashion. However, the irrational part was incredibly focused on looking nice for him!

Eventually, she’d settled on a short-sleeved navy-blue empire dress with embroidered patterns, silver lipstick, and a pair of white heels. Now she was standing on the sidewalk in front of her dorm with a spotlight on her. In her mind, anyway. Tabby didn’t know if people were staring. She felt like they were. Not necessarily the good kind of staring—the kind of staring reserved for people wearing bizarre or pretentious outfits. The silver lipstick in particular felt this way—sure, it’d seemed great online, and she loved how it looked when she’d tried it on. But Tabby had never worked up the courage to wear it outside her room until now. However, despite her trepidation, Tabby still liked the look she had on now.

She was beginning to look from side to side before she stopped herself. Don’t make it awkward. Fake it till you make it! Yeah…. That’s what her sister always said, and it seemed to work out. Besides, a teensy sideways glance showed that no one was really paying any attention to her.

Am I out here too early? He said around seven. Not seven. She looked at her phone. 7:12. If I stand out here any longer, I’m just going to look ridiculous and—

RRRMMMBBBLLH. A deep, throaty growl like a monstrous tiger caught her attention. A gleaming red convertible pulled up. Some kind of old-looking muscle car. Tabby could actually feel the rumbling of the V8 under the hood—not that she knew it was a V8. In her estimation, there was not a car more appropriate for Jae.

His bizarre red eyes met hers. He smiled, making the scars on his face crinkle up. Tabby stopped herself from biting her lip. As always, he had his black leather vest on—though he was wearing a different shirt. Tabby had never thought about it until now, but Jae had the fashion sense of a cartoon character—he always seemed urla escort to be wearing the same thing. Dark-grey pants and that vest.

Jae thought she looked great. The dress hugged her in the right places and accentuated her bust and wide, thick hips. The open collar and bob cut showed off her neck. He grinned. “Sup, girl?”

“Jae!” she yelped. “Wow!” Tabby found herself wishing she knew more about cars.

Jae got out, walked around to her side, and opened the door. Klunk.

Tabby was a bit surprised. “What a gentleman.” She looked up at him before sliding into the supple leather seat and putting her purse in her lap. Jae was a head taller than her, which put her face level with his broad chest.

He closed the long door and shrugged. “I don’t do this every time.” Then he went around to his side of the car and got in. “Damn, you look good, girl.”

Tabby felt heat in her cheeks. She was glad it was dark—she thought she was blushing. “Oh, wow, thanks! I just had this in my closet! Never have a reason to wear it.”

“Well now I feel special,” chuckled Jae.

His eyes crept over her for a long moment, leaving Tabby with no question about his sincerity. The flush continued. She straightened up and smoothed her skirt. This felt good.

“So what did you want to eat?” he finally asked. Turning the key, the Mustang rumbled to life.

“Oh, well, I thought you had some place in mind,” said Tabby.

“Not really.”

“…Uh … well … you know, I’ve always wanted to try Korean meat—barbecue! Barbecue.”

Jae laughed. “Alright girl. Well, there’s a decent Korean place over there at the strip mall at Jefferson and Furrier.”

Tabby shook her head. There is? “Wait, I never notice a Korean restaurant there.” That’s where I go for comics.

Jae nodded. “It’s kind of around the corner. It’s not one of the ones that all the students go to.” He put the car in gear and pulled back onto the road.

“Oh, well, if you think it’s good, I’m sure it is.” Wait, did that come out right? “I mean. Not that I expect you to know all things Korean on the island, being a Korean,” she added.

“So you trust my judgment?” Jae chuckled.

“Yeah!” Tabby ran her hand along the edge of the door. “Wow, this car is really old. But I mean, it’s in good condition! It’s like my dad’s old convertible.”

“Yeah, your dad a car guy?” asked Jae.

“He is. He had a garage built for his classics,” confirmed Tabby. “He’d probably make you an offer on this … uh … this car.”

That was the tone of someone who didn’t know what they were looking at. “It’s a ’71 Mustang Mach 1,” specified Jae.

Tabby looked down at the skull-headed shifter. But then a different head drew her attention. Her eyes fell into Jae’s lap, taking a long, hard look at that monstrous bulge. Man, it’s like he’s smuggling the produce section. She remembered it. Its size, its heat. Tabby felt the urge to hover her hand over it, just so she could feel its warmth.

Then she recalled the sight of Jae’s naked, sculpted body. The muscles flexing over her as he made her his. Tabby’s face started to heat up. She could feel the pulsing in her mound. Her womb tightened once more. Another aftershock. She stopped herself from moaning before looking back out at the road.


It wasn’t long before they made it to the Korean place. As Jae described, it was around the corner from most of the shops, including the comic store. Tabby didn’t even realize this part of the strip mall existed. A red sign glowed above—LUCKY PIG.

“I’m pretty sure this place is the opposite of lucky for pigs,” mused Tabby.

Jae burst out laughing. Tabby looked over at him. That deep, gravelly sound tingled in her belly. And the way he brushed his hair out of his face….

Jae pressed the button to put the roof back up. As the servos whirred, he explained. “Pigs are considered lucky in Korea. Like, if you dream about a pig, that’s a good omen.”


Jae got out of the car and came around her side to open the door again. She got out, and he locked it up. Ever the gentleman, he even opened the restaurant’s door for her. There was a fish tank immediately inside, and the interior was mostly wood. There was an older woman standing at the hostess’s podium with no concept of color coordination. Jae bowed to her and said, “Annyeonghaseyo ajumma.”

Her face crinkled into a smile and she bowed back. “Jae-Sun! Who this? You new girlfriend?”

Tabby’s heart skipped a beat and she could feel heat prickling her cheeks. Shit, am I blushing again? “N-no! No, thank you?” “Thank you?” Why did I say “thank you?”

Of course, what Tabitha didn’t know was that Seo-Hyeon said that every time Jae brought a random girl into the restaurant—mostly because he was a nice young man who should be looking for a good wife at his age and why wasn’t he thinking about marriage? Granted, she would be thinking this in Korean.

Jae gave a good-natured laugh. Why does she say that every time I bring a girl in here? She knows damn well. “Nah, we’re just out for dinner. I go to school with her. She wanted to try some Korean food.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32