Hot Summer Night Ch. 04

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(Note that there is no incest/taboo content in this story. The first 3 chapters do include incest/taboo so I opted to keep the stories together. There will be more in future chapters)

It was very dark when I suddenly came awake. Something was lightly touching my arm. I turned my head to see my wife Carrie up on her left elbow looking down at me. Her hand was urgently nudging my right arm.

In a slur I said, “What? Was I snoring?”

Carrie leaned in close to my face and whispered, “Someone is in the yard.”

I listened for a moment and she was right. With all the windows in the house open to catch any breeze on this stifling night, I could hear very soft voices coming from the back yard. Then I could hear ripples of water. I pulled my arm away from Carrie’s hand and quietly got out of bed. We have had vandals trying to break into the pool house before on a hot, steamy night just like tonight.

I walked slowly around the bed and headed for the rear window. Carrie turned onto her right side to watch me at the window. I pulled the curtains aside and peered out to the backyard. The silvery light from the cloud shrouded half-moon revealed two people swimming in our pool. I knew right away who it was.

Carrie and I are close to the couple next door. Max and Lisa bought their home about twelve years ago. They are ten years or so younger than us. They have two kids under ten years old. Max is a big guy though not as big as me. He is good looking and in real good shape. He is a tradesman and his job keeps him trim. Lisa is a stay-at-home-mom and is a very attractive and petite woman with “B-Cup” breasts and a sleek body. Her tits sag a little; probably from breast feeding.

I only know this as I accidentally caught her sun-tanning in the nude on her back deck one day after the kids left for school. She was very nonchalant about my unintended invasion of her privacy.

We don’t go out with Max and Lisa. Any extra dollars they come by seem to always go to the kids but there is always enough money for beer. Max loves his beer. We have spent many evenings drinking by our pool and hot-tub. We enjoy their company.

Several years ago, while I was making love to Carrie, she was in the throes of an orgasm and she blurted out Max’s name. She immediately knew what she had done and we had a conversation about what that was about. She confessed that she was fantasizing about Max. She was very embarrassed and apologized profusely to me.

I don’t recommend to anyone to ever share their erotic fantasies with their significant other. It can only lead to issues because they are almost never about the spouse. However, Carrie felt so bad that I told her that I had fantasies about Lisa now and then. It didn’t have the intended effect but the subject was never raised again.

As I watched, the moon cast its full light through a clearing in the clouds and I could see that they were both naked. In the stillness, I could hear nearly every word they were whispering to each other. They were quietly talking about the wedding they had just come from and how good the cool water felt.

Carrie came up behind me and placed her hands on my hips and leaned around me to look out to see what was going on. I could feel her bare tits on my back. I whispered, “It’s Max and Lisa. They have had a bit to drink and they are both naked.” Carrie stretched closer to the window to see.

“I’ll put something on and go down to tell them it’s OK.” We have always told them to enjoy the pool anytime even if we aren’t around. This is the first time they have availed themselves.

I turned back to the room and grabbed my boxer shorts and pulled them on. Carrie was still standing naked in the window; apparently trying to get a glimpse of Max in the nude. I quietly went downstairs, through the house and out onto the deck.

Max and Lisa weren’t in the middle of the pool anymore and I had to look around the pool to find them. Max was seated on the edge of the pool out of sight of our bedroom window with his legs dangling in the water. Lisa was standing in the pool’s shallow end between Max’s legs. Her head was in his crotch and Max had both hands wrapped in her wet hair.

They had not noticed me come out on the deck so I sat down in a lounge chair to watch Lisa give Max a blowjob. His head was tipped back and was lightly moaning. Lisa alternated between sucking and jerking him off. He was enjoying all of it. So was I, as my Lisa fantasy came to life.

I was startled when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to find Carrie standing behind me. She had thrown a short robe on over her nude body. She hadn’t tied it and I could see the inner sides of both tits and her neatly trimmed bush. We both watched for several more minutes before Carrie whispered in my ear, “Talk about an opportunity. Shall we join them?”

I didn’t respond right away as I was trying to determine if this was a test or not. I looked up at her to search for a clue. When she shed her robe and reached down to pull mardin escort me out of the chair, I knew she was serious. I dropped my shorts.

