Finding Travis Ch. 02

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Email from: Travis.ReynoldsMarch 27 8: 48 PM

Dear Miss Tianna, I am writing you even though I didn’t do everything you said. I wasn’t able to get a phone but as you can see I attached pictures of me like you wanted. I went to Wal-Mart last night but I didn’t have enough money to get a cheap phone. But I think I can get one in a week since I’m working more now. I am really sorry but I want you to know that I tried. Miss Rachel took the pictures and sent them to my email account. There is one of her in there as well. She also read our emails. She wouldn’t give me her email address unless I let her read what you and I had been writing all these weeks. She didn’t believe I was telling the truth about me talking to you. Anyway she knows you are real and she knows my email and my password now. Her email address is Rachelisme4455… I want you to know that while I was at Wal-Mart I did buy Miss Rachel some nail polish. She likes it. Can I do anything else for you Miss Tianna? Oh, I measured myself. I’m 9″.


Email from: Chev2468March 27 10:06 PM

Travis, send me your number when you get a phone.

Miss Tianna

Email from: Chev2468March 27 10:09 PM

Rachel, this is Tianna – the woman who’s been writing Travis. I want to talk with you. Send me an email if you are willing to chat.


Email from: Tianna.JohnsonMarch 27 10:32 PM

Chevonne, Check out the pictures of the boy. What do you think? I think he’s really cute and he’s probably going to get even cuter. I mean he’s only 18. But get this… he says he’s 9″ but I need to get proof. Do you think I should pursue him if his mental state is right?


Email from: Chev.JohnsonMarch 28 6:49 AM

Definitely worth going after. I mean definitely! But before you do make sure about the size. A white boy with a nine incher is worth a lot. Happy days are ahead for you. Get him if he is as big as he says!


Email from: Travis.ReynoldsApril 3 8:51 PM

I got my phone. My number is 121-209-5599.

Email from: Chev2468April 4 11:07 AM

Change your email password. Do it now.

Email from: Rachelisme4455April 4 11:10 AM

Hi Tianna, this is Rachel. Sorry for not getting right back to you but I must have deleted your email. I found it in my trash folder. Anyway, I’m in school now. Can’t write anymore now. What do you want anyway?


Email from: Chev2468April 4 6:59 PM

Travis, take a picture to prove you are as big as you say. When you are done measuring jerk off and squirt your cum into your hand and take another picture. Make sure it all ends up in your hand. I want to see how much you cum. Make sure you think about my sweet black body while your jerking off for me. Send me pictures before 9 PM tomorrow or don’t send them at all.

Your Miss Tianna

Email from: Chev2468April 4 7:43 PM

Hi Rachel. Glad to hear from you, girl! I’m assuming you know the story about how Travis and I came to be. He told me you read our conversation. I sent him an email to change his password. Sorry but I like my privacy. Don’t tell him to reveal it again. I’m really curious about you. I think I know some things about you based on what Travis said but wanted to ask. There aren’t that many girls that will make a boy carry books or walk behind you like you made Travis. Where did this part of you come from? Me, I’m a business major at VCU finishing my graduate degree this spring. I’m almost done. Then its home to work for my mom I think. Oh, I saw your picture. You are a beautiful girl. Travis said you were pretty but he didn’t say just how pretty you are. You have a nice body and a beautiful smile. Anyway, tell me about yourself and why you’re doing what you are with/to him.


Email from: Travis.ReynoldsApril 5 4: 45 PM

Hi Miss Tianna, I sent you a few pictures I hope they are what you want. Why is this so important? I liked thinking about you.


Email from: Tianna.JohnsonApril 5 4:51 PM

Hey Chevonne, Look at the pictures. The boy is for real. And check out how much he cums. I’m drooling! LOL


Email from: Rachelisme4455April 7 10:33 PM

Hi Tianna, Yea, I read your emails. I needed to know if he was telling the truth. When I read that you wanted to know how big he was my curiosity got the best of me. I decided to read all of your emails from the beginning. Sorry but I like knowing things too. Maybe you and I are alike. 🙂

Why do I do what I do with Travis? Why not? He wasn’t the first boy to fetch things for me. But Travis is different than the others. He really is a nice boy. He’s handsome (although I’d never tell him that) and I like him. Well, to be more precise, I like him hanging around me and doing stuff for me. My mom treats my dad the same way I’m treating Travis. That’s where I learned about this. Dad is really smart but when he is home he waits on mom all the time. Mom taught us girls how to treat boys. When I told her what I did after the book incident she was proud of me and told me to keep it up. şahinbey escort She suggested the other things I have him doing for me now. Mom is big into making sure any boy that is involved with me gets the right message – if you know what I mean. It sounds like we might have some things in common.


