His Daughter’s Girlfriend Pt. 02

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Author’s Note, Thanks again to kenjisato for editing and suggestions.


Saturday morning, Richard woke, and like the previous weekend, found Carrie, looking like an angel, sleeping next to him. She looked so irresistible. His mind was again torn; he would love to have her in his bed every night. Yet, she was half his age and his daughter’s girlfriend. The smile on her face was too tempting, and he kissed her lightly. “Morning.”

“Mmm…” she responded with sleepy eyes, then wrapped her arms around him, giving him a long, slow kiss. He was tempted to make love to her again, but reconsidered.

“I’m taking a shower,” he told her, as he got out of bed.

“And I’m joining you!”

They soaped each other between kisses and rubbing their bodies together. Carrie enjoyed getting his cock and sack extra clean. After he turned the water off, Richard hugged her tightly. He didn’t want to let her go. But her weekend would belong to Leah next, and he didn’t know when he and she would be together again, or if it would come at all. And for Carrie, just being wrapped in his arms was heaven.

They walked into the kitchen where Leah had already made coffee. The idea planted in his head the night before, weighed heavy on him. And this morning, Leah seemed anxious. They ate breakfast with little being said.

As they cleaned up, Leah’s clear anxiety weighed on Richard, and he felt he needed to end this. “Leah, uh, I need to talk to you–both.” He started, “I feel I’m interfering in your relationship. I mean, making love to Carrie is wonderful, but… I mean… Do you understand?”

“Dad, I told you, I’m happy to share her. And admit it, you like making love to her.”

He looked at Carrie with a smile, “Yes, she is a great lover. I haven’t felt this way in years.”

“You shouldn’t be sharing me, I told you, we should be sharing you!” Carrie interrupted, as she walked to him. She kissed him then with a knowing look, turned to Leah, holding out a hand. Leah stepped to her and received a similar kiss. He realized he’d never seen them kiss. It was both touching and erotic. Next, Leah turned to him. They looked at each other for a long time.

“Dad, you should know, Carrie came to my room after you made love to her last night. I ate her out and tasted your cum. Yes, I loved it… and want it again… from you.” She gave him a kiss like he’d never gotten from her before, then she pulled back, looking for his acceptance. The look in her eyes told of her desire for him. And at that moment, his heart gave in.

Leah kissed him again, longer this time, flicking her tongue across his lips. Carrie watched, her own heart was bursting with joy. She had made it happen; she could have both her lovers now, and share them. Richard wrapped his daughter in his arms, and responded in kind. The two hugged and kissed a minute or two, before Leah remembered Carrie’s presence. She pulled her in for a kiss, then offered Richard’s lips. Soon, the three were sharing kisses and tongues, as their passions rose.

Carrie took his hand and put it on Leah’s breast. “She has the most perfect tits.” She smiled. “Come,” she continued, and led them to the living room.

Once there, her lovers turned to her. As Richard kissed her, Leah licked her neck and earlobes. Carrie turned to him. “Do you want to undress her, or shall I?”

Leah turned to him, ready to expose her body to him. His hands almost trembling, he lifted off her T-shirt, then Carrie unclasped her bra. He slipped the straps off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, and just admired her a minute. “I do have a beautiful daughter.”

Leah kissed him, as he felt her hard nipples press against his skin. Next, he knelt before her and pulled off her cotton pants, exposing her nude body beneath. “You are beautiful,” he repeated, before planting a kiss on her navel.

“Your turn!” Carrie told him, helping him up. Leah pulled his shirt off as Carrie undid his belt, then stepped back to let Leah have the honor of pulling his jeans off. She quickly pulled them down, and there was his manhood, already hard. She knelt to help him step out of his jeans, before pausing, to admire him. Her father’s hard rod, the thing she’d longed to see, inches from her face. She touched it, and felt it react, then looked at him, beaming like a child receiving a present.

Just one of them was left, and after Leah and Richard undressed Carrie, the three were kissing and feeling each other’s nude bodies. Carrie took charge, and had them sit side-by-side. “Ever see a woman make love to another?” she asked him, before kneeling between Leah’s legs. She sucked on each nipple, before working her way down to Leah’s moist slit. Carrie wanted her to be ready for her father; she wanted him to get a well-lubricated pussy.