I motioned for her to sit next to Max and I would get in the water beside Lisa. When I stepped deeper into the water the ripples alerted Lisa. Lisa pulled her mouth from Max’s cock to look over at me. She was drunk enough to ignore my arrival and just went back to sucking Max’s cock.

Carrie brushed against Max’s shoulder as she sat down. His eyes went wide when he saw Carrie’s huge tits go by his face on her way down to the deck. She looked between his legs to see his cock. It wasn’t what she had fantasized about but it was very adequate. It was an inch or so shorter than my 9″ cock and had a smaller girth.

I walked up next to Lisa and bent down to bury my face in Carrie’s pussy. She was sopping wet. Lisa watched for a few moments and then went back to sucking Max’s cock. Max reached across his body to put his hand on Carrie’s left tit. Her nipples hardened to his touch. Lisa was watching every move as she was back to jerking his cock in both hands.

I was in heaven licking Carrie’s juices and flicking her clit. Max leaned over and took the same tit into his mouth and began licking her nipple. As max continued his assault, I did the same. I was rapidly pushing my tongue deep into her cunt and using my index finger on her clit. Suddenly, Carrie was in orgasm and it was intense. Her body went totally rigid. She clamped her legs around the back of my head and pulled me into her. I couldn’t breathe and had to turn my head to the side. She slowly started coming back down and collapsed her upper body down to the deck as though she was a rag doll. Lisa and Max both watched in fascination as Carrie went down.

With the erotic sight of Carrie with hardened tits standing up from her chest as she lay on the deck, Max’s cock hardened in Lisa’s hand and she immediately started sucking and jerking for all she was worth. Her motion was sending waves across the pool and back again. We were standing in choppy water by the time Max’s cum started its rise from his balls and into Lisa’s mouth. He was groaning loudly until his final shot was expelled. Lisa looked at me and made a show of swallowing his load.

Max collapsed on the deck to lie next to Carrie. They were both looking at each other as they lay there. Carrie rolled on her side toward Max and wrapped her right hand around his semi-rigid cock and started jerking on it. She then moved her body around to take his deflating cock into her mouth and started sucking it in and out.

I quietly said to Lisa, “You look very sexy tonight.”

Lisa said, “I hope you don’t mind us using your pool tonight. It’s so hot.”

I responded, “I agree, that was very hot and we certainly don’t mind.”

Lisa was still looking at my face as she moved closer to me in the water. When her tits rested against my stomach, she reached forward to find my extremely rigid cock. With both hands she measured the length, girth and hardness and as her eyes went wide she just groaned and murmured, “Oooooh my God”.

I said, “Would you like to go next? Just climb up there and give me that pussy. I love to eat pussy.”

She said, “That is very enticing. Max doesn’t like to eat pussy, so I don’t get that pleasure often. But, if you don’t mind I have to have this monster buried in my cunt as soon as possible.” She glanced back to the deck to see Carrie push Max’s semi-erect cock back into her mouth. Her slurping was the loudest noise on the night air.

I noticed Lisa’s glance and whispered, “Carrie has had fantasies about Max. I confess that I have had fantasies about you.”

A beaming, bright smile lit up her face. Lisa whispered back, “Max and I have talked about our attraction to you guys but we never thought anything would come from it.

I thought your cock would be big, but never this big. I don’t know if I can take it. Can I try?”

“Well, do you want to fuck in the pool or somewhere else? It seems that our spouses are otherwise engaged.” I said.

She said, “I’m afraid the water will wash my pussy juices off and this thing will hurt me. We better move to the deck.” I nodded and pulled her to the pool steps with my cock. She wasn’t going to let go of it.

I lay down on my back with her still clinging to my cock and she knelt on the deck beside me. I put my hand on her pussy and pushed my middle finger into her slit. I flicked my thumb on her clit and her body tensed. She started to move her mouth to my cock but I stopped her and maneuvered her into a sixty-nine position. I attacked her cunt with my mouth, tongue and fingers. She tried to devour my cock as she ran her tongue and open mouth around the outside.

She was ravenous but she could barely get her mouth around the tip. With my fantasies fully engaged, the sensation was fantastic and my cock grew even larger. She pulled her head up and said, “It’s getting even van escort bigger. Please. I need you to put it in me.”

I simply said, “Patience. Patience.”

