Nisa The Beautiful

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Hi my name is Tom and this is a fictional story and I trust that you will find it romantic and sexy. I am 38 years old and have a wonderful family. My wife and I are married for almost 14 years and things are quite fine in our marriage. I have 2 kids of which I adore and love a lot. My eldest is my son Nick who is 12 and my beautiful daughter Tina who is 9. Both my wife and I work and our kids go to school, so we all have a schedule to follow and it can get hectic at times especially since my wife is a Paediatrician and I work as a Project Manager at a well known firm.

My story begins about 8 months ago when I was handed a project to manage in Virginia. Since I live in NY it would mean a lot of travelling but my boss made the necessary arrangements so I would be working in Virginia and can go home for weekends. I was placed in a Villa which was quite nice and homey. It had all that I needed and so, as the days went by I was ready to relocate and my wife and kids were a bit sad but supported me with respect to my work. During the first week all was well and on the first weekend I went home and had a wonderful time with family but had to inform them that I won’t be coming home the following week. Second week of work and as the weekend arrived my work buddies invited me out for a night out in town on Saturday. I agreed and wanted to relax and chill so I was up for it.

Saturday reached and as the evening approached I got dressed and we made our way downtown. It was four of us and so we decided that we will stop at this nice and up class bar named, Blue Moon. As we entered I was greeted with lights that were slightly dimmed and we got a table and a round of beers. The setting was alright and there were a few people having a good time as well. As the night went on and the drinking continued I realised that I had drank almost 12 beers and was getting a bit drunk and the time was almost 10pm. It seems as if the party was now getting started and so we were having a grand time. My buddies started to get really wild and went and got girls to dance with, as for me I wanted to as well but did not see any of my likings. So I was left alone and immediately moved to the bar area and got a seat and ordered another beer. As the music was playing and everyone busy, my attention was directed and fixed across the bar area to a table with 3 beautiful ladies having a few drinks and to my surprise, one of them seemed knowing to me. I had to look twice and quickly realised that it was my high school classmate Nisa. She still had that beautiful smile and her facial feature were the same as to when I last saw her. She was with her girlfriends and she looked so beautiful. My heart started racing because I wanted to say hi but was sceptical as to if she would remember me.

Anyway, I decided that I would buy a round of drinks and have it sent over and I did and told the waiter to point me out as the buyer to the ladies. All the time my eyes were fixed on Nisa, I could not believe that it was her. I had a massive crush on her in high school and here she is right in front me. As the waiter served them and pointed me out I was nervous but noticed that Nisa was watching illegal bahis me until I saw her got up and walked over to the bar and came up to me and said “is that you Tom”?. I happily and quickly replied “hi Nisa, it is me” and with that said we both got all excited and hugged and immediately started chatting. Her friends came and wondered what was going on and when they did, they both went off to the dance floor and we carried on. Nisa was absolutely gorgeous and she was wearing a white top with black jeans and her breasts were looking so sexy. She was all that any man would want. We chatted for almost 2 hrs and I was getting drunk and so was Nisa. In our conversation I learned that she is married with 2 kids and that her husband went to visit his family with the kids and that she got the chance to have some fun for the next 4 weeks. I gave my story and so we both had some time to have fun. She also confessed that she has never been with another man besides her husband and was very curious and interested in doing so. I felt it was pure fate that we both meet at the same place.

Suddenly the music changed and that lambada song came on and Nisa wanted to dance really badly and so we made our way to the dance floor. The lights were all dim and so we started to get our groove on. She was a good dancer and so am I. She moved with such passion and in such a sexual way and I was behind her and her waist was moving from side to side. As she was grinding on my crotch I was slowly starting to get aroused and I did not care since the alcohol was in control of me. As she realised that my cock was erected she started to press on me more and so I turned her around and we hugged and then suddenly I felt her hand on my crotch and she started to massage me slowly and I was in pain from my erection in my jeans. I just wanted to burst my zipper and give my tool some room to expand. As she rubbed my cock I looked her in the eyes and we kissed passionately for almost 5 minutes. Her lips were soft and we both fell into a trance of passion. Her breathing increased and I whispered to her “would you like to come home with me”? She agreed without hesitation and so we left and took a cab and stopped off at the Villa I was staying at.

We were almost drunk and as we entered my place I showed her around and she went to the washroom. I got a bottle of Johnny Walker and some marijuana I had hidden in my bag. I lit some candles in my room and got everything in order. I told Nisa that I needed to take a bath and so she agreed and I went to get all cleaned up. I then came out in my robe and she went in after. I was lying on my bed and was having a drink and lit up my joint and waited for her. About 20 minutes later she came out wrapped in a robe as well but her hair was all loose and my heart melted at the sight of her beauty. She looked so pretty and firm as a woman before my eyes. As she approached me I stood up and gave her a glass and I made a toast to our long friendship and we shared the marijuana joint together. She was not a smoker but she did well for her first time.

