Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 18

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Total body shave

Last week Mieke shared an interesting idea. Since we still work from home and meet almost nobody there is an opportunity to do something extra kinky.

In the past I had mentioned that it seemed awesome to have my head completely shaven. That way It would probably be very nice to have my head completely covered in shit. The feeling would be so much better then with all my long thick hair.

She mentioned that it might be cool if she would shave my whole body. Then, when we save a few days of shit, she could rub my body all over and that would feel so smooth and intense.

Well, we had been saving a lot of shit anyway in our special freezer. Little storage containers full of it. Each container filled with about 2 days’ worth of our poo. That is approximately 1 liter per container. We have 16. So that is about 16 liters of shit. That is almost 2 buckets full.

This morning she tells me to lie down on the inflatable bed in the bathroom naked. I undress and I see her getting a large spray can of shaving cream and some razors.

She sprays my chest and legs full of foam and rubs it all over.

Then, meticulously, she starts shaving all of it. It feels great.

Then it’s my head that follows. First she removes the long hair with clippers and when most of it is gone she sprays shaving cream all over my head. Then she finishes the job with a razor.

“For your pubic hair we will use depilatory cream. That feels a bit safer.”

She içel seks hikayeleri puts on gloves and smears the cream all over my balls and in my butt crack. We wait for about 4 minutes and then the hair should come off easily using a wash cloth. That works great.

Now I am completely bald. From head to toe. What a kinky idea and feeling!

“So what do you want to do now?” I ask.

“Let’s go outside to our backyard where nobody can see us. Then sit on the plastic sheet I already spread out for you. I have taken out the shit boxes yesterday and

they should be all thawed.”

I see the sheet in the grass and also see a garden hose next to it. She has the hose hooked up to the shower faucet in the bathroom and had lead it through the bathroom window. That way I can have a decent warm shower when I need to clean up.

“This time you won’t be the only one that needs a warm shower.” she smiles. “We are both going to have a lot of fun today!”

I sit down on the sheet and Mieke gets all the shit boxes and places them next to me. One by one she opens them and puts the contents in the two large buckets that she also got. The shit seems to have the perfect texture. Very soft but not runny. That’s the way I like it best. Each box contains different shades of the color brown. Some are almost yellow of ochre. Fifty shades of brown.

With the buckets all filled up she orders me to sit up in front of the fullest bucket. Then she forces me to bend down and with her hands she pushes my head into the bucket. Slowly I feel the shit on my now bald skull and that feels awesome.

Step by step she pushes me further into the bucket. When my eyes, nose and ears are submerged I take a deep breath and I push my head completely under. I tried to hold my breath as long as I can. I wiggle my head to enhance the feeling and open my mouth so that the almost liquid shit enters my mouth. This must be the best scat experience I even had.

When I can no longer hold it I raise my head and stay above the bucket so that the excess shit drips back in.

Then, to my big surprise, Mieke tells me it’s her turn.

Now she has put on a swimming cap and sits on front of the bucket too.

“Now you must force me to do the same!”

In awe I guide her head down to the bucket and force it in for the first centimeters. Then she takes a deep breath too and pushes her head completely under. What a sight! This is so perverted and kinky.

My cock feels like a rock now.

Slowly she emerges from the poo and she looks so great. Her whole head covered in shit.

Then she orders me to lie down and slowly she empties the first bucket over my head and step by step moves it toward my belly button. The second bucket takes over from there and when she is done there are only my lower legs and feet that are still not covered.

With both hand she starts to rub my softly and the feeling on my now bald skin is unbelievable. She rubs my cock with the shit as lubricant. Then she stops and slides on top of me and she inserts my cock into her vagina. Then she rides me and massages my chest with her big, now messy, boobs.

More and more, by riding me, she gets covered in shit too. After a minute there is no clean spot left and we both drip with poo.

After that she turns around and sits on my face and leans forward to suck my dick. In turn I lick her shit filled pussy.

I still cannot believe what is happening to me now.

We postpone our orgasms because we want to enjoy this longer and longer.

We keep rubbing each other to make sure no spot stays clean.

I wish we had a camera running. Next time I will make sure that this will be on video.

Then we decide it is time to climax. We assume the 69 position again and ferociously we go about our task of bringing the other to the highest point of arousal and almost simultaneously we cum.

Mieke is shaking violently and I shoot my load deep into her throat.

Exhausted we lay down with her still on top of me. Panting heavily.

After a while we get up and scoop as much of shit as we can back into the buckets. That leaves us just a little over one bucket to play with another time in the next few days.

We turn on the hose, wait for a while to get warm, and then clean up as much as we can. When we are done we hose off the sheet and fold it to use next time.

I still can’t believe she has grown to love the scat games so quickly. I guess it was a threshold she had to take and now she has gone completely loose. I love it!

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