Flying High

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Jocelyn Michaels ran as fast as she could through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. All the usual roadblocks of a busy day had delayed her. Work was a bear in the morning, meetings ran late, traffic on I 294 was typical and security was jammed. She could hear the wheels of her carryon clicking over the tile grout in time with her pumps … she was now regretting not changing into more practical tennis shoes at some point in the dead stopped traffic on 294.

Signs rushed by, people shot her dirty looks as she brushed shoulders and bumped into other luggage being pulled along at a slower pace. Of course her gate was at the end of the solar system … somewhere between Neptune and the now demoted Pluto. As she rounded the corner to her gate she could see the flight attendant shutting the door to the jet way and panic struck. “NO!!” was all she could get out as she saw the flight attendant smile smugly at her, now running in her pumps and looking ridiculous.

The attendant stopped briefly and impatiently told Jocelyn she was too late, the manifest was set, the cabin doors were closing. Looking Jocelyn up and down, she also told her that perhaps next time she’d leave more time in her schedule to make her flight on time. Jocelyn was so stunned at the woman’s rudeness, she didn’t even think of a good comeback. She did however notice a little nametag with wings that said “Libby”. Perhaps when she wasn’t so tired and frustrated and in serious need of a drink she would write the blasted airline and tell them where “Libby” could stick it.

This trip to Houston was not a big deal, a routine visit to a client whose website she maintained. Her personal service was the main reason she still made a good living doing site design. No one was a number or just a paycheck. Knowing her clients gave her good insight into what their website should say about the people behind it.

Checking with the airline, Jocelyn relegated herself to a later flight and a lot less sleep. She booked the only available seat, it was on the 9:30pm flight. It was 6pm Chicago time, so not only did she have hours to kill in the airport, she wouldn’t land in Houston until close to midnight. Could be worse, but it should have been better.

Needing a drink and a rest, Jocelyn settled into the comfy airline lounge. She stopped at the bar, then sunk into a couch with a Grey Goose on the rocks and some bar snacks she’d stuck into a napkin. She’d slammed about a third of her generously poured drink when she was interrupted by what sounded like a very bemused male voice.

“You can do better than bar snacks you know, the buffet has fruit and cheese and lots of other good stuff.”

Jocelyn turned to face this voice, and in doing so spilled a couple of precious sips of her $12 vodka into her lap. This stunt was followed shortly by her jaw hitting the ground. She’d review later, but this was by far the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen …and he was sporting a smile that made her want to fall over with her legs open. His hair was literally the color of spun gold and his eyes were an impossible blue. To make matters worse, he spoke with a ridiculously sexy accent that sounded German. His ring finger was bare (not that it really meant much) and the perfectly pressed pilot’s uniform he was wearing was the cherry on top of this ridiculously male sundae.

“Umm, I – I hadn’t really looked around yet and the snacks were out when I ordered my drink,” she stammered. “Thanks for letting me know.” She turned away and closed her eyes, wiping the vodka spill from her lap, telling herself that was an idiotic response and that if he didn’t stop looking so irresistible she might ask him if she could eat her snacks off of his wide, sexy chest.

Jocelyn just wasn’t good at impromptu. She was hit on often enough, men seemed drawn to her pretty face and ample curves, but after that she could just never seem to find an engaging or clever response that kept a man interested. Hoping he would have walked away by now, Jocelyn turned around to find him still standing there, smiling that smile.

“You could ask me to sit down”, he said with a grin, and yep, that accent was German.

Jocelyn smiled and sighed. “I’m being rude. Please do sit down. I’m a bit harried as it’s been a really long day and I’ve missed my flight to Houston. And, thanks to “Libby”, I’m kicking back waiting for a later flight.”

When she said the rude flight attendant’s name, Jocelyn made quotation marks with her fingers and it made him laugh. God, she liked his smile. And she thought she saw a hit of amusement in his eyes.

“Well your tardiness is my good fortune then isn’t it? I’m being forward, but I saw you walk in and order that drink. You looked like you could use something more than bar snacks to soak up that bowl of vodka you ordered.”

Jocelyn laughed and sat back. She had ordered a double and well yes, the glass was kind of big. He was putting her at ease, and she felt like he was looking at her like she was the buffet. The eye contact was hard to break. otele gelen escort “I’m Jocelyn,” she said. “I really do thank you for the suggestion. I’ve been on the go all day and I’m starved.”

