Hot Bike Shorts, Get Me Hotter!

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Jada Stevens

I finished up my sophomore year in college and was heading home a few days early to surprise everyone. I pulled up to my folks house and parked, it looked like nobody was home. I grabbed my gear and walked in to find it empty.

“Hello,” I said but there was no reply.

I headed up to my room and dumped my stuff on the bed and took a hot shower. The water felt good on my body and washed away the drive home. I shaved my cock, balls and ass crack; this always felt good. After that I dried off my horny cock and decided to watch a quick porn on my laptop.

I got out some lotion and fired up my laptop with the volume up loud. I put on a porn with two guys and a hot girl. The one guy got her naked and started banging her, while she sucked the other guys dick. The scene was getting hot and I was getting hard as a rock. Then to my surprise the guys started kissing each other while the girl began rubbing her cunt. One of the guys laid face down on the bed, the other guy started massaging his ass. Then the girl put oil on the guys ass and the guy started sliding his cock up and down his ass. It was a very hot scene and I felt my balls boiling from the two hot guys. The close up of the oiled up cock and ass turned me on way too much. I didn’t even get half way through the video before I blew my load. I hadn’t come in days and the explosion of seamen was intense. I had never had an orgasm that strong masturbating before.

Right then I started to feel bi-curious for the first time and wanted to put oil on some hot guys ass too. I tasted my cum for the first time and it taste sexy and hot. I wanted to slid my big cock up and down some sexy guys oiled up ass crack too. Where would I find the perfect guy for me. He would have to be handsome, sexy and not act totally gay. He must also have a cute ass and be hairless. This might never happen but I was going to keep my eyes open for such a guy.

I decided to go for a bike ride and chill out for a while. Feeling wild and free I put on some tight bike shorts and tee shirt and hit the road. The spandex felt good on my smooth cock and ass as I rode down my street. I wanted to see some old buddies so I went by Tony’s house, a great friend of mine from high school. I knocked on the door and his younger brother Matt answered the door.

Matt was always fun to hang out with when Tony wasn’t around. He was a year younger and looked really great. I know Matt always had girlfriends and I’m sure he wasn’t gay. Right now I was wishing he was. If I was going to try sex with a guy, he was a perfect candidate. He was tall handsome and had nice pec’s. I got a funny feeling in my cock and he gave me a big smile.

“Hey Paul what the hell is going on buddy? Come on in.”

He came up to me and hugged me and I felt our cocks touch and I was getting horny again. My cock jumped in my shorts. I think Matt felt my hard on but didn’t seem to show it. Matt wasn’t gay and I didn’t want to freak him out.

“How is college treating you man? When did you get back?”

“I just got back today. College is going well, it’s way better than High School.”

He stepped back and welcomed me in to his home. He glanced at my shorts as I stepped in. I hope he didn’t see any bulge down there; I was feeling a little nervous.

“Paul I haven’t seen you since last Christmas, you look like you’ve been working out more.”

“Uh yeah, joined a local gym up there and go every other day. It helps me stay focused.”

“Well you look a lot better!” He said with a grin.

“Thank you Matt, hey buddy is Tony here?”

“No Tony went camping with his girlfriend a few days ago and won’t be back till Sunday.”

“You up for a bike ride Matt?” I asked nervously.

“Yeah sure give me a minute to change into some bike shorts like yours.”

Matt headed for the stairs and gave me a nice smile over his shoulder.

“Come on up nobody is here either.”

I started getting butterflies in my stomach and followed him to his room. His ass looked nice in jeans as I watched it all the way to his room. Matt was 18 and I was 20 and things seemed to be heating up between us. Maybe he was bi-curious like me or even gay. I wish he was and I started to feel my cock hardening in my shorts.

“Have a seat bro, let me show you my new bike shorts I bought last week.”

Matt always had hot girlfriends so maybe he was just being friendly, I wasn’t sure. Matt pulled out three pairs of shorts and closed his dresser.

“I want to look as good as you do Paul, those shorts look hot.”

