Golden God Pt. 03

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The Uber is chilly with the air blowing, and the driver keeps looking at me in his rear view, but all he can probably see is my baby blue eyes beneath the frilly black mask. That and the pile of blonde hair pinned atop my head. I’m wearing the robe that Sky sent, black silk wrapped tight around my curvy, slightly squishy figure, over the crotchless white panties he sent as well. In my asshole, I can feel his warm silicon plug. It’s huge… It took me the better part of fifteen minutes and a lot of breathing to get it in there, and I’m not unfamiliar with anal insertions. I’ve never been ass fucked, though. Not by a person.

I keep checking for hungry breath in my palm. Even with the enema, I’m worried that I haven’t eaten since last night. Am I light headed for lack of food, or because I’m so excited?

I’m glad the silk robe is black. My pussy has been drooling into it for the last fifteen minutes. I’m sure the gray fabric of this seat is going to show my drippings; I can imagine this guy sniffing it after I get out. Every cell in my body is vibrating, and I’m doing everything I can to stop from running my fingers through my slit.

After weeks of anxious waiting, I finally received my formal invitation, and the box with my new clothes and instructions. Sky was very explicit, demanded that I arrive at least thirty minutes early to get ready and exactly as described in the letter, or not come at all. This is to be my initiation. All submissive members have gone through it, but that doesn’t make it any better. I still don’t know what IT is.

The driver pulls up to the gate, black iron with spiky tops and decorated in thorny filigree. Window down, the driver enters the code I gave him. How Sky hid an estate like this in flat-ass corn country, I’ll never know. I researched the members of the college board, and I found Sky there. My golden god, Sky Barnaby, is a software entrepreneur. Other than that… no info. I guess a man this wealthy can afford a degree of publicity or anonymity as he sees fit.

The house climbs over the rise, the turrets coming into view first. It’s some kind of Victorian/Tudor hybrid, with a large rose window over the car port, and a grand chandelier pulling focus despite a glorious sunset behind the whole scene. I can see the massive doors. My pussy pulses, and I take the last swig of my bottle of Evian. I was told to finish two before I arrived, that on top of strictly orange juice and water all day. I can already feel my bladder swelling.

And that might be more exciting than anything else. The erotic company that I’ll be enjoying this evening is predicated on a love for golden fun… watersports, and all things wet. I didn’t think such things were real. It all feels like some dark, sexy dream. Yes, a wet dream. Don’t worry, I’m rolling my eyes on your behalf, but the levity offers no relief to the butterflies darting around my stomach. I open the car door and walk cautiously up the stone steps.

The Uber driver waits until one of the two front doors is opened to pull away. I can’t see who opened it, but a refined man’s voice says, “Welcome, Ms. Christo. Your host will be but a moment.”

When the door closes, I see the man that closed it. Shiny cherry-red lycra covers his body but for his mouth and eyes, hands, feet, and bunched-up cock, as it is fully caged with black barbs pressing into the flaccid flesh.

“This way, please,” he says. “You’ll be the feature of the solarium tonight.”

“Cool,” I say, my voice warbling on the word. I can’t stop looking at his cock cage until he steps forward to lead me into the manor. Then I can’t stop looking at his tight, trim ass cheeks wiggle as he walks.

We proceed through the massive foyer, decorated in scenes of fornication, on friezes and tapestries. Men with women, men with men, women with women, maybe also with elves? Dwarves, fawns, even animals, (but thankfully no animals and people; I guess even Sky draws a line somewhere). We pass a trickling fountain, a marble woman’s legs spread, an open-mouthed marble man below her catching the stream in his mouth, the water running down his cheeks, neck, chest…

I don’t know how Sky explains such a thing to dinner guests.

We pass through a long corridor running straight back, past a broad open kitchen on one side, a dining room on the other. Punch bowls, cans of beer, and bottle after bottle of wine are sitting upon the counters. Behind them, two men in black gimp masks are uncorking and pouring. I can’t see the status of their cocks.

Through a paneled room of dark wood where a trio of leather-wrapped women are tuning violins and a cello with their tits out, and we reach a two story room on the rear of the house made of glass. Purple and amber light pour through the sunset windows beyond which is a pool of glowing blue and a manicured lawn, long with shadows, stretching down a hill and into a stand of trees. I practically have to lift my jaw off the floor; it’s enough to forget momentarily about why I’m here. Until I see the rope.

