Money, Power, , Sex!

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People do things for different reasons. An emotion such as love can cause a man or woman to act in a strange way; lust or desire can often have the same effect and I’ve seen anger make a person lose control of a sensitive situation until it became a major crisis. All emotions and all swirling like fireflies in a storm through the human mind.

And then, of course, there is money. Cold hard cash. The eternal search for wealth effects us all at some stage in our lives – some, throughout their entire lives. Money can turn a person upside down and inside out. It can cause us to act in ways we would never normally consider. It can be used as a lever, an incentive or as a condition. None of us are completely exempt from its power. And that includes my wife, Tania.

Tania is a wanter. She’s always wanting. A nice car, expensive holidays, a big house and all the things that go with it. But most of all, she wants money. Fortunately for her, and being a good bit older, I am wealthy enough to be able to help with this. I make sure that she has got most of the things that she wants but – and here’s a bit of my wicked side – I will often hold back on certain luxuries and make her work for them!

We like to play little games. They are games for me but actually I think that Tania takes them far more seriously. A new CD player can maybe cost her a blow-job while I’m watching TV, the new designer dress that she’s been lusting over might mean that she has to bare the perfect globes of her breasts and wrap them around my cock, or an expensive piece of jewellery can have her bouncing up and down on me until I cum inside her. But it was her one big request that took our games to the next level. And in the process give me the opportunity to live out a life-long fantasy.

“What do you want a new car for?” I asked.

“Oh Dave. It’s not just any new car, you know. This is a limited model.” She pouted at me. “Don’t you want to see your wife happy?”

I sighed deeply. Tania knows how to work things to her advantage. She knows what buttons to press. I could feel her hand stroking my thigh as I sat in an armchair and she kneeled by my side.

“What would you like, baby?” She cooed. “I’ll do anything you want. Please?”

“Anything?” I looked at her questioningly. Suddenly my mind raced back to my teen years.

I had been around eighteen years old at the time. It was a lovely summers day and I had just finished classes for the day and had decided to take a stroll through the woods on my way home. I heard them before I saw them. Two men and one woman in a leafy glade away – or so they thought – from prying eyes. I was young but not so young as to not realise what was happening. The woman was older than the two men – lads really – and all three of them were naked from the waist down. The woman seemed to be sandwiched between her young men and I crept closer, silently padding through the fallen leaves to enable a better view point.

I was close enough to see everything now – and hear as well. The woman was blonde and tanned and looked very attractive. Her long legs tapered sexily as she lay on her side with one of the lads to her front and one behind her. Both men sported large, fearsome looking erections and one was thrusting into her vagina while the other slowly fed his length into her back passage. It was the first time that I had watched any form of sex at such close quarters and I was immediately capitvated.

Masturbation seemed to be the only thing I could think about and a few minutes later I slunk quietly away back into the woods tucking a wet, flaccid penis into my pants.

I have always remembered that scene – indelibly imprinted on my mind – and I’ve always thought that someday – maybe – I might get to see something similar again. Perhaps this was my chance.

“Well, you know, Tania, A car is an expensive luxury. And as you said yourself, it’s not just any car. I think this will cost me – and you – a very high price!”

Tania was delighted. She could see that I was caving in and that she would soon be able to rush down to the dealership with my cheque clutched tightly in her hot little hand. She had no idea what was in my mind and, frankly, didn’t seem that concerned.

“Don’t you kaçak iddaa want to know what you’ll have to do for your present?” I asked coolly.

She looked up at me. I could see the excitement on her face.

“Ok. What?”

“I want to watch you.”

“What do you mean? You see me all the time.”

“Not see you. WATCH you. With another man. Actually, with two men!”

For a moment Tania was silent. I had never shown this side of my personality before and she seemed confused by it.

“Let me get this right.” She said slowly. “I fuck two men together?”


“And you watch?”

“That’s right.”

“And then I get my car?”

“In whatever colour you want. But you have to take them both together. At the same time, okay?”

“You mean double penetration, don’t you?” Tania responded with a wicked grin.


I was very pleased and not a little excited by her reaction. My wife has never shown any discomfort with anal sex before but, to my knowledge at least, she has never had her pussy and ass filled at the same time!

Tania seemed to think for a moment. “You got a deal!” She suddenly cried with a laugh, “and I know just the guys for the job. Gary and Gus have been lusting after me at the gym for ages. I’m sure they’d love a chance to get into my panties!”

Up until that point, the mechanics of my fantasy, the actual logistics of it, had never figured very highly on my list of priorities. I just wanted to see my wife get fucked by two men; who the men were didn’t seem that important. But Tania had solved the problem without a second thought – maybe a bit too quickly, I thought briefly! But the deal was done and arrangements had already been made. There would be no backing out now – for either of us.

