How I Became a Sissy Pt. 01

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As a young man growing up I knew that I liked both men and women, but never had much success with either due to lack of confidence. Being only 5 foot tall and very small I had never been a hit sexually. To top it all off my shoe size was 5 in the UK. I was a rocker as well, which put off most people, shoulder length brown hair always in a pony tail, ripped jeans and black loose fitting t-shirts.

Well the day this all changed I was travelling home to Hayes in West London. I had been up in London registering at my university and had to change at Ealing to continue my journey. After getting off the tube I had 35 minutes to wait until my Overground train and I needed a piss.

I went into the toilets and went to the urinal. The old fashioned ones that were one big metal sheet. I did my usual and stood in the corner, to hide my little cock.

I was just getting my cock out, when another guy walked in. He was big, about 6’2 tall, massive arms, a belly on him and a shaved head. He looked of Indian or Pakistan heritage. He came and stood next to me, which gave me stastage fright and slowed my piss up. He unzipped and got his cock out. I couldn’t help but notice how thick it was and the length while it was soft. I reckon at least 6 inches. I looked up and he looked back smiling at me.

“Touch it” he said. I tried to move away, but I had no where to go. He moved closer to me, blocking my exit. “Touch it. Now!” He repeated, pointing his angry brown cock at me. I had stop pissing by now, from fear and I moved a hand off my cock, now shaking and tried to grip his. My little hand barely wrapped around his massive shaft.

He smiled, “Now rub it for me” he stated. I stated rubbing his cock. Scared of this guy next to me. Scared he would hurt me. I was now stroking his shaft and his cock was getting hard and I was pulling back his foreskin to reveal a lovely big purple head. He gave out a little moan. “Faster boy” he moaned out loud and I sped up.

“You are enjoying it I see” he smiled and nodded towards my own little cock that had gone hard in my hands.

He stepped back and walked towards the cubicle, taking the end one. He gestured with his head for me to follow and I moved towards him, but hesitated until the door opened behind me and I moved quickly to the cubicle. He shut the door behind me and put his finger to his lips for me to be quiet. Then he pushed me on to the toilet. I sat, jeans around my ankles and my little cock hard on show.

I could hear the guy who had come in having a piss, but then I suddenly had this man’s hard cock being rubbed across my lips. I went to move back, but he grabbed my head and wouldn’t let me move. Then the door went again as the guy left. Then he said “open up or I’ll fuck you up”.

I was scared, he was a good foot taller than me and about 200 pounds heavier. I reluctantly opened my mouth, as wide as possible.

He slowly rubbed his tip over my lips, I could taste a little pre-cum that was dribbling from the head. He now had both his hands on my head and he slowly pushed my mouth down his big brown shaft. I could feel his large cock enter my mouth, my tongue flicking over his shaft to find space in my mouth. My tongue could feel his foreskin peel right back and every vein in this massive cock. His pubes were now right in my nose and I was now gagging. He pulled my head off and I gasped for air, then I was shoved down again. Several times, he was speeding up and moaning louder with each thrust. I couldn’t stop myself from jacking my little cock as this happened. I could feel him tense up and then suddenly he exploded in my mouth, I choked, but was held still by his big hands, as he emptied his load down my throat. He eased me off a little to allow me to breath through my nose, but still preceded to empty his load down my throat. My cum was dripping off my hands on to the floor.

“Hmm good boy” he mumbled. As he went soft he removed his cock from my mouth, he then grabbed my arm and with one swift move opened the cubicle door and placed me outside. I quickly pulled up my jeans and went to the sink. I could hear him piss in the toilet.

As I was trying to drink some water from the tap, I was bent right over and I got this slap on my ass. “Thanks for that. What’s your name?”. It was him again, stood between me and exit.

“I’m Sam” I half whispered/half said.

“Hi Sam, I’m Abdul. You suck cock real good, done it before?”

He smiles at me. I shake my head. “Really!” he smiles, well maybe another time” he winks and walk out.

I clean up and head out the toilet, head down and over to my platform, just as my train pulls in. It’s late and very deserted. I take an end carriage and there is no one about. I sit by the window as the train pulls out, it’s dark and then I notice a reflection in the window. It’s Abdul and it’s smiling.

“Well isn’t that lucky, on the same train” and he sits on the seat next to me. He places a hand on my thigh. “You enjoyed sucking my cock, didn’t you Sammy?” He asks.

