High School Days Ch. 02

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“Well, that was what we agreed to Mom. I would share a sexy adventure of me and my friends and you would return the favor.”

I tried hard to maintain my composure, to keep from acting surprised that Mom would volunteer re-stating our previous “agreement”. She could have easily dismissed that weak arrangement since neither of us really made a point about the rules of our sexy story exchange.

Mom looked at me intently, as if trying to see if I would break-down and release her from this flimsy agreement. I think she was also wondering if she wanted to go through with this, that is, tell her son about her high school sex life. Although, I may have appeared confident, I was sweating bullets. We just sat there for what seemed like an eternity both of us silently studying each other then Mom looked up toward the ceiling as if mentally visualizing and said, “Hum, let me think which sexy adventure should I share?”

Mom then looked back at me fully aware that she was giving me a gift and was interested in seeing my reaction. I immediately worked to keep the momentum going.

I quickly replied, “You know my story with Karen being worked over by both Sasha and Brad while she rode me was really hot, Mom. Your story should be kind of, at that level, to be fair.”

I added the “fair” part in hope that Mom would feel obligated to deliver a hot adventure and not just some bullshit vanilla fuck story.

Mom looked at me and smilingly as if having discovered a gem while paging through her mental archive and said, “I think I have one you might like.”

She had a mischievous look on her face. It was a look I had not seen much in all the years I knew her but this weekend was bringing out a whole new side to Mom. It was as if she’d been waiting for an opportunity to express her naughty side to someone special. I had the sense that if I didn’t push, it would naturally come out. Looking back on those days I remember how hard it was to curb my teenage sex drive and work this delicate sexual situation with Mom. I actually don’t know how I did it.

Mom started, “It was in the Spring of my senior year in high school. I went to the university to go on a tour of the campus of the school I’d be attending in the Fall. While there I met a college junior named Mark. We talked for some time and I remember thinking how different he was compared to the high school boys. He was tall, handsome, well spoken, and mature, he was a man. After some time he asked if I’d like to go to a party with him that night.

I told him I wasn’t old enough to legally drink and didn’t want to take a chance of getting him in trouble. He appreciated my concern and studied my reply. I’m sure he knew it wasn’t the drinking I really was objecting to but rather not wanting to be in a crowd with him. He reassessed his offer and asked if I’d be interested in going with him to a drive-in movie.

I softly replied, “You mean just you and me?” I was actually a little afraid of that. Once a guy asks you to a drive-in and a girl says, yes, it’s a clear message that she is ready for “action” and I didn’t want to give him that impression.

He senses my apprehension and added, “We could have my younger brother Tim and his girl friend Cindy come with us if you’d like? They are freshmen here at the university. I’m sure they can tell you what it’s like for a new student here.”

After hearing that I felt a lot more comfortable and said, “Sure.”

That night Mark and his brother Tim picked me up in a nicely refurbished car from the 1960’s that belonged to their father. As I approached the car Tim got out and introduced himself. He too was handsome and had an easy manner about him. I instantly was at ease with him. He was rather funny as well. Then Mark said, “We should be going so we could pick up Cindy.” Tim motioned for me to get in and then followed behind me. The front seat was a bench seat not bucket seats and the three of us were comfortable there all bunched together.

By the time we arrived at Cindy’s house we were all laughing and getting along famously. We were a nice mix of personalities. Tim jumped out of the car and jogged up the walk way to get Cindy. Mark and I talked then we saw Tim coming back to the car without Cindy. He looked a little down. He leaned in the passenger side window and told us that Cindy ate something earlier that didn’t agree with her and her tummy was upset so she wouldn’t be coming with us tonight. Tim told his brother to just take him back home and drop him off. He quietly got back in the car and Mark started to head back to their house.

I was thinking about this and realized that would leave me alone with Mark and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. So, I spoke up and mentioned I’d be fine if Tim joined us at the drive-in if he wanted. That started a short discussion and in the end all three of us agreed we were OK with that arrangement. So, we headed for the drive-in.