He had blue, black and white bike shorts in his hand.

“Which ones do you think would look the best on me?”

“Why Cami Halısı don’t you try on the blue ones”

“OK”, he said casually.

Matt pulled off his shirt and short in no time. He then pulled his white thong underwear off and his cock sprung free. It was semi hard and looked delicious to me. For the first time I was horny for a guy in the flesh in a big way. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock and he smiled at me. His ass looked as nice as any girls I’ve ever seen and I was hoping he was not just teasing me. He pulled on the blue ones and jokingly modeled them for me as he hiked them up his butt crack.

“What do you think of these?”

I was getting bold and horny as I checked out Matt’s tight shorts. I think he was enjoying this almost as much as I was but I wasn’t sure.

“Those look OK but I think a red thong and the white stretch shorts would look better.”

He gave me a big smile and dropped the blue shorts and pulled a red thong out of his dresser. He bent over taking his time, giving me a partial view of his hairless ass crack. My cock was rock hard now and when he turned around to face me he looked toward my crotch and smiled. His cut cock was getting bigger and stuck out in the air for me to see. It had to be seven or eight inches and thick. A little bigger than mine. Then he pulled up the red thong and pulled the white sexy shorts over his hot ass and big cut meat. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it while I watched him change. I stopped just in time before he saw me touch myself.

“What do you think?”

“Matt you look amazing.”

“Thanks buddy, so do you. You ready for a ride?”

Man was I ever, I wanted to ride my cock up and down his ass crack and squeeze his buns. Was Matt aware that he was driving me nuts? I didn’t think so, it was too good to be true.

“Sure, lets go.”

I started to follow him out of his room and he stopped and my hard cock hit his spandex coved ass. I stopped and he turned and his hand grazed my aching cock.

“I almost forgot my key.”

I wanted to grab his cock and rip his shorts off right there. He grabbed his key off his night stand and I walked out with him behind me. I hiked up my shorts into my ass crack hoping to tease him back. I could feel a little pre cum escaping my cock head. I wanted to reach in my shorts and take a taste but I didn’t.

We got on our bikes and took off to some fun riding trails near our neighborhood. We got caught up on things going on and had a great time. After a while I got behind him to admire his sweet little ass. I could see the outline of his red thong under his shorts and loved the way his ass worked back and forth on the seat. In was extremely horny at this point, my cock was twitching and I was nervous about what’s going to happen next. We were on our way back to his house and my mind was thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him if he’d only let me.

“Paul, you feel like stopping by for a shower and a few beer before my parents get home?”

This guy was reading my mind, I wanted to see his big hard cock again and this would possibly give me a second chance.

“Uh sure,” was all I could say.”

I was almost shaking as we got closer to his house. I was sure something was going to happen sexually very soon between us. He seemed as horny as I was. As we turned the corner we saw his moms car in the driveway.

“Shit, my moms home.” He said with a growl. “She has the worst timing of anyone I know.”

“Want to go to my place? My folks won’t be home for hours.”

“Sure, that’s cool with me.” He said with a big smile.

We bolted past his house and made our way to my place. When we got to my parents house thank god nobody was home. It was still early in the afternoon and they shouldn’t be back for a few hours.

“Lets put the bikes in my garage and go get cleaned up.”

“Sounds good to me,” Matt replied as he adjusted his cock in the tight shorts.

I glanced back at him, he was checking out my ass as I walked up the stairs to my room. This got my heart pounding and my dick throbbing.

“Can I go first Paul, I won’t be long?”

“Sure, you know where my shower is, go for it.”

“Thanks bro.”

Matt went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. The water was turned on and running for a few minutes. Then Matt yelled out to me.

“No hot water Paul, I think something’s wrong.”

I went in and saw Matt standing there nude with a semi hard on. When I walked past him I felt his cock graze the side of my ass. I was ready for anything at this point. I showed him how the hot water works and he thanked me and stepped in. I watched Cami Halıları him get in the shower and close the glass door. His cock sent tingles throughout my body and I wanted to suck it right there.

