Little Red Sun Dress

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She had organised to meet with me near an Australian national park. It was very hot today but summer in Australia its very typical to be hot, its also very humid making a good combination for this nation park because it has a lot of walking and a bit of swimming.

I sat down the road waiting for her because i have an annual pass for the parks and there isn’t much point taking 2 cars in. I was looking at my phone trying to find i good song when i spotted her car. I dropped my phone on a bad song and swiftly took off to catch her, it wasn’t long before she saw me behind her and pulled over. She stepped out of her car. 1 long leg at a time, then lifting her self up, standing there with a beautiful light red dress with white polka dots, leaving me breathless with my heart racing… i knew just by looking at her today i would know this feeling well.

We had been here once but were pushed for time and I couldn’t show her around properly, having past the gate i actually turned down to show her jelly bean pool, comically named by locals because of the shape of it.

After recent storms i was surprised by the lack of water in the water hole, but was still deep enough for a swim. Pulling into the car park i was stunned by the lack of cars. There was 3 and when we walked down the stairs there was a few families down enjoying the fun water hole.

We decided to jump back in the car to head off and explore the park. Ive done all the driving available and quite a lot of the walking but know there are many areas that i just feel is too much effort to get to.

Heading off to the 1st look out which we went to last time, i was still shocked on arrival that there is no one around, stepping out along the bridge to look out over the river and the ridge line, the breeze was definitely welcomed to break up the humidity. As we had previously drawn a line to keep our friendship above board we accidentally stepped over the line but not as badly as it could have been. I guess sometimes theres some people who can’t stand each other and others that just cannot keep there hands off each other. Often when we are together it is so much fun flirting and teasing.

While walking out over the bridge i made sure i was behind her, but she was too smart for me like usual and held it down, spinning around to poke out her tongue at me then give me that unmistakable smile, the one that melts me even though she doesn’t know it.

We stood there both leaning out over chatting, chatting about anything, what ever is in front of us, i was busy taking in the landscape and the colour of the river after all the rain. I was reminiscing of when i had been down there in my old boat, but unfortunately I cannot get there in this boat. Perhaps il be able to buy another boat that i can explore the water ways again, or perhaps one that i can actually afford to run.

I glanced across at her, I could see her still smiling and the look on her face was consistent with the relaxing feeling i get when i get into nature and explore.

The front of her dress is rather low cut, giving me a view of her cleavage even from the side with her leaning forward on the rail with both her elbows. Glancing down I noticed her dress was flapping around in the breeze that is coming up the valley, its shirt and light, there is a good chance that it’s showing her off and no one is there to see it, making me jealous of the trees.

We decided to head off around istanbul escort the corner and explore a walking track that i had not been down before, from the look of it it may look out over the creek that we can see heading off to the left from where we are standing.

Arriving at the start of the walking track be are back in the heat with no breeze. The sign started that the walk is about 1km of easy track, as we both have thongs (Australia standard footwear) the walk would suited to a nice stroll together. The track is wide enough for 2 to walk side by side, so thats how we walked and chatting away, we have never really been short on things to chat about. Seems a lot of the time i walk side by side with her i get this feeling that i want to hold her hand as we walk but probably shouldn’t because we are to be just friends so I want to keep things above board. While walking i kept looking across to see her boobs bouncing but i was actually trying not to be caught, I’m pretty sure she knew i was looking.

Arriving at the end of the track, there was a small incline leading to steps which lead up to another bridge type look out. The breeze here was not a breeze, it was more of a wind coming up the valley with a creek at the bottom.

I followed her again closely watching for her dress to blow up, she was not attempting to hold it down so there is a good chance she wants me to see. We both got to the top and up went her skirt. But by this time i was on top of the stairs. So I didn’t see.

Chatting about the beautiful nature around us we decided to head back to the car, i walked down first offering my hand for assistance to walk down the stairs. Then out of no where…


Up her dress went. Then swiftly it dropped back down, it almost happened too quickly to see anything. We continued to walk to the car laughing about what happened.

Heading off we went to the camp grounds and i showed her around as far as i knew, but i had not gotten out of the car much here, just the same she didn’t want to get out either but agreed it would be a nice place to just sit around. There was a couple cars but no people in sight.

We headed right to the end of the road where we had been once before. I asked if she brought her swimmers and she said no, but lets just see how far we get.

As we were walking and chatting about random stuff, such as house prices and property worth, you know as grown up people do. I noticed she was watching every step she took and thought it may be a good idea to show her that some times there were better options then the route taken. I may have come off a little abrasive but i just meant to be a smart arse when i said it.

Wow the heat and humidity was stifling here without the wind. But as i step out on the edges of the rocks to see the creek below i can feel the breeze, still so hot from the sun though. Finding no relief i took off my shirt. But mainly because I wanted to see if she was going to perve on me or just pass it off. We do tend to push the limits of the line we had drawn and sometimes we just can’t control ourselves and step over it without thinking.

Although I’m trying to turn her on by taking my shirt off, i just make small talk and continue on as normal, I’m not sure if this method is working yet but her in that dress, all i can think about is seeing her out of it. We come to a shaded spot avcılar escort where she was admiring the rock but i kept going looking for the creek.

I sat for a few minutes looking up at her, wondering how close I really am from seeing what i have been wanting to see all day. It looks so very close.

