High School Quarterback (Part 1-Night Before The Game)

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“Do we really have to have them over here” I asked my mom. I was a week away from my senior year in high school and I was going into the 3rd year of being my football team’s quarterback. My sister, Jennifer, was starting her junior year and she was just named the cheerleading captain. Each year, the cheer team would spend the night at the captain’s house before the first football game which was usually the Friday before school started in September. It was just my luck that I was going to have to endure 15 high school girls giggling and talking through the night in the room right next to mine.

“Yes, its tradition,” she replied as she closed her suitcase and walked out of her room to bring it to my dad. “You know, it probably wouldn’t be so bad if you actually got to know some people other than college recruiters these days. I don’t think I have ever heard you talk about a girl that you like.”
She really didn’t care; my dad and she booked a hotel room for the night so they wouldn’t have to put up with the girls. She gave me a kiss on the forehead before showing me where the money was for pizza, pop, and movies and saying she just hoped we didn’t trash the place completely.

You may think I was crazy complaining about a night without adult supervision with 15 girls my age but I didn’t get along with the cheerleaders particularly. They just seemed too preppy and happy all the time. I was the quarterback but I wasn’t the stereotypical high school QB, I spent most of my time studying defenses and going over reads in my head. My father was one of those overbearing fathers that had been grooming me to be a college quarterback since I could walk. I spent countless hours of extra practice to become one of the top prospects in the state. I had plenty of offers from colleges already and there were 3 schools showing up tomorrow night to see me perform. I didn’t hate my father for doing this to me. I loved playing football and the time he put into it for me also made me better and I thanked him for it. He was kind of put off though when my mother told him that I couldn’t go to the hotel with them but I wouldn’t want to go anyways. I’m sure that she was going to try her hardest to make him not think about football for at least one night.

I really didn’t feel the need to chase after girls in high school either. Not that I couldn’t get any as I had plenty of offers but I didn’t care for them. I know I didn’t look horrible; I was 6’1”, 205 lbs., with brownish shaggy hair. Girls would just get in my way if I got involved. I saw many of my friends become distracted when it came to girls and their play suffered.

I figured I would just get some pizza and return to my room and not care about anyone else in the house. If I could avoid the girls for the night, that would be a plus and I could do some last minute preparation for the game.

The girls started to arrive around 3, well before I was able to seclude myself in the confines of my bedroom. The first was a group of three, all seniors, that were easily the best looking of the group. Tara was a tall blonde that transferred last year with a perfect model body. Michelle was a 5’5” brunette that had a very nice ass with long legs. Marissa was about 5’6” and had giant pillow like breasts. I know I said I didn’t like izmir escort bayan them but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like looking at them.

The three started chatting with my sister right away. My sister was about 5’4” and wore a size 34C bra (the only way I know this is because of me doing laundry). Fourth to arrive was Lacy and Brianna. These two were built about the same way as they were twins. They were both 4’10” and had around C cup breasts with tight asses. They were two of the fliers. The only real difference was Lacy was a brunette while Brianna was a blonde.

The last girl to arrive was Betsy. She was a stunning redhead at 5’3” with nice form fitting B-cups and long slender legs.

I was hoping the girls would show up late so I would already have pizza bough before they arrived. My sister called up the stairs at around 5:30 to me wanting me to go get pizza while a couple of the girls went to go get movies. I picked up 5 pizzas and a couple of two-liters. When I got back, the girls practically mobbed me to get a piece, I took my pizza and a gallon of water up to my room as I was conditioned not to have carbonation during the season as it bonds with the oxygen in your blood and makes your stamina lower.

Throughout the night, I could hear the girls laughing at the movies and around 9:30, I heard them starting to come upstairs to get ready for bed. The upstairs of our house consisted of our two bedrooms that were connected with a bathroom. Also, they had a second television in an open part of the upstairs next to the stairs. The girls would be sleeping in my sister’s room and the open part. The worse part would be having to share the bathroom with all of my stuff in it with 15 girls in the morning. My water jug was empty so I wandered downstairs to refill it and hoping I wouldn’t see anyone. I turned the corner by the kitchen and there was Lacy, Brianna, and Tara standing bent over looking into the fridge. I could see their shapely asses sticking out at me and I swore I saw them shake them in my direction as I turned on the faucet. As I turned around to go back to my room, I heard them giggle and start to whisper.

Around 11, I put my playbook down and turned off the TV playing last year’s games. As I took off my shirt and pants to go to sleep in just my boxers, I could hear the girls in my sister’s room whispering about something. I couldn’t completely make it out but it seemed to be a game of truth or dare. I decided not to worry so I turned off the light, turned on my fan and crawled into bed. It was a weird cold summer night that we randomly get around here so I actually went under the covers.

Just before I could get to sleep, I heard someone go into the bathroom but no sound of what they were doing in there. Then I heard the person enter my room. I didn’t think anything about it; it was probably just my sister borrowing something from me as she often did. She usually wanted to borrow a movie or game or just my laptop and I didn’t care since she always put them back. I noticed though the footsteps didn’t go to the corner like hers normally do but started to walk around my bed to the side I was facing. Maybe she has a question I wondered as I looked to see where she was. I was astonished that it was in fact Lacy in my room and not my sister. buca escort She stopped once she saw me and froze as if I couldn’t see her if she didn’t move. She looked to be shivering.