I had met Gus and Gary once before at a social event but could hardly remember them, but as they stepped through my front door and entered the private, inner sanctum of my home, I knew that I was not going to be disappointed.

Both men were about the same age as Tania and both stood tall and handsome in jeans and short-sleeved shirts. Gary, slightly the taller of the two, wore his blonde hair long while Gus’s darker hair was cut close to his head.

Tania had prepared herself diligently for the evening. She told me that the slinky outfit of silk dress, white stockings and white lace panties was for my benefit. She wanted to make sure that I was happy with the deal that we had made.

Both men knew exactly why they were there and so there was no awkward small-talk to consider. I sat in a deep armchair silently composing myself while my wife sat demurely on the sofa with Gus and Gary on either side of her.

No words were spoken as Gary slid his arm around Tania’s shoulders and pulled her towards him. Their lips met in a crushing, open-mouthed kiss that seemed to go on forever. I watched pensively as the two men moved their hands to Tania’s stocking clad thighs and the fun started.

As I looked on, my wife was passed from Gary to Gus and then back to Gary again as they embraced lustily. Both men now had their hands on her legs and were both moving up her body. Tania’s dress began to ride up as their touching became more urgent and it was only a few more seconds before the creamy white skin above her stocking-tops was exposed.

Gary’s fingers played gently over the naked flesh of my wife’s upper thigh while his friend moved further up her body and began to caress her breasts through the thin, sliky material. I was fully aware that Tania had not worn a bra that evening – she rarely did anyway – and I was excited to think that anytime now, her wonderful, tanned breasts would be revealed.

I didn’t have long to wait. Gus’s fingers seemed to tremble as he hooked the thin straps of the dress over Tania’s shoulders.

“”I’ve been dreaming about feeling these up for ages!” He murmured as the smooth slopes of my wife’s breasts became visible.

“Now’s your chance then!” Tania giggled. “I’m all yours!”

With one swift movement the dress fell from Tania’s shoulders and pooled around her waist. Gary had now pulled the hem up so high that the whole garment looked little more than a thin band of silk in the middle of her body. kaçak bahis

I watched closely, feeling more excited by the moment as Gus began to suck and caress Tania’s rapidly hardening nipples. She allowed her nyloned legs to fall open smoothly and thus permit her second lover easier access to her inner thighs. I could see the crotch of her white panties and gasped quietly as I realised that there was already a pronounced damp patch in the front.

“Mmm…yes…touch me there!” Tania cooed as Gary’s finger snaked into the leg of her panties and slithered into her pussy.

Tania breathing was becoming quite erratic now; short gasps of breath escaped her red painted lips as Gary finger-fucked her pussy and Gus sucked hungrily on her swollen nipples. I could see that she was getting close to climax and as Gary pushed another digit into her pussy I watched her back arch deeply and her hips rise from the sofa as the orgasm crashed over her body.

As soon as Tania had recovered from her climax she sat back on the sofa and took a long, deep breath. She looked at me and smiled warmly. She was enjoying this every bit as much as I was – and I wasn’t getting a new car out of it!

Gus and Gary seemed very keen to continue. Both men had unzipped their jeans and were standing on either side of Tania and presenting her with two solid looking erections.

Never being one to shy away from a challenge, Tania reached out and stroked each shaft of flesh until she could feel them both throb in her hands. Turning her head to the left and then to the right, a sensuous smile constantly plastered to her pretty face, she extended her pink tongue and greedily licked the head of each cock in turn.

I could feel my own erection almost bursting out of my pants and had to work hard to quell the urge to masturbate. I wanted to save that little pleasure for later!

My wife was making a regular feast out of Gus and Gary’s cocks. Her mouth closed tightly over each of them in turn and I could see the suction show in her cheeks as she drew them alternately into her mouth and throat. There were gasps and sighs of ecstasy coming from the two men as the received their fellation. Whilst one man was being sucked, the other tore off his clothes until they were both naked.

There was much more urgency to Gus and Gary’s actions now as they pulled my wife back down onto the sofa. The whole room echoed with lustful cries and ecstatic moans as Gus continued to thrust his turgid weapon in and out of Tania’s mouth. Gary moved up behind her quickly and spooned into the back of her body.

“Mmmm.” Tania moaned through a full mouth, “are you going to fuck me?”

Gary’s smiled response was to grasp the waistband of her panties and wrench them apart. The noise of the rent material seemed to reverberate around the room and was quickly followed by a deep, throaty groan of ecstasy from my wife as Gary’s expert fingers pried apart her soaked labia and eased his cock inside.

