Footfucking Fun Ch. 02

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Nathan dialled the number and listened as the dial tone changed to that of a phone ringing.

He glanced once more around his hotel room. It was exactly as he had hoped for this time. These business trips were finally becoming more bearable; the standard of his accommodation was starting to rise in direct proportion to his clients’ satisfaction with his IT skills.

“Good evening, Exquisite Escorts,” the voice at the other end finally said:

“Good evening,” Nathan replied, “I’d like an escort for tonight.”

An escort. A good footfuck is what he really meant. Nathan adored foot sex. Bare feet, pantyhose, stockings, footjobs, toe sucking, trampling – they all got him off big time. And here he was in a big fancy hotel, a credit card in his hand, horny as fuck again. He craved feet like an alcoholic craved a bathtub of booze.

“Brunette,” he told the woman on the phone, “with long, smooth legs.”

He was already getting a hard-on. He caressed it through the fabric of his trousers.

“Oh, so you’re a leg man?” the telephonist replied. Nathan could almost hear her grinning down the phone.

“Actually I’m a foot man,” Nathan said. “Send the girl with the hottest feet and I’ll be a happy customer.”

The telephonist laughed.

“It’s always nice to speak to someone who knows what they want, sir,” she said. She sounded young, maybe 19 or 20 yrs old. Was she flirting with him?

Giving credit card details over the phone subsided Nathan’s erection, as did relaying the address of the hotel and his room number. The woman continued to chat and flirt with Nathan during this tedium however, and began to sound more and more attractive with every little giggle and sigh from her lips.

“Ok, I think that is everything sir,” she said, once the formalities had been taken care of. “Your escort for this evening will be Jana. She should be with you in thirty minutes time.”

“Excellent,” Nathan said. “Thank you for everything.”

“It’s my pleasure,” the woman grinned again, “you’re in for a memorable night!”

“I can’t wait,” Nathan replied. “Thanks again.” He hung up the phone and headed for his en-suite bathroom to take a shower before Jana arrived.

He removed his shirt and pants and looked at himself in the mirror. He had a fit, toned body that looked much younger than its forty years. Perhaps not being married helped keep him in such tremendous shape. He still had a full head of hair, something of which he was proud, and a sexy smile that always made sure he never left bars or clubs alone. He slid his briefs down his muscular, hairy thighs and removed his socks. He looked down at his now-naked body. His semi-erect cock begged for a glorious footjob. It had been two weeks since his last one – from a client’s nineteen yr-old daughter no less! Oh, she had been a hot one! She had been waiting for her father in the office after hours while Nathan was working at a computer terminal. She had a long, curvaceous body (she was tall for a girl, maybe 6ft), shoulder-length black hair, wearing these sexy little sandals that revealed every tiny detail of her succulent little feet. She had been slipping her feet in and out of them while she waited for her old man, affording Nathan the sight of her oh-so smooth, wrinkled little soles! His cock sprang up inside his pants as he imagined those little feet of hers wrapped around it, those soft wrinkles slowly pumping his erect penis, her sweet toes caressing its glistening tip, ready to explode.

“You looking at my feet?” she had suddenly said, snapping Nathan out of his fantasy.

“Huh?!” he replied, taken aback and stunned to have been caught peeping.

“My feet,” the girl had said, noticing the bulge in his pants, “Oh my God, you’re one of those foot fetish guys, aren’t you?”

“Well…..” Nathan hesitated, unsure of whether to reveal all or deny everything. “Actually yes, I am.”

“And you like my feet, do you?” the girl quizzed.

“To be honest,” Nathan replied, “I do like them. You have very pretty feet.”

“I see,” she said, “Well, unless you prove to me just how much you adore my little feet, I will tell my dad everything you just said!”

Nathan’s heart had skipped a beat when he heard this.

The girl then stood up, walked over to Nathan and led him by the hand to a large conference room with Venetian blinds. Once inside, she locked the door and tilted the blinds so that no one, not even the cleaners who were still buzzing around the mostly deserted office, could see them.

“Sit down in that chair,” the girl had told him, and Nathan had obeyed, his heart racing.

“Get your cock out,” she commanded. “I want to see how excited you already are from looking at my feet.”

She was a little dominatrix, this one, Nathan thought to himself. He again obliged her.

The girl sat herself down on the large conference table, kicking off her sandals and swinging her bare feet around to where Nathan sat. Without hesitation, she pressed Antep Bayan Escort her toes and the balls of her feet tightly against Nathan’s exposed cock, making him gasp.

