I Saw Johnny Sucking Santa Claus

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Content Warning: This story contains incest.


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,

Little Johnny traipsed shirtless, as cute as a mouse;

This holiday season, my brother and his wife flew out to the Bahamas, and he asked if his stepson, Johnny, could stay with me. My nephew’s a relaxed dude so I gladly accepted. It also didn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes.

I’m a 40-year-old gay guy with a penchant for twinks, and my nephew definitely fit the bill. I’ve become a bit of a “Daddy” in recent years, so it hasn’t been hard to bed my type (and breed them). But with Johnny, of course, he’s just eye candy–no touching. But boy did I want to…

Johnny’s a tall, lean and smooth swimmer, and his perfect bubble butt has been the subject of many a wank. He’d just started college in the fall and was excited to be out in the country with his uncle for winter break. Little did he know, his uncle was equally thrilled.

After dinner and dishes, both of which were spent eyeing my nephew, I hit the hay while he stayed on the couch watching TV. His toned body looked so sexy sprawled out in just boxers, tanned skin dazzling under the Christmas tree.

“Night, Johnny, see you in the morning. And make sure you go to bed soon, or Santa won’t come!”

“Ha ha,” he scoffed playfully. “I’m not a kid anymore, Uncle. I know Santa’s not real.”

“I’m just messing with you, dude. But seriously, you better not have been naughty this year, or it’ll be coal for you!”

“Maybe I was….” he smiled coyly, then rolled over and continued watching.

I gulped and my pupils dilated at the statement. It was the way he said it. He knew I was gay, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew I was staring at his tight ass right now. In fact, he scratched it before I left, pulling down his underwear to do so. In turn, his juicy rump came into view, then his hairless teen crevice. I wanted to pry it open and eat out, but had to shake away my fantasies before things got out of hand.

“Night, bud, Merry Christmas.”

“Night, Unc! Merry Christmas!”

I laughed when Johnny didn’t even turn around then walked upstairs. In my room, I kept thinking about my nephew’s sweet ass, his glorious globes. I didn’t feel that bad since he wasn’t my blood, and my brother had only recently married his wife. But still, he was my nephew! Weirdly, that sent more blood to my dick…

“Mmm fuck yea, Johnny, gimme that hole,” I whispered to myself while stroking my meat.

It was long and thick, appropriate for a Daddy, and I was sure I’d stretch his tiny pucker wider than the boy’s he’d been fucking. If he’d been fucking boys, that is… His comment came back to me, and the flirtatious smile he gave, then I blasted across my still intact abs.

“Damn…” I thought. “I really wanna fuck him…”

Soon I was snoring, my trusty, crusty sock by my side. A few hours later though, an odd noise woke me up.

I thought I heard a muffled thud, then, “ow, stop!”

“Ho, ho, ho! You know I can’t do that,” a jolly voice bellowed.

Another thud, another “ow!”

Shit! Johnny was in trouble! I jumped out of bed and grabbed the bat by my door. As I crept downstairs, I could make out a strange shadow cast on the wall–a large ink blot among festive lights. I knew my leather chair formed part of it, but the body sitting there looked enormous. Even stranger was the perpendicular frame lying across, with what looked like legs flailing at one end.

“Stop your moving, Johnny boy,” I heard.

Okay, so clearly there was another man here, and it seemed he knew my nephew. Did Johnny invite over a hookup? To my house?? I quickly pulled out my phone and hopped on Grindr, then saw a twink torso account 5 feet from mine. Gears were turning, but it wasn’t until I heard the next sentence that everything made sense.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy, Johnny, and Santa needs to spank you now!”


“Ow! I didn’t mean to be naughty, Santa. I’ll be a good boy!”

Damn! Not only was my nephew gay, he was hooking up with someone under my roof! And doing Santa role-play! Holy FUCK!! I wanted to be mad at him, but the scenario was just too damn hot. If anything, I was proud! My cock started stirring and I palmed it.

“Did you think I wouldn’t see you sucking off the water polo captain, Johnny? I know that’s how you got on the team. Don’t you know Santa sees everything?”


“Uhh! Sorry, Santa! Oww!!”

Hmm, so my nephew must have told this guy about his past flings, probably when they were messaging. I bet it turned him on to know Johnny’s a little slut. It sure turned me on! I rubbed my throbbing cock through my undies and slunk further down to catch a peek of the scene. When I popped my head around the corner, the sight was incredible.

Sitting in my chair was a big, jolly bear in a red velvet suit and hat. Paired with the quintessential Santa beard, I could only assume he worked at the mall during the holidays. Initially, I gasped at my Ankara escort nephew’s taste in men. But then it turned me on, knowing he’s into hairy Daddy’s like me.