“I was just looking for a sweatshirt or something warmer to wear. I couldn’t find anything in your sister’s room and I remember seeing your sweatshirts over here this summer when I came over.”

“I don’t know where my mom put them, I think she got rid of that pile.”

“Can I get under your blankets then with you? I’m really cold.” I was shocked by her proposition. I had nothing in common with this girl and knew she didn’t think of me in anyway at all other than acquaintances as far as I knew. I figured that as long as she really didn’t want to do anything else I could share half my king-sized bed with her.

I flipped the covers over and she climbed in. I didn’t know how to lie so I lay on my side facing her. She turned over to face me. I was hoping she wouldn’t want to talk but all she said was good luck tomorrow and turned back over. I was trying to process what just happened for over an hour and as soon as I was going to just put it off and start trying to go back to sleep, Lacy slowly backed towards me. She would move a couple of inches then stop. It took her about 15 minutes and then she bumped into me. She let out a sigh and I could feel the goose bumps on her skin. All she was wearing was a tight pair of shorts and a baggy t-shirt and she would shiver every couple of seconds. I probably felt good to her as I have been told by multiple people that I radiate extreme amounts heat while sleeping.

I felt bad for her being so cold so I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her a little closer to try to warm her up. She let out a soft moan and tried to move closer to me. While she was moving, I accidentally bumped her right breast and noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. My slight touch must have stimulated her in some way as she slowly started to rock her hips against me. I don’t know if she noticed but I was getting gradually harder with this action. In no time at all, I was a full mast and my cock was nestled between her cheeks. She grabbed my hand and slowly moved it down and then lifted up her shirt and moved my hand to her breast. I gave it a soft squeeze and heard her let out a soft moan. Her hands travelled town to her shorts and started to remove them. After they were off her ankles, she started using a hand to work my cock out of my boxers. Once it became free, she started to stroke it. I removed my hand from her breast and rolled to my back to remove my boxers completely. As I did this, she got up on all fours and moved her head down to my crotch. She licked from the tip to the base before engulfing the full length in her mouth. Her head was bobbing at a quick pace and the pleasure was intense.

She then lifted her leg to straddle my face. I had never been in this position before but knew that I should probably use my mouth on her vagina. I lifted my head and stuck my tongue out and gave it a quick lick. Her pussy tasted sweeter than I imagined. The scent absolutely drove me insane to and I just had to have more of it. I reached around her hips and pulled her closer to me and started going at her pussy like a depraved dog finally getting food. I started at her clit and izmir escort worked up and drove my tongue deep insider her for a couple of minutes then went back to her clit. I could feel her moaning around my cock and that is when I became aware of the fantastic blowjob I was receiving. I wanted to sit back and enjoy it but my primal instincts also wanted to taste her sweet pussy again. As I was eating her out, I started to grab handfuls of her ass and was moving my hands all over her soft skin.

She popped her head up and sat up. This turned her ass down towards my mouth and my instincts just took over as my tongue went straight for her brown hole. Once I passed through the barrier, she let out a moan so loud she quickly grabbed a pillow to muffle the sound. After 30 seconds of this, she turned around and gave me better access to her soaking wet pussy. She placed her hands on the headboard and ground her crotch into my face. Her body started to shake as an orgasm started to overtake her and her fluids washed over my face.

After her orgasm subsided, she climbed off of me and grabbed my hand to pull me to a sitting up position and into a deep, passionate kiss as she started to stroke me again. She broke the kiss and pulled me onto my knees then turned around. She reached between her legs and grabbed ahold of my cock. She guided it into her sopping wet pussy and started to push back into me. I started to move my hips at her pace, slowly going deeper and deeper into her. I got a little into the movement and tried to shove as much of me into her as I could and she screamed out in what sounded like pain. I knew that I hit something and I thought that I hurt her. I didn’t know it at the time but I guess I am well-endowed at 9 inches long. Her cries stopped as she started to push back into me again. I leaned over her and grabbed a handful of her right breast while keeping my left hand on her hip.

After a minute, she stopped and pulled me out of her and started to rub her pussy getting her hand wet with all of her juices. She started to finger her ass and then grabbed my cock and directed it towards her hole.

She turned around and said, “I’m not on the pill yet so you can’t cum in my pussy.” Her ass felt much tighter and better than her pussy anyways so why would I complain about that. I started slow trying to feel her out on what pace should I set. She then started to buck her hips against me faster and faster. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer with this pace and I knew she was going through another orgasm. I felt my balls start to tighten so I grabbed her hips and thrust deep into her as I shot my sperm deep into her ass.

After a minute, I noticed we bother were still panting as I pulled out of her and lied back down on the bed. She got up and went to the bathroom only to return a short time later. She took my cock in her hand and lowered her mouth to it. This wasn’t as fast paced as the blowjob I had received earlier but she seemed to just be cleaning me. She licked the juices off of the balls first then the shaft and ended at the tip. When that was done, she walked over to my closet and grabbed a new pair of boxers and brought them over to me then climbed into the bed and rested her head on my chest. She didn’t bother getting dressed and just fell asleep with leg draped over my legs

I looked at the clock and noticed that it was just after 1. Hopefully I will be able to get enough sleep to play tonight.

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