He introduced himself as Tomas Miller, and escorted her to the small but nicely appointed buffet. Once seated again on the lounge sofa, he took a swig of his Heineken and continued talking.

“I have a bit of time … I’m hitching a ride on a flight home later. What do you do that has you traveling?”

Jocelyn told Tomas about her company, her design background and how she enjoyed the creative process. He talked about his upbringing in Germany, how the German Air Force had brought him to New Mexico and eventually led him to a career as a commercial pilot. Jocelyn had never had such easy conversation with any man, and the fact they never looked away from each other hadn’t escaped her. In fact, she didn’t seem to bore him at all! Lust was building, drinks were flowing and she was becoming smitten with this guy. His laugh was so full, so genuine, it alone was captivating.

She stole glances at his hands, so nicely manicured and strong looking. His lips were sensual, and she loved his ‘flyboy’ crew cut. His eyes were an impossible blue, his eyelashes long and blonde, but everything about him was masculine. He just emanated sexiness. She noticed him doing the same to her … he would stare at her mouth, then glance at her breasts, then back to her eyes, as if daring her to notice him noticing. At one point her hair fell out of its cropped style into her eyes and he brushed it back, letting his finger slide along her cheekbone as he pulled it back from her face.

“Oh my goodness,” Jocelyn commented as she broke their tension looking at her watch. “It’s getting close, I better get to the gate.” The time had flown by so quickly. “You never said where you were going tonight,” she added. “Is home New Mexico?”

He smiled so wryly her gut clenched. “What is that smile for?” she asked with a nervous giggle.

With a bemused laugh he grabbed her hand and pulled her from the couch. “I’ll walk you to your gate. Let’s see whose there, perhaps I can get you a nice upgrade.”

“Sweet!” she mused to him squeezing his hand gently. He squeezed it back, and to her surprise he leaned in slowly and deliberately kissed her. It wasn’t long, there was no tongue, but it sent sensual waves through her body from her lips to her toes. His lips were so soft and they lingered on her in such a way that she felt her panties go moist in an instant. She let go of his hand to grab her bag, but he was already on it, pulling it behind waiting for her to catch up.

Geez, she thought to herself, a gentleman too. There has got to be something wrong with this guy. A big bag of toenail clippings in his closet, or he’s wearing women’s lingerie under his pilot uniform. No matter, he would walk her to her gate and they would exchange numbers or emails, and that would be the end of it. This was just an amazing flirtation in an enormous airport. He probably did it all the time. She’d always been told pilots were notorious womanizers, but something in her hated letting him go.

They arrived at the gate, and most of the passengers had boarded already. He walked up to the counter, and Jocelyn rolled her eyes as she saw the girls talking to him grow pink faced and giggly. She understood, and couldn’t really cop an attitude; she’d been that way all night with him!

A few nods, and a “have a nice flight captain” later, he was back at her side, once again pulling her bag behind him imploring her to catch up.

“What’s the deal?” Jocelyn asked impishly. “Am I to ride in steerage or can I sit with royalty in first class?”

Stopping dead in his tracks he turned to her and winked. “You can sit with me in first class, though I have no royal blood in my veins.”

All at once it registered, though how she could be so dense she hadn’t a clue. “You live in Houston?? You were on this flight all along?”

He laughed hard out loud and held her chin in his hand. “It was but an amazing coincidence this is the flight I was hitching my ride on. But now that we’ve spent time talking, perhaps it was meant to be.” He kissed her hard this time, moving his hand from her chin to the back of her neck, pulling her face to him. Jocelyn’s mind raced from being so happy for more time with him on the plane, to the fact that they could potentially spend the night together in Houston. What a day!! She wondered what was going on in his head.

Tomas took her hand and as they strolled down the jet way he was perplexed. This woman was absolutely captivating to him. She was a blue eyed blonde like himself, but there was something exotic about her. She was naturally pretty, wore little make up and sported a sexy cropped haircut that framed her face at her chin. She laughed easily and looked at him like he was the only man on earth. Women liked him, he knew … but Jocelyn’s pendik escort eyes held more than lust in them, and that was unusual. He liked American women for their forthright, say anything attitudes, and this woman was a mix of everything he liked. It had only been a few hours, but if he hadn’t been flying to Houston he would have gotten on the flight with her anyway … he needed more time with her.

