In the Spirit of Things

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In Memory of Peg Free spirit, sexual mentor, and friend.

Ghostwritten for Anne. All Rights Reserved

The autumn wedding was beautiful. Simply and tastefully done, the glowing bride was the centerpiece in the university chapel. As the reception wound down I found myself nursing a beer at an empty table. The warm late September sunshine and a light breeze made me feel content, at peace with the world, and ready for a nap. The lawn had slowly emptied after the bride and groom had left, off to bed or to catch a plane I didn’t know. Peg smiled as she sat down next to me, setting her half full glass of wine on the table. I really don’t care for fancy dresses, and Peg looked like a purple pear in hers. I silently vowed that when the time came, I wouldn’t subject my brides maid to a terrible dress.

“I’m glad that’s over. I love Monica, don’t get me wrong, but this has been one long day.” She emphasized those last three words while pulling off her shoes, a pause between each. “God, I bet my feet stink after a day in hose.” She wrinkled her nose like a child eating spinach. I smiled. Peg was a drama major, and always added a little dramatic flair to everything she did.

Peg and I had been friends for a couple of years. I had learned a lot about boys from Peg. She loved to talk about sex, and really loved to espouse her sexual philosophy. Some of her ideas were as crazy as her drama friends, but she was always fun to talk to.

“Stinky feet are not a great way to get to the casting couch”, I cajoled. She had the feet of a dancer; sculpted, strong, and a big plus for an actress. Peg’s toes were polished, veiled by the gauze of her hose. I admired them for a moment, then took one into my hand. I scooted my chair towards her, pulled her calf between my legs, and began to massage the kinks from the sole of her foot.

“Mind if I join you?” I looked up to see Sam walking across the lawn towards us. The caterers were busy packing up, but Sam grabbed a glass and poured some iced tea from the cooler. “So, what are you guys doing for Halloween?”, he asked as he sat down.

“I’m not sure yet.” I hadn’t really given it very much thought.

“I thought maybe I’d borrow Monica’s wedding dress”, Peg joked. Then, laughing, she added “Imagine me as a virgin bride! I’d really like to be a virgin again!”

I had been friends with Peg for long enough to know that for all her sex talk, she wasn’t really all that promiscuous. As for me, I was inexperienced in a lot of ways sexually but I wasn’t raised in a closet. Still, most of my sexual experience could be summed up as the Good and the Bad. Discovering masturbation was good. Losing my virginity in high school wasn’t. Being deflowered takes the edge off the pleasure, among other things. I definitely would turn down being a virgin again.

I had first met Sam just before the start of the semester. It was a hot July night at a party in a house with a broken air conditioner. People were dancing, writhing in the hot smoky air. Peg was sweating and flushed from dancing, her cheeks pink and her eyes wild. The guy next to me was sheepishly looking at Peg. Her blouse, unbuttoned to her bra, was hanging out of her skirt. Sweat ran down into her cleavage in a little rivulet, her breasts rising and falling as she danced. He looked like he was trying to figure out how to approach her, but didn’t want to just step in and start dancing. He looked shyly away, but his eyes kept coming back to Peg. I almost laughed. Peg was a free spirit. She would definitely be too wild for this guy. Later on Peg introduced him to me as her friend Sam.

“You two could dress up as Egyptian priestesses, and I could be your supplicant”, offered Sam. Sam was a history major with an interest in ancient civilizations. In the past month I had heard more about Egyptian tombs than I ever dreamed possible. A moment later he looked at me and added “Actually, I was thinking that it might be fun if you two came to our ghost dance.” His eyes darted to Peg and back. “Did Peg ask you about it?”

Before I could respond, Peg added “We all get together and get naked underneath the sheets. Like ghosts, except there’s two people to a sheet.” Then, with a dramatic pause, she added “It’s like sex without the sex. You know, touchy feely sex. It could be fun, and you might learn something”.

No, actually, Peg hadn’t said a word about it. She was always full of little surprises. She knew how naive I was sexually, and seemed to enjoy making me blush. She also knew how curious I was about sex. We had talked about it often enough. I suppose that, looking back, I would say that I saw Peg as my sexual mentor.

“It’s not exactly like that. You don’t even have to get naked if you don’t want to.”, Sam said hastily. “And there’s no sex.”

