Highschool Hijinxs Ch. 01

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Teri is my mother, at 38 she still has the looks of a 21 year old pageant queen. Mom has shoulder length blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and a figure that I would die to have. Mom and dad have been divorced for 6 years now, mom seems to be happier, but I still miss dad, just not all the alcohol and fighting that him and mom used to do.

My name is Brianne, I am a 18 year old senior at the local high school, along with my twin brother Blake. Blake and I have been best friends, not just brother and sister since we were little, since we live out in the middle of the forest with our closest neighbor being some 3 miles away. Living out in the middle of know where we tend to get a bit bored now and then, and with mom working two jobs to help save money to put us into college. Her full time job is for a law firm as an administrative assistant, and she works nights and weekends at the local coffee shop as a waitress.

Our school activities tend to keep us somewhat occupied, Blake plays basketball in the winter and I am a cheerleader for the boy’s team. This works out, that way we can share the used car dad bought us for our birthday.

Justine and Ashley brought me home after cheerleading practice on Thursday. I invited them in and found a note from Blake saying that he was going into a friends house for the night and would catch a ride home with mom. Justine and yalova escort Ashley are very good looking, I have had some strange feelings about both of them since we met back in middle school. I have not been exactly sure what they are, know I’m not a lesbian because I like boys, but the thought of being bi-sexual had never crossed my mind.

I told Ashley and Justine to make themselves at home as I was going to go change into something a little more comfortable. I went into my room, which is directly across from Blakes, and left the door ajar, so I could hear the phone ring. As I was rummaging through my dresser for something to wear, when those thoughts of Ashley and Justine came back to me. “ I wonder if either of them have had feeling like this” I thought to myself. I found a pair of loose fitting running shorts and a white half shirt to but on. When I removed my jeans I discovered a little wet spot in my panties, “I guess I am horny” I said out loud, thinking I just said it to myself.

“Your horny are you?” asked Justine. “And why is that”

I didn’t know what to say, there I was standing in front of one of the two girls that I had secretly had a crush on since middle school wearing only my bra and panties, which still had the wet spot in it and it was getting bigger.

“I, I,I” I stuttered “ I can’t tell edirne escort you it is really embarrassing”

“Try me you might find out that Ashley and I understand more then you think” and with that she and Ashley came into my room. I was very apprehensive and excited all at the same time. Not knowing what to do I tried to take off my bra.

Ashley reached over and grabbed my hand as I was about to release my front hook bra, “wait a second, Justine asked you a question, and I want to hear the answer. Why are you horny and why is that wet spot in your panties getting bigger?”

“Well, you see…” I started to say, but all the words got caught in my throat.

“Cat got your tongue?” Justine asked

“Ok, ok I’ll tell you, but promise me you won’t get mad. Remember you asked.”

“Tell us then, we want to hear it” Justine said with a sly smile as Ashley walked over to her and put her arm around her and chimed in “come on we’re dying to hear.”

Now my mind was going a mile a minute. Why did Ashley put her arm around Justine, what did Justine’s smile mean, if anything. Did they know something that I didn’t. I wasn’t sure about any of these answers, yet.

“The reason I am so horny now, and the reason that my panties feel like a dam has just burst, is….”

“Dang girl just tell us” both of erzurum escort them said.

“I guess I have secretly had some strange feelings for you two since we met in middle school, and I just figured out what kind of feelings they are. Lust! I just can’t get the image of either one of you out of my mind.”

I looked over at my two friends, they obviously had heard my answer, as both had huge smiles on their faces and were removing each others’ jeans. “Wow, if I knew it was going to be this easy I would have told you two along time ago.”

After the girls had completely disrobed, Ashley came back over and helped me remove my bra as Justine slid my panties down my legs. On her way up Justine started kissing and licking my calves, paying special attention to the spot behind my knees. She obviously knew what she was doing, as she licked my inner thigh of my left leg and just as she got to the apex she switched and went to my right inner thigh.

“OH MY GOD” I said with enthusiasm and excitement in my voice. To quiet me Ashley stuck her tongue in my mouth and gave me the most sinful kiss I have ever had. I thought I had died and went to heaven when Ashley started caressing my breast and pinching my nipples.

Abruptly Justine stood up and joined Ashley in massaging my breast, but she did it with her tongue instead of her hands. As Ashley broke off our kiss, she asked when Blake was going to be home. “around 5:30 I guess, why?”

“Lets go to his room, and lay down on his bed and continue our little session there.” She said.

I didn’t have time to answer as Justine and Ashley took me by my hands and led me across the hall to Blakes room.

To be continued…

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