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I was just thinking about last night, and was remembering every detail. It started out so innocent and where it ended I just can’t believe.

Meeting you for the first time, seeing you in that dress, I thought this must be a dream. Then when you walked over to my table and sat down I knew it was real. Your gleaming eyes, your beautiful smile, and the smell of the air around you. Immediately I was intoxicated.

As we ordered our meals and sipped on our drinks I could see that you where something special. Innocent yet wild, quiet yet roaring with passion. I could see the flush in your cheeks and I knew that there was something you wanted to say but didn’t know if you should. I remember asking you to tell me, and what you said. “This is the first time I have done anything like this. Meeting a man whom I’ve never seen before.” I remember assuring you that this is only a friendship dinner, and that I just wanted to see the real person that I have known for so long now.

As we ate our meals I remember the feeling of your foot brushing against my leg, and the sensation that it sent through my body. I remember the feel as I touched your hand and felt you for the first time. The feel of your skin the first time I ran my fingers down your arm. And then our first kiss. Soft and gentle, your lips as soft as the petals of a rose. Though unexpected, neither of Samsun Escort us pulling away.

When our dinners where finished, do you remember what happened next? I asked if there was anything you would like to do. All you said was that you would like to get to know me better. I suggested a walk, and you just said no. I suggested going to my room, and you said yes.

I remember as we left the restaurant you took my arm and leaned close to me as if it where the most natural thing. To me it was. Holding you this close to me just felt so right. As we strolled to the elevator I could smell your hair, your skin, and remember how your fragrance once again intoxicated me.

Then when we arrived at my room, the bit of surprise I saw in your eyes. I know you didn’t expect a room with a Jacuzzi, but I also remember seeing the delight also. As you sat on the foot of the bed, I asked you if you would like to relax in the tub. It felt like such a foolish thing to say, but you said you would enjoy that very much. As I began filling the tub and you began to undress I saw you in all your beauty for the first time. I was in awe. Slowly you stepped in testing the water, then letting your whole body slip into the tub. All I could do was stare.

Slowly I approached kneeling behind you. Caressing your hair, your neck, your shoulders. Feeling the warmth Samsun Escort Bayan of your skin. A slight moan escaped your lips, letting me now that this pleasured you. Slowly tracing my fingers across your neck and slowly down your chest. Brushing my finger tips lightly across you breasts feeling your nipples stiffen under my touch. Gently kissing the nape of your neck, your shoulders, your lips.

You then stepped out of the Jacuzzi, glistening with pearls of water rolling down your skin. I wrapped you in a towel and took you in my arms and kissed your gentle lips. Lifting you I carried you to the bed and laid you down telling you to lay on your stomach. Removing the towel I began massaging your body. Starting at your neck and slowly working my way to your shoulders, and slowly down your back. Giving gentle kisses on your neck and shoulders. Tasting your sweet flesh. As I work my way down your body caressing and massaging, my fingers slide between your cheeks brushing slightly against your hole. I feel it tighten just a bit, but a small moan of pleasure escapes you. I continued down your body, your thighs, your calves your feet, your toes.

Then it was time to lay on your back. As I began to work my way back up your body I could see the desire in your eyes. Slowly working my way up your legs, your thighs, brushing your most intimate Escort Samsun areas with my finger tips. I felt your desire rise with each little touch. Running my fingers across your stomach, between your breasts, brushing my fingers across your nipples and feeling them stiffen under my touch.

Do you remember me slowly sliding my finger between your folds? Feeling your clit throb and your juices begin to flow. I do. I remember that first taste when I touched my lips to that most intimate part of your body. The taste of your nectar. Sliding my tongue down your slit and pushing it as deep into you as I can.

Our desire for each other was so high then. We both knew that there was no turning back. Slowly you pulled me up to you and the words you said to me still ring in my ears. “I need you now, there is no turning back.” Slowly I entered you feeling your muscles grip me and try to draw me in. But you knew that I would go slow just to create pleasure out of need. Slowly I began to gain a rhythm, slow long strokes quickening each time. Drawing us both to the place where we wanted to be. I was getting close, but you stopped me. Rolling me over on my back you mounted me taking my full length deep into you and moaning with pleasure. As your pace quickened I could tell that you where close to climax and I wanted to be there with you. With your hands on my chest all control was gone and the eruption of both our orgasms exploded.

Slowly you laid your head on my chest, exhausted we both fell into a light sleep listening to each others breathing.

In the morning I woke and you where gone. Where you a dream or my interlude?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32