The best part wasn’t the guy though, it was Johnny. He was lying ass naked over “Santa’s” lap, thin legs kicking behind. When they dropped down I saw his plump peach, reddened beautifully by the interloper. I was sort of shocked my nephew was so kinky, but again it did nothing but thicken my dick. I just wished it was me spanking him…


“Ohh! No more, please!”

Johnny’s juicy buns rippled with each slap and I hoped Santa wouldn’t stop. Unfortunately though, I arrived late and my nephew was already thoroughly worked over.

“Are you gonna be a good boy now, Johnny? Are you gonna listen to your team captain when you’re back at college?”

“Ohhh…. Uhh! Yes, Santa… yessss…” Johnny cooed as the man fondled his smarting tush.

I watched my nephew’s lean body wriggle into our guest’s lap, and Santa enjoyed every second of feeling up Johnny’s teen ass. Who wouldn’t! A drop splashed onto my toe and I realized I was salivating, so I whipped my dick out to stroke to the show.

“I want you to suck your captain off every day from now on, even if he doesn’t ask. Okay, Johnny? If you want to get on the Nice List, you’ll drop to your knees after practice, then politely ask if you may blow him.”

“Hnnngg…! Yes, yes I will! I promise I’ll be a good boy! I’ll suck Captain every day!”

Johnny was panting now as Santa stuck a spit-slicked finger into his hairless hole. From my vantage point, I could see the wrinkled folds of my nephew’s sphincter open and close around the man’s digit, then chew hungrily once settled.

“That’s it, son, wink your little hole for me. You need to practice for the captain since he’s going to start fucking your bum next year. Isn’t that right, Johnny? Aren’t you going to give him your boypussy.”

Johnny cringed when told he would soon be getting railed, but my dick only drooled more copiously. If only it were my fingers in there…

“Oh! Santa!! It feels so good!!!”

“That’s it, Johnny boy, rock your ass back. Open up that little butt for me.”

Johnny bounced his body back into the man’s hand, fingerfucking himself feverishly. Santa threw in a spank or two, then pulled out and wiped himself on my nephew’s asscheek.

“Do you want to be a good boy, Johnny?” he asked.


“Then we’re going to practice your blowjob technique. We want your throat nice and loose for the captain when you’re back after break. Right?”


“Good boy. Go on then, get on your knees.”

Santa shooed my nephew and he fell to the floor. Johnny lifted his pink bottom off his feet, then stood his chest up proudly while moving towards the guy’s lap. He undid the wide leather belt then slowly pulled down the silly red pants.

“Smell me, Johnny. Smell a real man’s musk.”

Johnny launched forward and sniffed around his black briefs. He kissed and nibbled on the growing package, groped and inhaled. My nephew was so submissive in his actions, I couldn’t believe it! Someone had trained him well. Probably that damn water polo captain. Lucky motherfucker…

“Smells ripe, huh? You’re my millionth stop of the night, son, so that’s hard labor you’re sniffing.”

“Oh yes, Santa. You smell soooo gooood….” Johnny babbled, entranced.

“Take him out now, boy. And remember, you’ll have to do a good job if you want your gifts!”

I chuckled at how much this guy was getting into character. It really set the scene.

“I know, Santa, I promise I will,” Johnny replied with sincere devotion.

He then peeled off the man’s briefs, and out popped a dick well fit for the giant. It was both thicker and longer than mine, surrounded by a dense gray bush. If I was a novice Daddy, he was a Master, fully equipped to walk the walk. I jerked myself faster as Johnny placed kisses upon the shaft like a good boy should.

“That’s it, boy. You know how men like it.”

He did. He started with the balls, slurping them with glee, then licked the rod like a candy cane. He teased the man’s tip with french kisses, and when he finally engulfed it Santa let out a satisfied sigh.

“Ahhhhh… There it is.”

The man put his hands on Johnny’s head and coaxed him further down his meat. I was leaning forward now, possibly too much, because I needed to see more of this. It was fucking amazing.

“Yeaahhh. UH! Work that throat, boy. OH! Deeper, Johnny. MMM deeper!!”

He was pulling my nephew’s head along his peppermint stick, every sweet inch now coated in saliva. Johnny’s eyes watered as he tried to keep up, but it was certainly difficult. Santa was packing heat and his approach was rather brutal. I almost wanted to step in but was afraid I’d ruin the moment. To my dismay though (and also amusement), the man spoke before I could act.

“You can come out now.”

Shit. There goes the show. Anxious, I stepped out from behind Ankara escort bayan the wall and walked over to the chair. Even though it was my house I felt like an intruder. When I got to them, Santa still had Johnny’s head glued to his crotch, which actually made the situation less awkward. I didn’t know if I could face my nephew while he gave a blowjob.