Email from: Chev2468April 8 1:29 PM

Rachel, Yea I think we are a lot alike other than I’m a few years older. My mom was a big influence on me and my sisters too and I’m sure you love your mom as much as I love mine. I guess I’m taking the time to write Travis because I found him to be a nice boy and you have to admit, a boy with a nine-incher doesn’t come around every day of the week. He’s one in a million. Wouldn’t you agree? Hehe. Anyway, when Travis told me about you I started to get this feeling that you and I came from the same mindset. That’s why I wanted to contact you. Really what I’d love is to get Travis’ beautiful cock all locked up nice and secure. Do you think you’d mind helping me lock that bad-boy up in a nice small penis-cage? It might be fun. I can send you the cage but you would have to be the one holding the key. What do you think? If you do, send me your address. I trust your mom would approve LOL. I know my mom would. I was thinking that maybe before you lock him up you might want to have some fun by stroking his penis while you were at school – like maybe while you two were at your locker. There’s no better feeling than to make a boy melt in your hands and feel totally awkward. Yea, it’s a power thing we girls have over boys. Maybe you’ve done this already but if not, think about it. If you want to get him nice and hard tell me. I’ll write him and tell him you have a surprise. All you’d have to do is give him the surprise he will never ever forget! Oh, and I’ll make sure he lets you. btw… sent you a picture of me.


Email from: Rachelisme4455April 8 2:12 PM

Yes and yes! 442 Ocean Ave Bridgeport CT 06615 Mom is good 🙂

PS. You are beautiful!

Email from: Chev2468April 8: 7:02 PM

Travis, I’m writing you because you need to take another step in your relationship with Miss Tianna and how you address me. When we first became acquainted I used the name “Chev” because that was my sister’s email that you responded to and, like I said, I wasn’t sure what kind of boy you were. Only when I realized you were the right kind of boy did I tell you my real name. But even then there is much about me and my family you don’t know and still don’t know. Life often evolves slowly and that is exactly what our relationship is doing. It’s evolving. It’s moving forward. As I learn more things about you and as you do more things for me I let our relationship evolve. I let it grow as I come to trust you more and you show me that you are willing to obey me. That’s why I told you two weeks ago to call me Miss Tianna. I did that because it is a way to address me with more respect than just anyone. That’s why I wanted you to address Rachel in the same way. We aren’t your friends. We are both above you. I think you figured that out by now. Rachel treats you as her servant and you have dutifully obeyed. I think you can tell just how much she likes you following her orders just as I enjoy you following mine. It’s how we girls think. It’s what makes us happy.

But now I want to make another change. I want you to take another step down the path I hope you to walk. It’s like walking down a path that leads to me. It’s like taking a step closer to being with me, my Travis. I hope you will. If you don’t then you know that we won’t be able to continue conversing. I only am doing this for as long as you are willing to obey. I don’t tolerate disobedient boys and you are no exception, even if you are a handsome and well endowed boy. I’m sure by now you realize that it’s either my way or the highway, as the saying goes.

My hope is that one day we will be able to meet. I’d very much like that and I think you’d like that as well. Yes I’m in Virginia and you are in Connecticut and that seems like light-years apart but it’s not that far really. You know that I’m at school for the next month but when I’m done I’ll be moving back into Mom’s home near DC where I’ll stay for the foreseeable future after I graduate. You should know that my mom’s name is Monique Johnson but if you were to ever meet her she would be super insulted if you were to call her ‘Mrs. Johnson’ or ‘Ms. Johnson’. She expects boys like you to call her Mistress Johnson, or Mistress, or even better Mistress Monique. Now if you were to call her by Mistress Monique you’d really be on her good side. I know that may sound weird to you but it’s the way Mom was raised and that is how men that know her address her respectfully. So if you ever do meet my mom I do hope you will address her properly.

Now, to help make those words come out of your mouth more easily I want you to address me from now on as Mistress Tianna. Miss Tianna is nice but it’s just that – nice. Mistress Tianna, by virtue of the ‘mistress’ title mandates I am more to you than just someone to respect. Mistress means that you must obey me and you have been such a good boy so far for the most part. You’ve done all that I’ve asked and I believe that you enjoy obeying me. It seems only right then that I become Mistress Tianna to you. Wouldn’t you agree? I thought so.

