His First Taste of the Real Thing

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My girlfriend, Angie, has been dressing me in women’s lingerie and pegging me with her strap on dildo for a couple years now. It started with an occasional pair of satin panties and quickly moved to sexy little nighties, stockings and painted toenails.

As bad as I hate to admit it, I absolutely love it. It’s all I think about anymore. I love the submissive feeling I get when she is driving her dick deep in my ass while looking into my eyes and telling me what a pitiful little whore I am.

In the beginning we were a little clumsy, but she was determined to fuck better than any woman we had seen in the strap on videos we had watched and I’m here to tell you that she has achieved her goal plus some. Now she can do a better job fucking than a lot of the amateur guys I’ve seen online.

Before long we started taking pictures and videoing our fuck fests. She was fucking me at least once a week for over a year but lately her desire had started to fade. She used to constantly be looking for new things to try to keep our fucking fresh, whether it was new positions, new outfits, or new names to call me, but lately nothing fresh. I was getting worried that she would continue to lose interest and I would stop getting the fucking I had grown to need.

I came in from work one evening and she was glued to the computer with one hand on the mouse and the other down the front of her panties. She was online reading a sex story and as horny as she looked, it must have been a good story.

“Hey panty boy, you need to get your sissy ass in the tub and get ready for a serious ass pounding. I found something on here today that’s gonna make you a bigger slut than you already are, if that’s possible,” she said with a little chuckle.

When she talks dirty like that I always get an immediate hard on.

“Yes ma’am!” was all I said as I was striping my clothes off on my way to the bathroom.

I shaved my pubic area and around my ass while I was in the shower and I painted my toe nails a sissy shade of pink after I got out.

She was already lying on the bed with her harness on and was stroking her eight inch cock when I went into the bedroom. She had laid my outfit at the foot of the bed. It was a dark pink teddy that just barely covers the bottom of my ass, black stockings, and a pair of black crotch less panties.

“Hurry up bitch and get your girly stuff on, I’ve been wanting to get my dick in you since I read that first story online,” she said as she put a condom on her cock.

I wasted no time getting dressed. She always starts with my mouth one way or another. Today she began by pumping her cock in and out of it.

She looked down at me with a funny grin and said, “You are becoming a real pro at giving good head. Have you been practicing on your buddies when I wasn’t around?”

I tried to take her dick out of my mouth so I could answer her, but she held the back of my head forcing her cock deeper down my throat.

“You just keep sucking bitch and I’ll let you know when I need an answer from you,” she hissed.

Her voice taunted me, “I read a story about a sissy like you who was basmane escort sucking dick in the bathroom at work. So who are you blowing or shall I say who are you wanting to blow? The way you lust after my dick I’m sure you fantasize about sucking somebody else’s.”

Dreaming of some stud cumming in your mouth and not letting you quit till you had swallowed every last drop. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

She pulled me off her dick so I could answer.

“Hell no!” I said.

“You’re a lying whore,” she said, as she forcefully put her cock back in my mouth.

I hadn’t thought about sucking anybody, but her, but I would do whatever I had to do to keep getting what she was giving me.

“You say no but your rock hard dick is telling me different.”

She continued to talk about me getting a real cock either in my mouth or in my ass the whole time she was fucking me that night. She also had me in a position I had never been in. She had me bent in half with my legs way up in the air and my dick pointed straight down at my face.

“I want you to catch some of your cum in your mouth you fucking slut,” she said in a stern voice.

I came as hard as I ever had and I did get a taste of my cum, but the biggest part covered my face.

“You can’t fool me bitch. I know what turns your crank and I see how much you like getting a face full of cum.”

That was the first time she had talked about me taking a real cock but as I found out it would not be the last.

A couple weeks later she told me she had made us reservations at the casino for the weekend just to let off a little steam. When we had checked into our room I decided I was going to clean up a little and go play some black jack. When I opened the suitcase to get something to wear I got my first glimpse of her plans. She hadn’t packed me any clothes, well no men’s clothes that is.

“Where are my clothes?” I asked.

“Everything you’ll be wearing this weekend is right there in our case. As a matter of fact you need to get out of the clothes you have on and get into something a little sluttier. The yellow dress with polka dots, the yellow panties, the black garter belt and hose is what I want you to put on.”

“I can’t play black jack wearing all this!” I protested.

“This is a weekend of fucking and sucking not gambling. Now be a good little sissy and get into your girly things like I told you,” she demanded.

I got dressed and came out of the bathroom to see Angie pointing to a chair in the middle of the room with four pieces of rope tied to it.

“Sit,” was all she said.

She had tied me up before so it wasn’t that big a deal. I sat down and she tied both arms and both legs to the chair. She went into the bathroom to put her outfit on. Before she shut the door she looked at me with a smart-ass smirk and said, “Don’t go anywhere I’ll be right back.”

She came out wearing a long robe that covered her whole body, went over to the phone and ordered room service. She then walked over and stood in front of me and slowly opened the robe so I could see had bayındır escort bought a new dildo for the harness.

“I got a bigger cock for my whore,” she said as she grabbed my head and started feeding it to me. “Suck it good cock sucker.”