“You like that, foot perv?” the girl asked, taking his dick between the soles of her feet and squeezing it.

“It feels…” Nathan began, his breathing shallow, “so… sooooo.. nice!”

“You like young girls’ bare feet on your cock, do you?” she continued, “well, I love doing all sorts of nasty things with my dad’s friends’ cocks.”

Hearing this was really a big turn-on for Nathan.

“Mmmm,” he sighed, “Do you?”

“Uh-huh,” she replied with a little laugh. “I love to suck on big, sweet cocks like yours. Daddy has no idea that I like to do this with the men he works with.”

She spread her toes, so that Nathan’s penis was held firmly between her big toe and second toe. She moved her other foot up to Nathan’s face.

“How do my feet smell, foot perv?” she had asked him. “Do they smell sweet enough for you?”

Nathan inhaled the aroma of her bare foot. She smelled delicious. To him, it was the most arousing scent, the smell of her young, naked foot. He kissed and licked her ankle.

“Now suck my little toes, foot freak,” she commanded again, parting Nathan’s lips with her foot, driving all five toes into his stretched mouth. He sucked for all he was worth.

“Mmmm,” she purred. “This is the first time I have ever rubbed a dick with my feet. It feels wonderful.”

Nathan couldn’t reply for obvious reasons.

The girl was fingering herself as she enjoyed the sensation of Nathan’s mouth around her toes. She stroked and caressed his hard cock with her bare foot, noticing how his warm pre-cum had leaked out onto her skin. She was close to her climax; the feel of this older man’s big, hot cock between her feet made her little clit tingle with excitement. For a moment, she imagined what that cock would feel like inside of her, pushing deeper and deeper, driving her to orgasm, her toes being sucked and teased at the same time until she came hard.

Nathan sighed. He was close too.

“You want to cum for me, foot guy?” the girl asked.

Nathan nodded.

The girl tightened the grip of her toes and began to jerk his cock much more violently.

“Then cum for me! Now! I want to feel it on my feet,” she demanded, pulling her other foot from Nathan’s mouth to wank him to his climax.

Nathan had watched her pretty feet encompass his throbbing dick and continue to pump back and forth, up and down his shaft. This dirty little bitch loved to fan her sweet toes out, and they clung to the sides of his veiny cock, wiggling and pinching his most sensitive areas.

Open-mouthed, he started to cum. The girl jerked every drop off jizz from the tip of his prick onto her bare feet. His hot, sticky cum seemed to lube everything up, and so her feet slid back and forth with great ease on the spunky mess he was creating. He watched as his cum glistened in those delicate valleys between her toes. Great puddles of it had collected on the tops of her feet and had run down to her smooth heels.

“Mmmm,” she purred, smearing some of his semen up the front of her leg with her toes, “that’s my favourite part.”

The girl curled her leg around and began to lick and suck Nathan’s mess from her own bare foot. He watched as she flicked her tongue between her toes, collecting every droplet of cum, never breaking eye contact with him, grinning. She offered her other messy foot to Nathan, who greedily sucked her toes and soles clean of his own spunk. This alone was enough to make his cock hard again.

“Oh wow!” Nathan gasped, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. “That was so fucking good!”

“Like I said before,” the girl said, swinging her long legs down from the table, “I just love playing with my dad’s friends’ cocks. And no one has ever sucked my toes before. I can say that I love that now too.”

The girl quickly adjusted her clothes and slipped her feet back into those little sandals before unlocking the conference room door and casually stepping back into the main office. Nathan looked down at himself. His spent cock still hung over the open zip of his pants, which were now adorned with dark little stains. He quickly slipped himself back into his underwear and zipped everything away. It took him 20 minutes in the gents to dry the stains on his pants using the hand dryer. All the time he was thinking about what had just happened, remembering the delicious taste, smell and feel of that girl’s bare feet.

“Nate?” a voice had suddenly said from behind him. He spun around. It was the girl’s father.

“Hi Ed!” Nathan had somewhat nervously replied.

“I’m ready to leave,” Ed said. “I didn’t know Stephanie was waiting for me too! I would have been here hours ago if I had known.”

Stephanie. His daughter. His daughter that Nathan had just footfucked!