She went back to blowing and jerking me off. I continued my assault on her cunt. Suddenly she went rigid and I could feel her cunt spasm on my tongue. She was gushing pussy juices down over my face. I was licking it up as fast as I could. With each lick, she would spasm again. When she was back in control, she climbed off my face and stepped over my waist and proceeded to kneel herself down onto my extremely hard cock.

As I explained before, she is very petite so I wanted her to control how much cock she could take. I was betting that after two kids she could take it all. She pushed down onto the tip of my cock and stopped there to adjust.

I noticed movement to my left and looked away from Lisa hovering above me to see Carrie and Max moving themselves into a doggy position. Carrie was looking directly at us while Max was maneuvering his now hardened cock into position. From his angle it was apparent that he was pushing into Carrie’s ass. I couldn’t imagine that Max would be so brazen so Carrie’s fantasy must have been being butt-fucked by Max and she was making it a reality.

My full attention was brought back to Lisa as she pressed several more inches of my cock into her cunt and stopped. I hoped she could take more than that. Lisa was being very tentative as she started an excruciating slow descent onto the rest of my cock. Lisa had a glassy look on her face as she finally sat down fully. She stayed right there and I could feel her clutching my cock with her pussy muscles. I couldn’t tell if the clutches were voluntary or involuntary.

After nearly a minute, Lisa pulled herself up to the tip of my cock and then with her knees straddling me started a steady forward and back fucking motion. I took hold of her hips to help her motion and I began an up thrust with my hips as her hips came back. Lisa’s mouth formed an “O” and she was muttering, “Oh…Oh…Oh” with each thrust. I put both hands on Lisa’s tits and pinched her large nipples. They were hard and apparently very sensitive as she put her hands over mine to slow my assault. I could feel my balls tighten with the rising cum. Lisa gasped as my cock surged larger and suddenly her cunt was grabbing at my cock. Her spasms were hard and fast.

As she collapsed onto my chest, I was driving my cock up into her. I shot stream after stream of cum into her. Lisa’s body went limp but her cunt continued to spasm for several moments longer.

Carrie had watched my cock disappear into Lisa’s cunt as Max was slowly pushing into her ass. I could see her huge tits swinging as Max started fucking her. She flinched once and moved her upper torso down onto her elbows to get the right angle.

She kept her eyes on Lisa and me the entire time. She was now breathing very hard as Max increased his pace. Carrie was thrusting back and forth to counter his attack to maximize the amount of cock she was getting. She was used to my cock fucking her ass so she had to improvise a little on Max’s smaller cock.

Max’s eyes were closed and his head was angled upward as he pivoted his hips forward and backward. After several minutes, Max let out an agonizing groan and thrust his hips forward hard into Carrie’s ass. Carrie came up onto her hands again and pushed back hard. Her face contorted. Her body went rigid. Max fired stream after stream, each accompanied by a quick pull back and thrust forward, as through his cock were throwing each spurt on cum into Carrie’s ass. At the same time Carrie was arching her back upward and then down as her orgasm took total control of her. After several moments Carrie collapsed forward onto the deck pulling her ass off Max’s, still hard cock with a “pop”. Max collapsed forward to lay on top of her and then rolled onto his side with his arm across Carrie’s back. They were both gasping for air.

Lisa was still collapsed on my chest so I lifted her upper body into a sitting position. My cock was still hard from watching Carrie and Max’s show. So, when Lisa came to a sitting position my cock slid all the way back into Lisa’s cunt. She wasn’t expecting this and she let out a soft scream and instinctively pulled herself up and off my cock.

She moved herself off to the side and sat on the deck and looked back at my cock as if to identify the offender. She looked back to my face and smiled as she wrapped her right hand around my cock and started jerking me off. Then she used both hands in counter-rotating action as she moved her hands up and down the length of my shaft which was well lubricated by her juices. Max and Carrie were coming back to life and both sat up to watch Lisa working on my cock.

Carrie whispered to Lisa and me, “Jesus, aren’t you two done yet?”

Without breaking rhythm, Lisa whispered back, “Apparently not. Look at the size of this thing. It’s as hard as a baseball bat.” ankara escort Lisa maneuvered herself between my legs and bent down and put the tip of my cock in her mouth and her tongue began flicking the underside of tip at the ridge. She knew that was a very sensitive spot on a man’s cock.

