Friend Zone

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Katherine, more commonly known as Kate, was a long-time friend of mine. We’d gone to kindergarten together and went to the same schools, often in the same classes. Somehow or other we never dated. We were just friends.

I’d discuss my girlfriends with her when I wanted advice and she’d do the same where her boyfriends were concerned. I patted her on the back when a boyfriend dumped her, telling her if he didn’t appreciate her he wasn’t good enough for her. If either of us needed a partner for an emergency we were on each other’s speed dial. For all that, I was well and truly parked in the friend zone and was quite happy with that.

At least, I thought I was.

It had been a hot summer’s day and it looked as though it was going to be a hot summer evening. Getting home from work I changed into beach gear and was about to head off when I saw Kate on her way home. She still lived only a few doors up. I stepped out onto the street and accosted her, strolling along next to her.

“Hi, Kate. Little on the warm side, isn’t it?”

“Ha, tell me about it. I’m practically melting. I can’t wait to get inside and change.”

“Speaking of changing, I’m heading to the beach just as soon as I’m ready, which is right now. However, being a nice bloke, I’ll linger for a short while if you want to come along. We can buy dinner while we’re there.”

“For a man, you sometimes come up with the right idea,” she laughed. “Come on in and wait while I get changed.”

I followed her inside and was somewhat startled when Kate took off her blouse while still in the process of entering the house. By the time the door closed behind me she was already reaching around to undo her bra.

“Ah, hold it a second, Kate,” I said quickly. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Getting changed for the beach,” she said, looking surprised. “You just invited me along, remember?”

“I can see you’re getting changed,” I pointed out in a dry voice. “With a man standing right here?”

She looked puzzled.

“What? Who?” she asked, looking around. She must have seen the satiric look on my face because she laughed. “You? But you don’t count. You’re my friend.”

“That’s right. Now take off your bra and you’ll see just how friendly I’ll become.”

“What?” she said, sounding incredulous. “You’ve seen me get changed before.”

“If you stop and consider it, you will realise that I haven’t seen you get changed recently. Not for several years, actually. In case you haven’t noticed you’re no longer a flat-chested tomboy. You’ve got interesting bumps and curves and a cute little patch of fur.”

I lowered my eyes suggestively towards her groin and continued.

“Unless you shave,” I said thoughtfully.

“You’re teasing me,” she said, but didn’t seem one hundred percent sure of it.

“You keep telling yourself that,” I said. “Go ahead and take off your bra. Then you can console yourself with the thought that I’m kidding you while you watch me find out for myself if you shave.

And after I’ve determined that I’ll explain to you the essential differences between a man and a woman, including a practical lesson on why this is so. You are old enough now.

There again, maybe you’ve already found out why.”

This last was added with a quizzical expression, and from the way her face flamed I’d have to say she hadn’t. The same couldn’t be said for me. I hadn’t exactly chosen past girlfriends because of the excellence of their morals.

For a moment she looked doubtful and I grinned at her. That was probably a mistake on my part.

“Oh, you,” she said dismissively, just as she had hundreds of times in the past when I’ve pulled some sort of prank on her. She flicked open the catch of her bra, letting it drop down her arms, completely disregarding me as a potential threat.

She may have had cause to change her mind a few seconds later. I caught her arm and helped the bra to fall off, at the same time pushing her arm behind her back. I also caught her other arm, pushing that behind her as well, finding one of my hands was big enough to hold both her wrists.

Ignoring her startled protest I bent down and kissed one full breast, right on the little pink nipple. Then, ignoring a shocked gasp, I did the same to the other nipple. Leaned back a little to admire those pale white globes and then leaned forward again.

This time I sucked on first one nipple and then the other, rubbing them with my tongue and rasping my teeth across them. Next time I leaned back both nipples were standing erect, and looking very sexy.

Kate, I realised, was actually trying to speak to me.

“Grey, what do you think you’re doing? You can’t do that. You know you can’t.”

“Kate, I can and I just did. I warned you of consequences. You’re well and truly old enough to understand the facts of life. Now hush up. I find I’m really curious about fur or no fur.”