Standing there in that hotel bathroom, remembering the succulently soft ripples of that beautiful girl’s wrinkled soles and the sweet flavour of her toes, the sensation of them wrapped around his dick, dripping with his cum, filled Nathan with the desire for another intense evening of footfucking. He inspected his own feet (something he did regularly, as there was nothing worse than playing footsie with some hot little foot fetish princess and blowing your chances of having her suck on your toes because you forgot to remove your hard skin or trim your nails) and saw that everything was up to par in that area. He turned on the water and stepped into the shower.

As he soaped himself up, he heard a knock at his door. He quickly rinsed down, pulled on his bathrobe and went to answer it.

“Hi,” said the smiling brunette on the other side as Nathan opened the door.

“Hi,” Nathan replied. “You must be Jana.”

“None other,” the woman said. “And you must be Nathan?”

“That’s me,” he replied with a smile. “Please, come in.”

Nathan closed the door as the woman entered his hotel room. She was about 20 yrs-old, about 5ft 8in tall, long, black-stockinged legs in black stiletto heels, shoulder-length dark brown hair and a very sexy, curvy body. Nathan, still dripping wet from the shower, watched as she removed her black leather coat and hung it up behind the door.

“So Nathan,” she began, “You’re looking for some good company tonight?”

“I’m always looking for good company,” Nathan replied, “not to mention a good time with whoever that happens to be.”

The woman laughed. She had a beautiful mouth that was painted with a dark red lipstick. Nathan began thinking about all the things she could do with that mouth. He was already hard under his bathrobe.

“I hear you have a particular interest when it comes to sex, Nathan,” Jana said, sitting down upon the bed. “You like feet?”

Nathan was pouring out two glasses of champagne.

“I adore feet,” he said, handing her a glass. “To me, there’s nothing more sexy than a woman’s foot, the shape, the sensation, the scent. You know what I mean?”

Jana laughed. It was a mature laugh that belied her tender 20-or-so years.

“Show me your feet,” she said to him.

There was a wicker chair in the corner of the room. Nathan placed his champagne glass down upon the bedside cabinet and dragged the chair over to the bed. He sat down on it and placed his bare feet on the side of the bed next to the woman.

“Now, you have very clean, sexy feet yourself,” Jana remarked, coolly and confidently touching his feet with her hands, sending shivers up his spine.

“You like men’s feet?” Nathan asked her as she continued to touch and inspect his bare feet.

“Yes, I do,” she replied. “In fact, I have a bit of a foot fetish myself. Have you ever had your toes sucked?”

“Once or twice,” Nathan smiled at her.

“Would you like me to do it for you now?” Jana asked.

“Mmmm,” Nathan replied. “That sounds great!”

Jana lifted Nathan’s right foot off the bed. She began by massaging the sole of his foot, again making him quiver with pleasure. Somehow, she had found the exact spot that was connected to every nerve in his dick, and was really rubbing it. Instantly, he had an erection that quite clearly protruded through his white robe.

“I see that you like that,” she remarked. “If you’re good, I’ll massage that later too.”

Nathan let his robe fall open, allowing her full view of his almost fully erect cock. She gazed at it while she massaged his foot, anticipating it’s warmth between her feet, in her mouth and between her legs. Slowly, she raised Nathan’s toes to her mouth. She tenderly kissed each and every one, softly licking and caressing with her lips as she went, constantly looking into Nathan’s eyes. He had a strong, smooth heel, and she cupped it in her hand while she worked at his toes. Nathan felt her hand tighten on his foot as she popped his big toe into her mouth. She had such a pretty mouth; the sight of his toe slipping in and out made him so hot. It looked like she was fellating a penis, the way her mouth stretched and relaxed. He couldn’t help but touch his cock while he watched her.

“Mmmm,” she began, freeing her mouth temporarily, “You like that?”

“It feels so good,” Nathan almost whispered. “So good!”

Jana continued with that mouth of hers, flicking her warm tongue along all of Nathan’s toes and along the ball of his foot. She had kicked off her stiletto heels and was spreading her legs, her feet wandering back and forth on the carpet.

“Do you like my stockings?” she asked him.

Nathan was watching her stockinged feet play on the carpet while she sucked his toes.

“I love them,” he replied.

“Would you like to feel them wrapped around your cock?” she asked him.

“Mmmm,” Nathan answered, excited at the idea. “Please!”

She gently released his bare foot and stood up.

“Take off your robe,” she said, “and sit on the edge of the bed.”

Nathan did as he was told. He tossed his bathrobe upon the floor and sat down on the bed as she had told him to. His hard, eight-inch cock hung over the edge of the bed and he ached to feel this woman’s feet upon it.

