Great Match with a New Guy

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This match happened several years ago. I met Chuck on a site that does not exist today. We exchanged emails for a few months. We spoke about our match rules and stakes and decided on the following. We would start nude and the first to cum loses the match. Light punching and no power moves. The loser would service the winner.

I was 6’1″ 245 with a thick 6 inch cut cock. Chuck was 6’2″ 230 with a thinner 7 inch cock. We exchanged pictures and stats before the match. We each knew what we would be facing. We arranged to meet at my house and I was really excited to take Chuck on. I felt I really knew him from all the emails we exchanged.

Chuck arrived at my house at the designated time. I really wanted to win this match. I invited him in and closed the door. After this he was saying hello when I jammed my tongue down his throat and grabbed his stiffening dick with my hand and began massaging his cock and balls. Chuck did not miss a beat. He began kissing me hard and was massaging my cock with me having to break this up as I was already feeling my cock starting to get too excited. I told Chuck to strip and lets get this match started. We were both hard as rocks as we took off our clothes. I had cleared out a room and put down a bunch of blankets and we were ready to start. Both our cocks were twitching and I knew this was going to be a short match if Chuck got me in a good emission hold quickly.

We met in the center of the room and we melded together. Our bodies were molded together. Our cocks were battling below as we tried to move the other guy back. I broke the hold and punched Chuck in the gut four times it the same spot until I heard him groan. These were not full force but hard enough to hurt. He bent over to hold the spot I was beating and I grabbed Chuck’s aliağa escort hair held him in place and delivered a knee to his chest. I heard him “oof” and sent three more knees to the same spot. I let Chuck fall and before he could move I stomped his lower back a few times. He was squirming in pain and trying to get away. I grabbed his foot and secured him in a single leg crab and bent him back. He started to scream in pain. I worked this hold for a minute until I knew I had him hurt. I dropped the leg and Chuck just lay there. I was almost ready to attack his cock but I needed to soften him up a little more.

I sat on his back and pulled his arms over my legs. Now I got my hands locked under his chin and pulled back and secured the camel clutch. Chuck was moaning and swearing at me. I told him soon he would be cumming for me. I bent him back a bit further and Chuck moaned in pain. I held him at this point for about 30 seconds and then dropped him. I grabbed his hair and sat him up and Chuck did nothing to stop me. I sent home a double karate chop to both sides of his neck. He yelled and started to flop around. Now I was ready to work his cock.

I pulled Chuck close to me and took him down to the floor with Chuck on his back. I secured one arm between my legs and trapped one arm by his head. This left my mouth and arm to attack Chuck. I started to kiss his neck and ear while my hand wandered all over his body. I got a great reaction when I started to scratch at his nipples. His cock was rock hard and bouncing around. I stuck my tongue in his ear as my hand wandered down and touched his cock. I slowly started to jack him off while I was snacking on his neck. Chuck was now breathing raggedly and groaning from the pleasure. çiğli escort I was really enjoying myself when I made a match changing mistake. I thought he was just about done and I wanted to finish him in style. I quickly switched position and sucked his cock in my mouth.

I began to suck his cock. On every slow stroke I ran my tongue around the base of his engorged head. Chuck was talking gibberish and holding his head with his hands. I went for the win and sucked him hard and fast. I was not paying attention and all of a sudden my head was engulfed in flesh. Chuck had lifted his legs and levered me off and I was solidly in place for Chuck to begin to pressure the hold. The pain was real and I was quickly getting dizzy as he had me by the side of my head and blood flow was being cut off. I struggled and punched at his thighs. Chuck had no mercy. I felt myself slipping into unconsciousness. Chuck broke his hold and I felt him rip at my hair. He set me up and got to his feet. He jumped up and landed two knees into my unprepared gut. I could not breathe and I think I blacked out as the next I remember was feeling an amazing sensation in my balls and cock.

I regained some semblance of clarity and saw that Chuck had my balls in his mouth and was gently lashing his tongue back and forth and biting down gently. While this was going on Chuck had a death grip on my cock. He was stroking me slowly. He was on top of my legs so I could not really move quickly. I tried to get away and Chuck started lashing my balls as hard as he could with his tongue and biting down on my balls with a little more force. I screamed and stopped my attempt to get away. I was crazy with pleasure and pain. I begged chuck to give me a chance and not make me cum. alsancak escort I was now shaking I was so turned on. He kept up the ball work and then started to deep throat me. I moaned and begged him some more not to finish me. Chuck just laughed and said it was time to end this match.

Chuck rammed a finger up my ass and started to finger fuck me. He kept up lashing my balls back and forth and stroked my cock like no other. I knew I was done and begged him to make me cum. “Please make me cum. You win. I have to cum”. Chuck finger fucked me harder and then it happened. I came and shot my first volley about two feet in the air. He kept lashing my balls as I came and the sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt before or after. Chuck drained every drop from me and I was a sweaty mess. Chuck finally let my balls out of his mouth. To this day it was the best orgasm I ever had. I had lost and now it was time to pay the winner.

Chuck stood over me and I got to my knees. I took his great cock in my mouth and started to slowly suck him. He grabbed my ears and started to face fuck me. I held on to his ass and tried not to gag. Chuck was close and I started to play with his ass and balls. I scratched at his balls and played with his rim. Chuck gave a loud yell and pushed his cock deep in his mouth and came. I wallowed as quickly as I could. It was a massive amount of cum. Some leaked slowly down my chin as Chuck was finally spent. Chuck then knocked me down and struck a muscle pose with his foot on my defeated cock.

Chuck’s emission hold was the best anyone ever got on me. I have lost matches and every orgasm has been great. This one was special. We wrestled several times again. I rarely could beat Chuck. He knew how much he turned me on and he was the most creative sex wrestler I ever went against. He always surprised me with new ways to make me cum. Chuck moved a few years ago and I miss wrestling him quite a bit. I have got myself off countless times thinking about that emission hold Chuck put on me in our first match. Great guy and a great sex wrestler.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32