After about 10 minutes into the movie Mark urfa escort put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. He wasn’t sneaky about it like my first dates with high school guys. He moved like it was the most natural thing in the world. After a while he brushed my hair back and began nibbling on my neck then kissing my ear. I let out a soft moan and Mark smoothly moved to my lips. He had such a practiced way about him. I was thinking what a difference this was from high school boys.

He kissed me so romantically that I barely noticed his hand was fondling my breast. I was really starting to get hot. Mark started to unbutton my blouse and move his other hand to my back to undo my bra. I knew everything was moving too fast but at the same time it all felt so right. His confidence put me in a submissive mode not at all like I’d act with my high school boy friends.

By this time my blouse was completely open and I was being helped out of my bra when I noticed Mark’s brother Tim watching us while rubbing his dick through his pants. Our eyes briefly met but neither one of us stopped what we were doing. I suddenly drew in my breath as I felt Mark’s sucking mouth on my breast. I put my hand on the back of his head and held him there as he sucked and gently chewed on my nipples, first one then the other. I turned my head and glanced at Tim with dreamy eyes. He leaned into me and softly kissed me as Mark continued to perform magic on my nipples.

Mark heard our kisses looked up at Tim and said, “Try this one.” As he held his hand under the breast closest to Tim in an offering gesture.

Tim was on it immediately. Before I could get my wits about me I felt Mark’s hand between my legs and a moment later his thumb was on my clit as his fingers played my pussy from outside my panties. I wanted to stop. Something inside my mind was telling me this was wrong but these two brothers were doing all the right things I was panting and my body would not let it stop. I had never done anything like this before. I couldn’t explain my lapse of judgment.

Mark’s experienced fingers pushed my panties to the side and entered my pussy.”

At this point in Mom’s story I notice she was starting to use street language to describe her adventure. This came as a surprise and a turn-on. I knew she was getting worked up. Honestly, I had never seen her like this. She wasn’t just telling the story she was re-living it. I knew she must be wet and there was no doubt I was hard. I wanted to fuck her on the spot. This attractive, responsible, conservative, proper woman was sexually coming unglued, right before my eyes.

Mom continued, “Tim could tell his brother Mark was working my pussy by the way I was tossing my head and loudly moaning. Tim unzipped his pants and guided my hand to his cock. I immediately started to stroke it without thinking.

Mark worked my pussy until I almost came then he pulled his hand back and said, “Take off your skirt and panties.” I did, while Mark unzipped his pants. He moved me around until my ass was near his lap and my head was near Tim’s lap then I heard Mark say, “Suck his cock while I fuck you.”

I remember being shocked by his command but it was like I was totally under his control and I just did what I was told.

Just as my mouth was touching Tim cock I felt Mark’s cock at the door to my pussy. Both cock entered me at the same moment. The feeling was indescribable. Mark didn’t wait for my pussy to adjust to his big cock before he started to roughly handle my hips. I was being fucked really hard. A few minutes later I could feel my whole body shaking as I started to cum. Mark recognized the event and slowed down to let me savor the feeling but he didn’t cum. By this time Tim’s cock wasn’t in my mouth any more I just became too worked up to do both. My head was still in Tim’s lap and I looked up at him, smiled and said, “Sorry.” He could tell where my mind was and simply smiled back.

Although I came, neither one of the brother had cum. I heard Mark tell his brother to get in the back seat and lay on his back. He then told me to climb in the back and get on his brother. Again, as if in trance I did what he said.

Tim’s cock wasn’t as thick as Mark’s but it may have been longer it felt like it went deep inside me. I moved around and started to fuck Tim. I saw Mark climb into the back with us but he positioned himself behind me. I felt his cock rubbing up and down the crack of my ass. Then he told me to come off of Tim’s cock so he could fuck me. I did.

Mark pushed his cock into my pussy grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. I almost came when Mark pulled out and positioned me back on Tim’s cock. Tim fucked his cock into me as Mark held my hips still. Then I felt Mark’s cock pushing on my asshole. “Oh my god” I thought. I had never been fucked in the ass before much less double fucked. I occasionally wondered what that might be like but never did it.