“Uhhh… hey,” I waved sheepishly. “Mind telling me what you’re doing in my house?”

“Well hello, son. I hope you were enjoying the show!”

Calling me “son” was odd since he only looked a bit older than me, but I couldn’t get myself to fight him on it. I just stood there like a dumbass. The man chuckled and leaned over to give Johnny another spank.

“As to your question, what do you mean? Don’t you know Santa can enter any home? How else would you get your gifts?”

He spoke calmly, like I was an idiot for asking.

“Ha ha, very funny,” I replied, getting a little annoyed. “Look man, I get my nephew invited you over.” Johnny tried to say something and flapped his arms, but Santa kept him quiet. “But this is my house and I didn’t approve of this. Don’t you know he’s only 19? I mean, what are you, 50?”

“You of all people should know Santa has lived, and will live forever. You’re a smart boy, Thomas.”

What? How did he know my name? I guess Johnny must have told him, but it was still weird.

“Not only a smart boy, but a good boy. Yes, Thomas, you’ve been a very good boy this year. You got the promotion you wanted, you shot a hole-in-one, and you even made that twink squirt hands-free in the gym shower!”

Okay, what the fuck. This was seriously unnerving now. I stared back with incredulity, and possibly a little fear.

“Don’t be nervous, son. Don’t you know Santa sees everything?”

“Uhh… ha…” I yanked my balls cause I didn’t know what to do with my hands.

“Come, Thomas, I want to give you a special gift now. But don’t worry, I didn’t forget about that MacBook you wanted.”

He pointed to the tree, and upon seeing it overflowing with presents I could only scratch my head.

“You just stand there, Tommy boy, it’s time for your first Christmas gift. And since you’ve been so good, I’m making it extra special. That’s right, Thomas, this year I’m going to let you live out your ultimate fantasy. For your present, I’m going to let you fuck Johnny.”


I looked up in horny, confused terror at the man, who was still impaling my nephew’s mouth. Johnny was moaning and making noises, trying desperately to look around, but Santa hushed him and held his skull.

“Uhhh… ‘Santa’,” I said with air quotes. “He’s my nephew! I can’t just fuck him! What the fuck!!”

“Why not?” he asked coolly. “Johnny wants you to. He thinks about it, and you, all the time. In fact, he even spied on you in the shower last night, and masturbated to your hairy muscles. Isn’t that right, son?”

Santa let go of Johnny’s head and turned him around, then I looked down at my beautiful nephew. He was staring at the floor, angelic locks disheveled, toned abs heaving tense breaths. I turned his chin up and gazed warmly at him. My confidence was bubbling now.

“Is that right, Johnny? Have you been thinking about your Uncle? I hope you know I’ve been thinking about you. I think about kissing and holding you, and being inside that sweet boy hole. Do you think about me too, sweetheart?”

He nodded at me tenderly then nuzzled his face into my still-hard dick. He held my leg and rubbed his adorable mug all over my meat, making it pulsate with each graze.

“That’s it, Johnny, give your uncle a nice suck,” Santa instructed. “He’s been a good boy this year and deserves it.”

He then sat back while my nephew gave me the same treatment he gave our guest. Johnny started with my balls, then traveled to my shaft and tip. Soon he was kissing my pubes, driving his throat as deep as he could.

“Atta boy,” I egged on. “Keep it up! You’re such a good boy!”

He mewled at my compliments and worked harder to receive more. Santa was getting antsy to the side though, and took my boy back before I could cum.

“Hey, man, that’s my nephew!” I barked, already possessive of his holes.

“Calm down, Thomas. You don’t want to get on the Naughty List!”

I blushed and Santa stole back Johnny’s mouth. This man’s aura was otherworldly — like he wasn’t human — and I was feeling quite submissive, myself. I stood back while he was treated to another loving hummer.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist, Tommy, Christmas has just begun! Johnny, spread your legs out now. Let your uncle see your boypussy.”

My nephew and I both moaned at that, then he opened his narrow hips on all fours. As he spread his still-pink cheeks, his delicious boy cunt came into view. It was just as I’d expected: tiny, pink, eager, perfect. It winked at me while I gawked in adoration.

“Pretty cute, huh?” Santa asked me.

“Uhh…. yeah….”

“Well, what are you waiting for? I already ate all Escort Ankara the cookies, so you’re looking at dessert!”

“Sweet! Oh. Uhh…” I leaned forward and whispered in my nephew’s ear, “you okay with this, bud?”

He nodded wantonly on Santa’s dick, begging me to touch his hole.

“Fuck yeah!!”

With his consent, I dove my beard between his cheeks and rimmed. He squealed as I jiggled his plushy buns around my face, lapping up his succulent boy butt.

“MMM!!! ARGH!! Fuck yeah, Johnny!”