You need to understand that Mom has strong views about men and women and boys and girls and how they should be raised and behave as they grow. She has raised Chevonne and me to expect the same. Boys that know us don’t just call Mom Mistress Monique but they also call us Mistress Tianna and Mistress Chevonne as well. It’s what we expect and what I now expect of you henceforth. I know you will see the value in using this salutation. If not, it’s been nice talking with you Travis.

Oh, and on a different subject, I got your pictures. Impressive! I like what I saw. You asked me why I want to know. Why wouldn’t I want to know? I’m a girl. You’re a boy. Girls like boys. Boys like girls. Boys like girls’ bodies. Girls like boys’ bodies. I wanted to know more about your body. Anyone can see a boy’s face but how many girls know how big a boy is? I bet you’re big now just because I told you to call me Mistress. Admit it, I know you are. You’re hard right now aren’t you? Tell the truth. You are so big right now. Big and thick. I’d be real happy if you were. I like a boy hard and I especially like a boy hard when he’s got a big one. And you have a real big one, Travis. Bigger than most boys! You should be very proud of your penis.

So here’s your assignment for today. Rachel and I have been talking and she told me that she has a surprise for you. When she gives it to you accept it like a good boy. Remember she isn’t just any girl. She is Miss Rachel to you so be grateful for whatever gift she wants to give you and thank her for it. After she gives you the gift I want you to tell me if you liked her surprise and why. Stay big and stay hard for me my nine-inch boy.


Mistress Tianna

PS: start doing push-ups and sit ups. Get in shape. See if Miss Rachel will supervise you.

Five minutes later Travis lost it. His cum shot high into the air and landed all over his chest and stomach. “What was going on with these two girls that had suddenly entered his life?” He couldn’t get either one out of his mind and it was driving him crazy – deliciously crazy!

Travis showed up outside Rachel’s first class promptly.

“You look really nice today Miss Rachel.”

“Thank you. Maybe you should dress up for school too. You’d look good all dressed up.”

“Maybe,” he answered suddenly feeling self-conscious about his impoverished state. He changed the subject. “Do you have to give a speech today? Is that why you are dressed so nice?”

“No, I just felt like dressing up. But I’m glad you like what you see.”

Travis smiled and looked away but he was very pleased with how she looked and he could feel himself growing down below.

“It’s OK to enjoy looking at me. I want you to notice and appreciate me. I don’t wear a short dress to not get compliments. I like when people stare at me.”

“Why is that?”

“Because it makes me feel good.”

“Oh.” He wasn’t sure what to say. “Well you look nice.”

She noticed he was a little more than politely captivated by what he saw. Inwardly that pleased her. “Nice or pretty?”


“Pretty or stunning,” she said smiling.

“Stunning for sure. Miss Rachel, you’re embarrassing me.”

“Awww, that’s so sweet. I like a boy that gets embarrassed but isn’t afraid to tell me the truth about how good I look. But you know what? I already knew that you liked looking at my body. You do, don’t you?”

“Yes Miss Rachel.”

“And that’s what I like about you Travis. I like the way you admire and respect me. Like right now, when you called me Miss Rachel. I have you just where I want you.” She smiled and pinched his cheek. “Tell you what. Meet me at my locker after class. I have a surprise for you.”

Thoughts of Mistress Tianna’s email rushed to his thoughts. “You do?”

“Yep. I think you will like it. At least I hope you will.” She spun around while holding her hands overhead. “How much do you like looking at me?”

“Lot’s Miss Rachel, I just told you I think you look great!”

“See, that wasn’t so hard to say. Now I got to go.”

“See you in a bit.”

“See ya, my little boy.”

Never in his wildest dreams did Travis have any idea this would be her surprise.

“You’re getting bigger. Do you think you’re up to nine yet?”

Travis couldn’t help but see the playfulness in her eyes. Her body pressed delightfully against the side of his. Rachel pinned Travis between her and the open locker door. He was surprisingly secluded even though the hall was jammed with kids passing by. Because she was in heels she stood several inches taller. Travis could smell her perfume. Her breasts brushed against his cheek every now and again. She was driving him crazy as her hands continually slid up and down the thick sausage hidden inside his cargo pants.