Peg had a tendency to mimic various actresses when she felt put out. “Dahling,” she said. “If you’ve got your hands on my tits or a finger in my pussy, it’s sex. You see, Anne, they always want you to believe that they have hd porno the best of intentions, but they really only want to get into your panties.” College guys were definitely men in Peg’s eyes. I still had a long way to go.

Sam’s expression had taken on a ‘why me?’ look. Peg lived for the reaction from her audience, and Sam had obviously been put on the spot before. He didn’t say anything else, but he looked at me expectantly. Peg was looking away as if she had completely lost interest in the conversation. I wasn’t sure what to say, so I said that I’d think about it. Later, as Peg and I were walking to the dorms, she explained that the ghost dance was like a square dance, with each couple hidden under a shroud. The caller would tell the couples what to do, when to take off their clothes, and when to start feeling each other up. It didn’t seem to bother Peg that I didn’t have a boyfriend, and for that matter neither did she. “Trust me, Anne, you’ll have fun.”

I finally agreed to do it. It turned out that Peg didn’t have any trouble convincing anyone to come to the dance. Everyone knew that if Peg was involved, it was probably going to be fun. She quickly recruited enough people to make 6 couples, but none of us were actually an item.

A week later we ran into Sam on his way to class. “How are you coming along on those costumes?” he asked Peg. Sam had been to a ghost dance last year, and had volunteered to call ours. Peg and I had agreed to go to the party with him dressed as his fantasy Priestesses to make it up to him.

Peg was certain that she could get our costumes from the drama department. “We’re all set!” she said, “except that we don’t have any Egyptian costumes. You’ll have to settle for Mayans. It was noble of you to volunteer to be our caller for the ghost dance”, she added. Then she patted his cheek and added with mock sympathy, “It’s too bad that means you won’t be getting any touchy-feely. I’ll tell you what. Anne and I will make it up to you after the party. How would you like to have a threesome with your two Amazon priestesses?” My face flushed beet red, and Sam’s was quickly turning the same shade. With that, she took my arm and led me away. “You bring the condoms,” she added over her shoulder.

I was floored. Peg had just volunteered me for a threesome, even though she knew how sexually inexperienced I was. I couldn’t think of a thing to say to her all the way to the cafeteria.

“What’s the problem, Anne?”, she asked as we stood in front of the steam trays. “You don’t want to fuck this guy?”

Sam was a good looking guy, but this was all so sudden. I was still naive in many ways, but I didn’t want Peg to think I was a prude. “Actually, Sam is very good looking and I would love to fuck him.” Then I reluctantly added, “But, he’ll probably want to put his thing in my mouth.” I’d heard about these college guys!

“Dahling,” she said, sometimes talking to me about sex seemed to put her out. “You don’t have to let him put his THANG in your mouth.” She then told me to trust her. She would make sure that I would not regret this kindness to our dear friend, Sam.

October was full of classes and homework, but I didn’t forget about the ghost dance or Peg’s promise to Sam. I was a mixed bag of emotions. A few months ago Peg had insisted that I get on the pill, so that wasn’t a worry. I constantly fretted about how things were going to go with Sam, but in my room at night I’d lay awake teasing my clit while fantasizing about Sam’s cock in my pussy. I had several very satisfying orgasms in the weeks before the party. I talked Peg’s ear off about what I should do, how I should touch Sam, and what it would be like having sex with her there. “One pussy is all I need, but there never can be too many cocks!”, she said. That was fine with me. I was definitely interested in guys, just a lot less experienced than Peg.

The day of the party finally came, and Peg had Sam and me meet her in her room. Sam was dressed up as an Archeologist, a white pith helmet on his head. I tried not to giggle. I couldn’t help but think that the little helmet of his cock must look like the helmet on his head. Once Peg and I were in our costumes, Sam began to tell us about the ancient Mayan temples and how lucky he was to find two beautiful priestesses to worship his temple. “Dahling. You are worshiping at our temple”, Peg sternly reminded him. Everyone had a laugh and we left for the party.

The house was decorated with Jack-o-Lanterns and cardboard cutouts. After getting to know everyone who had come, we all changed into our agreed outfits for the ghost dance. We all needed to have the same number of articles of clothing so that we’d be able to strip at the same time; namely, walking shorts, shirt, and underwear. My partner, Bob, was a guy that I knew but hadn’t been amorous with. Peg had made certain that no one had been intimate with their partner before. Sam, still in his silly pith helmet and hiking boots, told us all that the ghost dance sex izle was divided up into haunts. He briefly explained that a different piece of clothing was removed during each one. He started calling the dance. Actually, it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a dance. It was more like ring-around-the-rosy as we moved around the floor.