“That’s much better, thanks Paul.”

“You bet enjoy.”

I left the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Matt finished his shower in less than five minutes. Matt came in my room with the towel around his waist. He looked hot and I was horny for him. Now it was my turn to freshen up. I ripped off my shirt and shorts right in front of him and let him see my hard cock for the first time. Matt was staring at my cock with a sly grin.

“You shave your cock like I do, looks good.”

“Hey got to keep up with the times.” I replied. “I’ll be out soon, make yourself at home.”

“Sounds good Paul, hurry up!”

I could tell he was checking out my ass as I left my room. I took a very fast shower, eager to see where this will go. I was more than ready to be with a man for the first time if possible. When I entered my room he was standing there nude looking at my trophy collection.

“Matt you can I wear a clean pair of bike shorts, I have extras.”

“OK sure where are they?”

I pulled out a pair from my chest and handed them to him. His cock was completely hard and I had to have it soon.

“These should feel more comfortable and sexy.”

Matt gave me a big smile and pulled up the bike shorts and rubbed his cock for a second.

“These feel nice, you should feel them too.”

“I think I’d like to if that’s cool with you?”

He only smiled. I slowly approached him and got behind him. I grinded my cock into his shorts and reached around to feel his beautiful cock. It felt warm and thick, it was such a turn on for me! I stroked it slowly all the way from top to the base. I grinded my cock harder into his sexy ass and kissed the side of his neck.

“You feel amazing Matt and your cock feels so nice and thick.”

“That feels awesome Paul! I’ve never done anything like this with a guy. You’ve got me so hot and horny.”

“This is my first time too Matt. I’ve never done anything like this either. I got so turned on earlier watching a threesome sex scene. Two guys and a girl and then the guys went for each other. It was super hot and got me horny for male on male sex. The guys were young and hot like us.”

“That’s what got me going the other day. By accident I was watching a porn that turned gay and I was very turned on. Now I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Dude let’s do this, if it’s gets to weird we can stop anytime.”

He turned around to face me and he stared at my raging hard on, I knew things were going to get hot real quick.

“Your ass looked so good on your bike seat, I was going nuts. I’ve been wanting to squeeze it all day.”

“Well here we are two virgin boys, ready for action.”

“Matt where do we start?”

“Come here and lets start over.”

I went to Matt and we hugged again and started to grind our cocks together. He pulled my face to his and started to kiss me and rub my ass. I was harder than ever and he felt it when my cock twitched. I grabbed his spandex cover buns and pulled him in. We continued kissing and grinding, I was in heaven. This was even hotter than I expected. His cock was as hard as mine and he was a little shaky.

“Paul do you want to massage me or should I massage you?”

“Your my guest and I want to massage your body and play with your cock and ass all night.”

With that I helped Matt lay face down on my bed and studied his hot ass. I began to rub his shoulders and back, making my cock huge. Then I moved down to his buns covered in spandex, ooh they looked delicious. I began to rub his buns and ass crack, then I propped him up on all fours and grinded my hot cock into his ass. I reached around to feel his cock and pecs as I grinded his hot little ass crack. He spread his legs a little for me, giving me more ecstasy.

“Paul, this is so hot, I cant believe were doing this”

I turned him around onto his back and pulled his shorts down. His cock was aching and twitching for me and I wanted it bad.

“Ready for this Matt?”

He nodded and helped me finish pulling his shorts down and kicked them off. I rubbed my cheek on his cock and saw pre come leaking out of the big head. I kissed all around his cock and blew on his balls.

“Please Paul, don’t tease me.”

“Don’t worry Matt, I will take good care of you!” I replied with his monster cock right in my face.

I let his cock slide around my cheeks and chin, making my face wet with his pre cum. I opened wide and licked the pre cum and it tasted good like mine. I went for it, taking his big cock in my wet mouth and started giving head to a man for the first time. It was way more fun than eating pussy and I was having the time of my life. It didn’t take long for him to start shaking again as I sucked his big beautiful hard cock. This was very hot and sexy for me and he seemed to be going wild. Then only after about two minutes he started to blow his huge load into my mouth.

