Forbidden Love Ch. 01

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Christine met Charles while she was attending medical school. They were in a local coffee shop and Christine was in her scrubs. Charles took this as an opportunity to introduce himself, noted her scrubs, and regaled her about his broken bones, and intense sickness, among other things. Typically, she’d be repulsed by a stranger, but Charles was charming, funny, and an eye-catcher. Tall, brunet, clearly worked out. She giggled, gave him her number, and the rest is history. Their love blossomed into a beautiful, bountiful garden. Their love was innocent and unbreakable. Always on each other’s side, resting on one another if they needed it. They bought a house together in suburbia with the classic white picket fence. And when they were ready, they had two beautiful children, first a son, Eric, and then a daughter, Kayla, they loved and cherished like the moon.

However, their fairy-tale book would close prematurely when Charles was instantly killed in a fatal vehicular accident. Eric and Kayla were still children, 10 and 7, unfortunately old enough to remember in vivid detail. Awestruck, the newly widow Christine buried herself in her work as a nurse at their local hospital. She knew she had to, or else she’d become behind on her mortgage and monthly bills. Most of the time the kids were alone by themselves, and Christine hated it more than how short her deceased husband lived. As soon as she could afford it, she’d hire a babysitter to watch them after she left. She worked the night shift, but once they grew into late middle school, she’d switch towards day shift.

When their mother wasn’t around at home, Eric and Kayla would act responsibly and fair, always keeping their mom in mind. They understood how tough their father’s death had been on her, and worse she has to support herself and them. At first, it was the painful torture in her tired eyes. The extra long hugs she’d give them before dropping them off at school. They were very mature and empathetic in their adolescent stage. They’d eat the food mom made them for the afternoon and the snacks she bought. Clean after their messes. More often than not they treated each other with lots of love and bağdatcaddesi escort respect you wouldn’t expect from child siblings. Christine was blessed with her little miracles.

Then middle school happened, and it slightly changed the narrative.

Eric would spend more time in his room, isolated on his computer playing games with friends, while Kayla would constantly bitch about the things she didn’t have, but her friends did. Kayla developed a tooth for finery and the most unnecessarily expensive things. It would drive Christine mad on the rare occasion she was home. She’d let everything slip, the eye rolls, the yelling matches, the attitude they’d give their mother; when all she wanted was to spend time with her children and watch a movie. Out of desperation, stress, and tiredness, she’d take even more hours at the hospital, hoping by the time she comes back, things will have simmered down and they’ll be the little angels they were before middle school. Things did simmer down, but not the way Christine would expect.

After a normal high school day, 18 year old Kayla hopped off the bus and came home to the empty, big shell she was accustomed to. She closed the door behind her, locked it, and dropped her bag on the console table, and kicked off her sneakers next to the door. She went upstairs, hearing her 21 year old, shirtless brother on his headset talking to his friend. She smirked, she’s got him this time for what he did to her while she was on the phone with Christie. She snuck into his room. The only light being emitted was from the LEDs from behind the monitor and the monitor itself that Eric was mindlessly glued to. He was entranced as Kayla crawled underneath his desk and slowly pulled down his stained sweatpants. A jolt ran through Eric, shrieking a bit, and was laughed and mocked by his friends. Eric mouthed to her no, don’t you fucking dare, but Kayla smiled enthusiastically, jerking his sweatpants down to his ankles.

Eric was focused on his sister until his friends began cussing and flaming him for flaking out and making them lose. He growled and cursed in his mind that she’d get what was cumming beykoz escort to her in the near future. But as of this moment, Kayla brought her brother’s half mass penis into her mouth slowly as he liked it. She added a hand to help stroke Eric’s penis. When his breath shuddered, she felt her brother harden inside her hand and mouth. She was proud how her brother melted into her mouth. She could feel a wetness seeping through her panties, reflecting on how dirty and naughty this was. She fervently started to swallow his cock by the whole 9 inches. She’s spent many days practicing her blowjob skills on him that it finally paid off. Eric bit down the moans that were prying themselves free from his mouth. All he wanted to do was fuck his own sister in her nectar-sweet, tight pussy. Ashamedly, no girlfriend Eric’s ever had has even come close to how thrilling and inviting his sister’s pussy is. Every day he wishes she was his first, but he takes solace in knowing he was hers. Kayla forced herself to the base of her brother’s cock and Eric didn’t know how much more he could take. But when the game match was over, he instantly told them he had business to take care of and instantly logged off.

“Fucking Christ, Kayla!” he yelled, pushing away in his rolling chair.

Drool was stringing out from her mouth as she gave him an impish look. She laughed and said, “Sorry, big bro, but I love your cock too much. And besides, you owe me from last time,” she huffed triumphantly, standing and leaving the room.

Eric’s cock stood fully erect and twitched. “Are you seriously gonna leave me here like this?” he yelled.

“Yuh-huh!” she called back. That’s when Eric kicked off his sweats, jumped from his chair, pulled her back with her hand in his room and slammed the door behind him.

“Fuck you,” Eric growled ravenous and began throwing off his sister’s clothing on the floor. Kayla giggled and laughed as she was stripped naked and then shoved onto the bed. That’s when she shut up. He held his hand against her throat, choking her like the kinky bitch she is. Hard enough to struggle breathing, but not hurting. Kayla’s demeanor changed into lustful caddebostan escort and sent the signal with her eyes that she needed her brother inside her, at this very moment. He wagged his warm thick cock on her crotch teasingly, looking her straight in the eyes. “You want my cock, baby?” He softened his grip on her neck and she said yes. “I can’t hear you, baby. Does my sister want her brother’s cock?” Kayla swallowed a lump in her throat, “Yes. Fuck me, Eric,” she moaned and he plunged into her sopping wet pussy, exclaiming how amazing she felt. “Fuck, Kayla, I love you,” he whispered, going in for a kiss.

“Oh! Oh, god! I love you too, Eric! I love you so much! Fuck me, please!”

Eric obliged and ruthlessly pounded his beloved sister over and over again as she writhed beneath him. He knew her body well, and knew she was going to cum in a moment’s notice. So, being the mature older brother he is, removed his cock to deny her orgasm.

“What… what the fuck,” Kayla murmured, trying to grasp the situation while her head is swimming in arousal.

“I’m not gonna make you cum, or myself, until you apologize,” I proclaimed, arms crossed and cock still rock hard, dripping with vaginal fluid and precum. This is her biggest weakness, for some reason she loves pleasing her brother and watching him shoot out his delicious, sticky, salty substance.

“Ugh, I’m sorry, okay! Geez!” Kayla yelled. “Please, give me your cock, Eric,” she cried, wiggling her hips towards him.

His desperation to cum was stronger than his desire to overpower his sister. He gave up, groaning, “Fine! Only cause you’re so cute and hot when you beg like that,” and shoves his cock back inside her. He goes on to lean in and lick, suck on her supple nipple as he smashes his hips into hers. After a few moments, his pace becomes more erratic, Kayla’s screaming Eric’s name, her pussy clenching her brother’s penis and then, he cums inside her. He slumps down to his sister’s lips to give her a couple messy, sloppy and lazy kisses, but she pulls his head back in to remain locked in lips. After a few more moments of kissing and fondling, Kayla’s blond brother leans back, cock popping out with vaginal juices and cum flowing down. She pounces to lick and thoroughly suck off all of it with her mouth and relishes it.

When she finally catches her breath, she gets up, picking up her clothes and going back into her room while Eric clears his mind.

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