Sam called out as though addressing a group of intrepid Amazon explorers about to follow him on the expedition of a lifetime, “Men map out the hills and mountain peaks of your journey above the waist.” Bob’s hands trembled as he moved them over my tummy, sides, and finally my breasts. I had done some heavy petting in high school, but feeling Bob’s fingers pressing through my shirt and bra against my nipples was exciting. The sensations seemed enhanced by the fact that everything was hidden from view under the secrecy of our shrouds. After a few minutes Sam called out that it was the ladies turn to do the same. I returned his caresses, watching his eyes and his smile as I teased his nipples. His grin never faded, even when we danced around the circle again.

“Men draw the map of the secret valleys you will soon explore, below the waist.” Bob ran his hands over my exposed thighs, up my hips to squeeze my ass, and then around to press against my now damp pussy. He couldn’t feel how wet I was getting through my shorts, but just touching me there made him grin from ear to ear. When it was my turn I caressed his tight ass and then found his hardening cock. I thrilled at the little “ummmmm” sounds he made as I stroked him through his shorts. Bob’s hands were sweaty in mine as we began to dance around the floor.

“Ladies, the Amazon jungle is a hot and sweaty place. Ask your man if he’d be cooler without his shirt.” Bob’s grin and enthusiastic nod told me that he’d be very happy to have me remove his shirt. A few minutes later, at Sam’s instruction, my 19 year old date was nervously fumbling with my buttons. Then my shirt joined his in the corner. This time it was the gal’s turn to go first. Sam called out that we could use our fingers, lips, and tongues on any bare skin above the waist. Under no circumstances were we to touch anything still clothed. The guys still had on their undershirts, so I started by nibbling on Bob’s ear. I licked the soft skin where his neck met his chest. I finished with a hot probing kiss. The one thing that I had learned during my limited sexual experimentation in high school dating was how to kiss. When it was Bob’s turn he first returned my kiss and then didn’t waste any time ducking under the shroud. The feel of his tongue around the edge of my bra sent shivers all through me. My hands were still shaking as we danced another round.

Sam seemed to be really enjoying himself, but then he knew what he was in for when we were all done. He stayed in character, telling funny jokes as we moved from haunt to haunt.

When it was my turn to use my lips on the bare skin below Bob’s waist, my cheek “accidentally” rubbed against the front of his briefs. The bulge of his cock straining against the thin cloth was a sensous, hot carress on my cheek. His cock jumped and his knees gave slightly, but he didn’t turn me in for breaking the rules! My panties were beginning to get very wet when Bob began to trail kisses along my thighs and over my tummy. I shouldn’t have been surprised when his cheek rubbed against my panties, but the electric feeling made me moan in spite of myself. I’m sure that there wasn’t a soft cock or a dry pair of panties in the room as we danced to the next haunt.

It wasn’t long before Bob’s fingers were exploring my naked breasts. Peg, in her usual form, had worn a bra that said “Second base” on the left cup and “Third base” on the right cup. Her date was distracting me from the pleasure, laughing and showing off Peg’s bra. “Where’s first base?” he chided. Peg had been waiting for this and cajoled, “Well you must have passed first base if you’re all the way to second and third! Weren’t you paying attention?”. The room was full of laughter. “Take your partner’s hand, moisten a finger, and then rub it around your breasts and nipples.” Sam called. I was trying very hard to follow his instructions, but Bob had other ideas. I was not prepared for the indescribable pleasure I experienced as Bob pinched and pulled on my nipples.

Sam flipped a coin to determine if the guys or gals would be the first to help their partners out of their last remaining piece of clothing. As we danced I had trouble keeping a straight face. Bob was so serious, but all I could think of was the contrast between this dance and the ones in high school. I remembered that with some of my high school partners that I could feel their hard-on as they held me close. At least the tiger was in a cage then. During this Haunt, with a virile unrestrained and erect male organ, what can a guy do with it while dancing? I was having trouble keeping from laughing out loud as his cock kept whacking me on the leg.

