I Have a Sister?

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“Joey, I need to talk to you.”

“Hey, Dad, I’m on my way over to Ryan’s house. He just got a new PS2 game I want to check out.”

“This can’t wait, son. Sit down.”

Uh oh, Joey thought, I wonder what I did now. I hope he didn’t find out where I’ve been surfing on the web.

“Okay, Dad, what’s up?” Joey asked hesitantly, after sitting next to his father Fred on the couch in the living room.

“Joey, I don’t exactly know how to tell you this, so I’ll just say it–you have a sister.”


“Son, you are getting a sister for Christmas.”

“Huh? I told you I wanted a Dell Inspiron 5150 notebook computer.”

“You can have that, too. But getting a sister is more important, isn’t it?”

“Uh…well…yeah…I…guess. A sister?”

“Yes, a sister. Her name is Alicia. Your mother had a child out of wedlock while in high school. She gave the baby up for adoption. Then your mother and I met a couple years later in college and got married. Of course, I knew about it. But we have had no contact with Alicia. We didn’t even know her name. But now…”

“But now what?” Joey blurted.

“Alicia’s adoptive parents have passed away. She wants to live with us. Be part of our family.”

“Oh my God!”

“Indeed. I’m picking up Alicia at the airport later today. Before you go to Ryan’s, please go up in the bedroom and talk to your mother. She’s quite shaken about all this. One of Helen’s concerns is how you will accept your sister.”

“I kind of like the idea of having a sister. I mean, Mom couldn’t have any more kids after me. I always felt, I don’t know…not having any brothers or sisters. What does Alicia look like?”

“She looks like your mother. Here’s her picture.”

“Wow! She’s pretty.” Pretty? What a knock-out. Looks like a model. “Long red hair and blue eyes, just like Mom.”

“Smart, too. We’ve talked to her on the phone several times. She was in college, but dropped out because of all the tumult with her adoptive parents dying. Actually, her mother died six months ago, and her father just last week.”

“You’re her father now, Dad.”

“Yes, I guess I am Joey. Now, go up and talk to your mother. Let her know everything will be fine. And then you can drive my truck to Ryan’s, instead of riding your bike.”

“I thought you said I couldn’t drive again after I had the accident?”

“Joey, you help me make things go smoothly with Alicia and your accident is forgiven, and your driving privileges are restored.”

“Yes! Are you going to let me drive your convertible?”

“We’ll see. I don’t know that I want you in that little sports car. The truck is…uh…more conducive to surviving a crash.”

“Hey Dad, I’ll make you a deal. If Alicia and I get on like best pals, you let me take the convertible to school. I mean, now that I have a license, you don’t want to be picking me up every night after basketball practice, do you? Think about it. I’m going up to see Mom. And then I’m going over to Ryan’s, okay?”

His father nodded.

* * *

Joey finally got to Ryan’s house a couple hours later. His mother talked and talked and talked, and Joey listened patiently. He loved his mother and felt very close to her. She had breast fed him until he could walk and talk. Oh, how he missed those days.

“Ryan, I have sister,” Joey announced as soon as they entered his best friend’s bed room.

“Oh really, dude,” Ryan responded, seemingly disinterested. He figured this was just another of Joey’s stories. Like the time he found a mermaid in the pond behind his house.

“I do have a sister!” Joey insisted. He told Ryan what his father had said.

“No shit, dude,” Ryan commiserated. “That sucks. Having a sister is bullshit. Mine leaves her used feminine products lying around and bitches about me leaving the toilet seat up.”

“She’s got nice hooters.”

“Yeah, not bad. I walk in on her in the shower every chance I get.”

“Do you ever think about shagging her?”

“No way, dude! She teaches a Sunday School class to kids, you know. Dawn is getting married to Brian as soon as she graduates. I know she’s not screwing him because I sniff her panties. No cum stains.”

“Hey Ryan, let’s watch some porn tapes.”

“Sure, why not. We can play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City later. After we get our rocks off. Damn, I been jerking off a half dozen times a day lately.”

“Is that all?”

Ryan shrugged. “Here’s a tape I just borrowed from Ricky. Something called BIG DICK LITTLE CHICK.”

They watched in awe. Ryan pulled out his cock and started stroking it. Joey followed suit.

“Damn, Joey, I wish I could find a girl who would let me cum in her mouth like that.”

“Hey, we mowed lawns in the summer and now we’re shoveling snow. We’ll get money for Christmas. We can buy us some quality time with a hooker.”

“Oh yeah!”

“Maybe we could get Fat Judy to blow us. I mean, she let us and all our buddies fuck her that night.”

“But she’s so dog ugly. I had to close my eyes.”