“Put your hands behind your back,” Jana continued, “and lean back on them.”

Nathan did this as Jana began to remove her clothes. She pulled off the little black blouse she was wearing and removed her bra. She had beautiful breasts with succulent-looking pink nipples, which stood to attention. Nathan imagined sucking those nipples of hers, flicking his tongue all over them and sucking until she came in her panties. She playfully pinched them between her fingers and smiled at Nathan.

“I can’t wait to take off my underwear,” she said, slipping her fingers beneath the waistband of her sexy black lace panties. “My pussy is on fire for you right now!”

This made Nathan’s cock twitch. The finest accompaniment to a really good footjob was the pleasure of a sexy, hot pussy gobbling you up afterwards.

She slid her underwear down her long, smooth thighs and tossed them aside. She had a delightfully trimmed little bush that just begged to be eaten.

“You like my pussy?” she asked Nathan, smiling.

“I’d like to bury my face in it,” he remarked, grinning back.

She laughed.

“Soon, tiger! Soon.” She replied, sitting down on the floor in front of him.

She sat, cross-legged, between his legs on the floor. Looking up at him, she reached one hand out and held his erect penis. He sighed gently as she slowly wanked him off. Such an exquisite sensation – a soft, smooth hand jerking your cock. Nathan watched as she proceeded to bring his penis closer to her face, feeling its warmth upon her chin, her cheeks, and even her nose. She smiled up at him, his cock at her throat like a loaded weapon.

“I love your cock,” she purred, kissing and smelling its scent, gently cupping his hairy balls in her hand.

“I bet you’ve fucked a lot of lucky women with this thing, haven’t you,” she said, “I bet you’ve had lots of kinky foot sex too; all those toes like little tongues on your big cock, making you shoot your cum all over them!”

Her dirty talk was really turning him on. He felt her hand slide down to the base of his dick and pull his shaft into her mouth, inch by inch. Her mouth was so hot and wet! She sucked him in deeper and deeper until that lipsticked mouth was almost at his balls.

He moaned with pleasure, watching her. She was a pro at this, no doubt about it. She knew every technique in the book when it came to blowjobs; she slapped his swollen prick against her tongue, she deep-throated him, she kissed and sucked his excited little slit like there was no tomorrow. She seemed to know when he was on the brink of shooting, as she would intuitively release him and just hold his cock for a second, licking her lips. She eventually lay flat on the carpet and raised her stockinged feet up to between Nathan’s hairy thighs.

“I’ve got to feel that beautiful dick of yours between my feet,” she sighed. “Do you want to fuck my feet?”

“Yes, I do,” he replied, gazing at her painted toenails beneath the nylons.

“Use my feet to get you off, baby,” she told him, and rested on her elbows to watch him.

Nathan took both her nylon-covered feet in his hands. She had the most beautifully shaped toes he had ever seen. Her ankles were exactly the way ladies ankles should be and she had the smoothest, sexiest soles behind that fabric. He raised both her feet to his face and inhaled her scent. She sighed gently as he kissed the soles of her feet, one after the other. Nathan’s cock seemed to get harder again and Jana couldn’t take her eyes off it once more. It had tasted so good in her mouth; so clean and so hot.

Nathan opened wide his mouth and fed Jana’s stockinged foot into it, making her gasp with pleasure. She was thoroughly delicious, he thought to himself. He remembered Stephanie and they way her gorgeous little feet tasted. He dreamed about sucking them again, only this time she would be wearing nylons like these, and for at least eight hours to build up more of her delicate young flavour. He could contain himself no more and brought Jana’s feet to his groin.

“Mmmm,” she began, “Cum for me! Use my feet and cum for me, baby!”

Nathan firmly gripped her smooth ankles and pressed both her feet around his cock. He slowly slipped back and forth between them, enjoying the most sumptuous foot fuck ever! He adored nylons. His cock adored nylons. This was a slow-burning, tight, sexy little footjob that was driving him to the edge quickly. He wasn’t about to hold back.

With a grunt, he climaxed. His semen gushed all over those moist nylons, soaking the material, causing it to appear much darker than it really was. He clasped the tip of his penis to her toes, watching as they wiggled underneath the material, his sex dampening the delicious spaces between them. Speckles of his jizz adorned even the decorative tops of her stockings, which she slowly massaged into her skin as if it were a beauty treatment. He didn’t want to release those soaking wet feet of hers from his grasp.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32