She started talking about me sucking a real cock again as she slowly fucked my mouth. Pulling the cock from my face she bent down and whispered in my ear, “Are you ready for the night of your life?”

I didn’t know what she meant, but before I could respond there was a knock on the door.

“Room service,” the voice said on the other side of the door.

As she tied up her robe and headed for the door, she turned back at me, grinned and said, “Show time.”

I didn’t know what she had planned but I was starting to panic. I didn’t want anybody to see me dressed like this. Now I know why I’m tied up. She opened the door and told the guy to set the food on the table and she would get money out of her purse. When he saw me dressed like I was and tied up it seemed to embarrass him a little, but he went on like he hadn’t seen me. He set the tray on the table and waited on Angie to give him the money for the food. He acted like nothing out of the ordinary was going on but I could tell he was in a hurry to go.

As he headed to the door she stopped him and asked, “So tell me, what you think about my sissy bitch?”

“Well, I really don’t know what to think, he looks a little nervous to me,” he said with a snicker.

Angie giggled a little too and said, “Its probably because you are the first person to see him dressed in his sissy clothes other than me. But believe me, when I put my dick in his mouth that nervous look will disappear.”

“What do you mean your dick,” he said with a confused look on his face.

“I have a harness with a strap on. Well hell it would be easier to just show you and I will if you want,” she said.

Not waiting for an answer she untied her robe and let it drop to the floor. She stroked her cock a few times for him.

He stared in silence for a minute. “Damn that’s wild! Its pretty hot though.” he exclaimed.

She walked up to me and said, “I’ll show you the wild part.” And slowly slid her cock into my mouth. “Be a good little sissy and show the man how good you are at sucking my cock.”

She started fucking my mouth with a slow and steady pace. He just stood there watching in amazement and I could tell he was liking the show she was putting on. Angie started talking her shit to me as she quickened her pace a little. “You are such a whore, you love having a dick in your mouth don’t you bitch?”

I mumbled a “yes” as well as I could with my mouth full.

“I told you the nervous look didn’t last long didn’t I?” she said looking over at the room service guy.

“You sure did. The nervous look is definitely gone.”

I could see what she was trying to do and it looked it was working. I glanced over to see him rubbing himself through his pants as he watched us. “Has he ever had the real thing, a real cock I mean?” he asked.

“Not yet but he’s bayraklı escort going to before the weekend is over if I have to get every room service or pizza delivery guy in here till one of them wants his dick sucked. How about you make it easy on me and you be his first,” she asked.

“Sure thing, I’d love a blow job,” he replied.

She told him the only reason she had me tied up was so I couldn’t run and hide while she was finding someone to stick their dick in my mouth. She untied me and told me to get down on my knees. She motioned for him to come over and stand in front of me. He walked up to me, looked down and told me to get his dick out and get it in my mouth.

“Oh yeah,” Angie said. “He loves it when you talk trashy and tell him what to do.”

I was nervous getting his pants undone. I finally got his zipper down, and then I slid his pants to his ankles. I couldn’t believe what was happening, here I was with his cock just inches from my face and I was completely turned on and I really wanted to do this.

I grabbed his half hard dick and guided it to my lips. I circled my tongue around the head then licked up and down the shaft a few times and he was rock hard within thirty seconds. He was about six inches or so and I was pretty sure I could handle the whole thing no problem. It took a couple minutes of getting used to before I had the whole thing in my mouth.

I was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. I must have been doing a decent job because of the way he was moaning. Angie was telling me how good I looked with his dick in my mouth. She had positioned herself behind me and had started lubing my ass. She wasted no time and soon had her cock buried in my ass.

“Hold still so I can fuck that face of yours,” he ordered me as he pulled his cock out and rubbed the head all over my face and between my lips.

“Oh yeah, rub that hard dick all over his sissy face,” Angie said.

She was pounding my ass pretty good at this point. I could feel the precum he was smearing on my face. He pushed against my lips letting me know he wanted it back in my mouth. The first few strokes he only stuck it in half way but after that he was shoving it in as far as he could. I was being used like a dirty slut and I didn’t want it to end. I was in complete and total ecstasy. His cock started to swell so I knew he was about to cum.

Angie was ramming me harder and harder. “Get ready bitch I think you’re about to get a treat,” she whispered in my ear.

“I’m cumming,” he said as he stiffened up and pushed my head down as far as it would go and held it there till the first gob went straight down my throat. My first taste of his cum was on the second squirt because it covered most of my tongue and filled up my mouth. He pulled it out and shot the last of it in my face, just like they do in the porn movies. When he was finished cumming he rubbed the head back and forth between my lips. He stuck it back in my mouth and I cleaned up his cock as it started to go limp.

“What a messy little whore, we need to get you cleaned up,” Angie said as she reached around and raked up the cum from my face with her finger. “Open up bitch and get the rest of your treat,” she said as she stuck her finger in my mouth to clean it off for her.

Before the guy left Angie told him to come back after he got off work and fuck my ass like he had my face and he agreed that he would.

Part two coming soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32