“Really. I couldn’t şişli escort get a hard-on. I had to beat my meat until I was about ready to bust my nuts. Then I stuck it in her. I lasted about a minute. Thank God. Her breath smelled like garlic and she wanted me to kiss her. No fucking way!”

Ryan pried Joey’s fingers from his cock and replaced them with his own. Joey did the same to Ryan. They jerked each other eagerly.

“Ryan, if you suck my dick, I’ll suck yours.”

“What are friends for? But don’t cum in my mouth. That’s gay. I’m not a girl.”

“Not to worry, buddy,” Joey assured him, as he eagerly pushed down his best friend’s head on his throbbing penis.

* * *

Fred decided to drive the 1965 Austin Healy 3000 Mark III convertible to pick up Alicia at the airport. She said she only had a small bag. The rest of her things, clothes and a few pieces of furniture, would be shipped. He fondly admired the car’s British racing green exterior, the black vinyl interior, and dash veneered in burnt walnut. But the chrome grill that resembled a maniacal grin really turned him on.

Alicia looked like a goddess when she departed the plane and entered the terminal. Long red tresses blowing in the wind outside. She brushed the hair off her beautiful face when she got inside.

He immediately recognized her, of course. Alicia wore a lavender satin one-shoulder top. No bra he was certain. A black mini-skirt and leather knee-high boots. She carried a leather belted trench coat.



They hugged briefly. Her breasts pressed up against him and she brushed his cheek with her lips. “I’m so glad to be home…Daddy,” she whispered. He didn’t know what to say, especially because he quickly developed an erection.

Alicia talked non-stop on the ride. Finally, Fred interrupted her. “Alicia, your mother is suffering high anxiety over all this. I hope…I…”

“Fred, everything will be okay. Promise! Don’t get all bothered about it. Stuff happens. I don’t resent that she gave me up for adoption. I told her that on the phone. She had no choice, really. Too young to be a mother. My adoptive parents were great, God rest their souls.”

“You are so understanding, Alicia.”

She laughed. “You’re cute, Fred. Fred. Nice name. Can I call you Father?”

“I wish you would.”

“How about Dad?”

“That’s even better.”


“Uh…that works for me.”

Alicia patted his thigh in the tight constraints of the sports car. “What’s wrong, Daddy? Something is bothering you. You can tell me.”

“I’m concerned how you will…uh…get along with your new brother.”

“Joey? I’ll be the best big sister he never had. Now, don’t you fret, Daddy. Trust me. This will be a wonderful Christmas for your family…for my family.”

Fred nodded. She made him feel reassured.

“I can drive a stick shift, Daddy. I can drive it like crazy.”

“Didn’t you say you never got a license, Alicia?”

“Yes, I did say that.” She looked at him, bit her lip seductively, and winked.

They got to the house. Alicia and Helen embraced and cried. Joey watched, speechless. His new sister had to be by far the most beautiful woman he had ever seen up close and personal.

Then Alicia turned to him and put her arm around his shoulder. Her breast touched his chest. He looked down and swore he could see her nipple.

“Joey, take Alicia up to her bedroom,” Helen said.

“Yes, Mother.”

Joey carried her bag and set it on the bed. “Alicia,” he began nervously, “My parents…uh…I mean…our parents…desperately want you and I to get along. The better we get along, the better it is going to be for me. I’m talking that convertible you got here in.”

Alicia smiled gloriously. And then she touched Joey’s mouth with her fingertips. She kissed him and teased the tip of her tongue against his. “We are going to get along wonderfully, Joey. Trust me. But you have to chauffeur me around. I never bothered to get a driver’s license. You give me a ride, and just maybe I’ll give you a ride.” She laughed lasciviously.

Joey nodded enthusiastically.

Just then Helen called them down. Time for supper.

At dinner Helen and Alicia chatted incessantly. Fred just sat silently, awed by the beauty of his new daughter, astounded by how much she resembled his wife when he married her. Joey just drooled and wiped his chin with a napkin.

“Would you like to go to Midnight Mass with us, Alicia?” Fred asked, as they had dessert and coffee.

“No thank you. I’m not Catholic. But I don’t want to stay here alone. Can Joey stay home with me?”

Fred looked at his wife. She nodded. Both were extremely pleased about the rapport that Alicia and Joey seemed to be establishing. “Sure, Alicia,” Fred agreed.

“Joey’s going to get some midnight ass,” Alicia said so softly.

“What did you say, Alicia?” Fred asked “I didn’t hear you.”

“Oh, just that Joey and I can get to know one another better. We have a lot of lost time to make up for.” She beşiktaş escort had her hand under the table and inside Joey’s zipper.

Alicia made a ring with her thumb and forefinger, and pumped up and down, closing the ring as she got to the top of his cock. Then she made him squeeze his way back into her hand.