Suspended from a vaulted gaziemir escort glass ceiling ribbed in black iron is a long rope with a thick ring at the bottom. The varnished wood floor breaks beneath in a circle of flagstone with a drain in the center. A concert grand piano sits off to one side, and upon its closed lid is piles of rope, rings, an assortment of dildos, and bottles of lube. Beside the table is a woman I recognize as Naomi – the woman who ate me out in the art studio. She’s counting out items on the piano, wearing nothing but black lyrca panties and matching 4″ heels.

“Madam,” says the man clad in red before nodding and returning.

I lift a hand, “Thank you…” but he’s already turned and back into the bowels of the house.

“Hello, my lovely,” says Naomi. “I’m so glad you decided to join our little group. You’re going to love it.”

I nod.

She smiles. “You’re allowed to speak here,” she says. “At least until the party starts. Then you’re just a fuck toy and drink dispenser.”

“Okay,” I say, swallowing. OMG, I can feel my pussy leaking down my leg. “Wait, what did you say?”

“I thought that might catch you,” she says, walking forward with a sultry swing of her narrow hips. “You caught most of it in Sky’s invitation letter, but I’ll reiterate. By coming here tonight, you’re consenting to the terms of an initiate, at least until you can’t take it anymore and wash out. Some hopefuls just aren’t as kinky as they think they are. Pretty much anything goes as far as oral, toying, and ass fucking, though Sky insists that there are to be no cocks in your pussy. Usually he does this to ensure your ass gets a proper workout, and yes, everyone has already been informed. But tonight, I think he has something else in mind. Otherwise, your real novelty is urinating into mouths, glasses, etc., when asked. It will be my job to give you plenty of juice and water, to raise and lower you as the act demands, and generally serve as your ropes mistress.”

I’m feeling a little woozy and flushed. I’ve never been so hot in my life, and I feel like I have to sit down, but there’s nowhere to sit. Naomi rushes over to me, touching my shoulder to steady me. “Sorry,” I say, touching a hand to my head.

“Are you alright?” Naomi says. “You don’t have to do this. And you can leave at anytime. Just say the word… but know that you’ll not be invited back. That’s the only catch. So if you’re uncomfortable, I’ll do what I can to help, but I recommend you just endure what you can. After you pass your three initiation sessions, then it’s just pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.”


“Oh my, yes,” says Naomi. “You didn’t think it was going to be easy to gain membership, did you? This is an exclusive organization. Tonight should be relatively fun for you, if a bit taxing on your stamina. The next two session are… also fun… in very different ways.”

“Wow,” I say. My heart is racing. What have I gotten myself into?

“Now, we don’t have much time,” says Naomi. “Have you ever been tied up before?”

With a deep breath, my robe hits the floor, and Naomi walks around my nakedness several times while pinching her chin then gets to work. Ropes cross under my sizable breasts, pushing them up, crossing behind my back and over my shoulders. More threads between my thighs, and my slight belly protrudes through the gap in the middle. After that, I begin to lose track of what she’s doing. Soon, I’m hanging relatively upright from the single metal ring, feet tucked against my bum with my legs splayed, as though kneeling – but I’m floating. I can’t even tell I’m wearing the crotchless panties anymore, though I must be as I haven’t taken them off. My arms are bound to my side, and my breasts hoisted by an improvised rope corset. The air kissing my nipples practically hurts, they’re so hard. That same air sweeps across my petalled, salivating cunt lips and my throbbing clit, aching for attention. I thought Naomi might go in for a nibble – prayed she would – but she’s been all business. And in retrospect, I’m glad she was, because I’m shocked at how comfortable I am. I feel almost weightless and completely unable to move. Throughout the process, Naomi coaches me about how to breathe properly, the things she can do to shift my center of balance to relieve strain and insists I repeat the safe word: rubberduck.

All the while, my bladder is beginning to strain. “Drink up,” says Naomi, placing a glass of watered-down orange juice to my lips. I don’t spill a drop. She chuckles, taking the same glass and placing it under my pussy. At least, I think that’s what she’s doing. I can’t see past my breasts, but then I feel the rim touching my mound. “Let’s just make sure you’re all clean. Just a dribble, now. You have to control yourself.”

Swallowing, I bite my lip and breathe the way Naomi explained. I just want to let it all out. My bladder is cramping so much, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it stop. But I have to. I have to. I can’t wash out, now.

The sting gümüldür escort is almost immediate as the hot water spurts from my piss hole. “Careful!” she says, and I manage to tighten things up to a dibble. “Enough. Enough!”