“It was my first escort şişli time and I’m not sure” I reply while looking down. He laughs and puts his massive arm around my neck. He then slips hand in my t-shirt and tweaks my nipple. I try to stop him and pull his arm out, but he is so strong.

“Sammy don’t fight this please. Where you going to?” Abdul asks. His accent and the smell of garlic is kind of turning me on.

“Hayes” I reply.

“Same here. You want a lift home or your parents picking you up?”

“Got no family, and I’ll be alright I live not far”.

“Well if nothing to rush home for, come to mine for a drink? It’s the least I owe you after you sucked my dick!” He almost shouts it out and laughs out loud again. At least no one is on our carriage to hear.

I’m hesitant, but we are pulling into the station. As we get out, there is only us and an older couple.

“Come on, this way” as he grabs my arm and leads me to the car park. I go, scared, but excited.

His is the only car in the car park. It a big 4 door Mercedes. As we approach the car, he grabs me and pushes me against it. Abdul kisses me deep, shoving his tongue in my mouth. I can feel his stubble on my face. He has one hand grabbing my hair and pulling my face back. I then feel his other hand grabbing my jeans and yanking them down, I try to fight back, but he is too strong.

Today was a bad day not to wear underwear. He stops kissing me and steps back, holding me in place with his back hand and strong arm.

“You are a good kisser. Now turn around for me or I’ll be offended”. He eases his arm off and I turn around. He stands right behind and I can feel his hot breath on my neck, and the smell of his breath hits me. Turning me weak at the knees. His squeezes my cheeks and runs a finger between them.

“Too much hair” he complains and slaps my arse really hard. I cry out. “Shut up” he snaps “And get in the car”. I yank my jeans up and do as I’m told.

I notice his wedding band as he drives. “Will your family be at home?” I ask.

“nah, they are still in Pakistan. Just as I like it.” He turns and smiles as me. Now looking at him closely I reckon Abdul is in late 40’s but still very strong, with a belly appearing. “How old are you Sammy?”, he asks as we pull up to this detached house.

“I’m 18” responding. He winks and parks the car. I follow him into this house, nothing I have ever seen or dreamed off, as I live in a small studio flat.

As he shuts the door, we both remove our shoes and he removes his socks. We walk towards each other and he puts his arms around me. “Kiss me, as I know you want to” he whispers in my ear. Nervously I move forward to him and gently kiss his lips. I then kiss him again and again.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but he makes me so horny.

Abdul stops kissing me and takes me hand leading me to the kitchen. He puts the kettle on “I’m having a coffee, what do you want?”

I respond “tea please”.

He explains that he don’t drink but has alcohol for friends who visit. He asks how I long have been in to men. I explain that I liked both but never done anything with either. He laughs and grabs my chin, pulling me closer. “Well that’s because you look so feminine. Look at yourself he says” and turns my face towards a mirror in the kitchen.

He pulls my hairband out of my hair and my long, semi curly hair fall downs by my ears. Staring I see that my lack of natural hair on my face, high cheek bones and naturally long eye lashes. FUCK I did look like a girl.

Abdul hands me my drink and I follow him through to his living room. It was massive and there were at least 8 seats to pick from. However, I was told to sit on a the couch next to Abdul. “You know what you should be, a sissy boi. You know what that is right?”

I shake my head. I was quite boring, due to lack of confidence. Abdul sits back and brings up his laptop. He brings up a video and there is this incredibly pretty girl dancing. Very slim, not much breasts, but very pretty. As the girls strips off, I notice a bulge in her panties and that she has no tits what so ever. Abdul is rubbing his semi hard tool through his jeans. I look back at the girl on the screen, who had now removed her panties. She or should I say he has a hard cock. I’m stunned. She is now sucking on what looks like a plug and and then the girl on screen turns her back to the camera, bends over and her arse is smooth, as she slowly inserts the plug into her arse. Abdul comments “see how this beauty takes a butt plug in to her boicunt? She is experienced and loves to please a real man. No fake boobs but naturally very girly. She is hot, but you are much prettier” I blush, then he adds “but you need a few changes”.

“How Abdul?” I ask. He turns angry immediately, slamming his mug down.

“Don’t you ever use my name in my home!!” He bellowed, while snatching my drink. “In my home I’m sir or master. You understand Sammy?!”

I’m stunned, but too escort nişantaşı scared to move. He grabs my hair and pulls me towards his face. “WELL?!” screaming in my face, his spit covering me.