“Joey, are you all right?” his mother asked, concerned. “You look like you choked on something.”

“I’m okay, Mom.” He took a long drink of water, but that didn’t cool him off any.

Alicia began to turn the head of Joey’s penis as if she were trying to open a slippery door knob. One way and then the other.

“Okay, we’ll see you two in the morning,” Fred conclude. I imagine you’re tired after your flight and all, and will be sleeping when we get home.” He and Helen got up to get ready for church.

“Joey and I will do the dishes,” Alicia offered. “Then I’m going to bed. How about you, Bro?” she asked as she had his cock creaming in her palm, with her thumb and forefinger tickling the underside of the head.

“I don’t think Joey ever did the dishes,” Helen replied, amused.

I want to do this dish! Joey felt like screaming. “Hey Mom, about time I learned, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Joey, about time you learned,” his mother agreed.

Alicia lifted her hand from under the table and licked Joey’s cum from her sticky fingers.

Nobody noticed but him.

* * *

Joey and Alicia cleared the table. Fred and Helen left.

Before doing the dishes, Alicia slipped off her top. “I don’t want to get it messy.”

“Oh my God!” Joey shrieked, ogling her ample breasts.

He washed and she dried. After Alicia put away the last dish, she asked, “Joey, why don’t you soap up my tits?”

Joey couldn’t get his soapy hands on her melons fast enough.

“Oh, you’re making me so horny, Joey.” Alicia went into the living room and sat on a recliner. Joey followed like a puppy dog. She slipped off the mini-skirt. No panties. “I need to please myself,” she purred, leaning back and spreading her legs.

“Oh my God!” Joey shrieked again.

“What’s the matter, Joey? Didn’t you ever see a pussy before?”

“Uh…uh…not like that!” Joey never actually saw Fat Judy’s pussy. He just stuck his dick in it for a few minutes in the dark.

“Pay attention, Joey. This is called the labia majora. And this the labia minora. Here you can see the remains of my hymen. Yeow, did I ever bleed that night when I lost my cherry! You see where my finger is? Now, under this little hood is my penis. Well, actually, it’s called a clitoris. It does for me what your dick does for you.”

Alicia began to rub her clit in a circular motion, and then up and down. First very slowly, and then gradually faster. “Oh yeah…ohhhh yeah…mmmmm…”

Suddenly she pushed her fingers inside her, squeezed her thighs together and cried out with a loud, “Oh fuck…ohhhh fuck…”

Joey watched as her legs shuddered and she threw her head back against the chair and grimaced.

“Did that hurt, Alica?” he asked seriously.

“Oh yeah, Baby. It hurt real bad. But it’s all better now, believe you me. Joey, I’ll bet you got a big boner, watching me get off. I can see the bulge in your pants. Let me see it. I didn’t get much of a look when I jerked you off under the table. Just a little peek.”

Joey quickly lowered his jeans and boxers.

“Hey now, you got a nice one, Bro. Pretty big, too.”

“Uh…thanks…uh…Sis.” He began to stroke his cock fervently.

“You don’t need to do that, Bro. I’ll take care of it for you. Have you ever had a blow job?”

“Uh…uh…” he stammered.

“C’mon, you can tell me–the truth now.”

“Well…uh…my best friend…Ryan…we…uh…”

“Okay, I get the picture. Who do you think can suck cock better, me or Ryan?”


“You don’t have to answer that yet. Maybe in about fifteen minutes or so.”

Alicia got off the recliner and knelt in front of him. “Varoom, varoom!” she cried as she jerked his cock up and down and all around. “You’ll be driving that stick shift convertible by tomorrow, Joey. Promise.”

“You have warm hands, Alicia. Ryan’s hands are cold and clammy.”

“I may have warm hands, Honey, but I got a hot mouth.”

Alicia took Joey between her lips and poked it against the inside of her cheeks. She took his hands and placed them on the outside of her cheeks so he could feel his cock fucking her mouth.

“Ooooo…ohhhh…” he moaned.

She began to slide him in and out of her mouth, moving one hand up and down his shaft with one hand, while playing with his butt hole with the other.

“Ahhhh….uhhhh…” he groaned.

Alicia noticed the head of Joey’s cock swelling as he thrust his hips forward, trying to force it all the way down her throat. She tasted the pre-cum. And then she tilted her head back and his cock popped all the way down the pipe.

“Oh my fucking God!” He screamed over and over as he cut loose in her hot, wet mouth.

“Did you liked taksim escort that, Joey?” she asked demurely, after pulling him out slowly with a exaggerated slurping sound.

“Oh man, that was the best!” Joey beamed as he caressed Alicia’s lips with the head of his still pulsating and squirting cock. “Ryan never did it like that. It was more like I just jerked off in his mouth instead of my hand.”

