Heavenly Woman Made Me Cum Helpless

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This Story is so precious to me. I worship all women as superior to me. I’m a skinny cute looking boy; and I went over to a strip club and this was as usual, I was so nervous, shy and also my baby penis throbbing and dripping with cum. I went in and took a seat, asked for a bottle of water and just looked around. I noticed a well built lady who was unbelievably attractive, very athletic body and she had a great tan and long flowing dark brown hair. And she looked like some dominant queen to me; and as she looked at my shy eyes, I immediately knew that I just have to give in to her desires and pleasure.

She got off the stage and took me into a private room and she then said she will sit with me for some 4-5 songs as she just relaxes and then do a lap dance for me before she left. And she let me touch and smell her breasts, nipples, her hair, sweet sweat in her armpit etc.. She dangled her panties which she said she had used the whole day and she said she was sweating very bad, that she had to change her panties after a shower. And so she picked up the used one which she had thrown next to a trash can. It was so wet as I grabbed it and smelled it and licked it; she just smiled and said, I can surely even take it home with me. I soon found out that she was the sister of the Club Owner herself. So she ruled the alaçatı escort club too. She was nice and demanding at the same time. She asked me if I would mind if I gave her a body and head massage as she relaxes. I gladly grabbed the opportunity and I wanted to help her relax.

She then did the lap-dance and let her long hair on my face. Suddenly all that I saw was just her face, because her silky hair was all over mine; and she told me to just breathe her in, her eyes so close to mine, her lips so close to mine. I felt a bit vulnerable, since she just kept staring at my eyes, and told me to not look away. My eyes were really shaky and her smile made me blush so helplessly.

And the incident seemed endless, she said she even did not want any money for the dance, because she had a lot she said. And the way her face was near mine, I was speechless. I could smell her breath, it was so nice and erotic. She just sat down in the same position, and she said I was turning her on and she told me to just do something. I did not have the nerve to kiss her lips, even though they were so close to mine, I still tried but she just said no. I licked a strand of her hair and just blushed like hell, not knowing what to do.

She then all of a sudden took one of her hands and had alaybey escort it run through my pants and she really touched my throbbing and twitching penis, I controlled not to cum so hard. And she then let her wet tongue to lick my lower lip and slowly the corner of my lips and this nearly made me cum. And she grabbed my face by the neck and tilted it in a way that now her face was above mine. She kept licking my lips, I was motionless and holding hard to not ejaculate my dripping semen.

As I was just admiring her beautiful eyes and face, she told me to just open my mouth; and told me not to worry because she was the club owner. She told me I looked so sweet and innocent, she had a caramel candy in her mouth which she now let it fall on my hungry tongue. I sucked it immediately and I was now in a state of bliss I had never experienced before. She kissed my lips closed, and also grabbing my slim body. Her red lipstick on my lips and cheek, as my penis was dripping so bad.

Now she pulled my soft hands and asked me if I wanted to touch her pubic hair. I felt it; and I had to hold myself strong not to cum in my pants. She then grabbed my tiny fingers violently and let it rub her nipples. She told me I made her to orgasm this way, and her panties were wet. I touched and aliağa escort licked the sweet juice. She used me, but I loved it. She then kissed me softly again and said I was the most shy and sweetest boy she had ever seen before. That was when I could not help but cum. My semen now wetting my pants. And she knew it somehow and she said ‘Oh! poor Baby, go soon go wash your tiny thing’…I rushed to the restroom, and came in my hands again maybe the moment I touched my penis. I felt like she made me into a slut.

When I came back she was there but now she sat by my side, with one of her arms around my neck. I told her a little bit about me, she suddenly slipped her hand into my tight T-Shirt; and she rubbed her fingers on my skinny chest nipples. She saw me throb in pleasure again as she teased it, and smiling at me. And then she asked me if I had a girlfriend; and I said no. She said “Do you want some milk?? I just had a baby last month, you can be my baby too.”

Even before I replied, she brought her huge heavenly breasts so close to my mouth and then her nipples. I begged her to let me drink some milk. She didn’t mind, she squeezed it and the milk sprayed on my face, and I licked it all up. I sucked her erect nipples for milk. And she asked me if I felt like her babe, I said yes and kept sucking just like a baby. She spent time teasing me, later she kissed me again and said she had fun, but she had to go. And later I rushed home and masturbated and my cum shot up and fell all over my body, third time the same night. I felt so used but so horny and sexy. I will see her again soon too, maybe later this week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32