I nod my head.

He let’s go off my hair and I drop back on to the couch. “Your learn I’m loving, but dominant, my girl”. As he walks out of the room. “Follow me” he shouts.

I jump up and chase after Abdul, he is going upstairs and I try to keep up. At the top, he stops and I join him. He is looking angry, but I just lower my head and then he speaks “I’ll help you become a sissy today, no arguments, no discussion you’ll just do it. You understand?”

I nod my head.

He walks into a room and I follow him. It’s a massive master bedroom with a giant 4 poster bed and wardrobe either side of a window, with door to the left. Abdul shuts the door behind me. “Strip off and don’t take your time” he commands as he walks over to the door on the left, which looks like it leads to a bathroom. Before he is back I’ve taken my socks, jeans and t-shirt off.

Stood there naked, with my hand covering my little pubed covered cock. He comes back in.

“Good, good. No fucking about. I like that.” As he picks up my clothes and dumps them in a black bag, then chucks them on top of wardrobe. He takes my hands away from my cock. He smirks, “You were born to please men, with that small dick”. I blush.

I stand in the middle of the room, while Abdul sits down on the bench at the end of his bed. He explains a few rules “Sammy, these are the rules of my house for my sissies. You will obey or be punished.

Rule 1, you learnt downstairs. I’m master or sir. Rule 2, my sissies are always on all 4’s unless given permission to stand” as he finishes the sentence I drop to my knees and hands, as trying to get back in his good books.

He smiled “Good girl. Rule 3, I like my girls smooth all over and this is something we will work on. Finally rule 4, I’m to be obeyed at all times, no questions asked at anytime. Complete and utter obedience. Can you comply with those rules?”

“Yes sir” I replied. Still on all 4s and my eyes down.

He gets up, walks to the smallest wardrobe and takes something out. He comes over and places something around my neck. I gulp and shift with fear, “shh Sammy, I’m not going to choke you” he says as he strokes my cheek. He flicks my hair up and does it up.

Abdul then walks into the bathroom and he whistles, so I go in on all 4s. I stop at his toes and jeans. “Stand up” he barks and I stand up facing him.

He turns me to face the mirror and I see I’m wearing a collar that says slut. Abdul grins, runs his massive hard hands over my neck. As he leans forward he whispers in my ear “You are my slut” I then feel his other hand grabbing my arse.

As Abdul caresses my butt, he points out the hair removal cream and the instructions on how to use it. He walks out and I turn the shower on. I apply the cream all over, ensuring not to miss anywhere. I give it the desired time and then step in the shower. I spray the hot water all over me and watch what little body hair I have disappear down the drain. As I turn off and start to dry off, Abdul walks back in. I immediately drop to all 4s. He pats my head and walks behind me. Places a hand on either cheek of my arse and pulls them apart. “Hmmm, lovely” and he leans in and licks my little rose. I give out an involuntary moan.

“Just like a girl” he says laughing, as he does it again. As he moves back up to my head, he grabs my hair and pulls me up to face him. He inspectors me all over and nods.

While holding my hair, he drags me out and stands with me in front of the bed. There are 3 outfits placed in front of me. There was red silk nightie with some red socks, the 2nd was a pink baby doll, pink stockings and finally a black corset which had a built in little skirt, with black stockings. “I’m going to freshen up, when I come back have one on and the others back in your wardrobe” Abdul ordered and gestured towards the smaller wardrobe.

While he is in the bathroom I pick the red nightie and socks, which come just over my smooth knees. My little cock is rock hard as I stand there admiring myself in the mirror. My hair is down to my shoulders and has a natural curl in it. I quickly hang the other outfits up. I then kneel at the end of the bed waiting.

Abdul reappears at the bathroom door. He is completely naked, his cock hard and pointing towards me. “I prefer corsets Sammy, but you look good.” As he pulls a camera from behind his back and takes some pictures. I gasp, but he encourages me and I go with it, posing and licking my lips. I do several poses for him, as Abdul moves around me snapping away.

“Embrace your new look Sammy” he says, as he places the camera down. He moves towards me, places his fingers under my chin and pulls me up to face him. I stand in front of him, he is so much taller than me and I can feel his hard cock pushing against my escort mecidiyeköy belly. I move forward to kiss him, knowing that I can’t resist. Abdul leans down and we start to kiss. Exchanging saliva and our tongues exploring each other mouths. As we kiss I slip my hands on to his cock. One is rubbing it and the other is playing with his big hairy balls. Abdul moans and pulls out of the kiss. “You are a quick learner” he states and smiles.