Still holding her wrists behind her I used my free hand to undo the button and zip on her skirt, giving it a push to help it past a couple of generous hips. bonus veren siteler

Kate was wailing something about, “Grey, don’t you dare,” but I wasn’t listening too hard. I was concentrating on easing her panties down. I pushed down first one side and then the other, coaxing them slowly down, while Kate got more and more voluble. They reached a tipping point and gravity helped them to slither down to her ankles.

“My, Kate,” I murmured, running my hand lightly across her smooth mons. “As bare as when I last saw it, lo, these many years ago. Your chest has certainly changed, though.”

To emphasise that change I ran my hand gently across her breasts, making sure to rub her nipples as I went.

That was the stage when the fun and games came to a screeching halt. A car pulled into the driveway. I saw it over Kate’s shoulder. She didn’t.

“Ah, Kate,” I said softly, placing my hand over her mouth to stop her denunciation. “Kate,” I repeated, putting a little bit of urgency into my voice.

She glared a “what?” at me.

“You parents just arrived home. Better run along and get dressed for the beach.”

“Do you seriously think I’m going to the beach with you now?”

“Yes. Your parents would want to know why you aren’t going. Better run if you don’t want to be caught dressed the way you aren’t.”

She gave me a furious glare, hastily stepped out of her skirt and panties, scooped up her clothes and bolted, while I sat down.

“Grey,” Kate’s mother saluted me as she walked in.

I raised a hand in casual greeting.

“Just waiting for Kate to get changed,” I said. “It’s too hot so we’re going down to the beach.”

“Good idea,” said her mother. “We’re going out again shortly. We’ve decided to go to the bingo night.” With that she dismissed me from her mind and headed into the kitchen.

Kate came out shortly after. She was wearing a strapless sundress with what I assumed to be a bikini under it. I could see the straps to the tie and they were the wrong type for a bra. She didn’t say anything, just gave me a rather cold look but followed me out to my car.

She also didn’t say anything until we were almost at the beach but I could see the tension draining out of her when I didn’t tease her. By the time we reached the beach she was her normal self. But she’d remember the touch of my mouth on her breasts, I was quite sure.

We dumped our stuff on the beach and headed into the water. We clowned around as per usual, and although I found that I was very much aware that Kate was female I didn’t try to take advantage of her. I’m quite sure she was also aware that I wasn’t female. She still acted the same as always but I could sense the awareness was there and she was just a little confused.

The fun time came later when we came out of the water. Kate spread out her towel to lie down and catch some sun. She went to rub on some sunscreen but I took the bottle off her. I could see she wanted to protest but didn’t know how. After all, I’d rubbed cream on her hundreds of times.

She lay on her tummy, apparently relaxed, while I smoothed cream over her back and on her legs. I could see her tense up when my hands were rubbing along her thighs but I was quite circumspect, not touching anything I shouldn’t. She relaxed again when she found I was behaving and didn’t worry when I gave her a casual slap on the bottom and told her to roll over.

Once again I was circumspect. I didn’t even try to slip my fingers beneath the material of her bikini. I simply slowly and carefully rubbed in the cream anywhere she might get burned. It wasn’t my fault that her bikini was that small, revealing quite a lot of her feminine attributes.

I didn’t even get to finish. I’d barely finished creaming the swell of a breast where it rose out of her bikini and she snatched the bottle from me.

“I’ll finish it,” she said, not looking at me.

I didn’t say anything. I just lay back and enjoyed the sun, leaving her wondering if she’d over-reacted.

Dinner time rolled around and we left the beach. We were lazy and just dropped it at a KFC to eat. After dinner things got a little more interesting.

All Kate was wearing was her bikini and the strapless sundress. She hadn’t bothered to bring anything to change into. Why bother? The bikini would dry fast enough. When we were back in the car I pulled down the back of Kate’s dress and pulled loose the bottom tie to her bikini top. While she was reacting to that I loosened the top tie and pulled the top off her, still leaving her covered by her dress.

Her face was flaming, and she was trying to express her opinion of me. Trouble was she couldn’t put the top back on without lowering her dress to do it. That she wasn’t going to do.

Before Kate could say the things she was bursting to say I pressed a finger to her lips.

“Quiet, Kate,” I said softly. “I quite fancy the idea of driving along knowing you’re naked under your dress. One of us is going to take off the rest of your bikini. Which one?”

“You wouldn’t bedava bahis dare,” she said slowly.