Leah sighed, as Carrie’s tongue slipped into her warm pussy–Richard watched his daughter getting aroused. Richard was even more aroused, as he watched Çeşme Escort Carrie go down on his daughter. Leah pulled him to her for a kiss; her tongue probing deeply, as his hand found a breast. As Carrie worked her clit, Richard kissed her neck then moved to a breast and sucked on it. His daughter’s delicious tit! And he was sucking on it! Leah looked at him. He was making love to her. The emotions were overwhelming until she shuddered, remembering the tongue licking her clit. She reached for his cock and started stroking it, longing to have it inside her.

Carrie wanted to bring her just to the edge. Her hope was for him to tip her over it. And when Leah’s body got restless, it was time.

“Come!” Carrie ordered, taking Leah’s hand. She readily straddled his lap then looked at him, trembling. Their eyes told each other of their desire for this most intimate moment. As Carrie held his hard cock, Leah lowered herself on it and gasped. Her father; his manhood inside her! She felt she would melt at that moment.

“Just stay there,” he whispered to her. “I just want to feel myself inside you.”

His words hit her hard, and she whimpered feeling this moment. But his cock felt too good, and she started grinding her pussy on it.

“Leah!” he gasped. She kissed him, as both tongues wrestled. “Leah, slowly, I just want to hold this moment.”

But she couldn’t hold back. She wanted him; she wanted his sperm inside her and began riding his cock. “Cum in me!” she pleaded, as she continued, grinding up and then down, gasping in the pleasure of his cock inside her.

“Leah! Agh!” he groaned, as his cock released his seed into his precious daughter. And feeling him cum filling her womb, threw Leah into a deep orgasm. Both gasped and groaned, as their hips ground, bodies spasmed–his cum inside her! The thought was overwhelming, and her climax extended. And he came and came, releasing more of his sticky seed into the love of his life.

The orgasms ebbed, as the two held each other. As his senses returned, Richard was surprised, after having had cum in Carrie the night before, that he still had so much for Leah. The reality of what he’d done flashed in his mind. He didn’t care. His precious Leah wanted his cum. It all felt joyous.

The lovers felt a hand on each of them and remembered Carrie. “That was incredible to watch,” she told them. “So much love; I could feel it.” Leah pulled her in for a deep kiss, then Richard took his turn.

He pulled them both to him, holding them a minute, feeling these two special women. “Carrie,” he started, “I guess we should thank you.”

“I told you I was selfish.” She giggled, “And now I have what I want.”

Richard looked at her. He wanted to show her his appreciation by making love to her. But he wasn’t ready to release his shrinking cock from the embrace of Leah’s inner sanctum. “I just want to feel myself in Leah a bit longer.”

But Leah knew. “You’re going to get plenty more times. Carrie told me about how you made love to her. I want to see it,” she said, pulling herself off him. As she did, a flood of cum flowed from her well-used pussy onto his flaccid cock. Both women were impressed by the quantity, and jumped on it–licking, sucking, and sharing kisses and smiles. Both were thrilled to make Leah’s dad so happy.

But Richard wouldn’t be denied. He positioned Carrie on her back and moved between her legs. Leah seated herself as a pillow for Carrie, and to watch the show. He planted a few kisses on her feminine stomach, before running his tongue to her hips. Next, he lifted her leg, and starting from her calf, kissed his way to her inner thigh. Leah stroked Carrie’s face, as she admired her father’s erotic skills. And as Richard’s tongue slipped between the folds of her entrance, Leah kissed her hard, feeling her moan with pleasure.

Carrie felt enveloped by the attentions of her lovers. His tongue, with her hands and lips, added to her sensual arousal. She grabbed his head, guiding it to just the spot. Leah admired her girlfriend’s body, as her arousal reached a peak. As Carrie arched her back, Leah pinched her nipple, sending her into a spasm of ecstasy. Her body pulsed and squirmed as the climax peaked.

As her orgasm passed, Carrie’s lovers caressed her with hands and kisses. She began giggling in delight, overwhelmed by the eroticism of having the attention of two lovers. Richard climbed next to her, and she rewarded him with a sloppy kiss, tasting her own juices on his lips. Then he turned to Leah, who kissed him with a big, approving grin.

“What now?” he asked. “You two have sorta burned me out.”

“Do we have to do anything?” Carrie purred. Richard sat up and the women moved beside him, heads on his shoulders, and looked at each other. Leah’s smirk told Carrie of her appreciation of this new twist in their relationship. Carrie couldn’t resist giving her a sensual kiss. For Richard, seeing them kiss, and thinking of them both as his lovers, had his heart racing. Çeşme Escort Bayan He wondered how long it could last. But, for now, he was willing to take it one day at a time.