“Dude I’m coming,”

I was blasted with squirt after squirt as he shook all over and I buried my face on his tasty cock. He was breathing hard and squirted one last time on my face when I wasn’t ready.

He came up to me and kissed my face and wiped the come off my cheek. I swallowed all his love juice and hugged him real hard.

“OMG that was awesome Paul, I owe you big time.”

“Matt I’m so hard for you, can I put baby oil on your ass and massage it?”

“Go for it, but first I want to suck you off.”

“That will be after I do your ass OK?”

“Do what ever you want, just be gentle OK. I’m a virgin back there.”

“I promise you will love this Matt!”

I reached into my night stand and took out some baby oil and dropped some on his ass cheeks. I began to rub the oil all around his ass and started to slide my fingers in his sexy ass crack. I dropped a few drops of oil on his tight hole and he twitched as he felt it hit there. He spread his legs a little for me giving me better access to his sex. I grazed his ass hole and he twitched and moaned. Then I began to slide my finger into his bum. It was tight and warm and the baby oil smelled great. He was pushing back on my hand with his butt. Then two fingers then three in and out slowly.

“Oh god that feels great, don’t stop.”

But I did stop and pulled him up on all fours again. I put baby oil on my throbbing rock hard cock. I worked the oil into my cock and made it nice and slick, so it wouldn’t hurt him.

“Are you ready Matt, I cant wait any longer?”

“Yes, just go slow at first OK.”

“Sure, I want you to enjoy this too.”

I lined up my cock to his ass and slid it up and down his ass crack making him crazy.

“Please Paul, do me, I need it so bad.”

I spread his ass cheeks and put the tip of my cock up to his waiting hole. I pushed it in slowly, the oil helped a lot and I made it in. It was so tight and so hot I was in ecstasy. My cock was harder than ever and I was worried I’d hurt his cute virgin ass.

“Matt are you OK”?”

“Yes, it feels amazing.”

“Good cause your going to get pounded here real soon.”

We started to pick up the pace and soon he was able to take my whole cock in his ass. It felt amazing and looked so sexy watching my cock go in and out of his hot sexy ass. He adjusted to my size and was moaning and really getting into it. I could see him jerking his cock real fast which turned me on even more. I began pounding him hard and he was loving it. We were making love for the first time and I didn’t want this to end ever. I was feeling the rush of a huge orgasm building up throughout my body.

“Can I come in your ass?”

“Go for it Matt!”

I was getting so close to coming I couldn’t stop now so if I wanted to.

“He grunted, I’m coming Paul, fill me up with your hot cum.”

My body shook hard and my knees went weak. I started coming like crazy in his ass and he moaned with pleasure. I pulled out and let the last few jets squirt his ass crack and buns. I felt like jelly and fell on top of him. He rolled over and kissed me passionately and we held each other like that for some time. Squishing our cum soaked oiled up bodies together. We slid our wet cocks together and kissed very passionately. After a while we had to get up and cover our tracks.

We got up and wiped ourselves down, we had cum all over us and the room smelled like hot sex.

“Matt we better save this for later my Mom and Dad could show up anytime now.”

“OK, but I hope this isn’t a one time thing, I still want to return the favor and suck your big hard cock and swallow your cum. I can’t wait, lets do this again tomorrow.”

“Sounds great, Ill text you later.”

“Maybe we can make a hot gay sex video or something.”

“You bet, I can’t wait. Let’s keep this a secret OK?”

“Of course, I’m not gay. I just like to cum hard. It’s nobody’s business but ours. If we keep this a mutual thing there will be no STD’s.”

“I’m way cool with that, I’m not gay either. You just turn me on Matt.”

I kissed him good bye and squeezed his ass one last time before he left.

Matt took off and I got ready to see to see my parents, they had no idea what I had been doing all day and they were happy to see me home again.

This was going to be a very Hot summer and Matt was going to make even hotter!

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