Tania seemed to be in heaven now as she sucked on Gus’s hard tool and her pussy swallowed Gary’s at the other end. Her body was being pushed back and forth almost violently by the power of their thrusts and Gus had to use his hands on several occasions to steady her head so that his cock slid in and out of her throat with more ease.

My fingers trembled as I massaged my own cock through my pants. I was certain that I was as hard now as I had ever been in my life. The desire to play with myself was almost overwhelming but still I resisted. I knew that the longer I waited the better would be my eventual climax.

Gary and Gus looked over at me, the excitement obvious in their eyes. They knew what I wanted to see – what had been agreed. They both nodded at me in unison.

“Let’s do it now.” Gary said.

Gus nodded his agreement and pulled himself away from Tania’s mouth. He used his hand to rub her saliva into his swollen cock-head as he lay back on the sofa and waited patiently.

Gently Gary pulled out of my wife’s moist pussy and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her bodily up in his powerfully muscled arms. She knew what was coming.

I watched, my breath held, as Tania threw one leg over Gus and straddled his groin. His hard penis illegal bahis slid gracefully into her vagina with a loud squelching sound. Now it was her turn to wait.

Gary was behind her almost instantly. Scooping up some of the excess moisture that had oozed from her slit during her orgasm, he lubricated the head of his swollen tool and placed it against the tiny opening of her back passage.

I heard a lustful cry from Tania as her second hole was penetrated and raised myself from my chair. I needed to get a closer look at what was happening.

As soon as I saw my wife being so wonderfully filled, my mind flitted straight back to that time so long ago in the woods. The watched woman’s body, that had fulfilled so many masturbatory fantasies in the past, suddenly became my wife’s body; her voiced groans I now heard issue from Tania’s lips.

The room was now filled with the unmistakable pungent scent of sex. Groans of ecstasy echoed and bounced off the walls. I watched closely as Tania was fucked like she had never been fucked before. Both her holes seemed stretched to the limit as the two men forced their entry into her lithe body. Her mouth hung open in a silent gasp and her eyes closed as yet another orgasm rippled through her tight frame.

It was clear now that Gary and Gus were fast approaching the point of no return – who could have blamed them.

There was no finesse to this now, no gentle lovemaking. This was pure, raw sex in its base form – and Tania was loving it!

“Let me see you cum. Please!” She cried as Gary ploughed another inch of his inflamed meat into her ass. “I want to see you both shoot together!”

The boys seemed happy to oblige, although maybe a little reluctant to pull themselves out of her body. But pull out they did and, dragging Tania back onto the sofa and spreading her body out, the both began to jerk on their twitching weapons.

It was all so nasty; so dirty; so good! I watched as two men I hardly knew masturbated above my wife’s prone body. Their breathing was rapid and exaggerated as they came; the veins in both their necks bulging and standing out with the sheer physical exertion.

And then it happened. Almost simultaneously Gary and Gus let out a combined howl of satisfaction and I watched their sperm splash onto my wife’s face. The torrents seemed to go on and on; rivers of sticky, white liquid coated her skin. Her dark, sweat-sheened hair was quickly matted with the stuff and I could see pools between her breasts and streaks streaming down through her cleavage. Beads of perspiration pimpled her forehead and her upper lip.

Tania was breathing hard again, her body contorting as a series of small orgasms washed over her. Both Gus and Gary looked equally exhausted but there was still one more thing I had to do. The one thing that I had wanted to do in the woods all those years ago but couldn’t.

In a fit of excitement I almost tore my zipper as I pulled it down and hauled out my fiercely erect cock. I had quickly realised that there was no way that I would ever be able to measure up to our two guests, but that didn’t seem to matter too much. Kneeling astride my wife’s sweaty, cum stained chest I began to masturbate. Not slowly so as to prolong the pleasure – I had already experienced the pleasure – but hard and fast. I jerked my foreskin up and down like a madman. My balls swung against Tania’s breasts and I could feel the wet puddles of sperm as they clung to the underside of my scrotum. And then suddenly it was too late to stop. It had only taken a few short seconds but as my wife opened her eyes in stunned surprise, I released my own cum in an impressive spray that mingled obscenely with Gus and Gary’s.

Tania got her car – I didn’t even object when she chose a bright pink colour – and it now takes pride of place in our driveway. All the neighbours look at it when they pass and recently I caught a bunch of four lads in their late teens drooling over the pink leather interior.

“Jeez!” One of them said a little too loudly. “What the hell do you have to do to get a ride like that?”

They hadn’t realised, of course, but I’d heard every word. I walked nonchalantly over to them.

“Why don’t you all come inside and ask my wife that question?” I said with a smile. “I’m certain that she would be more than happy to show you!”

God! I was going to have to take out a second mortgage to pay Tania for this one, I thought!

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