It was lunch time, when they finally decided to stir. They scrounged some sandwiches and beers in the kitchen, all still naked; the women brushed his exposed manhood with their hands every time they passed him. Leah and Carrie were ready for another round of lovemaking. But he prevailed in biding their time. He wanted time to recover his prowess, and to take a leisurely night with them both. It was decided to take a walk, and in the cool early March air, they headed to the park. Carrie, encouraged by Leah, held his hand as they walked.

“How does seafood sound? I know a great place,” he asked. The ladies concurred and he got a reservation. They wanted to get back in time to change. As Richard waited in the living room, he was stunned to see them descend the stairs. Carrie was happy she left some things with Leah. She wore a tight, knit top that showed off her figure and cleavage, with a very short skirt and equally high heels. And he found his daughter no less dressed in a silk blouse and short black skirt with heels that accentuated her long legs. Finally, the hint of nipples let him know that both were braless.

He helped them with their coats, and they headed off to the restaurant to enjoy an evening together. They had a lively conversation over dinner, interspersed with flirtatious looks and whispered innuendos.

As they waited for the check, Leah noticed them enter, her mom and ‘that guy.’ “Dad,” she whispered. “It’s mom.”

He glanced over his shoulder. She hadn’t seen them as they were being shown to a table. “Hmph. I have no interest in talking to her,” he paused. “But, she is your mother. You should say something.”

Leah stood and walked over. She still hadn’t forgiven her for dumping her father and was barely on speaking terms.

“Mom?” she started, with a forced smile.

“Leah! Oh, I see you’re with your dad. You remember Darren.”

She did her best not to sneer at him.

“So, who’s that with you?” her mother asked, looking at their pretty companion.

“Oh, Carrie. Dad’s new girlfriend.”

Her mother’s eyes went wide, “Girlfriend?”

“Oh yes, she seems quite smitten with him. Can’t get enough of each other, if you know what I mean,” she replied, wryly.

She turned to see Richard had signed the check and Carrie had stood up, giving them a full view of her perfect form, highlighted by an outfit and heels that did her justice. They saw just enough before Richard helped her with her coat.

“Well, gotta go. Nice seeing you, uh, Darren.”

Darren was leering at both Carrie and the daughter of his lover, as Leah turned back. And with a sashay in her step, she could barely contain herself. While her father helped her with her coat, she whispered to Carrie, “I told them you’re his girlfriend. Give ’em a hint.”

Carrie grinned mischievously, and as they walked to the door, she put her arm around his waist. “Richard?”

He turned to her and found her lips meeting his in a gentle, loving kiss. “Thank you. It was a wonderful dinner.”

On that first evening they met over dinner, he felt she could wrap anyone she wanted around her finger. Now, his knees nearly buckled, confirming she had him. Leah turned to wave goodbye and to make sure the others had seen the show. The gaping mouths were confirmation.

Outside, the women burst into laughter. “What?” he asked.

“I told them she is your new girlfriend.” He looked at her. “Well, she is,” Leah laughed, again.

“Yes!” Carrie added, “And I want to get my boyfriend AND girlfriend home.”

As they came through the door, the women kicked off their heels, then ran upstairs. Richard put away the coats and followed leisurely–he wanted to pace himself. In his room, he found them embracing, lips locked on each other. They turned to him, beckoning with sultry looks. Soon the three were embracing and sharing passionate kisses.

Leah whispered in Carrie’s ear, before the women turned to him and unbuttoned his shirt between wild kisses. Next came his slacks, and he found his lengthening cock before two ladies on their knees admiring it. Carrie offered it to Leah, who kissed it lovingly. Then it was Carrie’s turn, who ran her tongue up its length. Richard had to steel himself not to blow his load right then.

He pulled them to their feet, planning to undress them. But the women had other ideas. They pushed him to the bed, then turned to each other to give him a show. After some more kissing, Carrie unbuttoned Leah’s blouse then slipped it off, exposing her firm, youthful breasts. She squeezed one, as their lips met again.

Next, it was Carrie’s turn. Leah stepped behind her and pulled off her top, exposing her shapely tits. She unzipped her and the skirt fell to the floor, leaving her in just her panties. Leah cupped her breasts and, while Escort Çeşme looking at her father, kissing Carrie’s neck. Carrie’s sultry eyes were on him as well, and her obvious arousal made the scene hotter for him.