Animalistic while rimming, I nipped his cheeks and taint, and crashed my hands down hard. Two layers of scarlet prints now glowed on his milky buns.

“I think you’ve had enough to eat,” Santa laughed merrily. “Now it’s time to mount!”

In need of lube, I asked the man, but he just pulled some snow out of his pocket. When he reached for my cock I winced. Immediately, though, I realized the substance wasn’t cold. Then, it melted into a silky lubricant, smoother than any I’d felt before. Santa’s calloused hands felt delicious as he expertly oiled my rod, all while Johnny sucked his.

“Thanks,” I grinned once he’d finished, then turned my attention to my nephew’s button. “You ready for this?” I asked him while lining my hips up behind his.

“Yes…” he whispered resolutely. I knew it was time.

“Fuuuuuuuckkkk,” I hissed while my thick tip pushed into my nephew’s tiny tunnel.

The lube was incredibly slick and allowed me to inch in until my head docked. I laid my chest over Johnny’s back and held him close while sliding in the shaft. Under this man’s hypnotic influence, our bodies melted in synchronization.

“Oooo! Fuuuuuuckkk!!” Johnny moaned.

“That’s it, boy, you’re okay,” I soothed. “You got this. Your Uncle’s gonna open you up real slowly. I won’t hurt you, baby.”

I suckled on my nephew’s neck and formed a few hickies. I figured they’d fade before his parents returned, so maybe I could even add a few more….

“Deeper, Thomas. Let Johnny feel you take him. Let him know who owns him.”

Santa sat on the chair stroking his cock while I mounted my boy. I grunted and huffed like a boar; Johnny whimpered like a little bitch. The lube never seemed to dry, so my dick just glided along. I pumped faster and covered my nephew’s mouth.

“There it is, Thomas! Stuff that stocking! Fill him with your icing!”

With Santa’s encouragement I humped even harder. As I cored him out, Johnny’s honey hole sucked my cock like a vacuum. I pulled my entire flesh out with each thrust, and watched him gape in between.

“Check this out,” I told Santa.

I’d spread Johnny’s cheeks so our guest could have a perfect view of his pink insides. Santa leaned over to peek at his loose pussy, then shoved three fingers in and shook them.

“Ooooo!!! AHHH!!!” Johnny wailed passionately.

“That’s a thick pole you’ve got there, Thomas,” Santa complimented upon seeing my nephew’s gaping hole. “Not quite as thick as mine, but I can’t fault you there. No one’s bigger than Santa! Ho ho ho!”

I chuckled back at the bizarre, fantastical man, and even Johnny joined in. Our merriment was short-lived, though, as my balls hadn’t yet emptied. Rhythmic pumping soon recommenced.

“I hate to intrude,” Santa popped in after a minute. I rolled my eyes. “But I ought to return to the sleigh soon. The reindeer are getting hungry, and I still have a few hundred million houses to visit.”

Fine, if this guy wants me to go out with a bang, then I will. I began drilling Johnny at hyperspeed and leaned over to simultaneously grip his hard-on. With some more magical lube from Santa, Johnny was begging me to give him an orgasm.

“That what you want, boy? You want Uncle to make you shoot?”

“Yes, yes please!!! You’re gonna make me cum, Unc! I’m gonna cum!!”

Before I could finish Johnny off, Santa tilted my head to his dick and pointed at it. Jutting up like the North Pole, it was desperate for a warm mouth. I wasn’t one to give head, but something about his cock was tantalizing so I gave it a lick.

“Mmmm…!” I muttered curiously. His precum tasted like marshmallows and frosting.

“There you go, Thomas. Give Santa a little thank you before he goes.”

I slurped more and the juices were delicious! As I throated deeper, vanilla honey dripped onto my tongue straight from the tap. Next thing I knew, I was gagging on Santa’s sugar stick and jingling his bells. At the same time, I was also fucking my nephew and jerking him off!

“OH! OH! OOHHH!!” Johhny wailed.

“With those hips, I might have to call you Dancer!” Santa laughed upon seeing my nephew’s frantic, pre-orgasmic spasms. “He’s cuter than the elf I shelved last week!”

Alright, that was one too many Christmas jokes. Although this guy was a blast, he’d overstayed his welcome. With the desire to kick him out in the back of my mind, I fucked Johnny and sucked Santa with all my might. After about 10 pumps, the three of us were howling like a wolf pack, our necks strained.

While I flooded my nephew’s guts, Santa’s thick cream drowned my tonsils for nearly 30 seconds. After I’d guzzled a few tablespoons, my lips and tongue were coated. His seed tasted like sweet syrup–divine milk. I licked my teeth to savor the flavor, but when he and I both pulled out I thought Johnny should get to try some too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32