Once in the air, the flight to Houston literally flew by. Stolen kisses, giggling, touches … Tomas needed to be professional since he was in uniform, and it was fun holding back. He knew that once they landed they would be running to Jocelyn’s hotel room as fast as their feet would carry them.

Checking into the hotel felt like sitting at baseball game through a 3 hour rain delay. When the paperwork was finally done they sprinted to the elevator, and once the doors closed Tomas quickly pinned Jocelyn to the mirrored wall, holding her face in his hands, admiring her perfectly pink lips. Then he kissed her hot and hard, grazing her pert nipples with his fingertips as he reveled in her luscious curves. He was rock hard himself, his cock straining for release. Jocelyn could feel it too, loved the feel of his hardness pressing into her hip as he devoured her mouth. The elevator chimed and they exited, still kissing, still groping, lust growing.

Jocelyn fumbled for the room key, and slid it into the door. With her back to him, Tomas pushed his hard on into her ass, practically falling on her when the door fell open. They stumbled in to the room, but he caught his balance quickly and pulled her to the bed where he rolled on top of her. Suddenly he stopped and was totally still. He did nothing but look into her eyes for a long moment.

He ran his thumb along her lower lip and held her gaze. “God you’re beautiful,” he whispered, so low she could barely hear it. Jocelyn just smiled at him and sucked his thumb into her mouth, giving him an alluring taste of what would come later. Tomas enjoyed watching her mouth circle his thumb, then his index finger, then on down the line until he couldn’t stand one more moment of not kissing her. He placed his mouth on hers, their lips barely touching, his tongue making the slightest yet most erotic contact Jocelyn could remember. She moved her head towards him to deepen the kiss, but Tomas backed away skillfully, teasing her.

Jocelyn laid her head back onto the pillow. “What a tease you are captain,” she said with a devilish smile. “Two can play at that game you know, and I’m warning you now, I can be merciless.”

Tomas took her wrists into his strong hands and moved them over her head. “Well my dear,” he cooed in his sexy Euro accent, “as soon you escape, you can begin your assault. Until then, I am in charge.”

The feel of her under him was amazing, a perfect fit. Her curves were lush and soft, her breasts full in his hands. He put both of her wrists in his right hand, and with his left began unbuttoning her blouse. He could see the lace of her pink bra, the swell of her creamy skin pushing out of the cups, the dark circles of her hard nipples reaching out to him. He sat up and straddled her so he could get a better look.

He left her top on but unbuttoned, opening it fully to reveal Jocelyn’s ample cleavage. She was looking up at him with deep desire, and it was all he could do not to just rip her skirt off and bury himself inside of her. Instead, he leaned over and kissed her again while he worked deftly at the button and zipper on her skirt. He glanced down to see her panties were also a soft pink, lacy but sheer at the same time. He could see she was totally shaved and his hard on renewed itself with fervor.

Jocelyn was beyond wet. She could feel the heavy dampness between her legs and reveled in it. Tomas’s kisses were sending her into the stratosphere. Never in her life had she been kissed so thoroughly, so perfectly. She was moving her hips slowly into him as they continued to kiss, burning for his cock to be inside of her. She quickly removed his tie and his shirt, pulling his white undershirt over his head, hating that his lips had to leave hers while she did it. He was as hot as she knew he would be. His chest was smooth and broad, his stomach hard and flat, and best of all … each muscular bicep was tattooed full circle with a dark blue barbed wire pattern. She slowly sat up so she could get his slacks off, then slid to her knees before him.

He stood up while she kneeled in front of him, her fingers flying through removing his belt and sliding his slacks down his gorgeous legs. Black boxer briefs clung to his thighs, and the outline of his extremely hard cock was mesmerizing. He put his hands on her head and pulled her face gently to his groin, where Jocelyn enjoyed the hard feel of him through his briefs. She felt around to his ridiculously cute butt, and slid his briefs down his legs, smiling when she saw what was waiting for her underneath. This guy was every rus escort romance novel’s hero, in the flesh!