They finished undressing each other, and moved beside him. Four hands explored his body, as lips kissed his lips, neck, and chest. They started working their way down, but he had other ideas. Flipping Leah on her back, he turned to Carrie, “Help me make love to her.” Then, as Carrie began sucking on her tits, Richard parted his daughter’s legs, kneeling between them. He kissed her firm abdomen before moving to her hips. Leah felt his breath on her inner thigh, and her breath quickened in anticipation.

His tongue lingered on her tender skin before moving to the entrance of her core. She whimpered, as his tongue parted her gateway and found her moist clit, while Carrie kissed her trembling lips. Richard was in heaven. He had anticipated this moment for some time, and partook of Leah’s pussy like it was nectar. His sole focus was her pleasure; and to pleasure her as long as he could. The anticipation of her father eating her, turned her on. But now, his busy tongue had her in the throes of passion. She thrashed, then arched her back, gasping as the orgasm hit her. She was wild with passion. Her father, bringing her to climax with such skill! It seemed to never end.

“Easy, dad… Oh… Oh…” she gasped, as he gently continued pleasuring her. Soon, she was writhing again, when her body tensed to another climax. “Oh! Dad! No more! Stop!” she giggled, pushing him away. Leah pulled Carrie in for a wet, panting kiss.

“Fuck, Leah. That looked so hot,” Carrie told her.

“One more,” Richard said, turning to Carrie. He rolled on his back and had her sit on his face. Carrie grabbed her tits, as his tongue dove into her wet slit. Then, Leah turned to admire her father pleasure another woman. She knelt beside Carrie, kissing her and fondling her breasts. She looked down to his passionate eyes, feeling his tongue pleasuring her. All this attention soon brought Carrie to climax. As Leah held her, she shuddered and gasped. Her body continued to spasm, as Leah could feel the immense pleasure she was getting.

Carrie turned to her, and panting, kissed her hard as the orgasm ebbed. Then Leah saw his erect cock, just waiting to be made love to. She took it and let it slide into her mouth. She wanted to please him; and to show her love by letting him cum in her mouth.

But she found he had another plan. “Let me make love to Carrie,” he asked, gently. As Carrie straddled him, Leah guided his rod into her welcoming pussy. She was happy to let her father make love to Carrie. Carrie leaned down, letting him suck her tits, as he began to pound her. She sat up again as his hands fell on her hips, helping set the pace.

Leah lay beside him. She watched this erotic scene with joy; never having seen two people fuck in front of her; and these two people, joined in love! She could sense his pleasure; it was all she wanted at that moment. Carrie alternated between grinding on his cock and leaning down, giving him access to her tits and lips. As she kissed him hard, Richard began thrusting his hips, and with a groan, thrust one more time. Leah could see he was cumming. Cumming inside her girlfriend. Then Carrie came again, knowing this wonderful man was filling her with his seed was enough.

Leah laid her head on his chest and touched Carrie’s belly, looking at her. “You have his cum inside you.”

Carrie shuddered thinking about it. She sat there a minute, enjoying having him inside her before lifting off him. As Leah hoped, his cum dribbled on his now-limp cock. As Carrie moved beside him, Leah jumped at her chance. She licked him clean before taking him in her mouth, and slowly sucked on his manhood.

Carrie alternated between kissing him and watching Leah make love to her father’s cock. Leah was consumed by it. She sucked on it, then licked it, before sucking on it some more. For Richard, having his daughter make love to his cock made him lose all sense of time. Leah continued to suck and make love to it, as she could feel it return to life.

“Leah, yeah, suck it!” Carrie cheered her on.

Leah paused to admire his long, hard rod. His manhood, inches from her face. She wanted it inside her and mounted him. As her lovers watched, she began riding him; a blissful look on her face. She looked at her father, his face full of love and desire for her. Leah grabbed her tits, as he grabbed her hips, encouraging her. She rode on, impaling herself on his pole, knowing they shared this mutual desire. And it became too much. Her body spasmed followed by a squeal. She ground on him as the orgasm came.

Then Richard flipped her on her back, never letting his cock leave her. She looked at his loving eyes, full of passion. She was delirious for him; wanting them to be joined like this forever. He began pounding her hard, as his eyes remained locked on hers. He continued driving into her, occasionally stopping to grind his cock inside her soaking pussy. Carrie touched his butt, feeling him piston into his lovely daughter.

Both wild with passion, as he gasped in her ear, “I love you so much, Leah.”

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