Everything was set for a night of romance and passion and I remember the time being 1:30 am. As the illegal bahis siteleri weed started to kick in along with the few shots of Johnny Walker Nisa got out of control. I stood before her and looked deep into her eyes and slowly we moved closer until I felt her lips on mine. She tasted great and we locked lips and I slowly removed her robe to reveal her most adorable body. Nisa was a work of art, her skin was perfectly smooth and her love mound was neatly shaven leaving her landing strip clear for takeoff.

The pleasure and passion that took both of us was mind blowing and she then removed my robe to reveal my 7 ½ inches of pure love. I was rock solid and she slowly started to massage my cock and told me in a sexy tone to lie down and she bravely moved between my legs and took my solid cock in her warm mouth. It was amazing that all this was taking place. I remember combing my hands through her silky soft hair while she licked and sucked on my wood with real hunger. She was like a professional that she took my whole cock in her mouth and at the same time was licking my balls as well. After a few minutes of mind blowing pleasure I held her hand and guided her to come on the bed and lie on her back. I pulled her legs to the end of the bed and I started to kiss on her soft neck then moved onto her luscious nipples that were as hard as they can be. She was in ecstasy and I was more than happy to please her. As I got closer to her pretty pussy, the scent of her nature took me into another trance. As soon as my tongue touched her swollen clit she contracted and then relaxed. As I started to suck Nisa’s hot and wet pussy she kept moaning and groaning and saying “oh yes Tom, I am all yours, ohhhhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmm, oh yes suck my pussy Tom, awwwww baby, ooooooooo yes, that’s it lick my cunt”. The more she talked that way the harder I sucked on her clit.

As the minutes passed by she started to groan louder and louder and I knew she was ready to have an orgasm. She held onto my head and was burying my face deep in her pussy until she just buckled my head and screamed from the intense pleasure she was experiencing saying “ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss I am cmmminnnngggggg, awwwwwww, yessssssssss, ohhhhhh baby”. Within seconds her orgasm elapsed and she was motionless for a bit until I guided her to take the 69 position. She was a darling in bed and knew her way around well. The pure fact of us making love for the first time with each other was more than enough to send adrenaline racing in our bodies. She lied on top of me and took my cock in her mouth again and this time I was sucking on her wet pussy with traces of her juices flowing to me. I sucked like a little boy. After a few more minutes of this position she was starting to build up again. For me I was ready like a lion and the alcohol and marijuana made me hold up well. We then stop the 69 and she said “Tom, I want you in me now, make me your woman tonight baby” and with that said I moved on top of her and started to rub my cock head around her wet pussy mound.

I positioned myself and slowly pushed forward and as I entered her cunt she felt so soft and smooth on the inside. Her pussy was squeezing canlı bahis siteleri on my cock and it was blissful. I could have felt her inner walls sucking and milking on my cock and finally I was all the way in her. I relaxed for a bit and then slowly started to stroke her in and out. As our bodies made contact in its wet state her aroma was heavenly and that is when my animal instinct woke up and I started too fuck her with a real passion. As I fucked her pussy she was moving in unison with my every push and pull. We were both loving it so much that she was saying “that’s it Tom, fuck me, yesssss, ohhhhhh, hmmmmmm” and I was saying “yes darling, oh yessss, ohh yea baby”. About a few minutes later I pulled out and guided her to come on top of me. She knew exactly what to do and so she squatted and straddled my cock and slowly lowered herself on top me and I saw my whole 7 ½ inches of fuck tool go up in her. She started to ride me like a toy and was really enjoying herself. The marijuana mixed with the alcohol was perfect for her and she loved it. She rode me for what seemed like a long time until I started to feel my orgasm building but I was not ready to end this amazing fuck session with the woman that I adored in high school. So I quickly told her to get on all fours into the doggy position. I positioned myself behind her and slowly guided my cock into her wet pussy. As I was fucking her from the back I could not help but notice her cute and pink anus and was very much interested in entering her ass.

After a few minutes of ramming her from behind I pulled out and with all her cunt juices and my pre cum I scooped up some and started to lube up her anus and she sure loved it. Every time I touched her pink ass hole she would say “ohhhhhh” and every time I did it she would get louder until I positioned myself and slowly pushed until my cock head popped inside her tight hole. She was experiencing some pain but the pleasure for me was beyond control and I became an animal and started to work her ass in. She started to relax and then she was over taken by pleasure and started to scream and talk dirty and I was pushing in and pulling out at a faster pace until I started to feel the tension in my balls and my back building up. Then within moments I was ready to cum and pulled out and she quickly turned around and took my cock in her mouth and milked every drop of sperm from me. It was an orgasm that sent me packing from pleasure. It was so immense and I held onto her head as she sucked and swallowed the whole lot and as my cock started to get limp she let me go.

We both were exhausted and took another shot of Johnny Walker and quietly fell asleep in each other’s arms. As I awoke the next morning which was Sunday Nisa told me that she don’t have to rush home since her hubby and kids are overseas and so she can spend the day with me. I loved the idea, and made breakfast for her and we then showered together and that was when we had our second session. For the next few days I would either go at her home after work or she would sometimes come over to my villa. Nisa has been a dream come through and I do hope that she and I can do this again sometime in the future. I am back at home now and we still communicate on a regular basis. At nights when I am at home I would relive those romantic days with Nisa the beautiful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32