Never before had she wanted to give a man so much pleasure. Tomas held her head in a gentle way, but pulled her to him with an authority she loved. The tip of his nicely shaped cock was glistening with pre cum, and it warmed her to know he was as worked up as she was. Cupping his heavy balls, she let her tongue slide over his head so she could taste him, and it was heaven. He was salty but sweet, and the groan he let go as she touched him was sexy in a way she had never heard before. She loved this submissive position, as if it were her lot in life to serve him. That idea had never appealed to her before, but something about the way he looked at her made her want to give him his every desire. She also noticed how she had to open her mouth quite wide to take him, something she’d never had to do before.

Tomas watched Jocelyn move towards him with her tongue, and thought he might lose it instantly like a schoolboy. He was beyond excited, and the feel of him in her mouth was exquisite. She licked and stroked so slowly, looking up at him so he could see the delight in her eyes. There was nothing more erotic than watching a woman suck him that truly enjoyed doing it. She was quickening the pace, using her hands on his balls, ass and anything else she could reach. The urge to cum was building fast, and it was with quiet restraint he stopped her.

Jocelyn felt him reach down and turn her chin up to him. He helped her up, and laid her down on the bed beneath him. He kissed her again, running his tongue slowly around her lips. She was still in her panty set, and never before had she wanted to be so naked so fast. As if on cue, Tomas slid her bra straps down her shoulders, and reached around to undo the clasp. He did it one handed which was sexy and sure, but also made her think to herself that this was a man that knew how to handle women, probably from tons of experience. It made her feel a bit a common, that perhaps she was just one in who knew how many, but her pulse quickened thinking this guy knew what he was doing, and she would benefit from it.

Tomas let go another groan as Jocelyn’s breasts spilled from her bra. He was beyond proficient with women, and had seen more breasts than he probably should have, but this woman was put together like a dream. She was full and heavy, and he loved the way they fell a bit to the side as she lay underneath him. Her nipples were a rosy pink, and they puckered to a wonderful shape and size, just begging for him to suck and lick them as she had so unselfishly done for him.

He made eye contact with her, then bent his head to her nipple as he held her breast in his hand. Jocelyn gasped as she felt the heat and moisture of his mouth upon her, and she involuntarily moved her hips into his hard on. He pulled her into his mouth, and the sensation was hot and quick … a direct line to the faucet of her pussy. She could literally feel herself dripping into her panties. He used his deft hands to squeeze her other nipple, and within minutes Jocelyn was moaning, moving her hips a bit more quickly into his as he pleasured her. Her nipples were beyond sensitive, and she was sure if she kept rubbing her mound against him she would cum quickly.

Tomas loved her reaction to him. He wanted to wait, wanted to go slow, but the way she moved underneath him, the look on her face as they kissed, it was more than he could stand. Sliding to his knees, he pulled her panties down quickly. They had barely passed her ankles and she let her legs fall open, long beautifully shaped legs that ended in the prettiest pussy he’d ever seen. She was totally shaved, her skin smooth and blushed a rosy red with her excitement. Never had he seen a woman so wet, her thighs literally drenched with her clear, sweet juice. He wanted to dive in and taste her, feel her wetness on his face and tongue and then kiss her so they could share. He wanted to hear her scream, feel her pulse beneath him as she came hard.

“Tomas” Jocelyn panted, “for God’s sake please, please fuck me now. I know that sounds slutty but I need you inside of me.”

She could not believe those words had just come out of her mouth. What kind of woman was she?? This man was bringing out a side of her she had wanted to possess, but had always been too inhibited to express. She decided then and there that this night would be the night she was going to have it her way.

Tomas grinned sheepishly. “Slutty in the right places, and in the right proportions is every man’s dream,” he cooed. “I wanted to fuck you in the lounge the moment I saw you.”

His sense of humor made her laugh out loud. “Help me find it Tomas,” she whispered. “No holding back, no inhibitions … I want you every way I can have you. Do things to me no one has ever done.”

With that he rose in front of her, pulling her to him by her ankles. He pulled her legs up on to his chest, and kneeling before her drove his cock into her quickly and forcefully. She was so slick he slid in easily, all the way to the base of his thick shaft. He began to fuck her hard, pounding her so that she grunted with every stroke. He loved watching her large tits bounce and sway as he gave her every inch he had. He knew he was pushing her limits, feeling her inner core push back at him as he gave her his full length.

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