Fuck it hurts to close off my little internal sphincter, but I do it. I feel the glass move, and then I moan as Naomi’s fingers slip up into my silk pocket and then out again. She steps back with a grin, those two fingers dipping in the glass of my muted gold piss, washing her fingers of my arousal. She takes a sip, and her face lights up. “Oh my little girl,” she says. “Mummy likes that. You’ve been very, very good. Sweet and musty.” And she downs the rest while pinching one of her nipples. “You’re going to be very popular, Coppa.”

“But Naomi… It… it hurts,” I whimper. I didn’t mean to.

She leans in and her slightly pissy breath hits my nostrils. “Call me Mummy.” Her kiss is soft, luscious, so different than a man’s. All smooth and unhurried. I can taste my urine on her tongue, and with no warning, I nearly cum at the sensuality of it all. Then she pulls away leaving my body vibrating. “If you have to relieve a little pressure to lessen the pain, you must ask me. Say, Mummy, I need relief. Just know that you need to drink whatever comes out, to maintain your level. Understood?”

I swallow. I’ve tasted my own piss before. Of course I have, being such a pee slut in my cam show. In the tub, I was able to self piss one time, and I nearly threw up. I’d had coffee at lunch, hours earlier, and it was vile. But while I was laying back with my legs in air and pussy hanging over my face, I nearly came the moment my piss hit my lips.

I’m such a disgusting slut.

“Yes,” I say.

“Yes, Mummy,” Naomi says, pinching my nipple.

With a yelp, I say, “Yes, Mummy!”

“And do you need relief?”

“N-no, Mummy.”

She waves the glass in front of my face. “Are you sure?”

My bladder cramps. “Yes, Mummy.” I just hope that someone else needs a drink soon.

I hear voices, the laughter of a woman, and the sound of the trio beginning their performance. Three people enter from the conservatory behind the red lycra servant, and my heart thunders in my chest.

A fit, hairy man wearing only a black mask with a long dangling prick appears first as the servant departs. “Fuck me, look at this one. Where does Sky find such delicious treats?”

The thick, light skinned black woman next to him says, “She looks good enough to eat. Look at those lucious titties. Almost as nice as mine.” The woman rolls two dark nipples between her fingers. She is otherwise completely naked, her belly pudging out over her bulbous vulva and waxed ridges. “Bet that pussy tastes fresh, too.”

“It does,” says Naomi, stepping between us. “And she’s full.” Naomi taps my belly below the navel, and my bladder cramps in response. I can feel the discomfort radiate like a wave all the way to my mouth.

The third man is a very large, very dark black man with the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. “Think she can take me?”

Naomi chuckles. “Remember, anal only. But she’s going to need some loosening up, Bull. Maybe in an hour or two.” Naomi looks over her shoulder at me and lifts a brow.

My blue eyes widen as my brown eye puckers around the anal plug. That… that’s not going to fit in my ass. The man known as Bull strokes the length of his massive horse cock. It’s practically hanging half way down his thigh. He steps up to me as Naomi steps out of the way. Behind him, the hairy man and black woman are kissing, her hands stroking his dangling prick hard while he plays with her oversized, fleshy breasts. They’re way bigger than mine; I might be jealous except for the nervous flutter that has me wanting to piss all over the floor.

“Mummy,” I whimper. God, what am I doing? “I need relief.”

Naomi chuckles and pets my face with her fingertips. “Of course.” Then she turns to the trio, in particular Bull, who is holding a can of beer in his meaty hand. “Unless one of our guests needs a mixer?”

Bull just laughs. “Not any kind of hazing if we make it easy,” he says, sipping his beer. “Anyway. Watching a woman drink her own piss is hot as hell.”

“Very well,” says Naomi, lowering the glass to my groin. I can feel it press against my pussy lips, spreading them slightly.

Fuck. Whatever I pee out, I have to drink. Fuck! Better go slow, only let out enough to ease the pain. Bull stands next to me, his thick black cock touching my ass cheek, and his hand begins to feel down my ass crack. He fondles the anal plug, wiggling it around gently.

I can’t control it! Pee shoots out of me in a hissing jet as my asshole tries to cough out the plug. The sensations pass from my sphincter and urethra up to my clit, and I feel like I’m going to cum, especially with the sensation of a man stimulating my pucker. Only the thought of drinking my own piss gives me any semblance of grounding, and I manage to pinch off my stream.

The relief güzelbahçe escort is immediate if only partial. Naomi holds up a wine glass, filled to the height of a double pour. Fuck me. At least it’s not bright yellow. At this point, it’s so watered down, I might be able to stomach it. The rim travels toward my lips.

Bull reaches around me and plucks the glass from Naomi’s grasp. “I’m not a monster, sweetheart,” he says. “You just remember later when I’m violating that tight little shit canal that I can be generous.”