Sam really outdid altyazılı porn himself on the next haunt. “Now, men, your ladies will take you on a tour of the valley of the spirits in search of the cave of the spirits of pleasure”, he waxed eloquent. I guided Bob’s fingers slowly down my happy trail. My body had become one very big sexually coiled spring. I could feel the tension from my fingers to my toes, and every quivering point in between. The anticipation of letting him explore the entrance of my cave with his fingers was overwhelming. I was wet. Such a simple and understated way to say that Bob had me aching to feel his fingers on me, in me, exploring my sex. Exquisite pleasure washed over me as his fingers pressed against my clit. He slowly traced my labia with his finger, then ever so slowly pushed his finger into me. I leaned against him, draping my arms over his shoulders, knowing that in a few moments I wouldn’t be able to stand on my own. He didn’t need me to show him the way any more. He might have been as inexperienced as I was, but he was a natural with his fingers. One finger pushing in, moving in a slow circle, drawing out, tracing my clit with my moisture. Two fingers exploring my pussy, shallow, deep, shallow. I was in lost on a sexual sea of exquisite currents and eddies, murmuring my approval in my navigator’s ear. Sam’s voice became a lighthouse in my sexual fog, drawing me back to shore.

“Ladies, your men will guide you around and over Bald Mountain.” It’s funny how something so silly turns into a sexual thrill when the sexual tension in the air is palpable. A few of us giggled uncontrollably while others like me moaned our frustration at the sudden absence of a partner’s ministrations. Although I had had intercourse once when I was in high school, this was the first time I had taken such a tour of this bit of male anatomy. Bobs hand slipped away from mine as I ran my fingers over his balls and up his shaft. The veins of his cock were warm and pulsing. His breath came in short ragged gasps as I explored the change of texture between the shaft and head of his erection; slowly, teasing, caressing my way to the tip. I was surprised to find a warm, sticky, wet mess at the tip of his cock. His look of utter rapture as I caressed him with my finger made me feel sexy, powerful.

A blissful, gutteral, sexual moan escaped the throat of a guy across the circle from me. His body leaned forward, spasming against his date. The look on her face was a comical combination of fascination and fear that she had done something wrong. I was getting worried that Bob was going to cum in my hand too, and I wasn’t sure that I was ready for that. I was saved by Sam, calling out “It’s time to leave the jungles of the Amazon before the temples are defiled. The mysteries of the spirits of pleasure can not be explored in a single day”.

We had all agreed ahead of time that anyone who wanted to ‘finish up’ would have to either take care of themselves or get their date to agree to meet them later. While we had all been busy exploring each other, Sam had mixed all of our clothes up in a big pile. He turned off the lights and by the glow of Jack-o-Lanterns We all tossed off our shrouds and dug to find our clothes. Even in the shadows I could make out the silhouettes of hard cocks. I was amazed at the differences between them. Peg and I were the last to pull on our panties and slip back into our costumes. I was surprised by how damp my panties were as I slid them up my leg

To this day I don’t know how many couples slipped away to have sex. Our party had other games, but I was in a warm sexual daze for most of the rest of the party. I knew what we had promised Sam. I was nervous, horny, worried, and excited all at the same time. I was suddenly aware that everyone except Sam, Peg, and me had gone home. “Reward time, Sam,” said Peg. “You go to the bedroom, and we’ll meet you there in a minute”. After he had left, she reminded me of the play rehearsals I had attended watching her act. “We’ll start out with you as the director,” she told me. “Tell me what to do. Tell Sam what to do. I’ll let you know when to join in. That puts you in control.” That sounded good to me, but I had butterflies in my stomach.

Soon we were sitting on the edge of the bed with a soft drink. Peg and I had stripped back down to our panties and Sam in his briefs. I was making progress, I was sitting braless in front of a guy, but my butterflies had turned into a circus doing flips and twists in my gut. Peg explained the plan to Sam, who nodded solemnly as she made an erotic show of pulling off his briefs. I only saw his nod out of the corner of my eye because I had become quite entranced by the sight of his erection as she moved them over his thighs. It was truly beautiful, but I still didn’t want it in my mouth!

In spite of my rather clumsy direction, Sam and Peg were getting it on pretty well. They seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely as I had Sam lick and suck Peg’s nipples. But I was naive in the ways of sex and the most risqu?? thing I could think of was to have Peg French kiss Sam. I kept all of the action above the waist because when I looked below the waist the sight of Sam’s hard cock made me blush furiously.

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