I go to kneel in front of him, but he grabs my hair and pulls me back up. Moving me over to the bed, face down, “I’ve tried that hole already. I want your pussy”.

I am shoved on to the bed, on my knees and my face down. Abdul stands behind and pulls my cheeks apart, then slowly starts to lick my pussy. I moan and love the feeling, even more with his stubble scraping against my cheeks. As Abdul licks my hole, I’m moaning more and more, his hand comes around to my face and he slips his big index finger into my mouth. I instantly start sucking it for him.

Abdul stands up and takes his finger from my mouth. He places one hand on my lower back and then I feel his finger stroking my hole. He then starts to push it in to my asshole. I cry out and try to pull forward, but his big hand on my back holds me in place.

“Be still Sammy. I need to loosen you up and I told you that there would be no arguments” He states.

“But sir, it hurts so much” I whimper. Turning my head to face him.

“I don’t give a fuck bitch. If you don’t stop complaining, I’ll fuck you without any lube, think about that you little cunt!” He snaps and slaps my arse cheek really hard with his other hand. I scream, but bury my face in the sheets to muffle the noise.

Abdul pulls his finger out and reaches over to the bedside table. He pulls a tube out and squeezes an amount on to his hand. Spreading it along his middle finger and then some on my hole. I squeal as it is so cold. As he slips his big finger back into my arse, he leans forward and whispers “You do make lots of girly sounds. I’m going to enjoy fucking you” and he starts moving his finger around inside me. He hits my prostate all of a sudden and my entire body shakes, my cock starts leaking pre-cum. Knowing what he is doing he continues working his finger and then slips his finger out.

Turn over he commands and I roll on to my back. Looking up at him, his massive cock pointing right at me in between my legs and making mine look like a little twig. He starts squeezing more of the lube out, but now on to his massive shaft and rubbing it in. Smiling at me in the entire time “Get a pillow under your bum” he says. I reach across the bed and pull one over, slipping it under my butt.

As I now have my butt raised he positions his cock near my hole. He rubs his lube covered cock over my rose. My nipples are erect and showing through the red lace. His massive hands slip up my nightie and grab my stomach. He grips hard and then starts to push his big head against my tight hole. I start to whimper, but he just winks at me and pushes more of his cock in deeper. I feel my asshole start to open up, but the pain is immense.

“Stop sir, it hurts too much” I scream.

“Ssh, your pussy is tight and needs opening.” As he continues to push his entire length in my hole. It rubs over my prostate, making me groan with joy, while crying from pain at the same time. He slowly takes it out and then rams it back in again. Back and forth he goes, building up momentum, getting faster and faster. My cock leaking pre-cum all out and on to his big belly. His big hands, now gripping my tiny body as he continues to fuck me hard.

“You like this, don’t you girl?” He asks looking into my tear strained eyes. I bite my lips, as I feel my cock close to exploding. “Answer me!” He growls ramming his cock into my hole harder.

“Yes sir” I moan, as again his cock rubs over my prostate.

“Tell me what you like” he commands.

“Your cock in my pussy!” I scream as my cock explodes all over his belly and my chest.

He laughs and throws his head back as he speeds up using my pussy. I hear his balls slapping my butt as he speeds up and then he tenses up, as his cock starts shooting his load in to my pussy. “FUCK YEAH” He shouts as he continues to pump my pussy, filling me up like a car getting filled up with fuel.

Abdul then slumps on me, he large frame knocking the wind out of me. His cock still pumping his seed into me. I stroke the back of his sweaty head and kiss him on his cheek. He turns his face and kisses me.

As he rises off me, I look down at his cock, covered in red it looks, but he turns it away before I can see. “Don’t move” Abdul barks at me and I lay still.

He walks in to the bathroom and slips his boxers on. When he comes back, I can see out of the corner of my eye he goes to the wardrobe with the ladies clothes in. He brings some stuff over and stands between my legs. He has a butt plug and hands it to me. I start to suck it, like the girl earlier and as I do, Abdul slips some red lace panties over my ankles. He clicks his fingers and I hand him back the wet plug. He winks at me, as he shoves the plug into my pussy and then slips down the panties to cover my soft cock and butt plug. I lay there, feeling exhausted. I slip the nightie down and watch as Abdul goes off to the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32