Hard Worker Ch. 11

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Victoria told me last night to get to work early to be in at 6am. So here I am at work, I’m wearing nothing but a red mesh garter belt holding up smokey seamed black silk nylons and truly whorish red shoes, with ankle straps, thick platform and seven-inch spike heels. The red of the open toes shoes match the red polished of my toenails. My seven-inch dick is lying relaxed on my ball sack that is hanging low.

Victoria’s large breasts are bulging up and held high by a tight brocaded black and teal cinched merry widow that are holding up her nylon white stockings. She has a teal silk thong frames her soft bubble butt. She is wearing teal pumps with five-inch stiletto heels. She is explaining what a success yesterday’s bukkake event was, how many people paid to stream it, how many downloaded pictures, and it’s popularity has not yet waned as of this morning.

“We had many men who were just devastated that they couldn’t attend yesterday and they were hoping to do so today,” Victoria explains.

Hearing this I start getting aroused, the smell and feel of all that cum….oh god I hated washing it off.

“So, all day today I’ve schedule you to handle all those disappointed men and their cum filled pricks.”

“All day long,” I ask incredulous.

“Yes,” Victoria says as she takes my hand and leads me out of the office down the hall to the room where the bukkake event was held. “We will set you up there and guys will be coming in and out throughout the day. Some individually, a few in small groups with a large group getting together around noon.”

As we walk down the hall at this hour there is just a few of the maintenance men and women, those who keep the office neat and clean. They all take time to eye, ogle, and a few even reach out and try to accidently or blatantly rub up against my naked thigh or ass, or touch my thigh, ass, or cock.

As we enter the large warehouse space, the lights come on and the cameras begin to record us. I walk up to the horse in the living room’s Escort Bayan Gaziantep center with its hard plastic cock and balls sitting straight up on the saddle. I pick up lotion and begin to work it between my ass cheeks and grease up my ass hole in anticipation of having that plastic cock slide up my ass hole.

When I finish with greasing up my asshole, I work on the silicon cock, and slide my greased hand up and down it, giving it a hand job as I cover it with a sheen of lotion. Then I straddle the horse and get my asshole aligned with the top of the cock and begin to slide down it slowly, enjoying how the cock feels as it fills my ass. With a satisfied sigh, my ass sits on the saddle having taken the full length of the silicon cock into my ass.

“Okay, Victoria, I’m ready to get strapped down and blindfolded,” I say with anticipation.

Victoria attaches the Velcro straps to my ankles to secure my legs but doesn’t secure my hands.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Today you will monitor yourself, so you’ll have your arms free and no blindfold. That way you can see how many guys have come to use you. I’ll be monitoring you from the office so call out when you need to go to the bathroom and I’ll check with your schedule and tell you when you have an opening for a pee break. Enjoy your day!”

She sashays off and after a few minutes, a group of guys walks in, and start quickly undressing. There must be a dozen of these early morning birds all with morning woodies. Soon I have a cock in each hand and one in my mouth. After a few minutes they pull away to allow others to get worked on by my hands and mouth. The others are all standing around me working their stiff members. I can see more morning birds coming in as I get a quick glance at the doorway before another guy with his cock comes up, fills my mouth, and blocks my view. I begin to hear that some guys are ready to pop and then splatt! I feel streams of jizz landing on my face, neck, shoulders, and back as the sick guys that are surrounding me all cum at almost at the same time. They step away and let another group of guys who are ready to burst their balls get into range. Soon they pump out their streams of warm spunk onto me from all around me.

Now there are a steady stream of cummers, guys getting dressed and more come in and stripping down. In this early morning hour before work, all these guys are on a deadline and frantic to unload. So I just as frantically reach out to fondle hard pricks and hanging balls, while I have my mouth hanging open to be a target for anyone who cared to take the time to aim their creamy spunk load for my mouth.

Finally, with I imagine all my skin glistening with melting warm spunk I realize that the last morning guy has finished. Men are dressing with big satisfied smiles and high fiving each other as they wave good-bye when the exit.

I spot a clock on the wall near the door and its eight something, it is a bit hard to see through my cum covered eye lids. I don’t want to wipe anything away. No one is here and so I start to play with my own hard on, since I have a free hand and need.

As I edge myself and enjoy the feel of all this cum and the vibrating fake prick up my ass. I press my hard hot cock up against my stomach as I glide my cum slick hand up and down on my pulsing shaft. I hold it tight as I begin to pump my loads out of trapped cock. As I’m in the throes of my own pleasure and new guy walks in muttering that he’s here for a blow job. I tell him to bring it over to me. He steps up, I undo his belt, and zipper and pull his pants and boxers down. I take his 5-inch slender cock in my hands and guide it into my waiting mouth to start giving him my first serious and long blow job of the day.

I suck on his cock and fondle his small balls, both of us enjoying it and I’m taking my time. I’m getting him near the edge as another eager customer walks in and begins to undress himself. The guy with his dick in my mouth tells me loudly he’s cumming and I wrap my hands around his ass to keep him close and in my mouth. I feel him explode in my mouth and try to suck and swallow his load. I take it all and he mutters thanks as he pulls up his boxers as the other guy with a waiting hard and wearing that and socks steps up to insert his member into my open mouth.

The flow of guys is slow but steady; I finish one guy off just as the next guy shows up with his hard prick. There is a rare moment at a ten thirty that two guys here at the same time. I work one with my mouth while wanking the other off with my hand, and then switch their cocks, and continue to do that, till one comes in my mouth and the other sprays his strings of warm jizz unto my bare chest.

I realize with my mouth filled with a spurting cock, after I successfully sucked him to climax, that this is how my new career will be like. I will spend with almost every inch of my bare skin covered in jizz and spunk, sucking on anxious, hard, horny cocks who will be spraying out their creamy loads. My cock gets even harder at this revelation. God I want to jack off! Or get sucked off!

At four thirty the room fills with horny men, perhaps two or three dozens, I lose count, they are all stripping down and walking toward me with erect cocks that they are stroking. Soon, I am surrounded by this legion of jacking pricks spraying me in waves of spunk, as one group finishes others step up to take their place to unload their hot jizz.

At six pm it all stops, Victoria steps in and drops my clothes on the floor.

“Jean, you know the expression, Wednesday is hump day?” She says with wicked glee.


“Well with you it is literally true. Tomorrow be here at seven, you will be stripped, tied to a four poster, made comfortable with pillows, your legs spread and your ass up. Starting at eight I guy will come in and fuck that lovely ass of yours. One guy will come in each hour. This will go on from eight till six; a total of ten guys will fuck your ass. Be here promptly.” she turns on her heels and walks toward the door, then turns, “Is that okay with you?”

I say with enthusiasm, “Yes!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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