For Him

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Work has been hard on him lately. Layoffs at the firm had him and his partners handling more cases and working more hours, and the pressure to bring in paying clients mounted. It was Friday and he called to let me know he would be home around 7:00 PM, something he never did until recently. He said he would grab a sandwich at the office so not to bother cooking.

Another wife might have suspected an affair but I knew my man and I wasn’t worried. Our sex life was full and active and we shared our fantasies and desires. We knew how to push each others’ buttons. I knew he was stressed and needed a break. I had a plan.

Our daughter was having a sleepover the night at a school friend’s home so I knew we would be alone. I showered, shaved my legs and pussy, and slipped on a pair of white lace-top thigh highs, a white thong, and a white silk robe. I fixed my makeup, put my hair up, and wore a pair of strappy 4″ white heels.

I had made the bed up with satin sheets and lit candles, setting out his favorite single malt scotch and a snifter on the night stand. I then waited for my man to come home as I sipped my Merlot.

I heard his car pull into the driveway and awaited his arrival. He must been taken aback at first by the dark house, but I left a note pendik escort on the door to come up to our room with just a dab of his favorite perfume.

As I heard him enter, I poured him some scotch and greeted him with a kiss before handing him the snifter. He didn’t say a word as his eyes took me in. He started to speak but I put a finger over his lips, simply saying “Shhh! Tonight is for you.”

I undid his tie and began to unbutton his shirt, slipping it off his broad shoulders. I then sat on the bed and undid his belt and pants, as he kicked off his shoes. I allowed his pants to fall as he stood before me in nothing but his briefs.

He may have been tired but his cock was showing sign of life. I rubbed it through his briefs, feeling it grow and stiffen in my hands. I again began to say something, so I again told him to “shhh” and to drink his scotch. He finished his glass in one swig and set it behind him on the dresser. As he turned to me, I lowered his briefs to expose his now rock hard cock.

I took him in my right hand as my left cupped his balls, my red nails lightly scratching them. Leaning forward, I licked the underside of the shaft, kissing working my way down to his balls, before licking upwards to the head kartal escort in one wet move. My tongue then circled the head several times, as if I were enjoying an ice pop. Then, looking into my man’s eyes, I wrapped my red lips around him and took him fully in my mouth.

After sucking him like this for several minutes, I could tell he was getting close, and decided to back off.

“Lay down baby and enjoy this.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. He finished removing his briefs and lay on the bed. I removed my robe and heels and crawled next to him, my nylon clad feet towards his head, and I took him in my hands.

As my fingers and nails gently stroked his cock and balls, I told him I had a dream I wanted to share. In the dream I was having sex with our daughter’s babysitter Maria, a beautiful 19-year old Latina girl with a perfect body and dancer’s legs — while he watched us. (Although he would never act on it, I knew he found Maria very sexy just from the way he looked at her.) I told him that I was wearing white stockings in my dream, and she wore black. We made love to each other as he watched, stroking his hardness, until we asked that he join us in bed.

As I told him my fictitious dream while stroking maltepe escort his cock, his hands caressed my nylon covered legs and feet. Quickly he was kissing my feet and toes, which told me how hot he was getting, I knew he needed more so I again took him into my mouth, my wet lips and tongue teasing and pleasuring him to madness. When his cock grew harder I knew he was very close to cumming, so I stopped, sat up and begged him to fuck me.

He almost ripped off my panties in order to eat my soaking pussy. I was so aroused from my own fantasy that I came almost as soon as his lips and tongue made contact with my sex. Still on my back coming down from my orgasm, he positioned himself between my legs, and held them while he impaled me with his cock. I played with my breasts as I caressed his chest with one of my nylon clad foot. My other leg rested against him allowing him to kiss and suck my toes as his hands stroked my stocking covered leg.

I begged him to fuck me and fill me with his cum, and he fucked me wildly as my other hand fingered my clit. In moments I had my second orgasm, prompting him to climax as well, filling me with his hot cum.

Exhausted, I stripped off my stockings and we fell asleep together naked, snuggled together like newlyweds after almost 20-years together.

We slept in late, allowing us to have a great Saturday morning fuck. I talked him into staying home from the office that day, having sex several more times before picking up our daughter that afternoon.

But we’ll never look at Maria the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32