Mark balıkesir escort pressed the top part of my body forward onto Tim. He told me to reach back and open my ass cheeks for him. I did. He then pressed his huge cock on my asshole. It hurt but I never tried to stop the assault on my tight little pink asshole. I could feel my ass opening up to accommodate Mark’s big cock. I actually was in disbelief that something that big could fit into something so small. Inch by inch it went in further and further. My mouth was wide open trying to breathe through the whole thing. Mark was about half way in when he just stopped to let me adjust to it. He then started a slow fucking action and I started to feel like I might be able to handle the ordeal. I even started to move my hips in rhythm with Mark. He noticed and asked me, “Do you like being fucked like this?”

I surprised myself and softly said, “Yes.”

He said, “Good, then ask for it.”

I was again shocked by his command but somehow I heard myself saying, “Fuck me. Fuck my ass and pussy. Fuck me.”

I heard Mark laugh softly as if he got me where he wanted me, impaled on two cocks, one in my pussy the other up my ass while I was in a little pain and asking for it. Hearing his laugh made me feel like a slut but I couldn’t help myself. I just kept moving my hips fucking both their cocks and telling them to fuck me. Both Tim and Mark pretty much stayed still as I fucked myself on their cocks. Then Tim started to pump into my pussy and Mark sensing his little brother was working his way toward a climax started to pick up the pace on my asshole.

Mark re-gripped my hips and started to fuck my ass in earnest going deeper and faster with each stroke. Then he took his hands off my hips and entangled his fingers in my hair. He started to pull on my hair as he plunged deeply into my ass. My head was pulled back, my mouth completely open as both cocks abused me mercilessly. My body started to shake then convulse involuntarily I was starting to cum and so were they. The whole thing got so violent I blacked out as we all came one on top of the other.

When I came too I found myself still lying in the back seat, naked. I could feel cum leaking out of my ass and pussy at the same time. I felt the car driving down the road and said, “Where are we going?”

Mark matter of factly said, “To the party I told you about earlier. We need something to eat and drink.”

My head was spinning I really wasn’t sure what was happening. I said, “I need my clothes.”

Tim handed them to me. Then Mark said to me, “No panties or bra.” I did what I was told.

When we got to the party Mark walked in next to me with his arm around me letting everyone know I was his. Tim disappeared into the crowd. After a while I excused myself and found the bathroom. I peed and push out what I could of the cum in my ass and pussy. I came out of the bathroom and Mark was there waiting for me like a real gentleman. Mark took me around introduced me to his friends, both girls and guys, and we ate and drank. It wasn’t long before I started to feel the drinks. Mark noticed and said something like you’d better get use to it little girl, this is the cornerstone of college life, and then he laughed.

About an hour later I had to pee again from all the cold drinks. Mark went with me. I sat and started to pee I was pretty drunk by now and so was Mark. He walked over to me while I was peeing and unzipped his pants and told me to spread my legs. He pulled out his cock and pissed between my legs while he laughed. At one point he pissed right on my clit and that gave me a real thrill. When he finished he put a hand on the back of my head and pushed his cock in my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth until he was hard. I could taste, his dried cum and my ass as he kept fuck my mouth. He made me play with his balls as he tried to feed his cock down my throat. He told me to play with my pussy. I did. I was starting to really get into it when Mark said, “Stand up.” I did. Mark kissed me deeply and passionately. I could feel his hand working my pussy during his kisses. I reached down and gripped his cock and started to stroke it.

Mark suddenly broke our embrace and ordered me to turn around. I did. My short skirt was stilled hiked up from my peeing session. He said, while looking at my ass, “Bend over.” I did. I put my hands on the side of the tub for balance. I looked between my legs and saw Mark’s pants drop to his ankles.

I felt Mark step up behind me and rub his cock from my wet pussy to my ass. He did that several times. Then I heard Mark spit a couple of times. I looked back and saw him rubbing the spit on the head of his cock. He pushed my head down further so my ass was high and completely exposed to him. He put his spit lubed cock right on the entrance to my asshole.

I thought, “Oh my god. My poor tender asshole is going to get fucked again tonight.”

I trabzon escort felt Mark cock pushing onto my asshole and I tried to relax. It didn’t help much but somehow I felt Mark’s fat cock entering me anyway. Maybe it was all the drinks or the fact that I’d already been ass fucked that night but his cock was going in easier than before. After a little while, I felt Marks balls resting on my pussy lips, he was all the way in. I couldn’t believe it. My tight little ass had done the impossible.