She steps down to sit with me and i still cannot take my eyes off her. Just like when we were younger.

After a quick rest we continue down the hill towards the creek, i know when you are thinking its a long way down but its not as far down as it is back up. Honestly it really not that bad as long as you don’t rush it I explained.

Headed off down the hill we arrive at the creek. Still with my shirt off i dangle my feet off the rock into the water, she walks up behind me and starts to massage my neck and shoulders, not sure if it’s because she likes to make me feel good or if its she likes to touch my muscles but I’m not complaining.

While sitting on the rock is very hot in the sun the water feels very cold but refreshing at the same time. While she is looking elsewhere I slipped my shorts off and slipped into the water completely naked. The coolness of the water hitting me like a slap in the face. Waking me up from my heat induced mesmerisation. Try to coach her in for a swim she just refused to swim without her swimmers even though we had fantasised together about skinny dipping many times.

I went off for a quick swim to the other side of the rock pool, when i was almost there i heard the Splash as she jumped in… i guess she just wanted me to turn my back.

We met each other in the middle on a rock where we could both stand, giving each other a hug i could feel her against me. I slid my hands down her sides as i got hard, reaching her bum with my hands, i was pointing straight up between use and she was pressed up against me to feel it. I know this is over the line but this time I don’t care. Last time she was seconds away from cumming allover my cock and i was stupid enough to pull away.

We explored each other a little but thats as far is it went. We have a running thing that we both love to do which is just place my dick between her legs just so we can feel each other but not enter, it turns us both on.

Hoping out of the rock pool, i was still hard and turned on. With no towels with us I decided to sit on the rock and drip dry for a bit but she put her dress straight on. Placing her underwear in the pockets of my shorts.

That dress without underwear is even more distracting then before. We continued on further down the track before stopping at another water hole. Having another dip and being unable to keep our hands off each other still.

Getting out and looking at the time we decided to head back up the hill so I thought it best i get dressed for the 1st time since the 1st swim. I loved her looking at me while naked, it really turned me on when she was looking at my dick.

Walking past the creek and back up the hill she looked like she needed a rest, so we stopped on a rock where we both sat down, being a wrap dress she let it out a bit so her boobs would fall out more, catching me looking i reached up to feel them. Massaging them and teasing her nipples i held back as long as i could but it was too hard to sit back, i was drunk on the ecstasy for her. Licking each nipple tenderly. I could hear her breathing deepen, she starts grabbing şirinevler escort at my clothes but thats where i have to stop it. I love to tease her and it teases me at the same time.

We head up the hill, the hill is steep with steps, i’ve been looking up and watching for glimpses of her bum or better yet her pussy. But not to happen, a couple of times i did put my hand up flicked her dress so I could see. Reaching the flatter part of the track which is where we stopped last time we were there. We stopped for a rest, leaning against the rock that she was looking at on the way down. She stepped in front of me leaning against me. Her dress was still open a lot at her boobs, I’ve seen that look on her face before, she slides her hand between the wraps of her dress and started rubbing herself. Breathing deepening again. She reached in my pants and pulled my cock out, it sat pointing straight out at her, stepping forward and controlling me, putting it through the opening of her dress she put it between her legs, leaving it sit momentarily because she knows it drives me wild.

The holding my knob against her clit she moved her hips back and forward. My sights went straight to her face. I love to watch her facial emotions, her lips and cheeks twitching, she pushing it harder and further between her legs without putting it in. Until she slumped over me breathing hard and still grasping and pulling me. I could feel the pulsations from her orgasm. I let her lean against the rock and recover, i tried putting my self away but was too turned on, i had to cum too. I got her to put her leg up on a rock and pulled back her dress, to partially expose her. Dropping my pulling myself out again I placed my knob on her clit again, her spread lips were an excitement to look at already and looking at my dick touching it was a dream come true. Pulling myself while sliding my knob over the whole area, her moans, she continues to get wetter. I rest my knob at her entrance while wanking, my thumb pointed up to tickle her clit while i wank. She slowly leaning in to me pushing it in gradually until it was in and i was thrusting without my hand there, I could feel from her muscles that she must be in a constant orgasm.

Looking up at her face again reminding myself who i was with. I pulled out grabbed it and cum, resting my knob on her while i did it, i wanted to feel her soft smooth skin while i did. Cleaning up we finished the walking track and decided to head to the camp area to sit around and a mat. Before long she wanted to just play with it. I suggest that it wouldn’t finish again but that didn’t matter as she was just playing. She began to lick and tease it. Becoming really hard again, I continued to feel her and we both both still have no underwear on, she lay on top of me, i was resting on her pussy we had general chat while she was rubbing herself on it, until she lost control for a 3rd time. This is in broad daylight with anyone able to see, grabbed it and put it back in her, riding me, thrusting her hips before grabbing it with her hand, wanking it with my knob flicking her wet clit. She felt how tense it got, bringing it up to her mouth and licking my knob, making me explode in her mouth, swallowing all of it.

We both lay back exhausted. I was the 1st to drift off to sleep. She then cuddled in to me. About half an hour later i was startled by a roo hopping near us. Still rescued from the days heat by the shade of the trees, we decided it was time to head home.

But not without one last kiss for the day. I wanted to make it special for her, I wanted her to crave it… i wanted her to come and see me again.

Softly and gently kissing her lips, i knew i had done my job because it seemed i had taken her breath away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32