I can see him bring the glass to his lips, and he downs the entirety of my hot nectar in one go.

“Fuck me!” he says. “You really have a golden pussy, don’t you? April, you have to try this bitch! Her piss tastes like strawberries.”

April turns her head from where she’s been on her knees sucking the hairy guy off. Her hand still works his foreskin up and down his shaft. “Can’t you see I’m busy! Come on, baby,” she says, standing and taking hairy guy by the cock. “Let’s go somewhere my bastard husband won’t follow.”

“Hey now,” says Bull. “You best not go out in the pool! You know what chlorine does to your asthma. April? Hey!” He follows the pair through a pair of doors out to the pool deck.

“He’s just a big teddybear,” says Naomi, grinning. “That cock nearly split my pussy apart last Christmas, but he’s very patient and very considerate. Trust me, you should experience a pussy stretching just once from a man that doesn’t hate women.” She has a fresh wineglass filled with something that looks like lemonade and brings it to my lips. “I mean, I’d never let him fuck me in the ass, but… you could always leave. Drink up.”

It is lemonade, with more sugar than I think I’ve had all day.

Another couple approaches. These two are wearing corsets and little else, and both stunningly beautiful with long straight hair like they could be twins. It’s these kind of women that make me feel fat… especially now that their eyes are appraising me. It’s not until they’re right next to me that I notice one of them has a tiny cock rising erect from her red thong.

“Thirsty ladies?” says Naomi.

The woman without the cock says, “Oh, yes please. Jenna? How about you get that easy one out of the way while the fuck toy is fresh?” The woman looks at Naomi. “She is fresh?”

“You’ll be the first,” says Naomi. “Just remember, Sky says no dicks in her pussy. I don’t care how pretty they are.”

The woman without a cock starts to massage her mound through her thong and kneels before me. My heart races as I feel her breath on my twat, her fingers parting my lips. Ever since Naomi last had her tongue on my clit, I’ve been masturbating to the thought of a woman’s mouth. I’m so wired and hot, it’s not going to take much to make me cum. Especially being taken like this, all but helpless, nothing but a slutty fuck toy and a pee dispenser.

Then I feel the other woman behind me, Jenna. I hear her spit. Her fingers rub the stretched flesh around the seated anal plug. She makes it slick with her saliva and something smooth that I assume is precum. Naomi steps behind me, and I hear the sound of lube exiting the tube. It’s smearing into my asshole, fingers roughly pushing more of the viscous liquid inside.

“Ready, Sarah?” says Jenna.

The woman between my legs shoves her tongue up into my sour box before she clamps her mouth against my ridges, smacking my ass twice from underneath.

Jenna whispers in my ear. “Shit out that plug, slut, and take this tiny lady cock up your grease trap.”

And I push. And as I push, I feel the sweet relief of pee flowing out of me, and Sarah begins moaning and gulping. The plug pops right out of my loose asshole like a little glass turd, and I hear it hit the flagstone. Naomi glares at me, so I lighten my flow. But it’s so hard to do. Then something fills my dirty bum, pressing on my insides, making me feel like I have to shit all over again.

Not even a dozen thrusts into my bung, and my body quivers in a titanic orgasm running from my scalp to my toes. Muted gold juice spills out from the sides of Sarah’s mouth as she’s unable to swallow my sudden gush. After she chokes and sputters, her mouth is right back on my twat once again, her shoulders shaking as she furiously plunges her crevice with her fingers. Her other hand is doing something below, perhaps wrapping Jenna’s balls.

Jenna’s tiny prick feels huge in my asshole, thrusting in and out while her hands wrap around my tits and pinch my nipples with wicked force as my orgasm recedes. I don’t know how I could possibly take a normal sized cock. “That’s it, that’s it, you dirty anal slut. Take that little clitty cock. Fuck, the walls of that shit chute are so slimy. Did you like cumming with my lady prick in your asshole, bitch? Did you like pissing in my girlfriend’s mouth? I can’t hear you.” Her thighs slap on my jiggling ass cheeks. “I can’t hear you, whore!”

“Yes!” I moan, finally unable to contain myself. “Ooooooooohh, ooooooooh…” Slap slap slap, “Yeh-eh-eh-eh-eh-ehs!”

Mouth soaked, mask dripping, Sarah’s body is shaking in a shrieking orgasm, and she doesn’t pause even for a moment to enjoy the afterglow before shoving two fingers up my cunt and curl-fucking me with such force that no amount of control will keep the squirt inside, my g-spot pulsing with every curl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32