“Glad you liked it, Joey,” Alicia said matter-of-factly, wiping off her chin with his boxer shorts and getting back on the recliner. “Now, you should be good for awhile, and not so eager to bust your nuts when we get really rolling. It’s time for you to dive for tuna.”


“Come over here, Joey, and lick me between the legs.”

He hurriedly put his head between her thighs and stuck his tongue in her pussy, and made it act like his dick.

“Joey, Joey, Joey. Slow down, Honey. I’ll give instructions. You just follow them like a good boy. “Put your tongue on my clit. I showed you where that is. Make your tongue flat and stiff.” He did. “That’s it, Honey. You’re a quick study. Good boy…gooood boy.”

Joey pauses for a moment. “Am I doing it okay?”

Alicia pushed his head back down on her sex. “I’ll tell you when to come up for air, dude. What do I taste like, Joey?”


“I told you not to talk! Now go a little faster, Hon. That’s it.” She tilted the recliner all the way back and wrapped her legs around his head. “Faster, faster! Lick it, Baby, lick it!” He did, with incredible enthusiasm. “Oh Baby…oh oh Baby…” she moaned as she climaxed again, even better this time.

Quickly Alicia pushed Joey away from her hot, swollen clit.

“Let’s go up in your bedroom, Joey. I’d like to see your etchings.”


“I’m going to fuck you silly.”

“Oh yeah!”

“Do you think you can carry me?”

“Oh yeah!”

He picked her up easily. She felt his biceps as he took her up the stairs. “You are sooo strong.”

Joey laid Alicia on the bed on her back and got on top of her. She pushed him off. “You get the bottom,” she ordered. “That way I can control the action.”

Joey didn’t argue.

Alicia straddled Joey and wriggled her hips. Then she leaned back and stuck out her breasts. “You can pet my puppies, Bro.” He did. She placed her hands over his. “I want to go at it like animals, Joey. We’ll do the romance thing some other time. Slip your big cock inside me.”

She helped him as he struggled to get it in.

“It’s easier when the girl is on the bottom,” he rationalized, embarrassed.

Alicia moved in and out of sex positions as if she were doing yoga–from her on top to her sitting and him standing, side by side, doggy, and numerous others Joey couldn’t even begin to describe. Each time she felt him get close, she forced him to slow down and switch positions. Then she brought him to the edge again…and again…and again.

“Okay, Joey, your torture is almost over. I can’t go much longer.” She got on top again and ground her clit against his pubic bone. “Cum inside me, Bro. C’mon, baby…let’s cum together…oh yeah…ohhhh…ahhhh…”

Joey thrust his hips upward frantically, matching her urgency. “Oh God…I…you…”

“Fuck me, Joey. C’mon, Honey…faster! Cum in me…cum…cum…fuck, Joey, fuck!”

“Oh sweet Jesus!” he cried over and over as his screaming cock erupted.

“You should have went to mass, Bro, you could have sung that hymn,” Alicia joked, not stopping moving up and down on his cock as he ejaculated. She kept up the same pressure and pace until he begged her to stop.

“No more, Alicia! You’re hurting me!”

“Okay, Bro, you’re done.” Alicia slipped off him, kissed his cock and rolled him over. “Somebody should stick a fork in you,” she suggested, playing with his ass cheeks and crack. “That or a silicone dong. You got a sweet little bum, my little brother.” She lay beside him and whispered wetly in his ear, “One of these days I’m going to pack your fudge.”

Joey fell asleep, his head resting on Alicia’s breasts. She slipped away to her own room when he started to snore.

* * *

“Wha…what…the…?” Fred stammered as he peeked out of the shower curtain early Christmas morning.

“I have to pee!” Alicia exclaimed as she dropped her robe to the floor and sat on the toilet seat.

“Uh…okay, Honey. Did you and Joey get along last night?”

“Oh, that feels good, Daddy,” she murmured as she urinated. “Joey and I are going to be best friends, not just sister and brother. I can tell about these things.”

“I like it when you call me Daddy, Alicia. I always wanted a daughter. Especially one like you–pretty and smart.”

“Thank you, Daddy. I didn’t have time to go Christmas shopping, what with all the turmoil in my life lately. But I have a special little gift for you.”

Alicia, naked, opened the shower curtain.


She got in.

“Not to worry, Daddy. This isn’t incest. You’re not my father by blood.” She knelt in front of him. “But I want you to be my daddy.” Alicia licked his cock from the base to the tip until it got rock-hard. At the same time she played with his testicles. “Jingle balls, jingle balls,” she purred.

“Don’t make too much noise, Alicia. You’ll wake your mother.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32