Lisa’s hands, lips and tongue were bringing me to climax fast. Carrie crawled over to get a good view. For good measure, Carrie reached between my legs and brushed Lisa’s tit on the way by to put a finger in my ass. I could feel the electricity when Lisa responded to Carrie’s accidental touch on her tit. With Carrie pushing her finger in and out of my ass and Lisa’s attack on my cock, my cum surged out of my balls and up my shaft.

Lisa took the first stream with her mouth still on my cock-tip. She wasn’t prepared for the amount of cum she received and she pulled her head back. She continued with her hands. The second stream shot straight into her face and over her head. Carrie quickly moved to wrapped her lips around my cock to receive the third and she buried my cock in her throat, pushing Lisa’s hands away as she went to receive the fourth and last.

Lisa sat back to watch Carrie slowly pull my entire cock from her throat, mouth and finally her lips. Carrie flicked her tongue over the head to collect any remaining cum and sat up. She looked at Lisa and licked her lips and smiled.

Carrie looked around the four of us all clustered together and said, “Well, that was fun. We’ll have to do this again sometime.” We all were silent for a few seconds and then we all started laughing.

As I was getting to a standing position I noticed movement in the back window of Julia’s room. She was leaning on the window sill making a silent clapping motion with her hands. She disappeared from view as she moved back from the window. I don’t know if Carrie saw her or not.

We all said our good-nights and Max and Lisa walked naked across our lawn to their house. We went into the house. I glanced at the clock on the microwave as we walked through the kitchen. It was 2:30 AM. I groaned as I had only another two and half hours before I had to get up to go to work. I stopped in the living room and took Carrie in my arms and pressed her bare tits against my chest and said, “Well babe, was that everything you fantasized about?”

She thought for a moment and then whispered back, “No, but I doubt the reality ever measures up to the fantasy. How about you? Was Lisa everything you fantasized about? It looked like she was struggling with the size of your cock.”

I responded, “She was struggling a bit but she did OK. I agree that the reality is never as good as the fantasy. I guess that is why we have fantasies. By the way, what was up with the butt-fucking? Was that your fantasy with Max?”

Carrie sheepishly looked me in the eyes and said, “Well, that was one of them.” She smiled and turned to go up the stairs. I smiled too and followed her up pushing my hand to her sopping wet pussy from behind. She giggled and pushed my hand away. I put my fingers in my mouth and licked each one savoring the sweet taste.

We both cleaned up a bit and went back to bed. I just laid there reliving what had just happened. Half asleep I noticed a sheet rustling sound. I turned toward Carrie to see that the sheet was at her knees and both of her hands were buried in her cunt. She was separating her lips with one hand and feverishly rubbing the fingers and palm of her other hand up and down on her pussy lips and clit. Her arms were pinned to her sides which pushed her tits upward. Her nipples were erect. Her head was pushed deep into her pillow. Her lips were open and her teeth clenched.

I rolled toward her and leaned up to suck her left nipple into my mouth. She continued her masturbation without seeming to notice me. Then I started tonguing her nipple, which I know drives her crazy. Her nipple hardened and she let out a shriek and launched into a massive orgasm. I was amazed by the intensity. I kept tonguing her nipple and reached my hand down to her cunt and put my finger in beside her own and felt her vaginal spasms grabbing, grabbing, grabbing. They went on and on.

As they subsided I heard Carrie take a gasping breath and realized that she had stopped breathing when her body tensed as she went over the top. Now at the bottom again she removed her hands from her crotch. I released her nipple and leaned up to look into her face. She placed her hands on the sides of my face and pulled me down to kiss me on the forehead. I left my fingers in her pussy but I wasn’t moving them.

She dislodged my fingers when she rolled over toward me and with hands still on my face; she kissed me passionately on the lips. I kissed her back with the same passion. ‘What a woman.’ I thought.

She removed her hands from my face and while still kissing me, she reached down between us in search of my cock. It had responded to the sexual beauty of my wife masturbating and was standing fully erect when her hand wrapped around it. She raked her fingernails over the tip several times and went back to jacking me off. She released my cock and reached over to her pussy and liberally coated her fingers and palm with her juices and then moved her hand back to my cock using her lubrication to assist her manipulations of my cock.

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