Mark gripped my hips and slowly started to fuck me. I could feel his balls thumping on my pussy with each stroke. I must admit it felt real good and I thought, “I could easily get used to this.”

Mark slow fucked me like that forever. I heard him say, “Play with your pussy.” I did so shamelessly. I felt like such a slut. Getting ass fucked by a man I just met today. Getting double fucked by that man and his brother who I just met tonight. Now being ass fucked a second time in the same night and loving it. I felt so dirty but I couldn’t stop.

The ass fucking and my pussy play was getting to me. I was climbing the climax ladder. I could feel a strong orgasm coming on. I started to drive my ass into Mark’s thrusts. He must have felt it too. Mark started to pick up the pace. I was now moaning loudly not caring who heard me. I looked between my legs and watched Mark’s leg muscles flex as he drove hard into my open ass. The whole scene was taking us to the edge. Then Mark pulled almost out of me gripped my hips tightly and ram my ass so hard my whole body felt the jolt. He did that a few more time then groaned really loudly. I instinctively knew what that meant. He was cumming. The serious pounding also took me over the top and I felt my body shake uncontrollably as I was over taken by the moment.

Mark finished and almost stumbled back until he was leaning against a wall. Once he let go, I collapsed to the floor in a heap. We stayed like that for some time then slowly Mark pulled up his pants, walked toward me and helped me up. He smiled and said, “So, how do you like college life?” We both laughed then he took me home.”

Mom had finished her story. She just sat there staring into space as if seeing the entire event. I was in total shock. I knew Mom had revealed way more then she wanted. I also knew I needed to tread lightly so as not to make it an embarrassing moment for her. I said, “That’s a great story. Thank you for considering me mature enough to share it with me.”

Mom looked at me and gave me a small smile. She knew and appreciated what I was trying to do but I could tell she felt some shame in telling me so much. She slowly got up from the table, collected most of the dishes and walked over to the sink to wash them.

I watched her, my good friend and loving mother. She was beautiful to me and so venerable at this time. She was wearing a short blue silk robe. I saw her shapely tan legs matched nicely against the blue of her robe. I was just so in love with her at that moment. I got up and stood behind her our bodies barely touching. I lean down to her and whispered in her ear, “I love you, Mom.”

She reached up and patted my face and softly said, “Thank you, Baby.” She then turned and softly kissed my cheek.

She turn back to continue her dish washing. I gently moved her hair back from her face and kissed her cheek in return. I moved down to the side of her neck and kissed her there. I kissed her neck several times and moved to her the place between her neck and her shoulder. She let out the softest of moans. It was music to me, sweet loving music. She stopped washing dishes but kept her hands in the sink. She slowly lifted her head and closed her eyes and gave me access to her throat. I moved in closer behind her letting my semi-hard dick touch her ass as I kissed her offered fruit, her slender neck and throat. I heard another soft moan.

I let my hands slowly move to her tight tummy and continued to kiss her neck as I press my down turned dick into the crevice of her ass with just her blue silk robe separating us. My hands slowly moved up to her breasts. They were firm and her nipples were hard. I let my cock move sideways back and forth and bury itself deeper in Mom’s ass crevice. I rubbed my thumbs over Mom’s nipples again and again. I could tell this was having its effect. The tell was when Mom started to slowly rotate her hips up and back arching her back and pressing back against my cock.

I continued the pressure with my tit play and now I was slowly dry humping Mom’s firm ass. I moved from kissing her neck to softly kissing her lips. She kissed back.

Mom broke our kiss and said, “Did you like hearing about how I got started in anal sex?”

I replied with a dreamy whisper, “I loved it.”

She immediately started pumping her ass on my cock for about 5 seconds then stopped and whispered, “Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?”

I pressed my cock onto her and pumped her in return for a few seconds and softly said, “No.”

She turned and looked at me with those tempting light green eyes and surprisingly asked, “Really?”

I looked her back and said, “Really. I’ve tried to a few times but was told I was too big.”

“By who?” She replied.

“By Karen most recently.”

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