“I – I think it’s getting pretty close,” he gasped. “We’re going to get caught Miss Rachel.”

“Do you want me to stop? We still have another couple of minutes.”

Travis shook his head.

“I didn’t think so. You really have a big penis for being such a little boy. I’m very impressed,” she cooed.

He nodded in understanding and then rolled his eyes as wonderful feelings broiled up from deep inside. No girl had ever touched him before. He was a virgin in every sense of the word and now this hot high school senior girl was doing this to him! He inhaled her perfume and stared up into her confident eyes.

“See, this is how a boy is supposed to be,” she encouraged.

“H-How-how is that?”

“Like putty in my hands. I like boys when they’re like this.”

“Like what?” he said with a catch in his voice.

“When they let me do what I want. And you have always let me do whatever I’ve wanted Travis. And now you even surprised me by having this big thick cock hidden away that I never knew about. It’s so big and it feels so nice to see you this way.” She giggled knowing how completely taken aback he was with the sudden sexual attention.

Rachel felt his thrust into her hands even though the hallway was packed. Yet, no one paid them the least bit of attention. It wasn’t uncommon for a couple to use the protection of an open locker door to make out or grope behind. Rachel knew of other girls who had done this very thing more than once. In fact, she knew at least twenty girls who played with boys like this in school.

“Do you like this?”

“Yes Miss Rachel. God,” he gasped. It, it feels so good.”

Pressing her breast into his face she grinned, her gaze holding his. “I can tell. And you’re getting close too. I think we better get going. I don’t want to be late and you don’t want making a mess now do you?”

“No,” he grunted.

Suddenly she stopped rubbing the long shaft that rocketed down his right leg and left him with an agonizingly hard penis.

“Do you want to carry my books or should I? I don’t mind carrying them today. I don’t mind giving you a day off.”

“Miss Rachel, please,” he pleaded. Everyone will see.”

“Then beg me. Get down on your knees.” Stepping back to give him space she pointed to the floor. “You have one chance or I’m out of here. Do it now or don’t do it at all,” she said smiling.

Almost reflexively Travis dropped, folded his hands and looked up from where he knelt. “Please let me carry your books.”

Two of Rachel’s friends happened to walk by and instantly stopped when they saw him. “What’s going on?” one asked.

“For the rest of the year?” Rachel asked.

“Yes Miss Rachel.”

“Oh my God!” gasped the other girl. “I don’t believe it.”

“Why is he doing this?” the first one asked.

“Stand up Travis and answer their questions.”

“I uh, I didn’t want people to see me while I was hard,” he said reddening.


“I had an erection.”

At that, the girls lost it and Rachel smiled. “Tell them why you were hard. Go on.”

“Rachel made me that way,” he said somberly.

“Oh, Rach! You are so cool.”

Rachel giggled. “He’s got a big one. Don’t let his small height fool you. There’s a monster hidden inside those jeans.”

All three of the girls gushed in laughter while Travis turned an ever brighter shade of red.

Handing him her books he held them over his stomach. Inwardly he wanted to die although the feelings of her recent touch made him ache for her to do it all over again. It indeed was the best of surprises he could have ever hoped for.

Rachel looked at the girls and then to Travis. “Well, we best get going. You ready Travis?” She looked him square in the eye.

“Yes Miss Rachel.”

“He even calls her Miss Rachel,” one friend said to the other. The two girls watched them leave and then talked about what had just happened the entire way to their next class.

“I had fun doing that. You?”

“Kind of.”

“See you after school Travis. Don’t be late.”

Rachel was just about to leave but noticed her boy hadn’t moved. “Yes?”

“Thank you Miss Rachel for touching me like that. I liked that more than you can imagine. Thank you.”

She smiled, looked down at his groin, saw that he was still hard and then blew him a kiss before turning away and heading inside.

When they reached her car Rachel finally turned around. She was beaming with happiness. “Did you like walking behind me more today than yesterday?”

Travis was unable to suppress a healthy but bashful smile. “Yes Miss Rachel. You know I did.”

“Did you look at my bottom like I told you?”

“Yes Miss Rachel.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do.”


“It’s pretty.”

“Is that the only word you know? You’re a smart guy think of another word besides pretty.”

“Um, it’s tight?”

“Are you asking me or telling me.”

“I was telling you. You have a nice and firm behind that I like looking at,” he said feeling completely out of sorts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32