Helping Out

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My name is Brian and I had just turned eighteen and had graduated from high school. I thought I would just take it easy the summer before I went off to college. My parents had other ideas.

“The neighbors need someone to mow their lawns,” my dad told me. “Nancy Johnson told me she could use someone to help out,” Dad had said.

Nancy Johnson was a divorced woman who lived up the block from us. My dad told me I should take our mower up to her place and get started. I pushed the mower up the street and began to mow her yard that Saturday morning. After a few minutes Nancy walked out of the house. She had long dark hair, and a killer body for someone in her 40’s. She waved to me and then laid down on a lawn chair.

I was watching her every move as I pushed the mower around. Nancy’s property had a fence around it, which gave her some privacy. No sooner had she laid down she unfastened her bikini top. She was going to tan her breasts. Nancy had huge tits and they were topped by large nipples. I guess she thought I couldn’t see her from where I was mowing, but I could. My cock was stirring in my shorts. I took every opportunity to watch her lying there. After maybe 45 minutes she put her top back on and went into the house. I finished up and then knocked on the door.

Nancy had invited me in and went to get my payment. When she came back she had changed her clothes. Instead of the bikini she had a bathrobe on.

“Would you like something to drink, Brian?” She asked me.

I told her yes, but she went and got two glasses of wine. We both sipped our drinks. I couldn’t take my eyes from Nancy, however. I could see her cleavage from the loose fitting bathrobe. I just lost it then. I put my glass down and stepped towards her. I reached a hand into her robe and found a breast.

“No Brian, please!” Nancy said.

She ataşehir escort didn’t pull back and I kept massaging her big tit. My cock was raging to get out of my shorts. I undid the belt and removed her robe. Her tits were enormous and the nipples were hard. I lowered my mouth and started to suck on one. Nancy didn’t push me away. She started to moan and whimper.

“Oh my God!” She said to me.

I pulled one hand away and undid my shorts. My cock sprung out.

Nancy looked down.

Jesus, Brian!”

I have a rather long cock and it is pretty thick. I don’t recall my dick being this hard ever before. We were close to the kitchen table and I pushed her towards it. She lowered her back down and was lying there. I spread her legs wide. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had an older woman practically wanting my cock in her. I was going to go through with it. I took my cock in hand and guided it to her pussy. She was sopping wet already. I pushed the head in place and then sunk into her quim.

“Oh fuck!” Nancy cried out to me.

I slid all the way into her. My pubic mound was touching hers. I lifted her legs up and I started to feed her. For an older woman she was surprisingly tight. I pushed in and out of her tunnel. I was sort of out of control, slamming my pecker as deep as it would go. Nancy was panting like a dog in heat. I just took her and fucked her like a wild animal would. There had been no build up.

I drove deep into her and then I pulled out. Over and over, she worked her pussy muscles around me. She tugged and held me for dear life. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out long. Nancy beat me to the punch. She began to orgasm and she sprayed me with her wet juices. I had heard about women who squirted but I had never experienced such a thing. It was like she was peeing all over me. avcılar escort Wet cum was splashing onto my chest, but I never stopped.

I pounded her for a few more minutes and then I unloaded. I grunted and then felt my seed shooting deep into her belly. I think this drove Nancy over the edge. We were both cumming uncontrollably now. Nancy’s body was shaking, but I kept thrusting into her. We must have kept fucking for a long time still, until my cock got soft. I finally pulled out of her.

Nancy laid on the table like a wet dish cloth. She looked spent. I gathered up my clothes and put them back on. I just left her there on the table all fucked out. I wasn’t sure why I did that exactly. I just knew she would want me again and she did. She called over to my parents place the next day. She told my mom she had more work for me. I walked over to her house and Nancy was waiting for me at the door.

She pulled me inside and started kissing my mouth. She didn’t give me a minute to even say hello.

“Why did you leave me like that Brian?” She asked.

“I knew you would be back for more,” I said.

I could barely believe I had said such a thing to this woman, but it was true. She did want more of me. She stripped my clothes from my body and then got down on her knees. Nancy took my cock in her hands and guided it to lips.

“I need to taste you Brian,” She told me.

That was the first time anyone had ever deep throated my cock. She took me down all the way to the root. Nancy’s mouth made these slurping noises as she gave me a long blow job. I did manage to hold out longer this time, but eventually I flooded her throat with my love cum. Nancy drank every drop of me. Thank God I am young and able to recover quickly. Nancy led me to her bedroom for the first time. She had me lie on my back and then she mounted ataşehir escort bayan me.

She positioned her pussy right above my shaft and then she sunk down on me. Nancy’s big titties were bouncing off her chest. I reach up and cupped each one of them and squeezed them. I thought she would cum right there when I did that. Nancy was bouncing up and down my stiff prick. She was using her muscles to milk my long cock. We fucked for a long time that way. I soon released her tits and took her ass cheeks in my hands. I was pulling them apart as she rode me.

I lifted my ass up and met her as we thrust together. I still can’t believe my luck in being able to make love to this sex machine of a woman. Nancy told me she loved it when I flooded her with my seed. She just loved cum, she said. I lost control when she told me that and I fired one load after another into her pussy. Nancy told me later she lost count of how many times I made her cum. She did manage to squirt on me again that day.

That summer was the best I can remember. During the week I mowed all the neighbors yards. In the evening I told my parents I was going out for a jog. I ran directly over to Nancy’s house to fuck her. My Saturdays and Sundays were reserved for her alone.

The summer’s end came up too fast. Nancy practically begged me not to go to college. There was no backing out, however. Our last night together I fucked Nancy every way possible. She sucked me first then I ploughed her pussy and then her ass. I told her she was my sex slut and no one else could have her while I was away. She agreed to my every demand.

At school I didn’t bother myself with the women there. My male friends wondered if something was wrong with me. I told them I had a girlfriend waiting back home for me. This always got a laugh. If they only knew. I manage to get home every few weeks. Nancy is so eager to fuck, I practically have to fight her off. She tells me she is half insane being without my cock. I tell her to be patient and then I spend the rest of my weekend fucking the hell out of my older girlfriend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32