I smiled and lifted my head slightly, giving her a try me look.

She didn’t. She wanted to but she didn’t quite dare. She wriggled out of the bikini bottom, furious, making sure I didn’t catch a glimpse of anything. Then she sat back sulking as we drove home.

When we got to her place she flung herself out of the car, flouncing up the path to the door. I followed at a more leisurely pace, catching up as she tried to unlock the door. I followed her in, slipping an arm around her waist and directing her towards the front room when she would have rather stormed off to her own room.

She turned and gave me a glowering look.

“What do you want?” she demanded. “And where are my parents?” apparently just noticing that they weren’t there.

“They’ve gone to a bingo night,” I told her. “They won’t be back for hours. I’m just here to continue from where we left off earlier.”

I like strapless sundresses, especially when they’re held up by an elasticised top. I just tucked my fingers around the top and puled firmly down and the dress slithered all the way to the floor, leaving Kate standing there, all pink and while and naked.

“I believe I’d just said hullo to these,” I murmured, cupping her breasts. “Please excuse me while I continue.”

I bent and took a breast into my mouth, tasting it, sucking lightly on the nipple. Kate’s hands grasped my hair and pulled and I lifted my head a little. Only so I could switch to the other breasts to repeat the taste test. Her hands were still entwined in my hair but she wasn’t really pulling that hard.

I lifted my head and regarded her breasts and her nipples, the pair of them standing proud like little soldiers. Kate was flushed and spluttering.

“What do you think you’re doing? Just stop it and go away.”

“Kate, when you teased me earlier I distinctly said that if you went on with what you were doing that I’d explain to you the essential differences between a man and a woman, including a practical lesson. This is all part of the explanation.”

I reached down and my hand closed over her mound. Her eyes opened wide with shock. So did her mouth, for that matter.

“This is part of the practical explanation,” I said, massaging lightly.

“You can’t do this,” she said, sounding shocked.

“Funny. That’s what you said earlier, yet here I am, doing it.”

I let her go and started undoing my belt. Her eyes went wide again and she was shaking her head. I just dropped my shorts, making me as naked as her.

“I just think you should see what you’ve got yourself into,” I told her. “I also think you should feel what will be getting into you.”

I took her hand and closed it over my erection. She started, but didn’t let go.

“It’s alright to look you know,” I said gently.

She swallowed and slowly looked down. Then she started stroking me softly, seeming fascinated with her present.

Moving slowly I eased her over to the couch and got her to sit down. With her sitting next to me, still paying attention to my erection, I started paying more serious attention to her pussy.

I stroked her, rubbing lightly, feeling it heating up. I didn’t rush to try to slip between her lips and explore. I just kept teasing her, rubbing, scratching very lightly along her lips, feeling them subtly change under my touch. After a while I could feel her inner lips protruding, pushing out from her slit. I rubbed these, feeling moisture on them.

I slipped my fingers between her inner lips, probing deeper. Kate gave a startled squeak at the first entry, her hand convulsing on my cock, which was very disconcerting. At that point she stopped stroking my cock, just holding it, seeming to be considering what I was doing to her.

She was wet and she was ready. Physically, anyway. Mentally and emotionally? I guess I’d just have to find out.

I released her, prying her hand off my erection for a moment, and stood up. Bending I picked up her beach towel from where she’d dropped it when I pulled her dress down. A flick of my wrist and I spread the towel on the floor.

I looked and Kate, smiling, my hand indicating the towel. She looked at it and then at me, her nerves on display.

“Are you going to rape me?” she asked in a very small voice.

“No, Kate,” I said, shaking my head. “I’m just going to go as far as you let me. Right now I just want you to lie on the towel for a while.”

She looked slightly worried, but she also looked aroused, her face was flushed and she was breathing harder than normal. Her arousal won over her fear and she eased herself down onto the towel. I took over at that point, easing her down so she was lying flat.

I settled down next to her. What I wanted was to just drop on top of her and take her, but I could wait. My hand closed over her breast, softly holding it. I lightly rubbed her nipple, watching as she moved restlessly under my touch. It was a case of too much and not deneme bonus enough. The answer was simple. I tightened my hold, fondling her breast more firmly. I took possession of her other breast, fondling them both, demonstrating that I was in charge.

Bending down, my mouth took over from one hand, savouring her breast. Freed, my hand wandered elsewhere, settling on her mound, rubbing it firmly. Her legs drifted further apart, giving me easier access. I took it, though not in the way she expected.

I knelt between her legs and for a moment she almost panicked, fearing what I was about to do. Then she gave a cry of shock, her hands clutching at me as I dipped my head down to her sensitive mound. My tongue worked a wicked magic upon her, dipping into the honey pot, driving her wild. I worked slowly, letting her get used to me, or as used as you could be to a situation like this. Then my tongue flicked across her clit.

“Stop!” she shrieked, her whole body bucking under me.

I raised my head and looked at her.

“A little clarification, please,” I suggested. “Do you mean stop completely or just stop teasing? If you mean stop completely I am going to be most disappointed. If you mean stop teasing, I hope you’re aware of what the next step will be.”

To emphasise the point I moved her hand back onto my erection, where she clutched it as though it was a long lost friend.

“If I say stop, you’re going to just stop?” she asked, sounding vaguely appalled.

I nodded.

“But if I just say stop teasing you’re going to, ah, going to. . .”

I nodded again.

“You’re a rotten bastard,” she said bitterly, “and I’ve never liked you.”

Taking that as assent for me to continue I settled myself more firmly between her thighs, extracting my erection from her clutches at the same time. Moving slowly I brushed the head of my erection along her lips, letting her feel it. She lifted her head, looking down the length of herself, wanting to see what I was doing.

I changed the direction I was brushing against her. Now my cock was brushing her lips from side to side, dragging them apart as I moved, only to let them close and reopen when I dragged back again. I pressed a little harder as I dragged across them. Her lips stretched apart a little more and I pushed down, letting them close around me.

All of a sudden I remembered an incident that had happened when Kate was about thirteen. I’d been riding my bike, doing tricks as boys will, including riding up a small ramp for a jump. I’d practised that in secret until I had it right. Kate, as girls will, scornfully dismissed my acrobatic bicycle skills. Anything I could do she could do, and probably better.

I’d stepped aside, gesturing her welcome to have a go. I knew damn well she’d stuff up on the first jump. She did, bouncing right out of the seat and coming down hard on the bar, screaming and falling off the bike. She had blood staining her shorts and I nearly panicked. Only nearly. I promptly yelled for help and both our mothers popped up. She was led away crying while I faced parental wrath, hastily explaining that I didn’t do anything. She’d had an accident and I hadn’t been anywhere near her when it happened.

Fortunately, Kate had backed me up, and I didn’t get into any trouble. What I hadn’t understood was my mother’s comment to Kate’s mother.

“Could have been worse,” she said. “He could have caused her to do that when she’s older.” Kate’s mother had just snorted and raised her eyebrows expressively.

All of a sudden light dawned.

“Kate,” I said, pushing in a little deeper, watching her tense up a little. “Do you remember a bike accident when you were thirteen and trying to imitate me with a jump?”

She looked confused, wondering why I was harking back to ancient history.

“Well, it seems that I was really the first,” I said, pushing deeper and finding myself plunging smoothly into her. “That’s when I popped your cherry.”

I was now pushing in firmly, finding Kate’s passage yielding quite happily. With a minimum of fuss I drove deep into her, finally taking her.

I held myself deep in her, studying her. Her look went from confused, to understanding. The first time nervousness faded and she was now considering with interest what was happening.

“Well, I’d like to say that that was painless, but I do remember landing on that bar, and painless it was not. I must say, though, it’s taken you a long time between popping my cherry and finally driving home.”

“These things happen,” I said with a shrug. “I will try to speed things up now.”

Not that I was in a great hurry to speed things up. The first time only happens once, after all, so you’d best enjoy it while you can. I started moving slowly upon her, gently mocking her impatience. Kate was just a tiny bit frustrated, knowing I could be doing more, but also knowing that if she tried to push me I’d slow down even further. At times, perversity ruled our relationship.

A little at a time I picked up the pace, feeling my cock sliding along her virgin passage, sending ripples of excitement into her. I wasn’t doing too bad on the excitement myself, the drag of her flesh against my cock a work of art in its own right. It didn’t take Kate long to respond to me, pushing up to meet me almost from the start.

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